Welcome to the 58th
Hunger Games!


Welcome, to the 58th annual Hunger games!                                         

The rules follow as a regular Games. There will be an arena twist since the Game Makers are feeling extra creative. Other than that, rules as normal.

And may the odds be ever in your favour.- Your Game Maker Leapkit

The Arena Map

The Arena will be a little... Different this Games. The arena will begin as a Desert Confinement. Then, half way through the Games, the tributes will wake up to a Frozen Wasteland!

Tribute Form











Interview Angle:




Tribute (Name) District Gender Age Weapon(s) Strengths Weaknesses Alliances Owner Placing/Day dead/Killed by
Drake Mordan 1 Male 15 Sword, Spear, Axe Strong, can fight well Is short and slow Careers Theman77
Almary Wintes 1 Female 17 Daggers (Preferably two at a time), or blowgun. (Is better with the daggers) Sneaky, agile, quick Can't leave helpless younger person to die, gets too attached to people. Careers Zokab26
Raven Mockingjay 2 Male 16 Sythe, throwing knives Swimming, running, hunting Left arm, hand-to-hand combat Careers Raven HG
Thyra Sarin 2 Female 17 Composite bow Aim and sight are terrific, fast runner Can't climb, used to being fed alot Careers Wesolini
Jon Cowen 3 Male 16 Axe, but also good with throwing knives Hand-to-hand combat, climbing, running Swimming Careers AxedFox
Elaina Cowen 3 Female 16 Swords, but also good with throwing knives Hand-to-hand combat, accuracy, running, swimming Climbing Careers AxedFox
Blake Hatch 4 Male 17 Swords, knives Strong, can adapt to most environments, good swimmer Right ankle (very weak) Careers Tails818
Katya Washington 4 Female 12 Prefers bow or spear Fast runner, can hunt a little, can fish, and identify most basic plants Gets shy, has short temper Satini McDonald, Larassa Quentin, Owl Night A Wikia Contributor
Magnas Velocity 5 Male 18 Mace, Axe Speed, Strength, Intelligence Swimming, Climbing N/A LightStone123
Anais Watterson 5 Female 14 Machete, Knives, Spear, Blowgun with Poison Darts Her intelligence (especially about the power of physics and how it helps us), Hand-to-hand combat, Knife throwing, Spectacular Strength, Flexible Body, Stealth and Great at Manipulating Sucks in archery Career Tributes BloodHunter99
Lucas Rayden 6 Male 17 Preferably bow, but is good with kinves Keeps calm, and hear and see well, trustworthy Not a fast swimmer, bad with open fields/territories N/A Zokab26
Swift Mage 6 Female 12 Mace, seduction, dagger She is very fast, great at sneaking around. Stealthy. She also has a great swing, and stab. She is also great at seducting people, using her innocence as her greatest weapon. Arragont, complains alot, has veyr little will to live. Careers The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
Teak Southern 7 Male 15 Mace, Club Running, Climbing, knows plants. Hand-to-hand combat, swimming. District Partner Maxoconnelll
Rose Greyser 7 Female 16 Throwing axes, knives Knows how to climb, has amazing axes skills, can heal the wounded Can't make fires,Can't hunt, can't swim, slow District Partner Wesolini
John Madrick 8 Male 17 Machete, club Running, hand-to-hand combat Careers, axes N/A Theman77
Satini McDonald 8 Female 12 Throwing things (ex. throwing knives), dagger, knife Survival skills, healing Doesn't know many weapons Katya Washington, Owl Night, Larassa Quentin A Wikia Contributor
Lofton Gifford 9 Male 16 Spear, Bow Running, Climbing Hand-to-hand-combat, is afraid to kill N/A LightStone123
Owl Night 9 Female 12 Knife Very sneaky, small, stealthy, knows plants well, can climb, quick Tiny, not strong, scares easy

Kayta Washington, Satini McDonald, Larassa Quentin

Foxface D5
Osprey Pionus 10 Male 17 Throwing knives, blowgun He is very fast and very accurate. Great with long distance weapons, decently strong, though, it isn't to be trusted and can go wrong. Not a good swimmer at all. Quite careful, always regretting his decisions. Has a trick knee. If it is hit, he will fall. None The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
Larassa Quentin 10 Female 13 Lasso, whip, axe Hunting, running Swimming, fishing Katya Washington, Owl Night and Satini McDonald A Wikia Contributor
Isaac Presko 11 Male 16 Spear, Machete Running, hand-to-hand combat, climbing Dieing, deep water, Careers Sister (District Partner) Raven HG
Edith Presko 11 Female 14 Throwing axes, Bow Climbing, swimming Blood, Careers, Running, Snares, Blades Brother (District Partner Raven HG
Passion "Pash" Firemountain 12 Male 16 Throwing knives, sword Incredible speed, great climber, is a natural fighter Doesn't know how to swim. At all. N/A Hammers
Melanoi Jet 12 Female 16 Death stars, Shurikens Very accturate and fast. Like a ninja she prefers to stay of the ground. Keep to the trees like Rue. She is very weak, but prefers to not fight. She also couldnt kill easily as she has high morals. None The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo


District 1-Drake Mordan:

I rose from my bed. I got up, bathed, dressed, and went outside. Today was the day. Reaping Day. I was going to voulunteer, win the Games, and maybe finally make my abusive parents proud. I left a note for them saying I went to the reaping. Hopefully it would be like every year and they would sleep till the reaping ended. I went down to the District Square and did the usual procedures. Then I waited. Just waited. Finally the escort Aquarius Fiddlewinks took the stage. He was such a goof. They should of gave him District 12. We went through the videos and finally he made his was to the reaping ball. He called Farrah Tonelli. Imediatly the crazed theif/killer Almary Wintes voulunteered. I would be glad to kill her. She was a crazed creepo. Finally Aquarius made his way to the male reaping ball. He snatched up a piece of paper. I got ready. When Aquarius spoke the name I was frozen. "Drake Mordan shall be this years District 1 male tribute!" I imediatly took the stage. He instructed me to shake Almary's hand but I refused. No used getting attached to someone I planned on killing.

