Basically My fourth Games. Im not doing the Comic Book Games anymore so theses and my Fanon (as well as skl work) Will be my Main priorities.


1.) If you want a tribute to be in these games you have to submit it here, i will NOT be taking them from peoples userblog thingy.

2.) Your Tribute CANNOT have been in any my previous Games.

Thats it.

Tribute Information.

Your tribute info must include:

  • Name (Obviously)
  • Age
  • Weapon
  • Skills


District Name (male) Age Training Score kills Place Sponsor Money Name (Female) Age Training Score


Place Sponsor-Money Average-training score
1 Ryan Hilford 16 9 14/28 £200 Sparkle Rose 17 11 Rath,Evelyn Grace, Austin Mach Victor £300 10
2 Wilden Criss 17 10 18/28 £200 Distinique Roochcar 18 8 Jason Neel 24/28 £200 9
3 Ben Summers 15 5 27/28 £200 Lilli Wong 15 9 Emily Harris, Sue 3/28 £200 7
4 Aytnn Satisen 14 10 17/28 £300 Vaitya Demien 18 11 Ben summers 23/28 £200 11
5 Vavaly 12 4 20/28 £200 Acia 17 9 winter snow, noah, aytnn satisen 12/28 £200 7
6 Len Kagamine 15 4 25/28 £200 Rin Kagamine 12 9 Distinique Roochar, Vaitya Demien 11/28 £200 7
7 Jason Neel 17 5 28/28 £200 Jasmine Greft 17 7 10/28 £200 6
8 Winter Snow 14 2 Vavaly 19/28 £200 Autumn Jong 17 8 15/28 £200 5
9 Jason Grace 16 5 21/28 £200 Evelyn Grace 16 6 Lilli Wong 2/28 £200 6
10 Noah 16 11 16/28 £200 Virginia Moreton 14 7 9/28 £200 9
11 Robin Miller 15 6 13/28 £200 Jay Sparrow 15 6 monster /28 £55 6
12 rath 18 9 22/28 £200 sue 13 7 4/28 £200 8
13 Austin Mach 15 10 6/28 £200 Emily Harris 15 12 5/28 £200 11
Capitol Derek Hofhouse 13 1 26/28 £200 Mimli Harrison 16 9

Rath, Derek Hofhouse,Virginia Moreton,Acia, Robin Miller, Autum Jong, Rin Kagamine, Jasemine Greft, Ryan Hilford

8/28 £200 5

Death List

28: Jason Neel, District 7

27: Ben Summers,District 3

26: Derek Hofhouse, Capitol

25: Len Kagamine, District 6

24: Distinique Roochar,District 2

23: Vaitya Demien,District 4

22: Rath, District 12

21: Jason Grace,District 9

20: Vavaly,District 5

19: Winter Snow,District 8

18: Wilden Criss, District 2

17: Atynn Satisen, District 4

16 :Noah, District 10

15: Autumn Jong, District 8

14: Ryan Hilford, District 1

13: Robin Miller, District 11

12: Acia. District 5

11: Rin Kagamine, District 6

10: Jasmine Greft, District 7

9: Virginia Moreton, District 10

8: Mimli Harrison, Capitol

7: Jay Sparrow, District 11

6: Austin Mach, District 13

5: Emily Harris, District 13

4: Sue, District 12

3: Lilli Wong, District 3

2: Evelyn Grace, District 9

VICTOR: Sparkle Rose, District 1


Capitols Favourite District:

The Capitols favourite District was District 6, So both District 6 Tributes win an extra £50.

Capitols Favourite Tribute:

The Capitols Favourite Tribute Was Sparkle Rose, so Sparkle Rose wins and extra £100

Best Average Training Score:

Districts 4 and 13 both have the biggest average training score so therefore these tributes each receive £100

Most Kills in the Bloodbath:

Rin Kagamine killed the most peolpe during the bloodbat therefore she gets any weapon of her choice.

Final 7

Your Final Seven tribues in this years games are:

Austin Mach

Emily Harris


Evelyn Grace

Lilli Wong

Sparkle Rose

Jay sparrow


District 1:

Sparkle Rose's POV:

I wake up and feel like absolute rubbish. When i turn around and look in the Mirror, i almost faint. I have moved alot during that rubbish night sleep and my hair is EVERYWHERE!!!! I have a severe case of bed hair. I jump in the shower and it eventually flaten's it but it is still very messy. After about half an hour of dragging a brush through my hair it is back to its nice normal state. I put on a nice silk red dress and go down to get something to eat. My sister is already there and my auntie lays out a bit of toast for me. I would do anything for these 2 people. I hope my siter isnt reaped, but if she is i will have to volunteer. we all walk to the to the reaping together and we go to our "pens". I stand delibratley infront of Michelle crow. I absolutley hate that girl. She thinks she is the best ata everything and she constantly rubs it everybody's faces. not only that but she is very manly. I mean she is almost growing a beard. If she is reaped, no one will volunteer because (1) nobody likes her and (2) she proably would win anyway. Anyway the escort walks on stage. She is wearing a pink and green skirt and top and bright pink platforms shoes and she is about 4ft taller. The escort begin her speech, and she just drones on and on and on. Eventually she goes to the boys bowl and pulls out a name. "Paul Bradford "She says.

