Welcome, welcome, to the 45th Annual Hunger Games! These games are when two young children are selected to fight to the death in an arena. As you all know, most tributes cannot survive without help, so please sign up for either a stylist or a sponsor for one of these brave tributes! Don't forget to send your tribute supplies if you're a sponser. You can also sign up as a stylist to design the tributes parade costumes. You can also give me tribute names in the comment section below, Two Max each user. Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!


You're the most important to your selected tribute. You will be given $750 Max to spend on your tribute. The tribute's training score will effect your amount of money though. You will be given a list of weapons, supplies, and food to select from and to send to your tribute, but choose wisely!


The stylists will decide what to design for all the tributes parade costumes and interview outfits. It will really help though if you base the outfits on their district so they will be reconized. Thank you, thank you, and please particapate in this exciting event of the 45th Annual Hunger Games!

Tribute Information

Full Name:






The Reaping

District 1

"And the lucky careers are... Yelena Stone and Herb Hwark!" Shouts the escort for District 1. "I volenteer!" I nearly scream. "I volenteer as tribute!" As two Peacekeepers escort me up to the plateform, I whisper, "Take that Herb!" as I pass him. "Now, our lucky career tributes from District 2, Dakota Striker and Yelena Stone!" I'm ready for this game. I'm ready to kill.

District 2

My Hands are sweating. They had just picked the almighty Poison Mason as tribute. I'd give anything to avoid her. She's fast and vicious. Even though if anyone's her tribute partner, she'd still kill them. "And for the boys, Mitch Larkworthe!" I nearly faint at them hearing my name. I am shanking, and every step I take makes me wobble. I turn back, for any volonteers. None. "Good luck, chump," Poison whispers to me. "You'll need it."

District 3

"Milly Clatch!" I watch as the nature-loving and cute girl walks up to the platform. "Now it's your turn, gentlemen!" I watch as the escort dips her hand in the bowl of names. She picks one. "Kevin Quince!" I just jinxed it. I wish my brothers were with me. Thomas and Wes. I miss them. I wish they were here so I could just hug them. The worst thing is that they moved to different districts. It's painful without them here. I step up to the platform, trying to hold my tears, while Milly weeps and sobs.

District 4

I had just heard back in District 3, my old home, my brother Kevin was selected. This is my chance to see him. I could volunteer. "Cora Tomline!" The escort announces. I watch as the brave girl walks up to the platform, smiling and waving nervously to the crowd like she was some famous movie star. I could volunteer. To see my brother again. Just one more time. "I volunteer!" I shout before the escort can even say the full name of the selected tribute. "I volunteer! To see my brother! I volunteer as tribute! My name is Thomas Quince!"

District 5

I feel sorry for Wes. Having to be seperated from his two brothers, Thomas and Kevin. What's even worse is that both his brothers have been selected for The Hunger Games. All, well, no time to be sorry. I've been secretly training for this. "Ladies first!" Says our district escort. "Barbara Harshly!" I raise my hand. "I volunteer as tribute!" I say. It's just strange, what happened next, but then out of the drawing bowl was the name of Wes Quince, the boy who I was just thinking about. So strange.

District 6

"No! No! No!" I'm throwing a tanturum as The Peacekeepers drag me by the arms. I scream and kick, only knowing that I have no chance of escaping. "Please! Please!" I am making a scene in front of my whole District, but I don't care. I, Anne Gablea, have been selected. For The Hunger Games. I stop, and just weep as a tall boy is selected. Darious Lonnquin. I am now down to sobbing. My life is miserable.

District 7

"Chloe Kordilious!" I freeze. It feels like the whole word freezes. All those eyes. Staring at me. I take a step foward. Soon I find myself walking up to the platform. I start sobbing. "And next, we have... Jason Grimms!" I see the teenager as he cries, walking up to the platform. "No, no, no! Wait! I volonteer!" shouts a voice. Everyone parts to find Leith Wiely. Oh, no. He's probably risking his life to be with me. I sob as my crush walks up to the platform beside me. "And now, Chloe Kordilious and Leith Wiely!"

District 8

My name has been drawn for The Hunger Games. No surprise. I've been needing to get a lot of tesserae for my five siblings and father. I walk up, feeling like the whole universe wants to bring me down. I feel pretty depressed. I never thought I would die this way. All, well. It's life. And you got to deal with it. I guess I haven't been paying attention, because I found my old lover, Banak Crane, standing beside me. Oh. He's been selected as tribute. I can't wait to kill him.