District 2-Thyra Sarin:

This morning was the reapings. And it was my year. I was going to volunteer, and make my family proud. I jumped out of bed, and raced into our kitchen. It was fairly large, considering our family.Dad was already at work, helping the Peacekeepers set up for this morning's reaping. Mum was sitting at the table, reading a book while she sipped her coffee. I grabbed an apple, and ate it quickly, before showering and getting dressed. I looked at the time. 9:30am. The reaping starts in 30 minutes! I walked outside, and felt the sun on my face. There were people milling around the town square already. I found my boyfriend, Jace, standing with his friends. We started talking, until a Peacekeeper told us to line up. We all went over to get our fingers pricked, and then stood in line. I stood in the 17 year girls section, waiting. Finally, our escort, Millia Jyris, toddled onto the stage in her 6 inch heels. "Good Morning District Two!" She cheered in her pitchy Capitol accent. She starts talking for about half an hour. When she is finally finished, the video from the Capitol about the origin of the Games starts playing. When it finishes, Millia once again toddles over to the Female reaping bowl and reaches inside. Before she gets the chance to read the name, I confidently call out "I volunteer!" and before there is even a reaction, I stride up to the stage. I say my name into the microphone, and then she walks over to the boy's reaping bowl. Millia is again cut off, this time, by a boy, about 16 years old, with black hair, pale skin, and olive eyes. "I am Raven Mockingjay, and I volunteer as tribute." Millia makes us both shake hands, before standing between us and grabbing our hands, raising them above our heads, saying "Ladies and gentlemen, Thyra Sarin and Raven Mockingjay! Our District Two tributes for the 58th Annual Hunger Games!"

District 3-Elaina Cowen:

I sat up and got out of bed. it had been two whole months without any crime-commiting. I was proud od Tuffle and I. Thinging to the present I got in the shower. After I was dressed Jon and I ate breakfast. We ate some bread and goat cheese and then went straight down to the District Square. The stupid, annoying escort Megella Wrotbar tawddled across the stage, her tall heels making and annoying "tap tap tap" noise. I wanted to kill her. Jon must of felt me tense because he grabbed my hand, calming me down. AFter the video she went on to the... the male reaping ball. She smiled. "How about a little mix up! Fun right?" Just about then I was ready to stab her. She swept up a piece of paper and cleary read it. "Jon Cowen!" I lost it. Before anything could happen I shouted. "I voulunteer! I don't care who you choose, I voulunteer!" Togther Jon and I made our way to the stage. I spoke my name into the microphone. "Elaina Cowen! And that is my brother Jon!" Megella smiled. "Well there you have it. Your District Three tributes! Elaina and Jon Cowen!" I held my self togther as we were taken to the Justice Builing. I was going into the Hunger Games...

District 4-Blake Hatch:

As I woke up this morning, to see the lake outside my bedroom window glistening in the sunlight, I realised what day it was. Reaping day! I raced out of bed, and quickly showered a grabbed some toast before walking out the door. Mum and Dad would probably be there already. They always have to be there before the reaping, to help set it up, and they had to talk to the Mayor. As I munched on my toast, I walked out the door, towards the town square. It was only 9:45am. I had fifteen minutes, so I started walking around, going no where in particular. District four is surrounded by the most beautiful scenery. As I walk near the lake, I get pulled from behind. A Peacekeeper was dragging me towards the Town Square. It's reaping time. I get my hand pricked, and line up with the other 17 year old males of District 4. Our escort from the Capitol, Killen DeMarin, stalked onto the stage that had been set up at the front of the town square. He wasn't like most escorts. He didn't talk for so long, like most of the escorts we've had over the years. He had a deep voice, and he didn't have dyed skin or any other stupid Capitol fashions. He quickly said the same things he said last year, and then the video from the Capitol started playing. Once the video finished, he walked over the to female reaping bowl, and pulled out a name. "Katya Washington." He called out in his deep voice. A girl with long, wavy brown and black hair, slightly tanned skin, and blue-green eyes walked calmy up to the stage, but you could see in her sea coloured eyes that she was terrified. She only looked about 12. Killen then walked over to the male reaping bowl, and pulled out a slip of paper. I was too deep in thought about how Katya must be feeling, and I didn't hear Killen call the name. I didn't need to. I was being pushed and shoved by the people around me. My name had been called. I stumbled up to the stage, still not entirely aware of the fact that in the near future, I would be going into the Hunger Games. Killen told us to shake hands, and then we were dragged off to the Justice Building, to say goodbye.

District 5-Magnas Velocity:

I wandered through the woods, often listening for noise in the District Square. I couldn't wait for the reaping. I would voulunteer for these Games. I would win. I knew I could. I checked them time from my watch. My most prized possesion. I would take it to the arena with me. Just thinking about the Games made me happy. I wandered a little longer. Finally around 9:30 I started on my way back. By the time I got there most of the kids had gotten all procedures done and were in line. The video was about to end. I hurried and got in line. She went on and called out some girls name. After Anais Watterson took the stage I yelled as loud as I could. "I vouluneer as tribute!" I excitedly took the stage and shook hands with Anais. The escort, Fabri Annoli, smiled and spoke in her horrid Capitol accent. "Well there you have it. Anais Watterson and..." She paused. I grabbed the microphone. "Magnas Velocity." She smiled. "Your tributes for District 5." Were we then taken away to the Justice Building to say goodbye. But I had no one to say goodbye to. I just couldn't wait to get in the arena. I would show everyone, even the dreaded Capitol, that no one could control me. That I was my own free person. And I would do as I please.

District 6-Swift Madge:

