RULES OF 100th HUNGER GAMES (Quarter Quell)

In order to honor the Quarter Quell, this year's Hunger Games tributes will be randomly taken in the night, no reaping held. Just taken straight to the Training center. They have been pre-chosen by the District's Peace Keepers.

All other rules follow as usual.

(And make sure to have (a) outstanding tribute(s) and just so ya know, you can have two tributes, but not in the same District.)

Arena Info

HG 100th


Tribute District Male/Female Age Weapon Strengths Weaknesses Alliances Owner

Placing/Day Dead/Killed by/

Harry Palfer 1 Male 15 Club Can set hunting traps, quick Isn't very strong Districts 2 male, 4, & 9 male TheCoCoPuffsGuy 13th/Day 5/Echo Lavyathin
Layla Pearlheart 1 Felmale 16 Knives, Spears Swimming, running, quick not strong, claustrophobic

Districts 2 male, 4, & 9 male

Jack 412 4th/Day 11/Jason Darna
Derrick Sandstorm 2 Male 15 Spear climbing, trickery, stealth small, slower Districts 1, 4, and 9 male Write46747 14th/Day 2/ Jason Darna
Yougha Moodles 2 Female 17 Spear, Curved Sword Can wow a crowd,so can get alot of sponsors, and is tough to beat falls in love easily, is tickilish

Distrcit 3 boy

Hungergamelover2121 10th/Day 7/Abbey Mae Finn and Luke Odair
Brad Rollet 3 Male 16 hatchet, spears strong, good fighting, fast grows close to allies, big-headed, loud, clumsy District 2 girl ShimmerNightMists 9th/Day 7/ Tyler Clifton and Layla Pearlheart
Newle Harvestmoon 3 Female 13 wire, knife brilliant, amazing climber, good in plant ID slow, scared of other tributes


Write46747 2nd/Day 12/Jason Darna
Luke Odair 4 Male 17 Trident, Bow swimming, running, climbing, fishing

sneaking, Abbey getting hurt

Districts 1, 2 male, and 9 male Jack 412 8th/Day 7/ Bled to death-Yougha Moodles
Abbey Mae Finn 4 Female 14 Hand-to-hand combat. Bow-and-arrow. Strong. Very smart. Quick reflexes. Always prepared. Very cautious, can swim Hates water, lightning, spiders, darkness, isnt fast, wont kill young tributes.

Districts 1, 2 male, and 9 male

District12-Tributes 5th/Day 11/ Jason Darna
Cale Silverado 5 Male 13 N/A N/A Wants to die, won't fight None District12-Tributes 23rd/Day 1/Brad Rollet
Aurora Wilde 5 Female 12 blowgun, knife dainty, quick and agile, knows medicine frail, not trusting, slow None NerdDFTBA 17th/Day 1/ Abbey Mae Finn
Adron Phelan 6 Male 17

Sword, throwing knives

Ruthless, shows no mercy Rich so has always had everything so is un prepared for hunting in Games None HeavyRotation

11th/Day 7/ Tyler Clifton-Drowned

Regina Rahilly 6 Female 15 Bow, throwing knives Trained, Deadly acurracy, stealthy, can hunt, hotness Not srong or fast None Fluffeh Kitteh 24th/Day 1/Yougha Moodles
Drake Mcleaf 7 Male 15 Axes He's good at throwing axes and great at captivation. Capitivation isn't right for a 15 year old male. None HeavyRotation 19th/Day 1/Tyler Clifton
Sarah Woodland 7 Female 15 Axe, knife, strength, speed, stealthness long distance running, to trustworthy None Dawnshade 20th/Day 1/Layla Pearlheart
Christian Lorne 8 Male 16 Knife, sling ncredibly strong, resourceful, knows many edible items, good at setting snares. not trusting None NerdDFTBA 18th/Day 1/Luke Odair
Echo Lavyathin 8 Female 12 knife, teeth Stealthy, strong, pretty, good tracker, can climb, can run well Not social, so no alliance, can hunt only a little. None SlappingSquirrels 6th/Day 10/ Jason Darna
Tyler Cifton 9 Male 16 Bow, Knife Strong, good looking, smart, fast, can hunt, stealthy Cocky, Districts 1, 2 male, & 4 Dawnshade 3rd/ Day 11/Jason Darna
Valarie Fayne 9 Female 15 knife, sword stealthy, good at lying, strong, quick slow swimmer, can only hunt a little None


