Im sure that im not the only one that gets irritated when you've got a tribute in a very good games and then the User leaves and the game goes unfinished and we are absolutly gutted. So here is what i think is a good idea. If a user is going to leave and they have a game that is unfinished they submit it here until someone is willing to take it over.

Game Name Created By Stage in the Games Amount of tributes left WIKI
The Careers Games Moviepopcorn123 Reapings 24 RP
The District 14 Games Moviepopcorn123 Reapings


The Amusement Gmaes moviepopcorn123 Day 3 11 THG WIKI
The Comic Book Games Prezziesnow9704:)! Day 1 (After the blood bath) 19 (+ 14 comic book villians)


The Maze Runner Games Rockman Day 2 19 THG WIKI
Mayflower Massacre Necterine Day 2 night 12


REMEMBER: All games in here are free to be taken over. If u would like to take over a games then message me and ill ask T.A.P. to move the blog to you.

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