I roll out of bed, hitting the ground hard. I mutter a few swear words under my breath, as I stand up. Today is reaping day. Oh joy. In case you didn't notice, that was sarcasm. Stupid Capitol. I drag myself into the bathroom, and start preparing for today. As I walk out the door, I can practically feel the stares burning into the back of my neck. All of the girls whisper about me behind my back. Thinking I don't know. Idiots. I walk down the street, beinging followed by a group of fakes who think they're my posse. And then, behind those "friends" are the bumbling idiots of District 6. Probably drolling all over me. As we walked up to the full District square, the crowd parted, to let us through. We got our fingers pricked, blood taken, and we walked into our age and gender groups, waiting for our stupid escort. When she finally arrived, Lillian DeLevil almost fell over immediately. Stupid heels. What are they, like 10 inchs high?! She went on talking about the Capitol for about an hour, it sure felt like it. I wanted to run up onto the stage and hit her with her stupid 10 inch heels. I muttered a few curse words, and told her to shut up under my breath. It was pretty good timing, because at the moment, she cried out in her high pitched Capitol voice, "And now, a video all the way from the Capitol! Enjoy!!" She plastered an overly cheerful smile on her face, and everyone's eyed turned to the screen. It was the same boring video they have shown for so many years. I mean, can't they show a newer video? Lazy Capitolites. Once the video stopped, Lillian walked over to the Male reaping bowl. "How about a bit of a mix up, okay? The District Six male tribute will be... Lucas Rayden!" I watch as a boy makes his way to the stage. He looks about 17. I've seen him around. He's ruthless. Quite smart, very manipulative. I was contemplating if he might be able to make it home, when I hear my name called. "Swift Mage" My name was ringing in my ears as I started walking. I was going to win. Even if I had to beat Lucas. Such a shame. He seemed like a nice guy too. If he weren't so evil. We shake hands, then get hauled off to the Justice building. No one comes to say goodbye to me. All I can think of, is how sweet it will be to return home. I smile smugly, as I enter the train. A few weeks of holidays will be a good break from this hell hole.

District 7-Rose Greyser:

I stepped out of the shower, doing my hair and getting dressed. I had already helped Lirin and Annelinde get dressed and ready. They were sitting outside our house in the grass. Mom was at work with dad, trying to earn money. Sometimes I wondered if they would manage without me. What if they picked me... I shook the thought away, knowing that could never happen. I ate some bread bread and drank a glass of water. I went out side and told my little brother and sister it was time to go. It was Lirin's first year being entered. Annelinde's second. But the night before I made sure they both knew I would voulunteer for Annelinde if she was called and told Lirin that it was just his first year, his name was only in once. With one of each of Lirin and Addelinde's hands in mine, one on each side, I led the way to the District Square. We arrived about the same time everyone else was. Our silly escort, Milinda Gunther, was already on stage, waiting with an awkward, makeup cover, smile on her face. Once everyone was in there respective groups she called out. "Well, well. It is that grand time of the year again! Well, first here is a video, directly from the Capitol!" After the boring video was finally over she tawddled over to the female reaping ball. She snatched up a name. I took a deep breath. I almost had a heart attack when she called out, "Rose Greyser!" I heard Lirin whimper, but someone must've comforted him since he got quiet. Addelinde stayed silent, probably in shock. I made my way up to the stage, starring out into the crowd of boys, wondering which innocent person I would sadly possibly have to kill. Milinda took out a paper and read, "Teak Southern!" Some doofy looking kid came up on stage, fumbling with his glasses. Even though he looked like a goof, I knew him from school, and he was a genius. We shook hands and Melinda whisked us away to the Justice Building. I spent my last hour in District 7 comforting my whole family. At the end, my father had to detach Lirin from my leg. And Annelinde was crying in my mother's dress. I looked upon them sadly as they left. Now off to the Capitol...

District 8-John Madrick:

I wake up, the sun shining, and the birds singing. It seems like such a beautiful day. Such a beautiful, evil day. Reaping day. I rolled out of bed, groaning. Stupid capitol. I quickly clean myself, and brush my teeth. I comb my dirty blonde hair. Grabbing some food, I head out the door, ducking and weaving in between people. They're everywhere. I made my way slowly to town square, munching on my bread roll. I finished my roll, as I got to the town square. It was already full. I got my finger pricked, and stood in line, as our dopey Capitol escort, Jarmin, made his way onto the stage, falling over several times. Seriously, do these Capitolites not know how to walk? He talked for what felt like an hour, about something. I wasn't really listening. I was just daydreaming about leaving this hell hole. I wish I could just leave this place. Once the idiotic escort finally finished, he said in his squeaky, pitchy Capitol accent, "And now, lets watch this very interesting, educational video about the Hunger Games!" As the video played, I rolled my eyes. Same as last year. And the year before that. And the year before that. I half watch the video, because I know it off by heart. Jarmin walked over to the male female reaping bowl, almost tripping over again. He pulled out a slip of paper, and read it aloud. "Satini McDonald." A twelve year old girl with long, light brown hair, that falls into ringlets, pale skin, and jade green eyes, walked to the stage, smiling sweetly, but she was obviously scared. I can't blame her. I'd be terrified if I was going into the Hunger Games. I was to busy wondering if Satini would mke it to the final six, or even back home, so I didn't notice Jarmin walk over to the male reaping bowl and select a name. "John Madrick. Is there a John Madrick in the audience anywhere?" Before I could think, my legs carried me to the stage, and I shook hands with Satini, then we were dragged off to the Justice Building. All I could think was 'I hope I don't have to kill that little girl. She seems so innocent.'

District 9-Loften Gifford:

I stood paitently next to all the other 16 year old boys. The escort, Shilia Vesprilla, was standing, watching the video intently. I almost decided to leave. But the thought of have another lashing this week changed my mind. My little brother Griffin and I kept making eye contact. I could tell he wanted to cry and hide. My attention was turned back to Shilia as she spoke, "All right ladies and gentlemen! Time for the ladies!" She walked over to the glass ball and drew out Owl Night's name. I had seen her around. She was like me. She was often alone, and she occasionally ditched out on field work. After Owl made her way to the stage, Shilia took point next to the boys reaing bowl. My heart dropped as she read the name. "Griffin Gifford!" Before Griffin had the chance to even move I voulunteered. I made my way to the stage, shook Owl's hand, and then went off to the Justice Building. As my family sat in that room, all I could find myself saying was, "Be safe." Or "I'm sorry." Then we just cried. Finally a peace keeper came, taking me off to the train.

