I am going to start My third games since my first two were very Succesful. :)

you CANNOT submit tributes for these games, i will be taking them. (evil laugh) :)

(look to Prolouge for more info)

District 0 will be included.

Reservations will last 2 DAYS MAX!!!!!

I will be doing POV'S this time cause im starting to find it quite hard to write it the way i do.


It is the Year 23456. It is the Era of the Hunger Games. It is the Era of President Snow. He is up on the stage Reading the Rebels Cause for this Year. He is Just About to start Reading the announcent when The Mayor of District 13's Face appears on the screen. People start looking around in bemusment at why this is happening, Why the Face of Almera Ferguson is on their screens instead of presidnet Snow.

" People of Panem, We District 13, Have taken Revenge on the Capitol. We have built our own arena for our own Hunger games. What about the tributes i hear you ask, well, here you are" He points to 40 people hands tied Gags over their mouths, fear in their eyes. She begins speaking again.

"What your ohh so beloved President did not tell you was that there has been dissaperances from the districts. 26 to be exact. One Boy and One Girl. And 14 from the capitol. And what makes you think the Capitol will let us get away with this, well we have this." She turns and points to a small warhead lying at the feet of one of the Capitol tributes.

"We have Nuclear weapons and the Capitol knows this. So the capitol will allow these games to go ahead or... byebye districts." She starts Laughing a extremly evil laugh and suddenly stops looks straight into the camera and says

"Almera, out" Then the Broadcast cuts of and the whole of the nation stands looking i shock.



0 Comet Ash 16 Jabberjay
1 Venom Strike 18 38th Nate777
2 Mason Brown 16 Anon...
3 Elec Tricty 13 Tommyboy97
4 Tide Ocean 17 Tommyboy97
5 Malco Crest 14 SKYBENDER
6 Sebastion Vire 13 32nd Kenzen11
7 Rhett Zekrom 18 Kenzen11
8 Kai Shivers 16 Lyse kjeragbolten Firecatcher
9 Ryan Die 16 37th NONE Effieluna
10 Pollen Beekeeper 13 Effieluna
11 Nick Gradi 14
12 Chris Humperdink 16 Summer Autumn Effieluna


0 Eclpise Icefall 16 Jabberjay
1 Jade Sycamore 16 Skybender
2 Alice Brown 13 Anon...
3 Shana Buzz 17 Nate777
4 Karina Lettom 16 Kyler Heart, Ally Free PurpleXmuffin
5 Lyse Kjeragbolten 14 40th NONE Tiki Tooki
6 Topaz Cytonn 14 Tiki Tooki
7 Keyllu Vetra 15 Tiki Tooki
8 Kipcha Pryor 16 Ryan Die Firecatcher
9 Iridessa Black 16 Pearson woods PurpleXmuffin
10 Cornielia Goodland 12 Effieluna
11 Ally Free 17 36th NONE
12 Silvermist Gone 15 PurpleXmuffin


CHILD 1 Kollekio Male ???? Trysatn Forde District2
CHILD 2 Colbie Cain Female 13/14 Clove1001
CHILD 3 Pearson Woods Male 13 34rth NONE Clove1001
CHILD 4 Jenny Sparks Female 16
CHILD 5 Trystan Forde Male 18 35th NONE
CHILD 6 Clarisse Shine Female ??? Akuhano
CHILD 7 Kyler Harte Male 13 39th JabberJay
CHILD 8 Alice Snow Female 14 Venom Strike Anon...
CHILD 9 Tyler Harte Male 13 JabberJay
CHILD 10 Summer Autumn Female 16 33rd NONE Anon....
CHILD 11 Adam Snow Male 14 Anon....
CHILD 12 Cinnamon D'vazz'e Female 14 Effieluna
CHILD 13 Cinna Autumn Male 15 Anon...
CHILD 14 Harpy Evermist Female 16 Rockman177


The arena is a ghost village filled with all the usual Halloween nightmares. Zombies, mutated Pumpkins and mummys.A Witch, a vampire and boblins will also be making apperances.

Dull Knife - £10

Sharp Knife - £30

Dagger - £45

Stilletto - £50

throwing Knives} 6 - £45

throwing Knives} 12 - £90

Switchblade - £70

Throwing Axe's} 2 - £80

Axe - £65

Battle Axe - £90

Mace - £50

Flail - £65

Sword - £75

Cutlass - £75

Scimitair - £75

Spear - £35

Javelin - £40

Weak Bow - £40

Strong bow - £55

Weak arrows} 6 - £15 > 12 - £20

strong Arrows} 6 - £20 > 12 - £30

Crossbow - £65

Crossbow bolts} 6- £15 > 12-£30

Sythe - £70

Sickle - £40

Pithcfork - £50

Trident - £60

Whip - £50

Catclaws - £70

}SPECIAL WEAPON{ Magic wand - £250 ( Can only be used for attacks and healing. Can only be used to heal three small wounds 2 medium wounds or 1 large wound. Attacks: 3 Dark magic spells - 1. Kills instantly, 2. tortures, 3. slow painful death- 3 Good magic spells - 1.knocks unconscious, 2.instant painless death, 3.extra weapon) each attack can only be used 1. if used more than once spell backfires. results depend on spell.


Loaf of Bread - £10

Bottle of Water - £10

Packet of beef strips - £10

Bread rolls(10) - £20

Capitol feast - £100 ( includes 7 Bread rolls, a bowl of rice, some dried fruit and some hydrated fruit.)