21st/Day 1/Harry Palfur
Huglor Pugfee 10 Male 17 Pocket Knife Amazing eyesight and hearing Can't Swim None Hungergamelover2121 16th/Day 2/Careers
Amanda Lehmann 10 Female 14 Knives, Weapon trained(knives), quiet slow, can't climb well None Ninjalord394 22nd/Day 1/Brad Rollet
Jason Darna 11 Male 14 Sword, Knife Stealthy, convincing, friendly, when angry goes mad Shy, gets attached easy, when angry goes mad Distric Partner Fluffeh Kitteh VICTOR
Indigo Cronin 11 Female 15 Knife, mace Stong, sneaky, smart, can take a beating, knows herbs


Distric Partner SlappingSquirrels 15th/Day 2/ Crocodile Mutants-Jason Darna
Alto Hayes 12 Male 15 Spear, Traps Swimming & Hunting Sprinting & Dodging None RedTurtle433 12th/Day 5/ Regliass Weddon
Regliass Weddon 12 Female 15 dartgun, knife fast, climbing Can't swim None Hungergamelover2121 7th/Day 10/ Jason Darna

Forms(submit them in comments)

Tribute Form.(Two per person, both may or may not be chosen.)






Weapon(s) of Choice(two max):




(NOTE): Mentors will not be used.


Chapter One-The Games Begin.(Brad Rollet's POV, Part 1) (There will be three POVS per chapter, all in different parts)

"15...14...13," I listened as Fabricius Vespillo counted down. I felt the sweat on my brow. I peered out at the Cornicopia. I would go for the spear and set of small axes. Maybe a backpack. Possibly take out a weak little tribute or two. I came back into foucus. " 6...5...4...3..2..1.." I took off, practically flying. I reached one of the spears just a the loser from 6 approaced. He had a spear in his chest in seconds, but it wasn't mine. I smiled as I saw Yougha, the girl from 2. She and I had agreed to stick together just us. She grabbed a mace and a backpack and took off. I followed, striking down the boy from 5 and the girl from 10 , taking a backpack from one and a knife from the other. I didn't turn back as Yougha and I took off towards the trees. We stopped about a quarter mile away from the cornicopia. We could could hear the fighting still. We opened the packs to find two empty waterbottles, some dried berries, some jerky, a sleeping bag, a rope, and a small knife. We decided to wait and fill our bottles and set up a camp after the bloodbath was over. We rested and talked battle tactics. I got uncomfortable everytime we reached the point of what we would do when we were down to just us. I knew that if I had to, I would kill her. We went on talking about all the pathetic tributes. We laughed. About 30 minutes into the entire game we had counted 8 cannons. The bloodbath was over. But the Games had just begun.


(Harry Palfur's POV, Part 2)

As soon as the counting ended I took off. I watched as the tributes from 2 killed three others and took off. I ignored them. I ran up to the inside of the cornicopia. I grabbed a club just in time to smash it against the girl from 9's head. She dropped like a rock. I watched Layla kill the girl form 7 and Tyler kill the boy. They both smiled sinisterly. I picked up another club, a curved knife, two backpacks, a tent and a sleeping bag. While Layla, Tyler and I had been grabbing stuff, Luke had killed the by from 8, while his District partner Abbey had killed the girl from 5. Luke had a trident in hand along with a backpack slung over his shoulder. He and Abbey grabbed some supplies and we all set off towards the field south of the Cornicopia, leaving the rest of the tributes that were either hidding or wounded to scavenge what was left at the Cornicopia. We set up camp by a few birch trees. In all we had 5 sleeping bags, two tents and a large tarp. We tied up the tarp over the trees for cover. We decided to let Tyler have a tent and Luke and Abbey to have the other. They seemed to have a thing for eachother. Then again, Layla kept on making googly eyes at Tyler. Oh well, who needs romance, I am was gonna win anyways. We had camp set up so Tyler, Luke and I went off to hunt while Layla and Abbey went to go fill our 4 watter bottles. We were semi-sucessful, catching a few birds and a rabbit. We would be ok for the rest of the day with our berries and meat. I was excited. And it was just the beginning.