" I VOLUNTEER!" Hundreds of people shout. 1 Boy just marches up to the stage and walks on.

"My name is Ryan Hilford" he says.

"Ok time for the girls" she chirps.

"Michelle crow" As she shouts this Michelle roars with excitment. She pushes past me and she knocks me into the railings. oh no she didnt. As she is walking up the stairs to the stage i run over and pull at her leg so she falls of the stage and into a big puddle of mud.

"I volunteer! I say as i climb the steps to the stage.

"No that was suppossed to be me" Michelle screams. I flick my shoe and some dirt comes of and goes flying onto her face.

The escort then goes over to the micraphone and screams

"We now have your tributes for the 4rth annual hunger games, Ryan Hilford and Sparkle Rose!"

District 2:

Wilden Criss's POV:

Everyone was told to be at the district square for the reaping by 10 O'clock. Im late. I finish buttoning my shirt and sprint downstairs. I run out the back and down the street to the reapings. When i arrive the escort is just finishing her speech. The mayor Goes or his speech and then one of the previous victors turn up. Gregorovich Malljocovic. He is a drunk. Horrible man. Much like Haymitch Abernathy of District 12 in the last era of the games. Bit 10 times worse. he is extremely violent.The mayor fininshes his speech and the escort picks the name of the girls.

"Amanda Ramasy" She shouts. A girl, about 14 walks onto the stage. This is when Gregorovich reacts. He begins to shou and scream, "No No No No No NOOOOO!!!" He then takes a sword out from in his jacket and cuts of the girls head. He then starts stabbing her body and eventuall has to be tazered. That is the fourth year in a row were he has killed somone at the reaping and had to be tazered for it. As i am thinking this and watching the Peacekeepers tidy up the girls body, i hear another name get called.

"Distinique Roochar." Before anyone even has the chance to volunteer Distinique is on the stage and the escort is calling the name of the boys. I dont hear it at first but my name is called. I slowly walk up to the stage,creating suspense.

The escort then screeches


District 3:

Ben Summers POV:

I am walking to the reaping with my freind Jeff. He is shaking badly. He is very nervous. Hes got his name in the reaping 56 times. His parents died in a factory explosion that destroyed half the population of the district. Being the oldest in his family at the time and having 6 other sibling his name was entered 7 times. This is his last year. when we reach the reaping, the escort hasw just finished her speech and she gives us a very disaproving smile. The mayor starts his speech and he drones on. Finnaly its the big moment. The escort picks the girl. Lilli Wong. Oooooh. She is in my class at school. she sits right across from me. She is pouring her heart out, racked with sobs. She eventually manages to pull herself up the stairs to the stage. Next its the boys. The escort screams"

Jeffory parks" He starts shaking even more uncontrolably. He staggers up the stairs and onto the platform. I am about to volunteer when i catch my sisters eye. She shakes her head telling me not to. I close my mouth and let the word die in my throat. Thats when i notice something odd. Jeff is reaching into his pocket. He pulls out what looks to be a buzzer. Then i realise what it is. He pushes the button and the bomb he had strapped to his chest detonates.


Fortunately the bomb only had enough explosive power to kill Jeff and the escort. The Mayor Rushes over to the mic and shouts" everyone stay still". Everyone listens. The peacekeepers rush over and scrape whats left of my best freind off of the stage. "We will pick a new male tribute" He says. He bends down and picks up a slip of paper. and he reads out the name. "Ben Summers."

District 4:

Vaitya Demien's POV:

I am already at the reaping. This year its on the dock down by the beach for some reason. Oh well never mind. For some reason this escort drones on and on and on until finnaly someone shouts " Just get on with it, we still have things to do you know." The Escort gives the man a look that would kill and peacekeepers come and take the man away into the justice building. We hear three bullets being fired.

The escort then finishes her speech and lets the mayor begin his. Yet again he drones on and on and on. It seems to me like people in this district are delibrately trying to annoy us. The mayor finally finishes his speech and the escort is aloud to pick the tribute. everyone is still stunned by the man getting shot that it takes everybody a while to realise that the escort has said the name of a boy.She shouts it again.

"Atynn Satsien." She shouts. Atynn begins to walk up onto the stage. No one volunteers because everybody knows that Atynn has the skill to win the games. He can use just about every weapon imagineable. Then the escort goes over to the girls bowl.

" Coral Reef" She shouts.

A 12 year old girl walks up to the stage. She looks ill. Then i realise who this girl is. This little girl has battle the same deadly disease three time and overcome ot but it has ravaged her body. She looks weak. She looks pale and thin. I cant let her life get thrown away when she has made such an accomplishment.

"I VOLUNTEER!!" I shout. I manage to beat everybody else to it. I walk up to the stae and say" my name is Vaitya Demien."

"District 4 we have your tributes" the escort screeches. Then i notice something. Everyone is staring in horror at me aqnd is backing away. Then everybody runs. I turn to look behind me and a gigantic Capitol cruise liner is steaming towards us. I jump off the stage into the sea to the left of the stage. No sooner had i toucghed the water had the Cruise liner ploughed into the stage aqnd killed the mayor and the Escort. When i come up to the surface over that tannoy of the ship i hear,

"And if you look in front of you folks, youll see whats left of the District 4 reaping.

