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    58th Hunger Games

    February 7, 2013 by PotatoCanadian

    Welcome, to the 58th annual Hunger games!                                         

    The rules follow as a regular Games. There will be an arena twist since the Game Makers are feeling extra creative. Other than that, rules as normal.

    And may the odds be ever in your favour.- Your Game Maker Leapkit

    The Arena will be a little... Different this Games. The arena will begin as a Desert Confinement. Then, half way through the Games, the tributes will wake up to a Frozen Wasteland!


    |Owl Night

    |7 |- ! scope="row"|10

    |Osprey Pionus


    |Larassa Quentin

    |9 |- ! scope="row"|11

    |Isaac Presko


    |Edith Presko

    |7 |- ! scope="row"|12

    |Passion "Pash" Firemountain


    |Melanoi Jet

    |9 |}

    If your tributes need something, get another user who does not have a tribute to come an…

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  • PotatoCanadian

    In order to honor the Quarter Quell, this year's Hunger Games tributes will be randomly taken in the night, no reaping held. Just taken straight to the Training center. They have been pre-chosen by the District's Peace Keepers.

    All other rules follow as usual.

    (And make sure to have (a) outstanding tribute(s) and just so ya know, you can have two tributes, but not in the same District.)

    Tribute District Male/Female Age Weapon Strengths Weaknesses Alliances Owner

    Placing/Day Dead/Killed by/

    Harry Palfer 1 Male 15 Club Can set hunting traps, quick Isn't very strong Districts 2 male, 4, & 9 male TheCoCoPuffsGuy 13th/Day 5/Echo Lavyathin
    Layla Pearlheart 1 Felmale 16 Knives, Spears Swimming, running, quick not strong, claustrophobic

    Districts 2 male, 4, & 9 mal…

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