(Regliass Weddon POV, Part 3)

I heard Fabricius Vespillo slowly speak out the last of the countdown. "3...2..1.. Let the Games Begin!" I flew to a nearby pack and took off. I will let the careers have the ones stupid enough to stay. I kept on and on until I reached a river. I crossed it safely and kept on until I came upon a few small mountains. I found a small passage and went inside a cave. Once I was sure I was safe and alone, I opened the green pack. It's contents were a small bottle, a little bag of nuts and dried berrys, a small rope and a knife. I made a bed out of leaves and pine needles. I filled up the water bottle at the small pond outside the cave. If I was quiet enough and strained my hearing I could still here the fighting at the bloodbath. I hear several cannons within a 30 minute time period. After a while I had guessed it was over. That didn't change anything. I was staying here. Someone was bound to be hiding around the Cornicopia. I was just fine, here in my little cave sanctuary. I ate a few of the berries and nuts and then stored the rest away in the pack. I would have to hunt in the morning. For now, I just wanted to sleep. Just as I was about to lay down, I heard a noise. I grabbed my knife. I walked to the cave entrance. The little girl from District 8 was standing there, looking pitiful. She cried out, "Please! I didn't know you were here. Please let me go." I let my hand fall. "No, come inside. We can be in an alliance. I promise to not hurt you." She was hesitant at first but then followed me inside. She sat down on the ground and just sat there. I walked up to her. "Here, have some water." She drank from my water bottle and quietly thanked me. I let her lay down on my bed. She fell asleep quickly. I made another bed and joined her in sleeping. Tomarrow would be a long day, just another day cheating death.

(Not all of them will be this short, I just wanted to get day one done.)


Chapter Two- The Careers Hunt (Newle Harvestmoon's POV, Part 1)

