The 54th Hunger Games


District 1: Lilia Whetherell and Kurt Rozek

District 2 : Rienna Lofton and Arturo Osby

District 3 – Pansy Roselle and Storm Delbert

District 4 – Felecia Ruffo and Peter Roland

District 5 – Katheryn Smithwick and Robin Stenzel

District 6 – Carissa Callas and Malcolm Rowling

District 7 – Sharlene Loman and Gerald Turton

District 8 - Dianne Hannerman and Neil Bruen

District 9 – Evanna Ambers and William Dennison

District 10 – Melisa Winzer and Clinton Farrell

District 11 – Esmeralda Levens and Darren Glassford

District 12 – Eliza Halford and Cormac Hanshaw

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