Survival Essentials

Sleeping bag - £35

Jacket - £30

Waterproof trousers - £40

Note from Family/ Mentor/ Freinds - £15

Medical supplies.

Bandages - £30

Cut medicine - £60 ( makes all of the cuts its applied to scab over.)

Fever Pills - £55


The tributes are lined up around the Cornucopia. They are about 600m awaqy from it so it just looks like there is nothing in the Cornucopia. But the question is is there....

Kai Shivers POV:

The gong rings out through the arena. I decide that i am going to run to the Cornucopia. I Run forwared to get a spear. I manage to get three. Thats when i see Lyse sprinting towards me with a 18-inch blade in her hand. I think instinctively and launch the spear at her. She sees me do this and her eyes widen with fear. She trys to run to the side but shes got too much momentum. The Spear sails cleanly through her body. She falls and the cannon goes. I realised this small distraction has cost me the lead i had on everybody else. I grab another spear a bag, Lyse's knife and one similar. I decide to get ouT of there before anything kills me.

Katrina Lettom's POV:

I run as fast as my legs could carry me to the Cornucopia. I see that i am the third person there the first being the girl from 5 and the second being the boy from 8. Thats when i get a good look at the contents of the cornucopia.Alot of weapons. Alot of Pumpkins. But no food. No water. No medecine. Nothing just weapons and Pumpkins. I realise that everybody else is starting to arrive and so i decide to arm myself. I grab two tridents and put them on my back then grab a bow. Kyler Heart is getting a little to close with that sythe so i let an arrow fly through his neck. I see the rest of the Careers start to gather. i run over to see who my team mates are. Jade from 1 both from 2 ,Tide, my district partner, the girl from 9 and the boy from 12. I sigh. I am surrounded by a bunch of idiots.

Alice Snow's POV:

The Bloodbath started really quickly. I pick up a sword and look around. I'm looking for Adam. Then i see him. He's about to get his throat slit by Venom Strike. I pick up the closest weapon, not wanting to get rid of my sword incase anybody attacked me after i threw it, and threw it at Venom. The weapon happend to be a Trident and Venom Strike fell to the ground with the Tridents three prongs pertruding from his throat.

Kipcha Pryors's POV:

I teamed up with Keyllu from 7, Topaz from 6 and Silvermist from 12. We had all decided to go to the Cornucopia. As i was reaching for the Golden Bow that lay about a foot from the mouth of the Cornucopia an arrow bounces of it.I let out a yelp and snatch it up. I turn round to see Karina from 4 Charging at me with a bow in her hands.I let an arrow fly but i misjudged the wind direction slightly and it ends up hitting Ryan Die in the Head. Karina Stops and looks at Ryan. I fake a smille as if i ment to do it.

"I'll let you go this time but if we meet again" She turns around and swipes a blade along Ally Free's throat.

"That WILL be you"

As Karina Heads back into the frey of fighting i grab to long knives, a sword and some throwing knives. I then run away from the Cornucopia to my allies. From there we run into the the ghost town to see what horrors await.

Kollekio's POV:


"ITS M-M-MINE......" I SAY.




Harpy Evermist's POV:

I teamed up with Cinnamon and Clarisse. I figured that if i did this i would have a better chance at survival. Right now we are in an abandoned house. It is full furbished and we have worked out a way to keep us all safe. When it was still light outside we rigged up a tripwire so that if anyone came within a certain distance of our house it would set off an alarm and we would be able to attack/defend if we had to. Im in the kitchen making some toast from the bread we found in the cupboards of the house. We know this stuff is safe cause we gave a bit to a little mouse that was running about and it stayed alive. Anyway i was waiting on the toast toasting and i saw a russle in the bushes in the back garden. Damn thats were we forgot to put the tripwire. I decide to go out and Investigate.

Clarisse Shine POV:

We are quite happy so far into the games. We're warm, we've got shelter and we have food. Well enough anyway. I am lying on one of the beds when i hear a scream. Cinnamon is right beside me so that means it can only be Harpy. I bolt down stairs with a sword i got from the Cormucopia, Cinnamon with her axe just behind me. We run down stairs to see Harpy locking the door and sliding down it trying to calm herself down.

"Harpy, What is wrong" I say maybe a little to forcefully.

"Z-Z-ZOMBIES!!!!!" She gasps.

Ilook to Cinnamon as i feel the colour drain fro my face. I see Cinnamon is exactly the same. I run to the Window and look out. I jump Back in Fright. There must be about 10 clawning at the windows trying to break them. Thats when i notice. These Zombies are not like the ones in the Films. Rigamortis has not set in yet and if it has then they have been Genetically engineered to not show it. These Zombies are not stiff and Clumsy like they should be. These Zombies have the actions of a fully living person. Thats when Cinnamon says

"They're through the front door"

Thats when i think all hope is lost....

Cinnamon D'vazze's POV:

Clarisse runs to the door that leads to the front hall and bolts it. She then puts a chair infront of the door.