District 10-Larassa Quentin:

I literally fell out of bed this morning. As I lay on the ground, limbs sprawled out in awkward positions, I remember what today is. Reaping day. The most feared day in all of Panem. I quickly shower, get dressed and then comb my straight black hair. I start to think about what will happen in this years' Games, as I walk to town square. I get my finger pricked, and patiently wait in line with the other 13 year girls in my district. The escort, who's name I can't even pronounce, skipped onto the stage. I think her name was Gertty, or something. Whenever someone says her name, it sounds like they're throwing up. I can't blame them, if they are throwing up. Just looking at her, I want to puke. Her hair is pink. Not all the same shade. It's darker at the top, and gets lighter as it goes down her head. At her waist, her hair is blindingly white-pink, but on the very top of her head, her hair is dark magenta. Her hair colour has caused me, and most of District 10, to refer to her as pinkie. As "Pinkie" walked over to the reaping bowl, I noticed she was wearing a magenta mermaid dress, and a ridiculous hot pink flower in her hair. I rolled my eyes. She pulls out a slip of paper, and calls as clearly as she can in that ridiculous Capitol accent, "Larassa Quentin." Her voice rang through my ears as people pushed and shoved me to the stage. I was still in shock as she called out the boy's name. "Osprey Pionus." A boy about 17 years old walked to the stage. He had short brown hair and brown eyes. A sullen appearance on his face. "Here are your tributes for the 58th annual Hunger Games, District 10!" Pinkie screeched, as she toodled off the stage. We were taken to the Justice building, to say goodbye. Mum and Dad were both crying and kept hugging me. When a Peacekeeper came in and dragged Mum and Dad away, I started to plan my battle strategy. This was when it finally sunk in. I was going into the Hunger Games. And there was a chance I wouldn't survive.

District 11-Issac Presko:

I woke up early this morning, and went for a run, to clear my head. Today was reaping day. I sighed, as I walked back into my house. Edith stired in her bed. I snuck into the bathroom, and quickly prepared. I got dressed in my reaping clothes, and woke Edith. She quickly bathed, and got dressed, and we walked to town square together. We got our fingers pricked, and were roughly shoved in the direction of our age groups. I stood in line, thinking what Edith and I will have for dinner. We've nearly run out of bread, and our cheese is going off. I snapped back into attention as the escort, Beresa, walked onto the stage. More like fell. She tripped as she was walking up the stairs. I don't see how she tripped. She was wearing sneaker-like shoes. Converse. Apparently they were very popular. A long time ago. As she started talking, it was plain to see she wasn't born or raised in the capitol. Her accent isn't the same as everyone else's. It's not as pitchy. Beresa is nice. Not snobby. As she finished talking in her fake accent, the video from the Capitol starts playing. I've seen this video so many times I know it off by heart, inside out and backwards. She walked over to female the reaping bowl, almost falling over again. I'm starting to think they un-teach you how to walk. She pulls out a slip of paper, and reads it clearly. "Edith Presko." I was so shocked, and when I saw Edith, I saw she was too. This will not end well. By the time Beresa was walking over to the male reaping bowl, I had made up my mind. I was going to volunteer, and protect Edith. Then, she would make it home. But, before I could volunteer, I heard my name being called. What? I was being pushed up to the stage, and before I knew it, Beresa told us to shake hands. As we were leaving the stage, Beresa gave us a sad look. Probably because there is a fair chance neither of us will survive in the arena. But, we will both return to our home District. It will probably just be in two white boxes.

District 12-Passion(Pash) Firemountain:

After rounding up my little brother and sister and sending them over to the place where all the under-age kids from District 12 waited, I went to get my finger pricked and take my place amoung the crowd. While the video played I had my eyes placed on my little siblings, wondering what would happen to them if I was reaped. They would probably starve. Mom and Dad could care less. We barely ever saw them. They were always in the Hob, getting drunk. As the video ended, our escort, Cecilian Redillo, clapped and annoying said, "Oh, isn't that video just wonderful." I rolled my eyes. She was so annoying. I waited as she called out, "Now, for the reapings! Ladies first!" Her heels clicked as she awkwardly walked to the reaping bowl. She slipped her fingers into the bowl, pulling out a name. She called out some girl named Melanoi Jet. I had seen her around. But never really cared. The girl made her way to the stage as Cecilian took to the boys reaping bowl. I could feel my muscled tense. I hoped with all my energy she would call out someone besides me. I about fainted as she loudly read, " Passion Firemountain!" I slowly made my way to the large stage. "It's Pash." I grumbled into the microphone. She just smiled and Melonoi and I shook hands. After spending a few precsious moments with my siblings, comfoting them, promising to give it my all. Then again, which tribute today hadn't? I knew I had second to, if not, no chance at all. After they left, I cried until I boarded the train, to be swept away to the Capitol.

Group Training

Male POV-Osprey Pionus:

I stood in line next to Larassa as the trainer, Filinia, explained the importance of training. She explained how knowing the difference between poisonous and non-poisonous edible things could save us, how knowing even a little about a weapon could save us, she went on and on. Finally she finished, "Alright, go train!" The careers immediately took off to the weapons. I just rolled my eyes. Larassa took off with some other girls, whom I assumed she had formed an alliance with. I went off to the only station left empty. The plants identifying center. I began looking through the various leafs, berries, stems, roots, and many other fauna. I lifted my head as I heard yelling. It was Kayta Washington. She was yelling at Anais from 5 for accidently pushing her. I turned and watched. Anais kept saying sorry. Eventually she yelled back. "Just shut up! God Kayta, you think you are all that, when in reality, I can throw a spear WAY better than you. Watch." By this time all the attention had turned on the pair. Even the peacekeepers had stopped and were watching. Anais picked up a spear and threw it. She hit a bullseye on the target Kayta had just missed. The boy from 1, Drake clapped. The center went back to normal as everyone went back to their current activity. Drake approached the embarressed Kayta and Anais. He spoke to Anais, saying something that made Kayta very un-happy. Anais nodded and Kayta rolled her eyes. I ignored them after that and just returned to my plants. Eventually I switched, moving to weapons. I impressed a few of the tributes with my knife skills. I went on to the fire area. I practiced lighting a fire, even though I already knew how. By the end of the day I had been to every station. I was now at the camoflauge station. I had made my face look as if it was just a pile of dirt and leaves. I began to take it off as the ten minute warning was announced. I left with the rest of the tributes. Larassa and I returned to our floor. We went to bed, prepared for the final day of group training the following day.