District 5:

Acia's POV:

I am so nervous for the reaping. Its Vavaly's first year and he is just about to pee himself. Right now we are standing in the pens in the district square. My hands are sweating really badly. The escort finished his speech and then The mayor starts his.

" We are gathered here today to pick one lucky boy and one lucky girl to compete as the District 5 tributes for this years hunger games. We are gathered her today because 7 years ago our parents made the mistake to rebel against the capitol and its forces. they were badly defeated and as punishment we were rewarded with the hunger games.Now it is time to pick the tributes." As he says this he gives a hand gesture to the escort to pick from the bowls. He walks forward and picks out a slip.

"Acia" He shouts. I freeze. I am now going into the hunger gmes. I begin to walk up to the stage. I look at Vavaly.He is just gfiving me a cold look.An almost insane look. The escort walks over to the boys bowl.

"Vavaly" He shouts. I then fell my knees get weak. The mayor Has to rush forward and catch me before i fall. How can i go into the games to fight my little brother. And only 1 is coming back.

"Noooooooooo" I scream. " You cant let me be put in the arena with my little brother"

"Well im afraid its going to happen" The escort says. I turn around and give him daggers.

"What im only telling thats the rules," he says. I walk over and headbutt the escort. He falls of the stage and he lands in a big puddle of mud.

He then gets up walks back up to the stage. He slaps me in the face and before i can react he shouts

"we have your district 5 tributes."

District 6:

Len Kagamine's POV:

Me and Rin are getting ready for thge reaping. Shes wearing a Light yellow dress, almost the color of a buttercup. Im just going to wear a shirt and suit trousers. Its not to big a deal, the reaping. Ive been in it for 3 years and have my name in the bowl at least 15 times and i still havent been anywhere close to being reaped. I finish getting dressed and walk downstairs. They have been saving up for about 3 weeks and incase we do get reaped, they have bought us a big breakfast. We each have a slice of bacon, an egg and four sausages. Thats alot in district 6. after we finish Breakfast we leave with our parents and go to the square. I meet up with my freind and we stand in the pens. I see Rin smiling and giggling with her freinds. This could ruin that little girls life.

The mayor hushes everyone and begins his speech. I dont really liste because i dont really care. Then the escort comes up. She is such a state. She is wearing Light blue everything.compared with the dirtyness of the district she looks really weird. after her speech she goes to the girls bowl.

"Rin Kagamine"

I freeze. My legs go to jelly. My heart starts beating really fast. My sister has been reaped. The escort strides over to the Boys name once Rin has mangaed to pull herself up onto the stage. The esacort reaches in to the bowl but all i can focus on his how that little girl is going to die. But she isn't. Im going to make sure she gets out of that arena.


"I VOLUNTEER!" I scream. Everyone looks at me. As i walk uponto the stage Both my parents and Rin go hysterical when they see who it was that volunteered.

"What is your name Hun,?" the escort asks.

"Len Kagamine" I say " And im not your Hun" I say.


District 7:

Jasmine Greft's POV:

I am getting ready for the reaping. This thing is so boring, one year i am actually thinking about not going. Get my mum to say i am dying or something. Anyway I finish my breakfast and go to the reaping. Pretty normal so far anyway. The mayor Goes through another one of his boring speeches and then the escort does exactly the same. Then the exciting part. Which poor person will be drwan this year. When the ecort shouts the name, a big gust of wind blows in my ear and i miss the name. but a few people are looking at me. Then the escort shouts the name again.

"Jasmine greft." She shouts.

Great. Im that poor person. The boy who i will be fighting to the death with is.... Jason neel. Oh God. One of my freinds used to have a crush on him. Well when i say freinds i actually mean me( but dont tell anyone.)

As we look each other in the eye and shake hands, something absolutley hysterical happens. A bird well... does its buisness on the escort and she is running about the stage screaming. Me and Jason are almost rolling on the ground with laughter. Then i realis i like him( as a freind ) which means its going to be even harder for me to kill him.

District 8:

Winter Snow's POV:

Im already at the reaping. The Mayor has just finished his speech and the escort is just about to start hers. I don't care what she has to say. When she finishes her speech she walks over to the girls bowl. The escort picks the name out and shouts it through the mic.

"Autumn Jong, get up on stage now!" She says.

it is silent for about a minuet then a girl walks forward and says "What if i dont want to"

"Well then you'll just have to because you have been reaped so you must do as you are told."

"I'll come up there if you alpologise for speaking to me like that"

" I certainly will not, peacekeepers bring her up please." A peacekeeper goes to whip the girl But she somehow manages to catch the end of the whip without injuring herslef and pulss it out the peacekeepers hand. She then cracks it at him and the peacekeeper falls unconcious.

"Now," She says "Apologise."

" I will not apologise " The escort says. " And you will definetly not hit me with that whip"

"Is that so?" Autumn says.She cracks the whip and the escorts wig flies away in the wind.

"Okay im sorry" she grovels

She jogs to the boys bowl, almost crying and pulls a name.

"Winter Snow!"

And my life is over...