"Grab anything that may be a weapon" I run over to the drwers and start to look. Harpy does the same. I pull a 15-inch Knife out of the drawer i was looking in. Harpy pulla an extra Axe from under the sink and Manages pull somethings from the top of the Cupboards. One is just a little Metal rod with a wrist strap to attached it to your wrist. The other is a Whip. She throws the Whip to Clarisse. Clarisse then runs to the other door her sword and the newly found whip in hand. She throws it open and shouts "follow me." She runs up the stairs to the other bedroom. She opens the window and looks out. There is a slanted porch top just out of the window. She looks back at us then climbs out. I run to the window and see her walking towards the part of the roof that is the lowest. But i see it before she does. Its a massive tentacle sliding over the top of the roof onto the porch and its going straight for Clarisses leg. By the time i am even half way out of the window Clarisse left by, Harpy is out the other one, the further away one, and is Slamming her Axe into the wooden supports at the top of the porch, were the start of the monster tentacle is. But what she doesn't see is the other one coming up from the side and pulling Clarisse down. Down towards her. Clarisse is pulled into Harpy and both my allies fall of the porch...

Clarisse Shine's POV:

As i fall i look into harpys eyes. I don't see fear. I dont see terror. I only see determination. Determination to survive. She looks into mine and we have an agreement. I grab her left hand with my right and coil the whip around the porch. As i was doing this Harpy swung her axe at the tentacle around my leg. It severed it straigh the way through.The whip wrapped tightly around the porch and we were left hanging there by a whip and a hand. Cinnamon runs over and pulls us up.

"Now, what do we do, we cant stay up here they'll be on us in minuets" Cinnamon says. And shes right they will be. Thats when i notice the little metal thing around Harpys wrist.

"What is that" i say.

"Ohh this its just a baton i think, i haven't really had time to look at it properly"

She throws it over to me and as i catch my thumb keeps going. There is a button on it. As i press the buttonsomething shoots out the end of the stick and attaches itself to the hopuse.

"Its a grapple hook" Cinnamon says. We all nod. We know waht to do. I run over and fire the grapple hook at a neighbouring house and sails cleanly through thew wall. A cannon fires striaght after that.

"Do you think that was us?" Harpy asks.

"Maybe" i reply because that is the truth. We may have accidentally killed someone trying to escape the horros of this place.We dont know. I run to the window put the grapple hook on the window sill then slam the window down ontoip of it.

"will this..."

"yes it will" i interupt. Or i hope it will.I climb onto the rope. it seems sturdy enough. i start to shimmy along. When Cinnamon and Harpy see this they satrt to get ready to go along as well. I get to the other side and climb through the window. I turn around and look out the window again. Cinnamon is 3/4 of the way across and the zombies are all stil gathered around the other house. I see the thing that grabbed me.It looks like some sort of Mutated pumpkin. I dont know why but i had the urge to turn around. Thats when i see the body of Sebastion Vire on the ground. A perfect hole in his temple were the grapple hook struck. After Cinnamon gets across we tell Harpy to hurry. The more time we spend in this house the worse our situation will be. Whebn she finnaly gets across we run down stairs, get the weapons from the kitchen, (we know they are there bacause this house is laid out exactly like the other one) and run out the front door. We know this way is risky but we figured that the back door was even riskier. We run straigh for the towering cathedral that you can see from anywhere in the arena hoping that will be safer.



40TH: Lyse Kjeragbolten -- Speared by Kai Shivers

39TH: Kyler Heart -- Shot by Karina Lettom

38TH: Venom Strike -- Speared by Alice Snow

37TH: Ryan Die -- Shot by accident by Kipcha Pryor

36TH: Ally Free -- Throat slit by Karina Lettom

35TH: Trysatn Forde -- Head smashed in by Kollekio

34TH: Pearson Woods -- Stabbed by Iridessa Black

33RD: Summer Autumn -- Beaten to death by Chris Humperdink

32nd: Sebastion Vire -- accidentally shot with grapple hook by Clarisse shine



No one died through the night.Thats good cause no one was up to operate the cannon system. Today we are going to introduve another twist. But first we are going to let the tributes wake up and get themselves ready first.





​These are the alliances that are formed.












After this announcment all the alliances headed towards the Cathedral.when they arrived they all stood outside giving each other daggers. Suddenly they hear a cackle. They look up to see a old woman on a old broomstick zooming about the tower of the Cathedral. She starts to glide down towards the ground and then jumps off at about 30f off the ground. She lands on her feet not even breaking the heel of her boots.


"Be quiet girl, before i rip your eyes out and replace them with toads." snaps the Witch.

"Wow, somebodys a B****" Chris thinks.

Before he can even think the rest of the sentence the witch is upon him and when she gets off of him he really does have toads for eyes. And a hole in his throat.

"If any of you want to end up like your little freind here then you better listen up<" she hisses.

"Stand in your alliances,NOW!" She snaps.

"She sticks out a boney green hand and points to her left.

"Careers, this side, everyone else the other side."

Everyone does as they are told and gets to their apropriate side.

"Now" says the Witch. "We are going to play a game." She takes out her wand and points it at Tide Ocean, Mason Brown, Comet Ash, Malco Crest, Alice Snow, Clarisse Shine, Cinnamon D'vazze, Kai Shivers, Rhett Zekrom, Shana Buzz, Pollen Beekeeper,Nick Gradi,Kipcha Pryor Keyllu Vetra,Colbie Cainand Jenny Sparks. All of the tributes just stare at her as a little bit of glitter shoots out the end of her Wand onto the tributes. They think it is funny. They Think her spell backfired and that she failed to kill them. But they are wrong. As they are laughing Jenny stops.

"Icant move my Arm?" She says almost quizingly She pulls up the sleeve of her uniform and she gasps. Her whole right arm has turned to stone. The others stop when they see the grey marks spreading acroos her face. All of a sudden there are people crying to their counter parts to help them but they dont in fear of it being contagious.