Female POV-Thyra Sarin:

At 10:00am, Raven and I were standing in line, as Filinia repeated her words from yesterday. As I stood in line, I daydreamed, about making it back home, to my boyfriend, Jace. He had given me his earing, that he always wore, as a token. Raven snapped me out of my trance, and the Careers all walked over to the weapons section. Almary was being Almary. Who knows what's going through her mind right now. She's sneaky and quick. I'll have to keep my eye on her in the arena. She was at the knife throwing station, throwing them two at a time. Then there was Drake. He's short, and slow, but he's strong and a good fighter. I can't rule him out too quickly. He was at the axe station, throwing axes. His aim was decent. He may be of use to me, in the arena. It's a shame I'll have to kill him. Raven was now standing next to Almary, throwing knives with her. I'm not too sure what to make of him. He seems like a worthy advesary, but, I'm not really sure. Then there was the twins from 3. Jon and Eclair. They're both good with weapons, but, they need to work on hand-to-hand combat. They should be easy to take down. They went over to the edible plants section. Pfft. Weaklings. The boy from 4, Blake wasn't doing to badly. He's a decent sword fighter, pretty strong too. The girl from 5, Anais, was good with most weapons, and smart too. She's sneaky, and could be a real threat. I'd better keep my eye on her too. I notice people looking at me, before quickly turning away. I quickly get on with my spear throwing. Bullseye. I look around smugly, as people turn away from me. Scared already, huh. They'll be terrified in the arena. As I throw spears, I begin to think about the Career group this year. There's a lot of them. The girl from 6, Swift, was flirting with her District partner, again. What's his name? Luke? Liam? I don't know. He'll be dead soon anyway. Swift will be too. I'm surprised no one's killed her yet. She's so arrogant, and seeing her flirting with everyone makes me want to puke. The other Career, John Madrick, is good with a club and a mace. He's fast, and is a good hand-to-hand fighter. Proving he can fight without weapons. The Game Makers seem to take an interest in him. He's got a shot at winning this thing. If I weren't in these games. I smirk at that though, and move onto the archery section. There I see, the boy from 6, who I still can't remember the name of. Whatever. I pick up a composite bow, and start shooting bullseyes. I look to my right, and see the boy from 6 doing the same. "Hey." I walk up and introduce myself. He mutters hello. "Do you want to join us, in the Career pack, this year? 'Cause, damn, you're a good shot." He politely declines, and walks away. Well, that's his problem. He probably won't make it past the Bloodbath anyway. The bell signals, and we go to lunch. after that, I walk over to the sword fighting station. After what seems like 10 minutes, although I know it was longer, the bell signals, and we all leave. I go to bed straight away, feeling exhausted. Tomorrow is our private training sessions, and I need to be well rested, so I'm in tip-top shape. As I drift off to sleep, all I can think of, is how sweet victory will be, once I win these games.

Private Training

Drake Mordan- District 1:

I lined up outside the training center. Today was our private training session with the Game Makers. I sat down, with Almary, waiting for the others to arrive. Slowly, everyone filled in, taking their seats, waiting. Soon after everyone was seated, I heard my name called, in an automated voice. "Drake Mordan." I get up, and enter the training center. The Game Makers were seated, with clipboards, watching my every move. I let out a shaky breath, and walked over to the ax throwing station. Come on Drake. You can do this. Just like in group training. I put on my scariest face, and threw the ax, which lodged itself right into the dummy's heart. Smirking, I picked up another ax and threw it. This time, it decapitated the dummy. I walked over to the spear throwing station, walking past the dummy's head, kicking it. I threw a few spears, got some bulls eyes, and then made my way over to the sword fighting station. I totally destroyed one of the dummies. It was barely recognizable as a dummy, but more of a pile of rubble and stuffing. The Game Makers excuse me, and I head out the doors, thinking about my training score. Will I get higher then a 7? I hope so....

Almary Wintes- District 1:

After I watched Drake leave my name was called. I nervously made my way to the middle of the training center floor. I easily lifted two daggers. I fiercely threw them, each hitting the opposite sides of a dummy's head. I watched as the Game Makers took notice. I couldn't let them down. I picked up another dagger and threw it with all force at a target. The dagger smashed into the target, splicing it in two. I picked up the final dagger laying on the table. I shut my eyes, threw it at a dummy and heard a "smack!" I opened my eyes. The dagger was embedded into the dummy's forehead. I bowed, said a polite "Thank you." and left. I silently wished I had impressed them.

Raven Mockingjay - District 2:

I felt the lump in my throat as the intercom said my name. I nervously urged my feet into the room. I gulped, taking a scythe into my hands. I looked at the Game Makers. Clip boards in hand, they were ready. I took sight of the dummy in front of me. I gave the scythe a powerful throw. I followed it with my eyes as it barely missed the dummy's chest. I walked up to it, took the scythe out of its shoulder and went back to my throwing point. I gave it a go once more, this time hitting the target dead on. I lifted my head to see the head Game Maker nodding, now interested. I went back to the table where the weapons lay, picking up a few medium sized throwing knife. I started the targets and threw each, hitting every single one dead on. I went on to impress them with a couple more knives. I missed the second by an inch or two, but it still impressed the Game Makers. I took my leave through the door. All I could do was hope for a good score.

Thyra Sarin- District 2:

I looked around, and saw everyone talking quietly amoung themselves, or nervously picking at a stray thread on their shirt, some were pacing. They were all obviously nervous. Even some of the Careers. 'Weaklings. They shouldn't be nervous. This is what they've been training for their entire lives, why are they nervous?!' Raven had been in there for a few minutes, so I figured it would be my turn soon. "Thyra Sarin." Called an automated voice. I walked in, and bowed politely. I saw the Game Makers, holding their clipboards. I sighed, cracked my knuckles and walked over to the archery station. I picked up one of the composite bows, and start shooting bulls eyes. My aim is perfect, as usual, but, something makes me think this just won't be enough. So, I grab a handful of arrows, and aim the loaded bow at a wall. I shot the arrows at the wall, making a number "2", to represent my District. This way, they won't forget me. I smirk, looking at the Game Makers, scribbling onto their little clipboards. I bow again, and walk out the door. I was just replaying the memory of the Game Makers' expressions when they saw my creation. It makes me smile, every time I think of it.

Elaina Cowen- District 3:

As my name was called and Thyra walked passed me as I went through the door, I took a deep breath, letting all my nerves calm down. I looked up through the glass, praying to whatever might be listening that I didn't screw up and make a fool of myself and my District. I nervously picked up a throwing knife in each hand. Before anyone could blink, I nailed a dummy square in the forehead. Then in the heart. Then I decided to five them a show with my sword skills. I turned on the training simulation and by the end, not a dummy would function properly. At the end, a gave a powerful jab, leaving the sword stuck in the remnants of what used to be one of the dummies head. As the Game Makers whispered quietly to themselves, probably more about the cost of this damage than my score, I gave a "Thank You." and left. I just hoped it would be enough to get me even a mediocre score.

