The Ultiamte Hunger Game


Ultimate Hunger Games is a Hunger Games I have created myself. It is a mix between all three quarter quells. Just incase you didn`t know, the first quarter quell was, the best two people picked by the capitol from each district at that time between the ages of 12 and 18. The second quarter quell was 4 people from each district to make a sum of 48 people in the arena, not 24 (all in the age of 12-18). The third quarter quell was past victors, no matter what age they are.

Main Instructions

The rules are, that you have to put in...

a description of your character

your name and district


what weapons your character prefers

what your character looks like

special skills

As the first quater quell occurs, I will only pick the first 4 people from a district that is posted down below. As the 2nd quarter quell occurs I will pick 48 people to play. (The Genders doesn`t matter, I will accept the first 4 people even if they are all male`s). Like the third quarter quell, the arena is a clock (the tortures) but the ages MUST be between 12 and 18.

I will update this website often, saying who is in the hunger games starting with me (Male District 4). When I finaly have all 48 people I will update everyday, because every day, 5 people get eliminated from the competition,

so remember to make your characters descriptions and everything quite good BUT, I wont allow people to enter if they say their character is good at everything and hes perfect. Thank you! (I probably WONT make myself win).

Please post:

'District 4 Male: 'Wave (Me)

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