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    Tribute's Names?

    September 28, 2012 by PotatoMan10

    Hello! I know that the tributes in the book don't have official names, so don't argue about it. This is about the movie. I am sure they DO have names in the movie, especially because Cato called the D6 Male Jason. So, here is a list of the known names. Please tell me your opinion, or add a name in the comment boxes that you know what the names are. Here is the list of tributes I know so far:

    74 Annual HG Tribute Names
    District Male Female 1 Marvel (confirmed) Glimmer (comfirmed)
    2 Cato (comfirmed) Clove (comfirmed)
    3 Noah (confirmed) Amber (possibly)
    4 Unknown Marina (confirmed)
    5 Unknown Finch (possibly)
    6 Jason (confirmed) Tamora (possibly)
    7 Unknown Ivy (possibly)
    8 Unknown Savannah (possibly)
    9 Rye (confirmed) Demetria (confirmed)
    10 Barney (po…

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    Welcome, welcome, to the 45th Annual Hunger Games! These games are when two young children are selected to fight to the death in an arena. As you all know, most tributes cannot survive without help, so please sign up for either a stylist or a sponsor for one of these brave tributes! Don't forget to send your tribute supplies if you're a sponser. You can also sign up as a stylist to design the tributes parade costumes. You can also give me tribute names in the comment section below, Two Max each user. Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

    You're the most important to your selected tribute. You will be given $750 Max to spend on your tribute. The tribute's training score will effect your amount of money though. You will be …

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