District 9:

Jason Grace's POV:

Me and my sister are sitting eating breskfast whilst talking about the reapings. I hope something interesting happens like last year. Last year the escort fell off the stage and was trampled by a horse. What made it even funnier was that the escort was dressed as a horse. We finish our breafast and walk to the reaping. Evelyn starts shaking as she gets closer to the square. The mayor begins his speech and i see Evelyn begin to shake even more.The escort this year is a fat, Middle aged man with long florecent pink hair and a silver beard. The escort begins his speech and then the bit we have all been dreading begins. Th escort waddles over to the girls bowl and pulls out the girls name.

"Evelyn Grace"

I feel the colour drain from my face. Evelym walks up on the stage and i see our family start to cry. The escort goes over to the boys bowl.

"Jason Grace" He shouts. I feel even more colour drain from my face. I walk up on the stage and when Evelyn ses me she screams and collapses to her knees with sobs.

"Ohh there are alot of siblins this year" Says the Escort. I walk over to him and punch him. He falls and Ironically gets trampled by a horse.

we are forced into the Justice Building amd my life is offically ruined.

District 10:

Noah's POV:

I cant wait to get to the reaping and see the pathetic losers that get picked for the games. I hope i get picked actually because i could definetly win this thing. I walk to the reaping and the Mayor if Finishing his speech. He gives me daggers but once he catches my eye backs down. He knows better. He knows i know about the things hes had done to people.He actually hired me last week to get rid of the opposition for the next district election. The escort stands up to give her speech.

"District 10. We are here today bec..."

"Just get on with the reaping already" i shout. She looks at me.

"PARDON?!!" She asks.


The mayor runs over to her and says "Yes just get on with it no one really listens to you anyway." She gives him an appauled look then picks out of the girls bowl.

"Virginia Moreton" she shouts. The girl looks at the escort as if she is about to start crying and thats when i burst out laughing. Everyone looks at me. I honestly dont care. The escort wlaks over to the boys bowl. Time for the moment of truth.

"Blake vander"

"I volunteer" i shout. I walkup on the stage and look into the girls eyes. She is oing down!!!

District 11:

Robins Pov:

I really hope Jay doesn't get reaped today. If she does im gonna have to volunteer to make sure that she gets out of that arena. We walk to the square with Luke and Claire. The reaping hasn't started yet. Me and Luke stand in the boys section while Jay and claire stand in the girls section. We just casually talk about thing while waiting on the reaping starting.The escort fell ill before the reaping so the Mayor is going to pick the tributes.The mayor gets up and gives his speech.

" We are gathered here today to pick one lucky boy and one lucky girl to compete as the District 11 tributes for this years hunger games. We are gathered her today because 7 years ago our parents made the mistake to rebel against the capitol and its forces. they were badly defeated and as punishment we were rewarded with the hunger games.Now it is time to pick the tributes."

He waks over to the Girls bowl. He puts his hand right to the bottom and roots around for one he likes. He pulls it out. He reads the name.

"Jay Sparrow" I instanly feel the blood drain from my face. I look at the others. The blood has drained from Luke and Claire's faces as well. Claire opens her mouth to volunteer but luke gives her a stern look saying dont. The Mayor goes over to the boys bowl and picks out the name.

"Maverick amarzabon"

I see Luke about to open his mouth to Volunteer. So i do the only thing that i can think of doing in order to protect him and Jay. I slap him in the face and before he can say it i scream "I VOLUNTEER!!!"

Me and Jay are dragged into the justice building and i am going to make sure that jay is the only one that comes out of that arena.

District 12:

Sue's POV:

I walk to the reaping with my brother, Rath, and my best freind, Shin. I have the feeling that that one of us is going to get reaped. We are right now standing in the pens for the reaping. No one is talking. The escort is reminding us about the last era, when Katniss Everdeen, a winner of the Hunger Games from this district, tried and failed to overthrow the Capitol. She was reaped for a Qaurter Quell, which saw the tributes being reaped from existing Victors and was killed in the final 8 by another Victor named Enobaria. She was trying to break open the arena forcefield. When she was killed she was seen as a Martyr for the rebellion and District 13, which we thought was blown off the planet, began to rebel. The districts then started to rebel and almost half of them had been secured but the capitol unleashed a weapon they had been working on since the last games. It was a gas. Clear and toxic. But the capitol had manipulated it so that it only targeted rebels and the rebels slowly died. That was how the second era of the hunger games began.

And now here i am.The mayor starts his speech but i zone out. The escort then goes to the Boys Bowl and draws a name.

"Rath" She shouts. I feel the world darken and Rath walks up on the stage. She then toddles over to the Girls bowl and shouts out the name


I collapse before i get up on stage

District 13:

Emily Harris's POV:

The reaping has to go my way. I want to be in the games. I want to be a rebel. I want to kill the careers. We are all in the reaping chambers. They had to build another reaping chambers when we lost the rebellion again. The Mayor of District 13, Almera Ferguson, is giving us a lecture about how we should "not" rebel against the capitol when in fact she commisoned the school to teach us everything from survival to Military tactics. The escort draws from the boys bowl.

"Austin Mach"

I feel the blood drain from my face. Austin mach. The boy i love. It gets even worse when the escort shouts

"Emily Harris"

I drag myself up onto the stage and look into Austins eyes. And i worry. How will we both get out alive.

The Capitol:

Mimli Harrisons POV:

Icant actually beleive they are reaping children from the capitol this year. It is absolutely outrageous. As soon as i found this out i slapped my father in the face and accused him of sending a poor child to their death. He didnt really care to be honest but i made my point.