Jon Cowen- District 3:

I gave Elaina a hug as she exited, but let go as the annoying automated voice called for me. Not even giving the Game Makers a single glance, I went straight for an ax. I let the feeling of it grow on me for a second then gave it a full powered throw towards a metal shaft across the room. The ax whirled through the air, then a loud thud sound across the room as it came into contact with the metal. I left it there as I reached for another ax. I finally looked up at the Game Makers. I smiled, locked eye to eye with them as I let the ax fly. It nailed the other ax, knocking it out, and breaking the metal. I gave a cocky smirk and retrieved the axes. I figured I had given them enough to write home about and walked out. As I opened the door, a thought went through my mind. "I better get atleast a 9."

Blake Hatch- District 4:

I stood in front of the Game Makers. I could see the marks of other tributes. A broken metal bar, the training sequence demolished, a big "2" on the far wall, and a few broken weapons. I rolled my eyes. I went to a table and chose a few knives off of it. Making sure the Game Makers were looking, I began. before they could even blink I knife had found a tube of paint of the floor by the camoflauge station. It splatted, making a big blue spot on the floor. I went to the paint and grabbed the knife. I took the knife and put it soaring through the air. It landing in the eye of a training dummy. As the Game Makers scribbled something down and whispered, and went to look for a trident. I found a brand new one. Still shining and silver. I took it in my hands. I waited for the attention of the Game Makers to come back to me then threw it with all my strength forward. It found the same dummy's head, decapitating it. Satisfied, and gave a "Thank you." and left the room. Try and forget that.

Katya Washington- District 4:

As soon as I entered the training room I knew what I was going to do. I went and grabbed a spear and a small spool of wire. I hunched over one of the tables for a few minutes, fiddling with it, making sure the Game Makers couldn't see. I wrapped the wire around the butt of the spear. I made sure it was secure and took it into my hands. I tied the other end of the spear around my wrist gently and held the spear. I got within range and gave it nice, solid throw towards a target. As it hit the ring closest to the bulls eye, and looked up at the Game Makers. They were wathcing carefully and curiously. I grapped the end of the wire and yanked it quickly, as hard as I could. It pulled the spear out and then I pulled it back to me. I did this a few more times, each time farther away. I wanted to show them not all careers were just murderous killing machines, but some of them could be quite smart as well. I un-did the wire and spear and replaced them. I gave the Game Makers one last look as I left. They seemed intrigued. I had defiantly succeeded.

Anais Watterson- District 5:

I knew what I was going to do, even before today. I had been thinking about it. When I entered the room, I went to a  table with darts on it. I went to the plant station, made a poison from them, and dipped the tip of the dart into it. With no live targets, I shot at a far sword hitting dummy. The dart struck it's neck. I loaded a second in the blink of an eye, this time, the target being its heart. It found the dummy's heart easily. I smiled and set the dart sling down. I then went to an assortment of weapons, and chose a machete. I showed off my skill, not holding anything back. I just hoped it would be enough...

Magnas Velocity- District 5:

I entered the room feeling confident. But, as I reached for a mace, I completly freaked out. I dropped the name and began to breathe heavily. After taking a minute to pull myself back together, I reached once again for the mace. This time I was sucessful and made it to the target range. I through the mace. It just barely missed. I redeemed myself by throwing two axes, right into the bullseye. I went back for a re-try on the mace, but almost the same result, if not worse. I just decided it was time I leave before things got any worse.

Lucas Rayden- District 6:

Without even acknowledging the Game Makers, I went straight to the bow racked and grabbed a bow. I notched an arrow, and aimed for the red bulls eye on the target. It hit the ring on the outside of the bulls eye. I tried once more, this time aiming at a dummy's heart. It hit the dummy with a "thud". I looked at the arrow dissapointedly as I realized it had missed. I tried throwing a few knives. One hit the bulls eye, but all the rest landed just outside of the bulls eye. I took a shot in the dark and went for a spear. Weilding it in my hands, I threw it, with all my power behind it. I gave a sigh of relief. I went and retrived it, trying once more. I could barely contain my happiness as it struck bulls eye a second time. I just discovered my new spear talents. I hoped the Game Makers could forgive my other poorly given talents...

Swift Mage- District 6:

I entered the room with my game face on. I knew I had to impress the Game Makers if I wanted any chance at victory. I gave a quick greeting to the Game Makers as I grabbed a dagger off the table. Before they could even click their pens, the dagger was soaring through the air. It struck the abdomen of the dummy. I grabbed another and sent it speeding towards its heart. It was imbedded in the dummy's heart. By now, the Game Makers were interested. I smiled as I went for a mace. I swung it around and released it. It found its way into the chest of the same dummy. Another two maces found a home in the dummy's head and stomach. It was now mangled all in pieces. It finished it off with a dagger to the neck. The head fell off and rolled across the floor. I gave a bow and left the room.

Rose Greyser- District 7:

I heard the automated voice call my name. I nervously entered the room. I went for an axe and bnervously waved to the Game Makers. Using the axe, I decapitated a dummy. I used a few more axes, leaving them stuck all over the dummy. I retrieved them off of the dummy and went for some throwing knives. But the end of my Private Training, the dummy had so many cuts and gashes, it no longer looked like a dummy. I thanked the Game Makers and left, even more nervous than before.

Teak Southern- District 7:

My body went through the doorway, but my mind seemed to stay there. I was completely out of it as I made my way to the middle of the training room. I greeted the Game Makers and then grabbed a club off the table. I went to a dummy, and then began beating the tar out of it. I wacked, smacked, swung, and thrashed it to pieces. I finally stopped to let the Game Makers see my work. I replaced the mace and went for a mace. I heaved it, sending it flying through the air. It thumped into the stomach of the dummy next to the one I had hacked to pieces. I gave one more mace a toss. It barely scrapped the side of the dummy, leaving me, and the Game Makers, dissapointed. One my way out the door, I feared it had cost me a good score.

