In the awesomeness games, there are no weapons in the Cournocopia. One District that will be randomly drawn will bring a weapon into the games. When there are 4 players left, there will be a feast.Template

There will be 2 co winners ;D


The district that will be able to get a weapon is District 4.

Congrats ?????? and Lily Darin!


To submit a tribute, fill out this form:










To submit a stylist, fill this form out:



Chariot outfit:

Interview outfit:


To submit a mentor fill this form out:


Age: ( please make it aproptiate. No 10 year olds)


To submit a Gamemaker, fill this form out:





D1 female Name: Kalita Jerona

Appearence: (on my profile) Brunette, violet eyes, innocent looking

Age: 17

Kalita Jerona

Skills: Spear and Sword Fighting

Weaknesses: Long-Range Fights

Personality: Arrogant, Sarcastic, Witty

Strategy: Stick with Careers until the end, then kill them in their sleep

Token: Bracelet from sister

District: 1

D1 male

Name: Sean Dansin [1]Sean DansinAge: 18

Personality: Sean is hot headed and doesn't think a lot before he does stuff. He is a "brawl" type of tribute and hopes to rely on some of the other Careers to be clever. All he ever wanted to do was to be a tribute and -most importantly- a winner!

Weapon: Hammer, Sword/ Machette and Axe.

Token: Sean had a tatoo of a diamond put onto his forehead before he left for the Games. The tatoo is partly covered by his fringe.

Other: Sean went to the same school as Jade and trained with her as well so he knows her very well.

D2 female

Name: Zara Lancaster

appearence: Long brown, teal eyes, tan, 5'9

age: 17

skills: Fairly talented with a wide variety of weapons, but mostly is incredible at knife throwing. She knows a good deal of medicine and is very fast and a good swimmer. She can also identify many edible items and is good at camoflague, and as well she is very smart.

weakness: Too cocky and is not very adaptable


personality: Ruthless and mean but will pretend to be charming to the capitol

token:A small, dainty glass ball

strategy: Dominate the bloodbath and join the careers.

D2 male

Name: Ares West

appearence: brown hair, hazel eyes, tan, 6'0, muscular

age: 16

skills: Fairly talented with a wide variety of weapons, but is mainly talented with spears. he knows a good deal of medicine and is very fast and a good swimmer. he can also identify many edible items and is good at camoflague, and as well he is very smart.


personality: Ruthless and mean but will pretend to be charming to the capitol

token: a little wooden statue of his father]

strategy:Dominate the bloodbath and join the careers.

D3 female

Name: Dolls Mgurf [2]Dolls MgurfAge: 17

Personality: Loves to read and most of her books are about survival things and war tactics. This could be very useful in the arena. Dolls is good at making friends which helps when she wants to be allies with somebody. Dolls would rather sit around and read her book than try and phsically train for the Games.

Weapon: Sickle and Awl

Token: A page torn out of one of her favorite books and folded neatly in her coat pocket.

D3 male

D4 female

Name: Lily Darin

Appearence: Light blonde hair with golden-amber eyes.

Age: 18

Skills: Bow and arrow, net, knife, spear

Lily Darin

Weaknesses: of people trying to kill her, especially if she loves them.

Personality: Kind and smart yet very strong and arrogant at times

Strategy: Team with the careers and take out any during the night if they pose a threat to her.

Token: a locket with her friend, Nina, with her sister, Cary, and on the other side is her with her younger sister, Violet.

D4 male

D5 female

Name: Candice Bolt
Candice Bolt

Candice Bolt (Foxface`s sister)

Appearance: Long curly red hair, dark green eyes.

Age: 15

Skills: Amazing knife thrower

Weaknesses: Is shy

Personality: Smart, cocky and funny

Strategy: Join the careers

Token: A gold watch

D5 male

Name: Tim de Winter

District: 5

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Skills: Talking, Spying, Bow and Arrow.

Strategy: Hide, Shoot people from high up in the trees with his Bow and Arrow.

Personality: Funny, Sweet, Dangerous.

D6 female

Name: Lynnette "Lynnie" Handsows (female)

Age: 16

Weapon: Knives

Appearance: She is very pretty. She has long blond hair that goes down a little past her shoulders that she usually wears in a braid over her shoulder. She has crystal blue eyes, and is very. very skinny.

Backstory: She was originally born to a couple that was starving, but they couldn't afford to take care of the child. So they layed her on a merchant's doorstep, and rang the doorbell. The couple that lived there raised her as their own, naming her Lynnette after their daughter who had been killed in the Hunger Games. They have trained her for this since the day she could walk, and she is very prepared. She is strong, and a good hunter. She has had many agility tests at school and aced them all. [3]Lynnie Handsows! She lived in District 9, but moved to District 6 with Benjamin, because they are in love . She will be a mentor alongside Benjamin in District 6 in Rainfacestar's next Games!!

D6 male

D7 female

Name: Luna Snare

District: 8

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Skills: Blowgun, Hiding, Killing.

Strategy: Choose a target, and don’t stop before the target is killed.

Personality: Sly, elusive, nice


D7 male

D8 female Name: Betty Brown

Appearence: Long Black hair almond colored catlike eyes light skin wears Hair in twin ponytails (On Profile

Age: 15

Skills: Pressure points, Cartography

Betty Brown

Weaknesses: Trust

Personality: Cold as ice, with every word acidic

Strategy: Hide and kill

Token: A small thimble

District: 8

D8 male

Name: Reginald Mills


Reginald Mills

Appearence: Blonde hair that has two long bangs on the side of his face Green eyes

Age: 12

Skills: Hiding going on for days without food

Weaknesses: not being stealthy

Personality: Shy scared

Strategy: Hide

Token: Rainbow scarf

District: 8

D9 female

D9 male

D10 female

Name: Sanne Smiths

District: 10

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Skills: Controlling animals, climbing trees, poison.

Strategy: Find an animal to help her win this game.

Personality: Sweet, caring, cleve

D10 male

Name-Tristan James

Age- 13


District- 10

Personality-Sneaky, Quiet, only has a few select friends.

Weapon: Spear, Stealth, Speed.

Skills: He is a stealth master and can really throw his spear. Also can identify plants and is fast.

Weaknesses: Not very strong and bad in hand to hand combat.

Token: A peice of wheat.

Strategy: Go for things on the outskirts of the Cornucopia.

D11 female

D11 male

D12 female

D12 male


D1 stylist

Name: Candy Cane

Age: 29

Chariot outfit:

Male: Female:""

Interview outfit:




D2 stylist

D3 stylist

D4 stylist

Name: Blue Bree

Age: 26

Chariot outfit:



{C}Interview outfit:

Male: Not found yet.

Female: {C}"


D5 stylist



Chariot outfit:

Interview outfit:


D6 stylist

D7 stylist

D8 stylist

D9 stylist

D10 stylist

D11 stylist

D12 stylist


D1 mentor

D2 mentor

D3 mentor

D4 mentor

D5 mentor

D6 mentor

D7 mentor

D8 mentor

D9 mentor

D10 mentor

D11 mentor

D12 mentor


Head gamemaker

Angel White , 24 years old (Polinarose)
Angel White

Angel White

2 mutt gamemakers

Solostaire Evans, 21 years old.

2 arena gamemakers



Career alliance.

Districts 1,2 and 4

Candice Bolt

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