"Ok so here is how this game is going to work" The Witch finally says

"Each of the people i pointed my Wand at are going to turn to stone. The only way you can save them is if you can find me something i need. If you cannot find it or are the last person to find it your ally will be killed. If you are, However, in a bigger alliance like the careers or a trio the you must choose which one of your allies die. But there is one more twist i will add in for you lot." As she says this she turns and looks at the careers.

"As you are bigger than any other alliance here, two of you will only be aloud to go and find the chosen item. The two left stay by the Cornucopia and battles an arey of different monsters. You may use whatever you want from the cornucopia, but if you die, one of your fellow careers will pay the price.Between them Alice,Karina,Jade and Iridessa decide that Alice and Iridessa will go find the chosen item and Karina and Jade will stay and fight the monsters.

"You have until midnight"

"The first item that you have to collect is some Pumpkin guts..."


Harpy Evermist's POV:

I think i know exactly were to go to find the Mutated Pumkin. I'm not sure if the other tributes no about there "states". I hope not. That way i might be getting rid of two or more of my opponents. I am running back to the house were we made our "grand" escape from. Just like the stupid monsters they are the zombies and the Pumkins are still atacking the house. There is no front wall and the Zombies are completely covering most of it. I grip My Axe even tighter and run to the Bush of the front garden of the house across the street. I run up Behind the Mutated Pumpkin and raisde my axe to hit it but then it did something i wasn't expecting.

It turned around...

Iridessa Black's POV:

I see the girl from the Capitol Dodge an attack from the giant mutated Pumpkin. None of the Zombies have noticed her yet. Which I am releived by cause then they might notice me. It slams its tentacle into the ground but she manages to jump out of the way and cuts off the top of the tentacle with her axe. This may be my only chance to get some Pumpkin Guts. I run up and pull her to her feet.

"I'll go halfers with you." i say. She just nods. I pull out my sword and try to land a strike but it keeps going for the capitol girl. I have an idea.

"Distract it" I shout to her.

"Why" She responds before jumping out of the way of another temtacle.

I run up the street and look. They are edging their way towards the the other side of the street. I run to the house on the other side and run straight through. I run up the stairs and Into the second bedroom. I climb out the window onto the porch.

I lean against the window.

Take a breath.

I run.

I jump.

I glide.

I fall. My sword sinks itno the back of the Monster.I slide down, gravity pulling as hard as it can on me, dragging the sword down the monsters back. It turns and wobbles and shakes and i go flying up in the air. It then hits me with its tentacle and i go crashing back through the window of the house.

Harpy Evermists POV;

I see the Career girl go crashing back through the window. I dont no if shes dead, i dont think she is though cause a cannon would have gone if she was. The monster has turned it attention from me to Iridessa and this is when i take my chance. I launch my axe at the Pumpkin and it sticks into the m,onsters back. At the bottom. That means there is a big crack down the back of the Pumpkin. It causes the Pumpkin to split in half. It falls in a fit of Shrill, ear -peircing screaming. The first thing i do is run into the house up the stairs to the window Iridessa was hit through. Shes there abd shes just getting up. I go over and help her.

"Thanks" I say

"No problem, now lets go get some pumpkin guts" We walk down the stairs into the kitchen and get some plastic bags. We then go outside and see kollekio scraping some of the Pumpkin guts up in his hands.

"Hey" We both shout trying our best to sound threatining.

"ME STEAL... BAD ORANGE MAN SPONGEY BITS FROM PRETTY... GIRLS... YESS... ME STEAL" And with that he runs away from them with two handful of the Pumpkin Guts. We place the rest of our Pumpkin Guts in the bags and go back to the Cathedral.


Karina lettom's POV:

As allt the other tributes rush to the town to find a pumpkin me,jade and for some reason Cinna Autumn run to the cornucopia. Cinna runs up to a pumpkin and cracks it open with a axe. Out falls a loaf of bread. So thats why thewre was no medecine,food or water baecause it was in the pumpkins. Anyway he puts the Loaf in his bag and then scoops out the Pumpkin's guts and runs back over to the witch.

"Well done you have Completed this part of the game. You may now make a decision. You can either help the Girls and if you die then one of yopur alliance members will be unfrozen and they will continue the games for yopu OR you can sit at the sidelines and watch the girls get possibley slaughtered. Make your choice now."

"Umm...I'll.... Help the girls" Cinna says.

"You better hurry then, wave one is about to start and its Mummy's." The witch says through a grin.

Cinna runs over to the cornucopia and Grabs an Axe, 2 very long Knives and a sword. He sheathes the Sword through his belt and attaches the Kinves to his belt.I am standing ontop of the Cornucopia with A Bow and three sheaths of Arrows. I also have 2 Tridents strapped to my back and 2 very long knives in my belt. Just incase. I look over to Jade. She happens to be the best freind someone could have in an enviroment where people and things are trying to kill you every second of the day. She has 2 short swords, 2 knives, some throwing knives and an axe. We are just ajusting our positions when the first Mummy comes into shootiung range and i let my arrow fly... Jade Sycamore's POV:

Me and Cinna stand and watch as the oncoming horde of Mummies are shot down by Karina.

"I need more arrows" Karina Shouts.

Cinna runs over to the Cornucopia and grabs 2 more sheaths of Arrows that are lying in a pile of weapons and throws them up to her. She grabs them and in an instant it would take a normal person to blink she has reloaded and is letting the bowstring go.