I sat in a tree, watching the dead tribute's faces flashing in the sky. Both from 5, the girl from 6, both from 7, the boy from 8, and the girl tributes from 9 and 10. 16 left. And I was one one them. The sky once black once more and I tied myself onto the tree is was sitting in. I should be safe up here. I relaxed and finally found sleep. Hours later I was woken up by a loud yell. Then a cannon boom. Looks like the careers are on the move. I untied myself and half-climbed-half-tumbled down the tree. I put the rope back in the little back I had. It's only other contents was a knife and a box of matches. I kept the knife in my belt at all times. I slung the pack across my back and set off. I snuck quietly through the woods, keeping silent at all times. I neared the edge of the trees, seeing the open field where the scream had come from. Then I saw a camp, the careers by the look of it. It was cover with items from the cornicopia. Tents, sleeping bags, a tarp, and a stack of crates with weapons they wouldn't use. I slowly backed away into the woods. I quietly crouched, thinking of a plan. I couldn't just leave without doing something. Then something caught my eye. A wire! I could make all sorts of tribute traps with it! I quickly dashed towards it. I snached it up. I turned to run, then thought. A few more things won't be missed. I ended up walking away with the wire, half a backback full of dried berries, jerky, and nuts, and a small mace. I took off into the trees. I fw minutes later I heard them return. "Someone was here!" That was the guy from one, Harry. He was just a kill crazy bully. "See, look at the foot prints, and there is stuff missing! Lets follow the tracks!" My heart almost stopped beating. I quickly, jumped into a tree. I panicked, they were going to kill me for sure. I climbed as high as I could until the tree began to sway. I froze. The careers were right below me. I could here Harry again. "The tracks stop here!" He looked up but luckily didn't spot me. He led them off. I took a chance and climbed back down the tree. I went off in the other direction, hoping to escape the deadly assassins. I kept on and on for as long as I could, until I felt like I was going to die of exaustion. I slumped down and took a breath. As I got quiet I heard a noise. Water! I stod and followed the sound until I reached a river. It was flowing rapidly so I made sure not to fall in as I drank. I went to reach down to get more water in my cupped hands as an arrow hit the bank beside me with a thud! The careers! They had found me. The girl from 4 stood on the oposite bank. I turned and ran. I felt an arrow hit my side. I fell with a scream. The careers left me, thinking I would die. I crawled to a little group or trees. I lay there, trying to wedge the arrow out. After 20 minutes of endless pain it came out. I had lost blood and I was feeling woozy. I sat there, trying not to panic as I thought of a way to stop the blood. Leaves! There were some large leaves nearby. I grabbed a handful and stuck them to the wound. I just hoped Herold, my mentor, would find a sponser to send me a proper healing remedy. I barely managed to climb a tree where I rested. I munched on a little jerky to keep my mind off of the wound. A little while later I lifted my head as I heard a faint beeping noise. I little silver container floated towards me. I exctiedly pulled it off the branch it caught on and opened it. An odd substance was inside. I guessed it was the medicine I had so dearly hoped for. I slowly climbed down the tree, carefull not to hit my wound on anything. I made my way safely to the river and rinsed out the arrow wound. I applied the medicine and made my way back to the trees. I didn't bother to climb it this time. I just laid my back against one of the trees and let my body recover. I was still in shock from the whole incident. How could I of let my guard down so easy? It was about noon and I decided I needed to conceal myself. I stood and slowly made my way towards the trees. I found a nice dip in the ground next to a fallen log and covered my body in leaves. I just lay there, prepared to shuffle away if needed. Sleep slowly came.


(Jason Darna's POV, Part 2)

Ever since the Bloodbath Indigo and I had been traveling. We had a knife, that had been impaled in my shoulder that Indigo removed and took care of, Indigo's mace she had found, and a water bottle. We had hunted along the way and so far we were doing pretty well. We had made sure to cover our tracks and make sure no tributes were in the same area as us. "Jason, lets stop and take a break. We can finish off the last of the grousling we caught." Just the thought made my stomach grumble. "Ok, we can stop over there." I pointed to a place where the tree line seemed to end. Surely there had to be more. But when we approached the edge of the tree line, we were in awe. A vast lake lay in front of us. We both starred, as this was surely a surprise. "Wow! Well, I guess this is good of a place as any." She pulled out the grousing we had wrapped in a large beech leaf. She took out the meat and we enjoyed it. Even cold, it was extremely satisfying. We walked a little further towards the lake as we ate. We stopped at the shore line and starred out across the lake. It seemed to go on and on. I could faintly make out where the arena ended. Indigo sat and I joined her. She began to speak but stopped as the water rippled. Large scaly creatures came to the surface. They somewhat resembled the creatures throughtout numerous Districts that were named crocodiles. But these were larger, and just plain out scarier. Indigo and I jumped up. The two creatures neared us. I spotted two more not far behind. We didn't know what these things were capible of so we just stood our ground, only backing up when they hit the shore. The two in front sped up. Indigo and I turned to run. Indigo stumbled and I knew she was done for. I tried to help her up but one of the mutants surprisingly leaped and landed on her back. It bit into her back. The other joined it in ripping her flesh off. She screamed an earsplitting screech. I slowly backed away. She looked at me longingly. She threw me her mace. I knew what she wanted. I closed my eyes and threw the mace at her head at a killing speed. I heard a loud crack as it entered her scull. A cannon shot a loud boom! She was gone. I turned and ran, leaving the mace behind, the water bottle calmped to my belt. I felt tears slide down my cheeks. I wiped them off. I left a mental note to myself: Lake= death and crocodile mutants. I ran and ran until I was in the heart of the woods. It was then that it finally hit me Indigo was gone. I fell to the ground, sobbing. So much for acting manly. I just sat there, on my knees, bawling my eyes out. It wasn't fair. Why did we have to die?! I took to my feet, setting off towards the field where Indigo and I had saw the careers. I had to get my anger out. I approached the edge of the trees, quietly. I could see them. They had just returned for a "hunt" by the looks of it. They seemed happy, but also tired. I could take one, maybe two out. But with what? Then an idea crossed my mind. I left and went to prepare a camp. I would be back at dark. I found a nice spot a little ways off, but not too far. I collected dead leaves for a bed and laid down. I just lay there, waiting for the right moment to strike. For whatever reason, I knew killing someone would make me feel better. Hours later it was dark. They showed the fallen tributes. Th e boy from 10 and Indigo. Seeing her face in the sky made me angered even more. After the sky went black and silent once more I set off. I neared the careers camp and slowed. The boy from 9 took to a tent and the boy and girl from 4 also took a tent. Gross. They actally sleep together... The boy from 2 and both from 1 all slept on the ground, in a triangle. I will start with the boy from 2. He seems the weakest. I walked over the the District 2 career and flicked my finger across his nose. He scratched his nose and yawned and I took my chace. I dropped 4 nightlock berries into his mouth. Either he would choke, or he would swallow the deadly berries, possibly both. I turned to do the same to the others, but hesitated as the boy from 2 began to cough. I took off. I watched from the trees as he sat up and coughed. He swallowed the berries, stopping the choking. He dropped back down like a rock. Boom! And there was the cannon. It woke the others up. The three came from their tents while the two from 4 stirred. They all noticed that the boy from 2 still lay down. One checked his pulse. He kicked the lifeless body. The boy from 9 and the girl from 1 moved his body away to be picked up by the hovercraft. Satisfied, I left. Maybe that would show the audience I wasn't a softy. It would show them I could put up a fight, and that I would.


