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Tribute's Names?

PotatoMan10 September 28, 2012 User blog:PotatoMan10

Hello! I know that the tributes in the book don't have official names, so don't argue about it. This is about the movie. I am sure they DO have names in the movie, especially because Cato called the D6 Male Jason. So, here is a list of the known names. Please tell me your opinion, or add a name in the comment boxes that you know what the names are. Here is the list of tributes I know so far:

74 Annual HG Tribute Names
District Male Female 1 Marvel (confirmed) Glimmer (comfirmed)
2 Cato (comfirmed) Clove (comfirmed)
3 Noah (confirmed) Amber (possibly)
4 Unknown Marina (confirmed)
5 Unknown Finch (possibly)
6 Jason (confirmed) Tamora (possibly)
7 Unknown Ivy (possibly)
8 Unknown Savannah (possibly)
9 Rye (confirmed) Demetria (confirmed)
10 Barney (possibly) Susan (confirmed)
11 Thresh (confirmed) Rue (confirmed)
12 Peeta Mellark (confirmed) Katniss Everdeen (confirmed)

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