"Cinna, to your left Jade your right theyve surrounded us." Karina shouts.

I decide to get rid of my least favourite weapon first, throwing knives. I get four mummies in either the eye the throat or thre chest, and i get another 6 in either the arms, shoulders or chests. I then decide to use my axe. I run over to a small-ish horde and start hacking them apart. I be-head three in onw swing the a fourth comes up and tries to bite my shoulder. then it stops and falls to the ground with an arrow in its head. i see a Mummy about to bitye cinna's neck so ilook around me. I am not in immenent danger so i make my descion. I throw the axe at the Mummy that is about to bite cinna. With a huge amount of luck it managesto hit that Mummy and knocks its body onto another three. I unsheathe my short swords and begin to destroy the ones that are just coming into view. They seem different to the first wave a more sandy colour. Its then i realisde that these Mummies are different. They are able to manipulate their bandages as if they were extra limbs. and they can strech as far as they want. I see their bandages shoot towards Karina who is picking up the other sheathe of arrows. I run over just in time to do this trick i learned in training; I quickly put my short swords in between my thumb and my index finger and i cartwheel onto the pile of weapons picking up to miore sheaths as i am turning and throwing the up in the air.After the sheathes have left my hands i bring my sort swords from between my two fingers and use them to cut the bandages going to constrict Karina in half. But i dont notice The bandages coming for me. I only notice them when they are around my Neck, Arms and shoulders pulling me towards the terrifying monsters that i so much want to kill...

Cinna Autumn's POV:

I see jade start to get dragged awasy by the mummies. I can't let her get killed. She saved me. I hack the Mummy i was fighting in half then run to were Jade is. I cut the Badages off her the Be-head all of the Mummies. I pull Her to her feet.

"That makes us even, ok?" She says

"Ok" i Say

And before anyone has noticed and before they have time to save me i am dragged into the Mummies and am slowly de-voured. The last thing i see is a Mummy eating my Ear and hearing my own screams...

Karina Lettoms POV:

I Just saw Cinna get eaten by the Zombies. I am not about to let that happen to Jade. I shout her over to the Cornucopia.

"Throw me every Sheath there is down there then climb up" I command.

"Ok" She says. She throws up about 4 more sheaths plus the 2 by my feet and the 1 on my back equals seven Sheathes of arrows. Jade climbs up next to me with a Bow in her hand and Says

"Well i might not be the best shot but im definetly not gonna be the worst."

We begin firing into the crowd of the sandy coloured Mummies.When we shoot one another two replace it. We keep firing and firing till we have no arrows left.

"What are we gonna do Karina " Jade says as i fire the last arrow through a mummies eye.The numbers have dropped quite considerably which must mean were getting nearer the end of this wave.

"we are NOT going to die like Cinna." I say.

"We will wait till they are surrounding the Cornucopia then well jump over them and then well fight them. What we have to do Now is stop these infernal Bandages" I say as i wrap a bandage around the end of my trident then pull it and i watch as the Mummy turns to dust. Thats when something happens that neither of us expected. All of the Mummies get in a line, about 40m away from the Cornucopia, and all at once send their bandages at us intending to pull us apart....

Jade Sycamore's POV:

I am waiting. Waiting on the Mummies bandages wrapping around us and rippind us limb from limb slowly,Painfully. I look Up as i feel Karina Moving. I had been huddled against her shoulder. Karina was my bestfreind in the games and i was not about to let her get killed before me...

Karina Lettom's POV:

I was standing waiting on the Mummies Bandages wrapping around me and ripping me apart. But when they are about 10 feet from us an axe flys through them cutting them all apart.I look to the side and See Iridessa, Harpy Evermist and that little weird kid, Kollekio i think his name is, running up to the Mummies and cutting them down. I grab my tridents and move away from Jade and jump down from the Cornucopia.When i land i hear a bang and i run around the to the other side of the Cornucoppia and see Jade lying on the ground with a pot on her head. She sits up and takes the pot off her head and says

"Well that was fun"

"What happend" I asked.

"Well when you jumped off the Cornucopia i thought the Mummies had you and I tryed to slash the Bandages, But there was no Bandages and i fell off the Cornucopia."

"Aww, well you better get up and get yourself armed cause there is still plenty of them to kill."

Jade got up and Took her short swords from her sheathes then armed herself with some more knives and a mace.She then runs over and smashes a mummies face in with the Mace. After about 5 minuets of the killing there are no Mummies left. They walk back over to the Witch and look at her.

"What?" It says.

"Dont we get a well done or something" Jade says.

"....No, you dont.but i will tell you that you have about 2 hours to rest only 2 people are back yet."


In this time everyone made it back apart form Alice Brown, Elec Tricity and Tyler Heart. They had all returned within 5 minuets of the clock striking midnight.

"Now you must dcecide which of your Alliance members die." The Witch says to Alice.

"Well i Cant exactly kill Mason, So ill have to pick Tide," Alice says.

"And you who would you choose?" She asks Tyler.

"I choose Myself, Un freeze one of them and kill me" He says.

"So be it." She walks over to Tide and punches him Square in the face. She then Karate kicks Malco in the Chest and he shatters into a million peices. She then walks up to Tyler and takes out her wand. She raises it tas if to cast a spell on him but she jabs it through his throat. He falls to the ground gasping . Then he stops. 3 cannons go off.

The Witch walks over to her Broom stick andpicks it up.

"Ill be seeing you later, Tributes." She gives her Witchy Cackle and she is off zooming through the air of the Arena. Some where the tributes will never get.