(Tyler Clifton's POV, Part 3)

After Layla and I took Derrick's body away we quickly returned to camp. Someone, or something, had killed him, and we didn't want to be next. When we returned to camp Layla declared she wasn't going to sleep out in the open so I decided to let her sleep in my tent. I didn't know if my hormones could handle having to sleep right next to her. I pushed the thought aside as we all took to our sleeping places. Harry, declaring he wasn't a little baby like the rest of us, slept outside under the tarp. Luke and Abbey Mae went off to their tent as Layla followed me to mine. She laid out her sleeping bag and laid in it. I lay in mine, starring into the top of the tent, deep in thoguht. I felt a chill and shivered. Layla mustv'e felt it because she spoke. "Are you ok Tyler?" I reasurred her. "I am fine. Just a little cold." Her response was somethign I couldn't say no to. "Well, come share mine. We can keep the chill away together." Smiling, I got up and joined her. I held her in my arms and she in held me in hers. We lay there for a few minutes then I reached in and kissed her. She smiled and let me continue. After our kiss, we both lay there, silent. I soon felt her slow, easy breathing. I smiled and cuddled in to fall asleep. Sleep came quick.

In the morning Layla and I woke up early and went on a hunt. We brought back a few squirrels. We woke the others. Abbey Mae cooked the squirrels while the rest of us talked over what possible killed Derrick. We came down to the idea that it was another tribute. But who, and how? We were interrupted by Abbey Mae as she called out. "Look! There in the distance. Smoke!" Harry got excited. "It may be far, but we will make it." After we all ate, we filled out water bottles, grabbed our weapons, and set off.

In about an hour we had neared the mountains. We had narrowed down that the fire was by a cave. Probably just some weakling hiding out. We got closer and closer. Finally our destination was litteraly right around the corner. Harry took the front. "The kill is mine. All of you ba... Uhhh!" He fell over, clutching the knife in his chest. He pulled it out, gagging up blood. We all backed up. The little girl from 8 turned and ran. Then Harry shouted. "Don't just stand there! Get them!" I led the charge around the corner. All we saw was the girl from 8 and the girl from 12 running off together. We all stood and just watched. Layla attempted to shoot an arrow but missed darasticly. We were pulled back to attention as we heard a cannon. Harry was dead. I was the first to walk away. The rest of them followed. I only stopped once, to look back at the hovercraft carrying Harry's lifeless body away. I walked in the lead for a while then Layla joined me. "We can get them later. It's ok." I turned and spoke." I am not upset that he died. I could care less. I am just upset we were so careless. That could of been me. Or you!" She just sighed and put her hand in mine. We walked on and on, stopping once to refill our water, but then continued back to our camp.