Right now i am standing in the city circle waiting for the reaping. We dont need and escort or a myor since the president lives here. He acts as both. I had to push my way in because there is so many of us but i dont mind. I dont mind bullying people. The President finishes his speech and goes over to the boys bowl first. He pulls out a name.

"Derek Hofhouse" He says. A small boy with green hair and pointy ears walks up on the stage. Everyone is quiet over the fact that this small boy is almost likely going to die but i find it very funny.

"Hahahahahahaha" I laugh. "You have absolutely no chance of winning,boy"

The President ignores me and walks over to the girls bowl.

"Mimli Harrison"

I walk up on the stage, and smile evily at derek.

"You definetly aren't gonna win.."


The tributes start in a blank room about 40 by 50. The Cornucopia is in the middle of this room. On the back three walls there is a door. Each door leads to the arenas. You can move between the arenas.

Arena 1. -- Forest -- A typical forest with pine trees and all the usual animals. There is a plain in this arena but it is only small. There are some edible plants and there are some vegetables growing in the ground but they are camoflagued so you have to look for them. There are some small streams and spring but other than that there are no major warter sources.

Arena 2. -- Caves -- This arena is like a cave system in the inside of a mountain. There are small stone that glow and give of light. Water trickles down the walls in some small streams and there are some waterfalls. Right at the bottom level there is a underground lake. At the top level there is a field of weapons of all kind but you must sacrifice someone to it to get in. There is also a Large supply of Turkey like birds in this part and there is a little water.

Arena 3. -- The clock -- yes its making a reapperance. The arena from the 75th hunger games is back. And hopefully more blood will be spilled.


There will be lots of mutts in this games. They will differ from arena to arena.

Arena 1 Mutts:

Rabbit -- Looks like an ordinary rabbit but has a massive swelling lump on its back. It spits acid and has razor sharp teeth.

Fox -- Is dark green so blends in well. It moves extremely fast and its teeth are laced with a poison that will slowly make you fall asleep if bitten. Once you are asleep it will burrow into you and ea you from the inside out.


Arena 2 Mutts:

Spiders -- They are about the size of a dog. They can devour you in seconds if they wish but they usually dont. There webs are extremely sticky and if you are stuck or long enough they will start to burn. It has metal spikes on the bottom of its feet so they are usually quite noisy but are still very deadly.

Creepers -- Large beasts that are of unknown origin. They are blind but have heat sensitive eyes and have hightend hearing. They can kill you in seconds but they usually dont because they like their meat fresh.


Arena 3:

There is almost 1 mutt in each section. Since only a few have been mentioned in Catching Fire I made up my own.

Sector 12 - 1: Lightning

Sector 1 - 2: Blood Rain

Sector 2 - 3: Poisonous Fog

Sector 3 - 4: Monkeys

Sector 4 - 5: JabberJays

Sector 5 - 6: Carniverous Squirrels (From the 50th game, they also made a reapperance)

Sector 6 - 7: The Beast

Sector 7 - 8: Crocodile Mutts

Sector 8 - 9: Pink Skewer Birds ( Yet another reapperance)

Sector 9 - 10: Vine Muttations. (Note these only come alive when its their hour.)

Sector 10 - 11: Wave

Sector 11 - 12: Beetle Things

Training Scores

See The tribute box for the scores.

Each tribute starts with £200 and gets £50 for each day they live.


Dull Knife - £50

Sharp Knife - £80

Dagger - £100

Stilletto - £70

throwing Knives} 6 - £75

throwing Knives} 12 - £130

Switchblade - £70

Throwing Axe's} 2 - £150

Axe - £80

Battle Axe - £105

Mace - £70

Flail - £75

Sword - £95

Cutlass - £105

Scimitair - £105

Spear - £55

Javelin - £60

Weak Bow - £45

Strong bow - £75

Weak arrows} 6 - £25 > 12 - £40

strong Arrows} 6 - £40 > 12 - £70

Crossbow - £90

Crossbow bolts} 6- £30 > 12-£50

Sythe - £90

Sickle - £70

Pithcfork - £70

Trident - £130

Whip - £80

Catclaws - £90


Loaf of Bread - £50

Bottle of Water - £30

Packet of beef strips - £20

Bread rolls(10) - £35

Capitol feast - £175 ( includes 7 Bread rolls, a bowl of rice, some dried fruit and some hydrated fruit.)

Survival Essentials'

Sleeping bag - £70

Jacket - £60

Waterproof trousers - £85

Note from Family/ Mentor/ Freinds - £30

Medical supplies.

Bandages - £40

'Cut medicine' - £90 ( makes all of the cuts its applied to scab over.)

Fever Pills - £70 If theres something not there then just ask and ill price it


Everyone is tense. Many know that they wont live past this day. Many are anticipating it, excited to finally kill the people they so badly despise. The tubes rise into the Cornucopia room. The tribute see the doors, the cornucopia and the white walls. The announcer shouts

"Ladies and Gentleman let the 4rth Hunger Games BEGIN!!

60 seconds. The tributes prepare themselves. Some of the girls fix their hair pulling it away from their eyes so they can get the maximum use of them.