31st: Chris Humperdink -- Death by witch

32nd: Cinna Autumn -- Eaten by Mummies

31st: Tide Ocean -- Turned to stone and smashed by the witch

30th: Malco Crest -- Turned to stone and smashed by the witch

29th: Tyler harte -- Strabbed in the throatr by the witch

















DAY 5 -- Webby

Colbie Cain's POV:

Me and Jenny are walking along the streets looking for a suitable place to hide before the Careers come ;looking for us again. We see a small farm in the distance.

"I'm not sure it looks kinda... creepy" Jenny says

"Nonsence" i say, "I looks perfectly fine." So we ran to the Framhouse but we decided incase anyone came looking for us we would hide in the barn. It had only been about and hour since the Game with the witch, but we were two of the last peoiple to leave the Cornucopia clearing.we hgad stayed to get extra weapons and supplies. But the most useful thing we had been able to find was a torch. Wewalked into the barn and hanging from the wall was 4 tributes. They were tangled and hung on a spiders web like flys. Two had already been killed. Two were still alive but who were the dead and were the living....

Jenny Sparks POV:

We walk into the Barn to find Kipcha Pryor,Silvermist gone,Keyllu Vetra and Topaz Cytonn hanging form a giant spider web. It takes us a moment to realise that the spidere that built the web is still here and is eating Topaz. The tattered remains of Keyllu were also there. As soon aas Kipcha and Silvermist se us there pupils dioate and they begin to shake their heads. Colbie raises the bow she managed to scavange from the Cornucopia and loads an arrow. She carefully aims for the Spiders head and fires. The arrow files and impales the spider to the wall, but it also kills Toipaz. wel there was no chance we would have been able to rescue her. It is a gruesome sight. A giant man-eating spider and a poor,innocent girl pinned to the wall with just 1 arrow through their heads. Now we have to get them down. But how...

Colbie Cain's POV

I try and think of how i will be able to ger the other girls down. I then get an idea. I take out the throwing nives that i got friom the Cornucopia and aim. My first throw just about hits Kipcha but she manages to move her head. second and third throws hit the two strands of thick silkyweb that are holding their hands to the the wall. Kipcha then grabs her knife and cuts the strands around her ankles then does the same with silvermist and helps her down.




I wonder whats going on. we only just left from the Cornucopia. Anyway me and adam are travelling back. We see Cornelia Goodland sneaking in the shadows. She hasn't seen us though so Adam silently catches up tyo her and slits her throat. Her cannon rings through the arena. I then see Comet ash and Eclipse icefall running across the road to the cathedral. I load my bow and fire. It goes through Eclipse's head and lodges in Ash's leg. He turns and looks at me as i notch another arrow and begins to limp away alarmed. Then he stops and his head just falls off. His cannon goes off an out comes his attacker. Kipcha pryor and the rest of her alliance of Silvermist Gone,Jenny sparks and Colbie cain. We wait until they go away then run to the cornucopia. We see we are the last to arrive, then something terrible happens.... again.....


That damn Witch is back. She floats down form the Cornucopia and lands infornt of us all. Gasps run through the crowd as she lets out her evil cackle.

"Hello, Kiddies ready for another round of the game"

"No, I ain't playing again."

gasps run through the crowd and Mason Brown walks forward, followed by Alice, Karina and ande jade.

"well im afraid that you dont have a choice dear," says the witch.

"Well im afraid we do dearie" says Alice as she unsheathes her sword. Jade, Karina, and Mzason also draw their weapons and the witch pulls out a golden longsword. Then the fight begins. Who will win... you decide.

The witch swings the Longsword at Alice almost hitting her but Alice does a matrix-style dodge of the blade. While Alice is ducking out of the way Karina and Jade lunge at the witch, with Karina's trident hitting the witches arm and Jade's knife embedding itself in her knee. Alice then swings her sword and slashes the witch across the chest. Mason picks up a blow gun from the Cornucopia and loads five darts at the one time. He shoots each with deadly accuracy so hat each dart embeds itrself in he slash on the witches chest. The witch then swings her sword, gasping from the effort and the cut in her chest. The blade connects with top of Alices fingers cutting the tips of our of finger off.she screams in pain and drops the sword. The witch starts laughing and Alice seizes this moment. She drops to the ground and kicks the Witches legs away from her. The witch falls to the ground and grunts.She swings her legs around and knocks thew careers to the ground. she gets up and jumps back on her broom. she floats intot the air and swipes her wand over her wounds.

" I will get my revenge on all of you" she says before pointing her wand at Elec tricity and Coronelia Goodland and kills them instantly. She is about to fire a killing curse at Jade when an Arrow embeds itself in her shoulder. Then another in her leg. Then another in the Middle of her chest. She falls of her broom onto her head and her neck snaps. The tributes all turn around shocked to see who fired the arrows and are even more shocked by what they find. Standing their with their Bow's Loaded were Xanthe Peacock Krystal Glass and Molly Brechin, co-victors of the first Qaurter Quell, Kedzie woods, winner of the First games. Also running up to meet the rest of the victors were Ally and Grass garden and Elana Maycell.

Xanthe stops infront of the tributes and says " We know how to get you out..."

Jade Sycamore's POV:

The Victors of previous games havge told us that they have found a way to get us out.

"A few hours ago we managed to strike a deal with the President of District 13,"

Kedzie continues" The deal was to lead you to the hall of Mirrors at the very edge of the arena. There you would go into the Hall of Mirrors."