Chapter 3- The Silent Days (Adron Phelan's POV, Part 1)

I sat, clenching my spear wound. I had bandaged it two days ago, but it still hurt. I was thirsty and the last thing I had eaten was some berries I found and recognized. I stood, knowing I had to take action or I would die. I followed the river down to the lake. I had seen the creatures in there and was careful not to get to close at certain moments. I walked along the shore, then bent over and took some of the water in my cupped hands, drinking. I washed off my body for the most part and then looked around behind th lake. A few birds flew. Nothing I could take down. I needed food. And soon. Then I heard shuffling in the trees. I took cover but then noticed it was a deer. It had a wound in its side. This meant a tribute was near. I cautiously backed away. I was taken by surprise as Alto, the boy from 12 appeared out of no-where with a spear. He threw the spear right at me. I watched it go right into my stomach. I could feel the searing pain. I coughed and feel over. He laughed, pulled the spear out, and went to pick up the deer. Then a blurry figure came from the trees, shot a rock from a slingshot at his head killing him. His cannon boom was the last thing I ever heard before I faded into darkness.

I sat up, sweat on my brow. It was all a dream! my sideI felt the bandages on my stomach. They were still there. The wound felt no better, but no worse. I stood and slowly made my way to the river. I drank form it then headed up, away from the lake. I went and checked my two traps. I had a rabbit and the other trap had yet to spring. I lit a small fire, but not big enough to mak ea lot os smoke. I cooked the rabbit and ate it thankfully. My first meat since the Games had began. After it wass all gone I put out the fire and continued on. My wound stung a little, but that didn't keep me from continuing. It was day four and I was still alive. Against all the odds. Agaisnt my training score of 4. I was alive.


(Echo Lavyathin's POV, Part 2)

As the morning went on the thought of the boy from two's dying face ate at me. I was 11 and I had killed someone. If I survived, I would be so scarred. But that was a big if. As of right now I was depending completely on Regliass. If she died, I would probably follow shortly after. At the current moment we were tracking a deer that we had saw. It wasn't far off, and we could use the meat. "Echo, there it is!" Regliass quietly pointed out the deer in the trees below. We had climbed a tree a little ways back and followed it from tree to tree. I grabbed the handle of my knife, ready to throw. Regliass saw me and quietly spoke. "No Echo. We will use the trap down there. The knife will just injur it. The trab will trap it so we can kill it ofr sure up close. Now watch." Regliass dropped a stone that she had carried for sometime. It landed and the deer ran right into the trap, it's foot getting caught. We climbed down from the tree and Regliass took my knife, slicing the deer's neck. We hauled it back to our little cave. She skinned the deer and we cooked the meat, eating some, saving some. We packed the meat that was left over in the silver parachute that had delivered a gift revealed to be for me. It had been some bread from my district I had gotten two days ago. We went to the nearby pond to get cleaned off and fill our one bottle. Afterwards we headed back towards the cave. As we neared the cave Regliass stopped. "No, stop Echo." She quickly warned me to halt. There was a walkong noise and Regliass took a few steps foward. She silently looked towards the cave. She quietly came back and informed me that the boy from her district, Alto, had found their cave. Together we approached the cave. She yelled out his name and he quickly turned. He held a knife. Regliass did something unexpected. She quickly threw my knife at him, peircing his heart. He dropped. A cannon sounded. Alto was dead. After moving his body away we did an assessment of the cave. Alto had taken a little meat, but not enough to matter. That was about it. We just lay around the cave till that night. We watched the Fallen of that day. Just the career from 1 and Alto from 12. Day 5. 11 left. And I was one of them.