GONG!! The tributes charge to the Cornucopia. The first to get there is Jason Neel. He is quickly taken out however by Distinique with a spear through the head.

After this the Careers start to gather. They start by Killing off Ben Summers and Derek Hofhouse. Mimli Harrison Takes her sword ande impales Len Kagamine runs to help when she sees Sparkle Rose in a fight with Rath. Rin Sees her brothers impalement and feels something snap. Not physically but mentally. She grabs the nearsest weapon which happens to be a whip, grabs both end and wraps it around the nearest tributes neck, which just happend to be Distinique, and started to strangle her. When Distinique starts to struggle she bends down and picks up a knife and draws it across Distiniques throat. She falls to the ground Dead. Rin then cracks her whip around Vaitya Demiens leg, and pulls her legs away. She then picks up 2 tridents and pins her arms to the ground with then. With Her arms pinned and her screams filling the air, Vaitya is silenced when Rin puts the Knife she killed Distinique with through Vaitya's throat.

Sparkle Rose is fighting Rath. She has a sword and rath has a spear.Rath is giving sparkle a run for her money.

"Your good for a district 11 tribute" she says. She sees Mimli Run over after killing Len Kagamine and Mimli Draws her sword down Raths Back. Rath turns around to fight Mimli when Sparkle puts her sword through Raths back so it protrudes from his chest. He gasps and falls to the ground.

Evelyn Grace and jason Grace first ran to the Cornucopia to only get items from around it. But Jason saw axe that he learned in training and went for it. But someone through an axe at one fo the careere but it missed them and it decapitated Jason. Evelyn screamed and grabbed the axe and a bag and ran for Door 3. On the way there she sees Rin Kagamine. They had a pre-made alliance with their brothers, the district 5 siblings and the District 13 but since their brothers are both dead they may as well meet up with the others. Rin is now armed with a Whip, a Sword and a bag. She grabs Rin, Sue, Acia and Vavaly and drags them towards arena 2.

The only Tributes Left at the Cornucopia are the careers who are The D1, Wliden, Lilli, Atynn, Noah and Mimli.


28th: Jason Neel -- Speared through the head by Distinique Roochar

27th: Ben Summers -- Speared By Vaitya Demien with a Trident

26th: Derek Hohouse -- Knife thrown into Neck by Mimli Harrison

25th: Len Kagamine -- Run through by Mimli Harrison

24th: Distinique Rooch -- Strangled and had her throat slit by Rin Kagamine

23rd: Vaitya Demien -- Tripped up, pinned down and stabbed through the throat by Rin Kagamine

22nd:Rath -- Attacked by Mimli Harrison then run through by Sparkle Rose.

21st: Jason Grace -- Decapitated by a stray Axe.

Day 1 Post-Bloodbath

Sparkle Rose's Pov:

Right Now we are hunting tributes in the 3rd arena. Its exactly the same as the last Quarter quell of the last era. 18 victors of the last era were killed in this arena. Right now we are deciding to saty in this arena for a few days then were moving on. We are at the Cornucopia gathering the weapons which we couldnt find at the big Cornucopia. We are walking in the first section that is facing away from the tail of the cornucopia. We are walking up the hill when we are all propelled backwards by a lightning strike on a tree. It keeps striking the tree for a full hour. We stand and examine it until it stops and when it does stop the tree is still in perfect condition.

What is the secret of this arena?

Evelyn Grace's Pov:

we are in the 1st arena. I think we are the only tributes in this arena but im not sure. We are walking through the trees when i hear something. Its very quiet. Its a slight whizzing sound. I rugby tackle Rin,Sue,Emily Austin and Acia To the floor but before i can grab Vavaly a knife lands in his head. He falls to the ground. Acia screams, jumps up and throws her spear right through Winters throat. The two cannons fire and i throw my axe at Virginia. It cuts off her hand as she is reaching for her sythe the rest of the alliance run away. Austin attempts to chase them but only gets a few meters before he gives up.

The total cannons for this day were 9. 9 children died today. And more will.

20th: Vavaly -- Knife thrown into head by Winter.

19th: Winter Snow -- Speared by Acia.

Day 2 -- Taking of Advantages.

'*( 'Announcement)*


Lilli Wongs POV:

We all start sprinting down the hill that we had just spent about an hour anda half walking up. We heard this strange clicking sound in the section across from us so we moved even further back. We have to sprint cause the door back to the main room is at the other side of the arena.we are running down hill when i hear a scream. I turn around and Sparkle, who i have grown to actually like, is being held upsode down by a wine monster and it looks like its puling her. I grab something from in my pack, which turns out to be just this circular thing and throw it at the vines. Thats when i realise what it is. Its a frisbee but it has sharp edges. It cuts the vine and Sparkle falls. Wilden catches her and puts her back on her feet. We then start to run after i grab my frisbee. Wilden pulls out a boomerang and gives it to me saying that since i was such a good shot with the frisbee i can have the boomerang. We are running and we are almost at the bottom of the hill whe Wilden just shoots up from the ground. A massive vine has a hold of him and in one fluid movement rips him apart, splattering us in blood. Sparkle screams and runs even faster as do the rest of us. The secrets of this srena were worked out by the Legendary Wiress and Katniss Everdeen but im struggling to work them out. After this sick game is up ill request we come back to this arena to work out its secret. Wildens cannon fires. We cross the beach to the door and walk through to play this sick game.