"But in the Hall of Mirrors would be your worst fears... and once you go in we cannot help you until you get to the other side of the Hall of Mirrors." Elana says.

"So we just have to walk through" Rhett Zecrom asks.

"No... Your fears will try to kill you, they will try to hurt you in any way necessary, mentally or physically."

"So the could kill us" Karina asks.

In one very straight forward answer all the victors reply "yes"

Xanthe Peacocks POV:

We knew she would betray us. We knew she would send the horrors of this arena againdst us. So we brought weapons ;) We vsent ally and grass ahaead of us to look out ofr any possible dangers while me, Kedzie and elana watch the children. They come sprinting back.

"Their Zombies uyp ahead" ally says.

"Ok everyone, get ready to fight" elana shouts.

The zombies charge at us. Some fare well in the fight. Some dont as we hear 9 cannons go off. Us Victors dont just stand their though. We are all in helping the kids, frighting harder than we proably fought during our own games. Because these are the lives of innocent children we are fighting for not our own lives.

As Ally, grass, Elana, Jade and Karina finsh off the remaining zombies me and grass look at the injured and the dead.

Literally torn apart and lying in a disgusting mess on the ground is Nick Gradi. Shana Buzz's Intestines are scattered over the pavement were they were pulled out in front of my very own eyes. Adam Snow, Pollen Beekeeper, Rhett Zecrom and Elec Tricity all backed into a corner and fought but were eventually over come and eaten. The next 2 Victoms were a surprisebecause back in the capitol these 2 were serious contenders. The Bloody Remains of Cinnamon D'vazze and Kipcha Pryor lie in a heap on the road torn apart by Zombies.


Mason Brown's POV:

We have finnally reached the Hall of Mirrors. Inside are our biggest fears. I hope there aren't too many bombs. We all remain silent as we just stand and look at the front door.

"Ok i know you dont want me to ask this but who is going to go first." Xanthe says. She has obviously been the leader of this "Expedition" from the start.

"Cant 1 or 2 of you not go through first to meet us on the other side" Silvermist Gone asks. And with that Elana strolls forward and walks through and 5 minuets later she emerges on the other side of the force field a little shaken but ok.

"You are this close to being crowned victors so dont let your fears get in the way." Kedzie says.

"Ill go first" I say. I walk forward and stand infornt of the door. I wait on it opening then when it does i resentedly walk forwrd to my possible doom.

As soon as i am in the door closes behind me. I begin to waqlk forward then the explosions happen.

BOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!! One to my left. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!! One to my right. Istart to run now im getting scared. BOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!! One goes off behind me and i fall to the ground. As i land another one blows up under my abdomen and i know i will never see Alice grow up....

Iridessa Black's POV:

To be honest i dont want to share my victory with anyone. And if i even more honest i doubt i would come out fo that place alive. So I have a plan to get rid of some of my competition. Unknown to my other competitors there are warlocks in this arena, i just hapen to have killed 1...

I walk over to Xanthe and tell her i badly need the toilet. She groans and tells me to go over to one of the bushes eside the Hall. When i get behind it I take the Warlocks wand out of my bag. I then look through the bush and the First person in my direct way is.... Kollekio. I cast the killing curse the Warlock taught me before i cut off his face and it hits kollekio right in the side of the head. He is dead before he even starts to fall. The others turn around but the fastest are Jade and Alice who were both standing beside Kollekio. Jade turns around and throws a knife and it embeds itself in my shoulder. Alice begins to load an arrow into her bow and i cant let her do that. I let a cures fly at her and at Jade before the arrow Kedzie fired, the one i didn't see entered my heart.

Jenny Sparks POV:

OMG! Iridessa just killed Jade,Kolloekio and Alice. I was standing right next to them as well. I start to notice somethings odd. Then i realise what it is. I just unintentionally volunteered myself to go next through the hall of mirrors. I get my axe and my knife ready and when the door oprns i walk through. As soon as the door behind me closes a giant spider jumps out and goes for my head.My instinct is to duck but my arm does something else. The one holding the axe swings up and cuts the Spider in half. Another flies from my right. It goes straight onto the blade of my knife.I begin to run to the other door. Im slashing and Hacking at the spiders that are flying from the sides,my heart beating like mad, sweat pouring down my forehead but my Instinct of survival and the adrenaline running through my veins are greater than my fear of spiders and I begin to run faster. Soon im about 10 ft in front of the spiders. i run into the door but it doesnt open. I stand back and kick it as hard as i can and the door files open and i shut i quickly. Islide down the door and begin to cry. I have survived. I have Won...

Colbie Cain's POV:

I'm next to enter the Hall of Mirrors. I asked to borrow Xanthe's sword cause a bow wont do anything in such a small room. I step in and as soon as the door closes a clown runs straight at me. with a knife. I drop the sword by accident and dive to the side. I land awkwardly and hurt my arm. This gives the Clown enough time to catch me and pin me down. He traces around the outline of my face with the knife then raises it. I slap his hand away and the knife goers flying out of it. He slaps me in the face out of anger and puts his hands round my neck. I move my hands up to his neck and instead of just strangling him i shout "Okay Enoughof this S*** " and bring my hands up to his head and snap his neck. As he falls limp i push him off and go to get the sword. I pick it up amd stab the clown a few times just incase. I start rubbing my neck where the clown had bee strangling me and tghen i hear him. Its another Clown. But intstead of dropping the sword i turn around at the right moment andf cut his head off. I drag my self to the door, force it open and collapse out the door. Im totally exhausted but im glad im safe. Im alive...