(Abbey Mae Finn's Pov, Part 3)

Two days had past since Harry had died. No action. Just two long, boring days. No death, no anything. Tyler and Layla had an... awkward... moment last night. Luke and I walked in on them making out. Tyler today was showing signs of anticipation. We all did. We obviously couldn't take this much longer. Someone had to die. And soon, or we would all go crazy. Tyler and Layla were currently cooking a couple rabbits they had caught. Luke was sharpening his knife, and I just sat next to him, watching. That was all we had done lately. Sit and watch. Watch and sit. My attention was turned towards Tyler as he turned his head, squinting into the distance. Then he spoke. "Someone is over there by the river. I see a person moving." Layla stood and looked in the same direction. "Yup. Right there by the shore." She pointed to a figure I could barely make out. Luke stood, put his knife in it's shealth and grabbed his trident. We all grabbed our weapons. Since Harry had died Tyler had taken charge. It was odd, him being from 9 and all. But he was a good leader. We followed him towards the river. As we neared the figrue, revealed to be the boy from 6, Adron, back away slowly. His heels were at the shore. He had nowhere to go. We stood around him, blocking him in our semi-circle. Tyler laughed. "Oh, you poor thing. Where are you going to go now?" And with that, Tyler shoved him into the river. The boy screamed and flailed, only making it worse. We watched him go down-river, trying to fight back. But he couldn't swim. Minutes kater we heard the cannon. The boy from 6 was dead. Tyler turned to lead us back to our camp. About 7 yards out Tyler dropped to the ground. He motioned for us to do the same. The girl from 2, Yoguha, adn the boy from 3, Brad, were in the camp, stealing weapons and food. Tyler quietly whispered, "We are in semi-tall grass, so stay low and they won't see us. We can get two kills. Layla and I will go for Brad." He paused, then looking at me he continued, "You and Luke go for Yougha. Stay low and crawl as close as you can, but stay hidden." Together, we edged our way the the outskirts of our camp. Tyler nodded and him and Layla jumped and charged Brad. Luke and I followed. Luke took Yougha's knife to his side, but kept fighting. He distracted her while I got her with my small hand knife. She never saw my knife go into her neck. Meanwhile, Tyler and Layla and taken Brad down. Layla's spear was impaled in his abdomen. Tyler had a few bruises so obviously Brad put up a fight. But not good enough. We moved the two bodies away after robbing what they had on them. My attention was turned to Luke as he fell, clutching his wound. I went to him, crouching down. "Luke, are you ok?! Please, don't die. I was supposed to die! You were supposed to go home!" He looked at me. He spoke quietly, almost just a breathe. "Goodbye. I will always love you." Boom! And Luke was gone. I didn't know what to do. So I cried. Layla and Tyler let me cry, then with my insistince, move Luke's body away by myself. Then I went to bed. I didn't want to do anything else. Just sleep.


Chapter Three- The End (Jason Darna's POV, Part 1 of 2)

I sat up from my bed in the forest. I was very close to the force field, at the edge of the arena. I sat up. My mind went back to yesterday. I had taken out the girls from 8 and 12. Their dead faces left hounting images. Before I had killed them, three days had gone by since anyone had died. And that had been Luke Odair. It was day eleven, and I was still alive. I new I could make it. Just me and the careers. Oh ya, and the one girl Newle. I could do this. I would do this. I took my spear and sword up. I put the sword in it's shealth around my waste and carried the spear. I went out into the main part of the forest and hunted. I cooked the rabbit I caught and ate it. After hours of searching I could not find Newle. So I decided to go for my prime target. The three remaining careers. In about an hour I was near the field where the Careers camp was. I had no idea where Newle was. I knew I had to take out the careers thoigh. After further inspection I had found out only the girl from 4, Abbey Mae, was in the camp. And she was asleep. I got closer and, at a safe distance, lunged my spear at her. It struck her heart. A silent and instant death. Boom! I hid at the edge of the trees, waiting. I saw a figure approaching the camp, but it wasn't any of the careers. It was Layla. She saw Abbey's body and then began to take supplies. Then the careers burst out of the bushes. I knew this was my chance. I ran so fast towards them, it was like I was flying. The boy from 9, Tyler, went after Newle. She fought even matched with him. I went after Layla, the career from 1. She and I went hand-to-hand. Newle kicked at Tyler's legs, causing him to fall. Layla ignored me and ran to him. She helped him up. She attacked Newle. Without a struggle Newle killed her with her knife. Boom! Only three of us remained. Newle took off, knowing she was in trouble. Tyler screamed, and in anger, charged me. I shoved my sword into his chest. I cut all the way through. Tyler fell, bleeing tremendously. In a few seconds it was over. Boom! Just me an Newle. Three of them gone in just a few short minutes. Time to find Newle.