Sue's POV:

My brother is dead!! The careers killed. I will kill them. We have made our way to the Main room and we have put all of our weapons on the table. The more tributes that arrive the more the table gets cluttered with weapons. We go back and stand on our plates. Their is one career missing. It must have been one of them that got killed.Aww well easier for me to kil all of them then.

We Stand and wait for the announcement. we are waiting for what seems like hours but is actually only minuets.


"Yes" we all say.


Taking of Advantages -- Part 2

Ryan Hilford's Pov:

Everyone was standing up for the first half an hour. Ready. Anticipating the siren. Then people started to get tired. Most people have sat down on their plates. But not me. Me Sparkle and that little girl Sue are the only people still standing up. The siren then goes off. It finishes before most people have risen to their feet. But me Sparkle and Sue have already left our plates. The weapon that is there is a Korean Fan. Minevera Wolbere, a Career from the first Quarter Quell, was a expert at this weapon but none of us know how to use this weapon. Sue is the first to the weapon and she picks it up and just looks at it. The District 5 Girl, Acia, obviously knows how to use this weapon so she throws the weapon to her. She Jumps and grabs it and decapitates Atynn. She takes one of the blade off and throws it at Noah. It lands in his chest before the weapon dissolves. Noah and Atynn's cannons go off with a bang....

Taking Of Advantages -- Part 3

Mimli Harrisons Pov:

The next Weapon that appears is mine. They have to do it again because it has been 9 hours since Acia got the Korean Fan and killed Atynn and Noah. I think about finnaly giving up when the siren Goes off. I sprint for the table and grab the first weapon. Ughh. Its a Bow. Ohh well im not that bad a shot. I jump on the table and look at my other tributes. 7 of them are on my left and seven on my right. I Only have 8 arrows. Damn. I decide to get rid of some of the stronger tributes. I shoot 4 arrows to my left and 4 arrows to my right. I hear 6 fuds as the arrows connect with their bodys. 6 lifeless or dying bodies fall to the ground. 6 cannons fill the air. I give a sigh of releif before i feel the sword, the other weapon that i didnt notic and must have kicked off the table when i jumped on it,go right through my legs before the attacker brings it down through my eye. As i see it coming towards me i think,

"Who has just killed me?"

Jay Sparrow's Pov:

As I pull the sword from Mimli's Head i look around at the people still alive and those who are dead. I heard six bodies hit the ground and there were 6 other cannons apart from Mimli's. I look up. To My Left Ryan Hilford, Autumn Jong and Rin Kagamine Lie Lifeless on the floor. On my Right Virginia Moreton, Acia and My dear Robin, lie dead. The final Siren of the gamemakers game goes off and i run from the room, Run into the third arena. I cant help myself. I run and run until im in the far away side of the arena. I climb a tree and just wait. And cry. I will avenge him though. I will win this thing for Robin. I jump out of my tree and run down thehill to the Small cornucopia of this arena. I sift through and see that this one is only fulll of weapons. So i grab a sword and some large knives and head out, back into the forest. But i only get to the beach when i hear the parachute coming. I turn around and see that It is a large wooden box. It has my name on it. I pull it open and look inside. Its a Magnificent longbow with a quiver of arrows. Now with My sword and my bow, i feel like i will be able to win this. I make my way up one of the sections.There was Rain in the section furthest away from me about 6 hours ago. I look at the top of the hill im walking up and there is this massive sort of beast thing standing. I think i may have met my match wth this beast. It killed a victor in the in the last games by ripping them into 5 pieces. As i let My first arrow fly towards the Beast i say aloud

"Bring it!!"

Jay Sparrows Pov (continued):

The first arrow hits in the eye and it lets out an almighty scream. I load four more arrows and shoot each one hitting Monster in the body. It screams again and starts to run towards me. I have just enough time to let 2 more arrows into its neck before i have to jump out of the way. It continues down the hill and i chase after it. I run and jump and because of the inclinei land on the Monster sending it skidding down the hill on its front. It turns around and yet again by this time i have shot an arrow at it. I only have 4 arrows left though. I decide to just shoot them at the Monster and get rid of my bow. 2 miss the beast completely but the other 2 get a perfect shot on the back. Again it starts to run and yet again i run after it running after my arrows and so i can kill my opponenet. I jump again and land on the monsters back. I take out my knives and drive each one into its eyes. This makes it furious and as it tries to grab me i take my sword and slice off its arms but not before its done damage to me. One of its claws connect with my ribs, ripping the clothes we were given at the start of the games and about 2 layers of my flesh with it. The monster keeps on running and by this time we are nearly at the beach. Decide t just let it keep running, drive it to the water. I take the knives from the monsters eye sockets and drive them into its back then start ripping them out. By this time the monster had crossed the beach and was nearly at the water so i decided to jump of and get rid of it once and for all. I jump off at the right moment and it falls off the beach into the water and starts flailing about. I take my sword and put it in the monsters back silencing it for good. I collect my arrows and begin to walk away when it umps out if the water. I turn around and throw one of the knives at it and it hits it right in the heart. It falls into the water and either bleeds out of drowns cause it doesnt get back up. Then i think what i have just done. I have just beat the Monster that Killed a victor in the 75th Hunger Games. I decide that i need to rest so i go to the jungle to sleep.


a cannon rings out through the arena. But whos is it??

