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  • Prezziesnow9704:)!

    Hey Guys. I know a lot of people on here won't know me, as i have been gone for a long time but some of the older Users may Remeber me. Im going to make these games because i recently came back to the wiki and have enjoyed reading all the games and stuff that has happened since i took a haitus. These games i have tried to make before, but they didnt suceed. So im gonna try again. However they will be significantly different. 

    So in these games the tributes will be Legendary. In the last games, i picked the legendary Tributes but that didn't work. So this time you can submit your Legendary tributes. But there will also be normal tributes in these games as well so you can submit them too. 

    oh and then theres all the other rules, 

    1. i don't go to p…

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  • Prezziesnow9704:)!

    This is my new games. I have took a Hiatus from Games but i want to make these ones becasue i've had the idea for a while.

    The twist is That the tributes will have the powers of, and will be partnered with Characters from Heroes. Only some of the Powers will be included however.

    • I won't take tributes from Profiles.
    • I will accept Links.
    • Follow the template.
    • No god Characters.


    Blaaa blaaablaa


    really strong,fast and good with all weapons

    Supporting your tributes will help them get further.

    You Can Submit 4 tributes in Total, including Heroes Characters.


    • Name
    • age
    • District
    • Weapons (3 at the most)
    • Skills ( 4 at the most)
    • Alliance
    • Weakness
    • Power
    • Preferred Partner

    List Of Heroes Characters:

    1. Angela Petrelli - Can see the future in her dreams
    2. Peter Petr…

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  • Prezziesnow9704:)!

    Just a blog

    August 19, 2013 by Prezziesnow9704:)!

    This is just a blog to say that THE WALKING DEAD GAMES are back on. But they will inly continue if people are still interested in them. If not ill just put the placements up on this blog and end it there.

    So please Comment here if you are still watching These Games:)

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  • Prezziesnow9704:)!

    With my other games nearing there end, i will be accepting placements for these games. These will be my last games, once these are finished so am I. Anyway i give you THE WALKING DEAD GAMES....

    • The tributes in these games are not normal tributes they are characters form the Walking Dead, Mainly the TV show. Some characters who have died will appear and some who have hasd limited roles will also appear.
    • Any Characters with amputations that will impede their progress, such as Hershel, will not have these disabilities in these games.
    • Characters who have other disadvantages such as Lori being pregnant will also not appear.

    To enter simply say in the comments that you would like to enter and select a number between 1 and 24.

    The numbers Represent a c…

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  • Prezziesnow9704:)!

    Hey guys. I was just wondering how many people would be interested in participating in my next games which will proabably be my last for a while.

    They would be called the Legendary Games.

    They would consist of 56 tributes. 24 normal - preferably newer - tributes and 24 Legendary tributes. 

    For a tribute to gain the title of being Legendary they must have come in the Final 8 x2. At least. If they have not made the final 8 x2 then they must be well known throughout the wiki, or must have a significant aspect to them which makes them stand out. They must also be creative tributes with mixes of character. There may be exceptions to this rule because i love the tribute :P

    For example -  a tribute who i can think of right now off of the top of my head wh…

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