(Newle Harvestmoon's POV, Part 2 of 3)

As soon as Layla fell, I knew it was time to go. I kept on and on. I stopped once to drink from the stream, but I soon heard Jason's footsteps. I took off once more. I climbed a tree. After a few minutes I saw Jason ran past. I sighed, finally resting. I ate some of the dried berries I had left and tied myself up in the tree to sleep.

When I woke it was nearing time for the Fallen to show in the sky. I came down from the tree and stretched. I went to the closest stream and drank emensly. I went and sent traps so I would atleast have food... If I lived through the night. I shook the thought away. I went back to my tree where I had slept and waited. Finally the anthem came on. It showed Abbey Mae's, Layla's and then Tyler's face. But after that was over we got a surprise video from Fabricius Vespillo. He spoke, claiming it was important. "You two are closer than you think. The end is near. once of you shall emerge victor by tomarrow afternoon, whether you choose or the Game Makers choose it will happen. Anyways, they are coming. You can't stop them." And with a sinister smile his face was gone. What was coming? Mutts? Storms? Whatever it is I will be ready. I grabbed all my stuff and set off. The Cornicopia. That seems to always be a safe point. I approached the tree line and saw Jason had the same idea. I poised my knife to throw right as a person stepped out of the cornicopia. More followed. I took a few steps closer, trying to identify what they were. After a few seconds of observation I realized they were the tributes. All the dead ones. but they seemed... Zombified. They moved sluggish and didn't speak. Then I realized they were zombies. This is what Fabricius was talking about. I turned and ran. I could hear someone, or something, following me. I turned for a second to see Jason hot on my heels. With a sudden sperse of energy I flew off. The zombies could apparently run too, because I could heare multiple footsteps behind me. They ran us all the way to the lake, which seemed to horrify Jason. I turned, hacking and chopping zombies. Jason did the smae. Everyonce and a while his head would turn to the lake. I ignored it. After a half hour of fighting the almost-impossible-to-kill zombie tributes it was all over. Then Jason and I turned, facing eachother. he spoke. "I made it this far. I am not stopping now!" And he attacked me. We met eachother move for move until I finally began to get tired. Jason kept on. Finally he screamed, "FOR INDIGO! She didn't die for nothing!" And I watched as his spear entered my heart. Everything was all over. It all faded to Blackness.


(Jason Darna's POV, Part 3 of 3)

Taking a deep breath I dropped to my knees. I balled like a baby. For Indigo, for Newle, for every tribute and even victor who suffered. And for that, this would haunt me for the rest of my life. But then I stood, relizing I had won. I won! I really won! I smiled and yelled out. I flipped out when I heard Fabricius Vespillo's voice. "Ladies and Gentle men. Your victor for the 100th Hunger Games. Congradulations Jason Darna."

I hovercraft appeared over me. Once I was boarded on the craft it really sank in. All of it. From the moment I was taken from my home to now. I was just happy I had won. I could go see my family! But then it hit me. None of those tributes families would ever see their children again. After that sank in I just tried to forget it. That was all I could do. Just try and forget the whole event. For now, I was just going to sleep and eat. And sleep some more.

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