Sue's Pov:

The cannon that went of was for Jay. She had wandered into a section and had to fight a monster. She ended up killing it but then she went to the section Me, Evelyn, Austin and Emily were in. She found a little cove in the hill and went in a slept and fixed her wounds to the best of her ability. We were about to attack when he heard this noise. We didnt know what it was but we weren't wanting to stand around and wait for it. So we climbed a tree and waited. The thing that made the noise i was a sort of Beetle but it made a clicking noise and attacked in swarms. It had obviously know Jay was their because thousands of these Beetle things came scurring up the hill and into the cave. Then Jay started to scream. And scream. And Scream. It was horrible. It lasted about 5 minuets but it horrific. Her cannon fired soon after. We are down to the final 6. The careers and us. I think they all have a chance at beating me but im not gonna give up just yet. Jays Face lights up in the sky and i know that tomorro 5 of us will be dead and one will be going home....

18th: Wilden Criss -- Ripped apart by Vine Mutts.

17th: Aytnn Sastien -- Decapitated by Acia

16th: Noah -- stabbed by Acia

15th: Autumn Jong -- Shot by Mimli Harrison

14th: Ryan Hilford -- Shot by Mimli Harrison

13th: Robin Miller -- Shot By Mimli Harrison

12th: Acia -- Shot by Mimli Harrison

11th: Rin Kagamine -- Shot by Mimli Harrison

10th: Jasmine Greft -- Shot by mimli Harrison

9th: Virginia Moreton -- Shot by Mimli Harrison

8th: Mimli Harrison -- Stabbed in the head by Jay Sparrow

7th: Jay Sparrow -- Eaten alive by Beetle Mutts

Day Three -- The finale

Evelyn's Pov:

We head to the Main room for the Final Battle. We agreed in this alliance that we would get to the kill the careers then we would wait and see what happens. We enter the room and see that Sparkle and Lilli are already there. We stand and wait for about a minuet Before Sue lets her first arrow fly.


Sue and Sparkle exchange arrows with each other before Sparkle gets a lucky shot that lands in Sues left leg. This gives the careers a moment of opportunity and they dont fail to take it. Sparkle Puts away her Bow and runs to Austin, seeing him as the biggest threat they start to fight. Austin get Momentarily distracted when he sees Emily take one of Lillis knifes in her leg and Sparkle runs him through. She pulls her sword out, but not before twisting it in his stomach were she stabbed him.

Lilli is fighting with Evelyn, Sue and Emily. Sparkle runs over after killing Austin and rugby tackles Evelyn. This causes as much of a distraction as needed and Lilli trips up Sue and Emily. She then kicks Sue in the face and Knees Emily in the ribs. While Sue is on the floor, Lilli repeatedly bangs Emilys head off of the floor until there is blood pouring from Emilys head. Sue gets up and tries to pull Lilli off of Emily but she turns round Head butts her. She smacks Emilys head off of the ground one more time and her Cannon fires. Emily did do damage to Lilli though. She gouged out one of Lilli's eyes and repeatedly punched her so lilli is covered in cuts and bruises. Lilli decides she wants to fight sue hand to hand since sue only has a long range weapon. So she goes up to Sue who is still lying on the floor and picks her up. She drags her across the room and throws her at the cornucopia. Sue stands up and then they both trade blows, Lilli Breaking Sues nose and Sue giving Lilli a black eye and breaking her nose and smoe teeth. They fight like this for about 5 minuets before Lilli Obviously wanting to end it punches Sue really hard in the face this causes her jaw to break and the force fo the Punch throws her head tpo the side with such force that it snaps her Neck.

As Sues Body crumples on the ground Evelyn is giving Sparkle a good fight. They are fighting Sword to Axe and it is a fair fight.They have each exchanged and received blows and the distraction of Sue being killed gives Sparkle a chance to give Evelyn a deep cut in her leg. She falls to the ground and Takes this opportunity to her advantage. When she falls she kicks away Sparkles legs. She then Manages up onto her legs and picks up a throwing axe that was a meter or so away. She throws it at Lilli and her body falls to the ground with an axe in her head.

Evelyn Forces her way back onto her feet. They again fight, trading worse blows than before, Evelyn losing one of her hands and Sparkle getting the axe in her ribs. But by Now both are tired. There swings become lazy and miss alot. Evelyn Receives a big gash in her shoulder and falls to the ground and starts to cry.

"Im never gonna win now, just please make it quick."

Sparkle Achknowloging her rivals request brings her sword up and decapitates her. The last cannon of the Hunger games goes off and the announcement is heard.


Sparkle then collapses and has to be picked up by the hovercraft with a claw

6th: Austin Mach -- Run Through by Sparkle Rose.

5th: Emily Harris -- Head bashed off the ground until dead by Lilli Wong.

4rth: Sue -- Neck snapped by Lilli wong

3rd: Lilli Wong -- Axe thrown into Head By Evelyn Grace

2nd: Evelyn Grace -- Decapitated by Sparkle Rose out of Mercy.

The Victor

Well done to Sparkle Rose. Also well done to Iluvgale for coming up with the winner. :)

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