Clarisse Shines POV:

I'm Next. I Walk into the Hall of mirrors then the door shuts immediatley behind me. I start to panic. Then i feel it around my feet. The warter is rising.I cant take it.And its rising fast. Its now at my knees.My hips.My chest. My neck. Now im floating, tresding water to keep myself from drowning. I have to get out of here. I start swimming towards the door, well not really swimming but more splashing, my way there. Thats when the whirl-pool appears.It starts to pull me down. It pulls me under the water and by now im really panicking.It pulls me down to the floor and i see a tiny little hole thats causing it. I jam my knife it hte hole and the whirl pool stops. i quickly float back to the top to quickly grab the last amount of air that i can. I then swim down and to the door. It wont budge so i grab the ralings of the door and user them to propel my feet forwrd and the door breaks. All the water that almost killed me floods out and i start coughing. Im safe now thats all that matters.

Harpy Evermists POV:

I volunteer to go next. Might as well get it over and done with. I go through the door and it closes. Thats when all the snakes start appearing. They bite at my ankles and i begin to run. One is propeled at me and it hits me in the face i fall and one bites my ear. I rip it off and cut it in half with my axe. Snakes are vile creatures.I run to the door and try to pull it open. It wont budge so i put my axe through it. i pull it open and i get out. I hear the snakes smaqcking themselves against the door and then i stop and look around. Theres only 4 other people out here not including Elana. All girls. Alice is going to be devestated. I wonder how she is going to react. But i cant know until she comes through. So i will wait on her. But right now i take relif in the fact that imsafe and have won...

Alice Browns POV:

I hope Mason is ok. Im sure he is though, were both careers we know how to handle and protect ourselves. Its now my turn to go. I walk into the room and see nothing. Then an illusion of Mason nailed to a X- shaped cross zooms down at me. and i duck. The tears are pouring down my face now. I cant help it but i love him too much. Then another illusion appears it of him falling and a bomb exploding under his chest. I run to the door and before i get there another illusion appears of someone dropping his body onto a stalgmite and him just sliding down and the blood... I cant stay here. I burst open through the door and look for the comfort of my brothers arms but only find Harpy Evermist's. I look into her eyes and by the look in them there is something wrong. I expect him to jump out at me, to surprise me but he doesn't.

"Where is Mason?" I ask Harpy.

"Alice... He... He" she finishes with a sigh. Thats when i know my brother is dead. And thats when i cross the border between Sanity and Insantiy...

Karina Lettom POV:

My turn. Oh great. I walk through and there is only a bridge. On the other side is the door. I start to walk across and the Bridge Breaks. I fall onto the top of a cliff. I would say at leats a 400ft drop at each side great. Brilliant place to be wen you have a fear of heights. I will have to edge my way around the mountain to the door and then jump... and hope for the best. I make it round to the other side and i jump. By the way the jump felt i can tell im no gonna make it. I take my Knife out and dig it into the wall.It stops me from falling but im now stuck here. I then look around. I see a knife stuck into a hole in the wall. Then i look at the wall again. It is actuall the floor but i has just beenm folded down so that my fear may be challenged. I Grab it and begin to use the knives to climb the wall. When i get up i burst through the door to see 7 other people here. Good im not the only one then that survived. But now im safe..

Silvermist Gone's POV:

It is now my turn to go thorugh the hall. Im second last to go. The other one is Kai shivers. I walk throught the door and already the sweat is pouring off of me. My heart is beating like a humming birds and when i walk in all i have see is a savanah type landscape. Its about 40m long but i still need to cross it. I walk out and a Tiger runs at me. I scream and start to run. Then an elephant joins the chase. Then an lion. I scream even louder and run even faster. I notice the door is locked and scream even louder. Thats a great thing to realise when you are being chased by a herd of wild animals. I hate wild animals!!!! I take out an Axe my had managed to snag and launch it at the door.It goes right through. I take out my knife and throw that at the door. It makes the hole the axe created bigger. I then run and shoulder barge the door. It breaks right open and i quickly slam the door. I run away from it and throw myself behind a large rock. Im not the only one here. Everyone is here apart from Mason. Alice looks like she is about to snap. But i am safe and sound now...

Kai Shivers POV:

Im the last one to go through. I hate the feeling of waiting on everyone else getting through. So far 8 people have went through and i dont know who has made it. All of them really should have made it, they were all very skilled, but im not sure if they all did. Anyway its my turn now, the last tribute to attempt to escape the arena. I walk through the door and all of these dead bodies start falling around me. I get the biggest fright ive ever had and jump about 20 ftin the air. I sprint for the door and the bodies strt to come alive. I take out my knives and my spear and Hack,stab and slice. I manage to fight my way to the doors and burst through them.I am the last through. The only one that didnt make it was Mason. Xanthe and kedzie walks out the door after me. We are the survivours. We are the Winners....


Previous victors: Ally Garden, Grass Gaden, Kedzie woods, Elana Maycell and Xanthe Peacock.

TRIBUTE ESCAPEES: Colbie Cain, Kai Shivers, Silvermist Gone, Alice Brown, Karina Lettom, Jenny Sparks, Harpy Evermist and Clarisse Shine.

Well done to Rockman117, Akuhano, Clove1001, PurpleXmuffin(X2), Anon..., Firecatcher and DistrictTributexD!!!

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