John Madrick- District 8:

I sighed as the intercom called my name. I got to my feet and went towards the door. The peacekeeprs opened it and I entered. I gave a wave to the Game Makers as I headed for a machete. I picked it up and let my hnd get familiar with it. I then went to a dummy and quickly hacked it to pieces. I then turned to a target and fetched a mace. I threw it and it struck the bulls eye of it. By this time, most of the dummy's, targets, and even some of the railing and wall were all torn to hell. The training room was all in pieces. Even the traning simulation was all broken. Deciding I had shown off enough, I left the room.

Satini McDonald- District 8:

As soon as the doors were pulled open, I went straight to the knives. I picked up a few, feeling good. That quickly changed as I missed the target three times. I finally had one good throw as one struck the outer ring just before the bulls eye. I gave it one last try, redeeming myself as it hit the bulls eye. I gave up with the knives and went for a dagger. I had a little bit more sucess, hitting two bulls eyes and missing one. I went on to a spear for a finalle. I gave a good, clean throw and watched as it hit the heart of a dummy. Happy with my sucess, I grabbed another. I missed the heart by a few inches, but still felt I did well. I left the room, having mixed feelings.

Owl Night- District 9:

I walked in, expecting to use the training simulation, but things changed as soon as I saw the destroyed simulation. I decided to improvise and went to the painting station. I took a brush and painted seven spots on a far blank wall. I took some knives and took a position across the room. I three three knives in a spilt second, each hitting the correct destination. The fourth and fifth misses by a penny length. The sixth and seven were just as sucessful as the first three. I took the knives off the wall and replaced them on the table. I had a feeling they would have to re-make the entire Training Center after this.

Lofton Gifford- District 9:

I walked past Owl as she left and I entered. Ignoring the mess around me, I snatched a bow off the rack and went for a few arrows. I notched one and let it fly. It hit a target with a "thud". It had hit right on the edge of the bulls eye. Three more arrows found home there, and four missed by a few inches. I set the bow back in its place and took a spear. As soon as the spear left my hand, I knew it was a horrible throw. it barely hot the target, landing in the outer most ring. I went back and try once more. I did a little better on the second try, but not good enough. I tried one last time and it fianlly was a good throw. It barely was on the outside of the center. I thanked the Game Makers and made my way to the door.

Osprey Pinious- District 10: 

As I sat, waiting for my name I created an idea of what I would do. When the intercom spoke my name, I got up, ready to go. I went to a table not many people visited and picked up some darts and a dart gun. Using it. I shot several into the chest of a dummy. One of the few dummys that still stood unscathed. I shot several more into a series of targets. Hitting the bulls eye on each, or very close to it. I tested my alchemy skills and went to the plants station. Using water and nightlock, I made a poison. Making sure the Game Makers knew what it was, I dipped the end of the darts into it. I shot a few into a dummy and then replaced the darts and blow gun on the table. I changed course and grabbed two throwing knives. I rolled out two targets. At the same time, I threw the two knives, each going the opposite direction of the hand they were in. They each hit the center. I was happy with myself as I left the room.

Larassa Quentin- District 10:

I walked into the training room, but arena suit uncomforatable compared to my usual jeans, shirt, and boots. I gave a hello to the Game Makers and then look around the room. Just as I thought, no lasso. I went to the area where you learned to tie nots and found a longer piece of rope. I made a fairly good lasso out of it and then took my place in front of the dummys. I have it a quick swing, the lasso going around a dummys neck. I ripped back so hard, the head came clean off. Might as well finish this dummy off. Using the lasso, I thrashed and beat the dummy. In the arena this would work well. But the time I had finished up, the dummy was a pile of scraps. Satisfied with my work, I replaced the rope and exited the room.

Edith Presko- District 11: When I came into the training center I had to scrape together the last of the resources. I had three targets and then most of the weapons. I decided to just use one of the targets and a few small throwing axes. I lined the target up in front of my and stood back. I gave the first axe a throw. It didn't miss the center terribly, but I could of done better. I picked up another axe and tried for the second time. This one was closer, but my throw was still improvable. I picked up the third and final axe and let it fly. This one hit the dead center of the target. I decided to show them another side of my skills and fetched a bow. I removed the axes and took my place where I was before. I notched an arrow and took aim. I let the string go, but only to be dissapointed as the arrow missed by a land fold. It barely hit the edge of the target. Embarrased, I put the bow back and said thank you to the Game Makers and left.

Isaac Presko- District 11: As I passed through the door way I gave a wave to the Game Makers. I went straight for the spear rack and chose one. I lined up about 30 feet from a target. After I took my stance, I threw the spear, all my power behind it. It hit the target dead on, right in the center. Feeling good, I tried again. Apparently that was only a one time thing as I missed drastically the second time. I moved on to my machete skills. I took one up into my hands and used the only remaining dummy for practice. After beating on the dummy with the machete for a few minutes, I stopped. I hated being here. I said good bye to the Game Makers and took my leave.

Passion Firemountain- District 12: Upon entering the room, I could tell training with weapons wasn't an option, so I took to the climbing wall. I started the timer and was at the top in a matter of a few seconds. I climbed down and went on to the ropes. After showing the my agile moves on the ropes, I went down to the throwing area. I picked up the largest metal ball I could find and lined up in one of the lanes. I gave it a heave and let it fly down the line. When I looked at the distance, it was almost exacally 40 feet. I gave it another go, throwing 10 feet farther. I went on and started a fire, used the plant identifier drill and finished with knots. Hoping I had impressed them, I left.

Melanoi Jet- District 12:

Finally it was my turn. I stood and entered the room. It was in shambles. I am pretty sure they had never had tributes as violent and destructive as this. I used the last remaining target to show my star skills. I picked a few off the table and instantly gave three a solid throw. All three hit next to eachother, all in bulls eye range. I threw three more, all the same result. I pulled the stars out and put them back on the table. Using the ropes hanging from the ceiling I showed them my monkey-like skills. I almost fell once, but caught myself. I kept on, swinging from rope to rope. I kept on until I had bore the Game Makers to death. I thanked the Game Makers and left the training center, for the last time in my life.