District 9

"Josh Quintell!" It feels like my heart stops beating. I stare as my best friend, Josh, walks up to the platform with Alexi Clattso, the girl tribute selected before. Should I? It's the right thing to do. "I... Volonteer." No one hears me. "I... Me! No! I Volunteer! Yeah, Me! Tribute! I... I Volunteer As Tribute!" Darn, why did I say that.

District 10

"No! Not me!" I punch The Peacekeeper in the gut, while another points his gun at me. There is no escape. I walk up to the platform, everybody looking at me like I'm a lunatic. I am one. "And our tributes of 10, Susan Lizette and Roy Trotter." I am going to die. I will try to win, but I'm not going to keep my hopes up.

District 11

"And now, we select our female tribute!" I watch closely as she reaches in the bowl. "Mara Bruce!" I scream. It feels like the whole world has caught on fire. Two Peacekeepers escort me, Mara, to the platform where our horrible escort stands. "And for the gentlemen... Rick Bloggs!" Oh, no! Please! Someone volenteer! No! I can't stand as I watch my younger cousin, Rick, walk up to the platform. "Hi, Mara." He greets in a small voice.

District 12

"Now, now, please step up, Tucker." I shake my head. Then, two arms force me up to the platform with the District escort. I start crying. What's worst is that my friend, Willow, has also been selected. "And now, Tucker Johnson, and Willow Shaurice! Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!"


This is a list of the tributes. If you find a "Tribute Boy/Girl", it's you're chance to come up with a tribute!

Name District Age Weapon(s) Personality Sponsor Score Odds
Dakota Striker 1 18 Unknown Malicious, Tough, Rude Unknown 10 2-1
Yelena Stone 1 15 Unknown Sly, Elusive, Seductive Unknown 6 8-1
Mitch Larkworthe 2 16 Unknown Funny, Kind Unknown 9 12-1
Poison Mason 2 17 Unknown Malicious, Rude, Vicious Unknown 10 3-1
Kevin Quince 3 12 Unknown Rude, Kind Unknown 6 10-1
Milly Clatch 3 14 Unknown Loving, Nice, Shy, Kind Unknown 4 14-1
Thomas Quince 4 15 Unknown Nice, Kind Robin040197 8 5-1
Cora Tomline 4 16 Unknown Seductive, Rude, Shy Unknown 3 7-1
Wes Quince 5 15 Unknown Rude Robin040197 9 12-1
Cecelia Waytt 5 14 Unknown Vicious, Funny Unknown 6 3-1
Darious Lonnquin 6 15 Unknown Tough, Shy Unknown 2 15-1
Anne Gablea 6 12 Unknown Sensative, Shy, Vicious Unknown 4 21-1
Leith Wiely 7 16 Unknown Funny, Kind Unknown 8 13-1
Chloe Kordilious 7 15 Unknown Shy, Kind, Loving Unknown 9 8-1
Banak Crane 8 17 Unknown Sensative, Tough, Vicious Unknown 5 10-1
Giselle Minn 8 17 Unknown Rude Unknown 1 22-1
Vick Anderson 9 14 Unknown Nice, Funny, Kind, Tough Unknown 4 16-1
Alexi Clattso 9 16 Unknown Rude, Tough Unknown 3 20-1
Roy Trotter 10 18 Unknown Kind, Nice Unknown 9 5-1
Susan Lizette 10 15 Unknown Tough, Shy Haalyle 8 4-1
Rick Bloggs 11 14 Unknown Shy Unknown 2 19-1
Mara Bruce 11 17 Unknown Tough, Vicious, Shy Unknown 4 9-1

Tucker Jonhson

12 13 Unknown Shy


6 18-1
Willow Shaurice 12 15 Unknown Shy, Tough Unknown 2 18-1

Tribute Gallery

This is a gallery of the tributes. (The Gallery of tributes will continue after more tributes are created.)


The arena will be a mix of different areas. At and around the Cornucopia, there will be grassy meadows with flowers and forests. At the West Side of the arena, there will be a beach with a long sea. At the East Side, there will be rocky mountains with a lot of forests with a lake in the middle. At the North Side, There will be mountains with snow. And finally, and the South, there will be small forests with ponds scattered around it.

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