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    76th Hunger Games P2

    August 12, 2012 by Potatoguy123

    76th Hunger Games

    Part 1:

    Day 7

    9F Christa Lien, Forest

    I’m worried for George. Is he going to wake up, or die from his injuries? I remember there being a leaf that some Tributes from previous games using to speed up from the sleep, but I don’t know what it is or what it looks like.

    1M Jamie Bagdon, Forest

    You would have though that we been looking for 8 other Tributes for the last 2 days, but we haven’t found anyone. Danial just dropped dead, and the last death that might have been eventful was 3 days ago. I feel sorry for the viewers.

    8F Dena Cartings, Forest

    Nearly dusk, and again, nothing happened. I think that tomorrow, a feast might be announced or a tr…

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  • Potatoguy123

    76th Hunger Games P1

    August 12, 2012 by Potatoguy123

    76th Hunger Games

    ===Introduction: === This is my first Hunger Games, and Hopefully not my last. This is my second time writing this since my computer crashed along with the original draft and the 77th Hunger Games, so I was a little bit angry. This version will probably be better though, since it is improving on what the Original Did.

    After my little rant about crashing Computers, this is in a timeline when the Districts lost, the Hunger Games are back, and District 13 is competing. The District 2 Victors are still alive since the Districts lost before District 2 changed sides. I will not be doing the reaping, chariot rides, Training, the interviews, Victors Interview or the Victors tour since it will take too long. This is also very long, so I…

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  • Potatoguy123

    Post I can't delete

    August 9, 2012 by Potatoguy123

    I don't know why your here, since I can't deleat this for some reason. Now go do something useful with your life.

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