Training Scores

District Name (Male) Score Name (Female) Score
1 Drake Mordan 10 Almary Wintes 9
2 Raven Mockingjay 9 Thyra Sarin 10
3 Jon Cowen 7 Elaina Cowen 6
4 Blake Hatch 8 Katya Washington 7
5 Magnas Velocity 6 Anais Watterson 8
6 Lucas Rayden 5 Swift Mage 11
7 Teak Southern 4 Rose Greyser 9
8 John Madrick 7 Satini McDonald 8
9 Lofton Gifford 2 Owl Night 7
10 Osprey Pionus 7 Larassa Quentin 9
11 Isaac Presko 6 Edith Presko 7
12 Passion "Pash" Firemountain 8 Melanoi Jet 9


If your tributes need something, get another user who does not have a tribute to come and "sponsor" them. All they have to do is post the wanted item and why they should get it.


Placing District/Name Day Killed Killed By
24 8/Satini McDonald 1 Tribute Plate
23 9/Lofton Gifford 1 Blake Hatch
22 2/Raven Mockingjay 1 Lucas Rayden
21 8/John Madrick 1 Almary Wintes
20 3/Jon Cowen 1 Elaina Cowen
19 7/Teak Southern 1 Thyra Sarin
18 5/ Magnas Velocity 1 Swift Mage
17 11/Edith Presko 1 Elaina Cowen
16 12/ Melanoi Jet 1 Swift Mage
Final Eight Tributes Left

The Games

Side note: Each chapter will be in three parts, each in a different POV.

The Blood Bath Part 1: Thyra Sarin

As my plate rose from the ground, I prepared my self. Physicaly and mentaly. I knew I had to survive. As I arrived to ground level, I felt heat. A desert. We were in the middle of a desert. Luckily, I could hear running water somewhere. I froze as I saw it. It was a true beauty. The most expensive bow I had ever seen. And beside it was a case of silver arrows. I knew this was my target. I looked to my left to see Owl. And to my right was Anais. I nodded to her. I could hear Fabricus Vasspiello counting down. "25...25...23...22..." I took to a running stance. I was interupted as poor Satini stepped off her plate too early. She was now in bits and pieces. Fabricus kept on. "15...14...13...12..." I put my focus back on the bow. I had to get it. It would be a tool in my survival. I wiped sweat off my brow and listened for the gong to sound. "5..4...3...2..1..." I flew off the plate and to the cornicopia. I met Blake, Anais, Drake, and Almary there. We began to grab the items we wanted. Blake stabbed the boy from 9, Lofton, with a knife. He fell instantly. Raven joined us, but as he reached for a weapon, an arrow tip came through his throat. I looked down and saw my bow and arrows still there. I saw Lucas, the boy from 6 running off with a smaller bow and about 10 arrows. I would get him later. I turned just in time to see John from 8 get stabbed by Almary. Elaina turned on her brother and stabbed him muttering, "Better I do it now than later." Jon dropped dead. We all just turned away and kept on grabbing things. I turned to see Kayta from 4 run off with Larrassa from 10 and Owl from 9. I put an arrow through Teak, the boy from 7, as he came at me with a mace. My first kill. I watched as Passion, the boy from 12, ran off with a backpack and a knife. I turned back to the cornicopia, seeing what the other careers were doing.

The Blood Bath Part 2: Swift Mage

As soon as the gong sounded I joined the careers. I watched as a few of them killed other tributes, and even a few careers were killed. Good, if a weakling from an outlying District can kill you, then you deserve to die. I searched through the weapons, looking for a mace, maybe a dagger. I slung a sack over my shoulder and turned into to duck as Magnas from 5 tried to stab me. I quickly dealt with him, by giving him a blow to the neck with my dagger. I grabbed a small pack-up tent and slung it over my should with the bag. I found a jacket, curiously wondering what it was for. I put it in the pack, just in case. There was a medi-pack with some simple bandages and a small knife for quick "surgery".  I also took that. By this time, Elaina almost had as much as I and was ready to go. She threw a knife suddenly. I followed it as it flew threw the air and landed in the chest of Edith, the girl from 11. All of the sudden Melanoi from 12, came at me, some tiny disks in her hand. She threw one and it barely missed my shoulder. I grabbed my knife and held it in a defensive position. The other careers just stood back, watching. Melanoi threw three more. Two missed but one landed in my shoulder. I ignored the pain and dove at her with my knife. I dealt a strong blow to her side with the knife. She fell over and I finished her off. I then realized how much the metal, star shaped disk hurt. I ripped it out of my shoulder. It instantly drew blood. Using the medi-pack I dressed the wound and told the others to move on. I followed as they searched for any other tributes as well as a camp. We came up to a river and I rinsed the wound and we all filled the several water bottles we had. We followed the river until we eventually came to the point where it origanated from under ground. We then turned and went on some more. After about another hour the cannons began to sound. "Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!" Nine dead in the first 90 minutes. We went on for some time until we found an area with a few desert trees for some sort of shade. We set up our tents and a shade Blake had found. We could hear the very faint sound of water so we decided it was the best spot, other than the cornicopia.

The Blood Bath Part 3: Isaac Presko

I ran through the hot sand, the horrifying image of my sister dying still fresh in my mind. I had taken off with a singe small backpack, and I was barely lucky enough to get that. I kept on going and going. All of the sudden, I heard a burning sound. The desert was on fire! I turned the other way and began to run. I could feel the heat go from hot to so-hot-my-flesh-could-melt hot. I kept on, carefully keeping distance from me and the flame. I felt a steady stream of sweat running down my face, crotch, and legs. I looked around for water, knowing I needed to find some or I would die of heat exhaustion. I felt my legs giving out underneath me. I sat in the hot sand, wishing for water. All of the sudden, I heard a rushing sound. My ears perked. I turned my head in the direction of the sound. I couldn't see anything but sand. I got back up my feet and kept on walking. I went on for another 15 minutes and the sound seemed to get louder. A few times I could of sworn there was water, but I it turned out to be was a desert mirage. After another 10 minutes, I seemed to have lost hope. I knew I was going to die out here, in this wasteland of Hell.

Stuck in the Desert Part 1: Kayta Washington

Larrassa, Owl, and I had finally found water after about an hour of walking. After a few short minutes, we found the lake it connected too. We all got in and cooled off in the blazing desert heat. Afterwards we just sat around too hot to do anything, and also to scared to stray to far from the water. After a few minutes of sitting, Larrassa jumped up and took off with her knife she had found. Owl and I watched as she hit a desert hare right in the neck with it. She carried it back and with a smirk she spoke, "Dinner anyone?" I hungrily looked at the animal. We waited till night and Larassa lit a fire and cooked the hare and we all ate. TBC

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