Basic info Before I start the story.

As you Proably alrezady know i have been asking people to lend me some victors for this story. Along with the victors i have been asking for favoured element.

This story will be like a mixture of the GONE... Series and the Hunger games. Thge only difference between the GONE series is the way the victors get the "abilities"

sorry if the victor you gave does not match with the element, i had to try and think up new ones...

FIRE Ebrulf Brown
WIND Aaron Blue
EARTH Cameron Jaque
WATER Harpy Evermist
ICE Becca Behead
POISON Silk Denim
MUTTATION Thorna Green
MAGIC Trout gar
LIGHT Jordan Halderweel
WEATHER Colbie Cain
GRAVITY Jupiter Dorthog
STEALTH Shana Buzz



"There have been many strange accidents in and around the Capitol and Districts, in the last few weeks.There have been victors being put into comas by freak natural or accidental disasters.

Victors of the Hunger Games, who have been named so far to be in the mystery comas are the following:

Eclipse Glade, Aaron blue, Erbrulf Brown and Harpy Evermist.

We will update when we have more information."


I was shopping in the capitol for some essentials soap and clothes things like that. We were just about to step onto the Platform to go back to District 0 when a man in a lab coat ran up to me. He asked me if I would like to help a medical breakthrough. Well of course i said yes.So they took me and my mother to A building just outsidee the Capitol square. I went into the Building and the man in the lab coat led me into a white room. In the middle of the room was a chair wuith arm, leg and chest straps. On a little table beside it was a headress-type thing and it looked...strange. The man told me they thought they had found a way to stop the Brain going into depression. What they said i had to do was put the headdress-type thing on and they would stop the part of my brain that cause depression. Then they would inject me with a chemical that is proven to induce depression. I was a little wary at this point but i still thought it was for a good casuse. How wrong i was...

Anyway i sat down in the chair and they strapped that thing to my head. They started to inject the electricity that the needed, into my head and it started to tingle. They then increased it again. It now felt like someone was stabbbing a pencil into my head. They then increased it 2-fold. It now felt like someone was bludgeoning me with a hammer.

"Can we stop.... please" I managed to get out."

"Just 1 more increase then it should work" The man in the lab coat said. He turned the dial on the machiene one more time and the last thing i saw for 2 weeks was my mother running into the room the the man with the lab coat sticking a precision needle into my her back.

Aaron Blues story:

I was at home in my house in the victors village watching the weather reports. The man on it was saying that district four was going to have a Hurricane hitting it. I wasnt overly shocked about this because its district four and we always get hit by hurricanes but what shocked me at that time was when my freind and fellow victor, Harpy Evermist burst through the door.

"Aaron, Its so good to see you, I haven't seen you since last years games."

"I know its been a while." Why dont you stay for a coulpe of days cause a Hurricane is on the way and you wont be able to get home in it."

"Ok if its fine with you"

"First we have to go into town to get essentials cause we may ber stuck in the hoiuse for quite a while."

At that point we left for the town. The wind was picking up now and it was starting to blow the branches in the trees. When we reached town i noticed something strange. There was a capitol Mechanic working on the roof of the District Nursery. Ithought that that was starnge because the nursery was only just new but dismissed it when Harpy said he was proably just putting down reinforcements.First we headed for the Grocery shop to get the usual stuff like bread,butter, milk ect. Then we headed for the Butchers. After that we headed for the conviencnce store to get ff, toilet paper,soap, things like that. When we had got our stuff we went to the checkouts and there was a massive line of proably about half the district.

"Aww well be here for ever," Harpy said.

After about an hour of standing imn the line we got our stuff and went outside. The wind had really picked up and we had to Concemtrate to stay on the ground. Suddenly the roof of the District Nursery Blew off and broke into bits. It then came flying towards us. This is when i truley noticed for the First time why Harpy had won her Games. As soon as she saw the roof come off the Bag of shooping she had been holding was dropped and she was running to the children inside. But then A massive generator from the Butchers broke off and started rolling along the ground and a piece of the Grocery shop roof Broke off. The part of the roof that broke off had a 10-inch nail in it. Harpy saw these and jumped at the right moment and somehow made her body flat and she effortlessly passed through both of these hazards. I on the other hand were not as good at gymnastics as Harpy so i waited until they blew by then ran and caught up with her.

"We have to save the Kids" She shouted to me.

"I'm right behi..." Because at that Point i was hit by the second giant Generator from the Butchers. I flew back and landed against the wall of the Grocery store. As i lay there bleeding to death thinking,'how can i survive the hunger games, the deadliest game in the world, and get killed some wind' when the Capitol mechanic who was working on the Roof of the nursery ran over to me and Jabbed a needle into my neck and pressed down on the plunger.

I would not wake up for 3 weeks....


I saw Aaron get hit by the Generator. I can't stop though i have to keep going to save the children. I run towards the nursery and pull the door open. There is no one in here.

"Crap" I think but thats when i hear a little girl screaming. And it was coming form the back door of the Nursery. I race round to the back door and see a Capitol Mechanic pulling about 6 kids along by their hands. I charge at the mechanic and kick him in the back of the head. He falls to the ground but on the way down he wraps his leg around the back of my knee and pulls. I fall to the ground. I scissor kick him in the face from where i am lying and then give him the beating hell never forget. After he is bloody and sore i get up leaving him unconcious and gather up the children. But the Mechanic is done for yet. He gets up and i am only alerteds by the children screaming. I quickly turn round and kick him in the face several times.After i am sure he is unconcious i turn around and notice something. Im one child short. i only have 5 children. I see the last child, a little girl named Tabitha, running towards the seaside cliffs. I quickly drag the children out to the path and tell a passerby to look after them. I then sprint after Tabitha, hoping to catch her before she well...

I have almost caught her. She is about 5 meters in front of me. I leap forward and grab her just as she is about to fall. Tabitha is pouring her eyes out and as i comfort her I feel something being injected into my neck. I immedatley get drowsy and i turn around and the Mechanic is their, nose broken, black eyes and several deep cuts on his face. He pulls Tabitha away from me and kicks me off the cliff. And i dont have the power to stop him...

I wont wake for three weeks....


I wake up nice and early that morning and go out for my daily morning run.I run through town once and out into the countryside again. I then run around the outside of the district andc back through again. I repeat this 2 more times befoe i notice the smoke. I run back into the centre of the district and ask one of the towns-people whats wrong.He says there is a fire in the justice Building and everyone inside is dead except from the Mayors 5 year old daughter. They can't get her out though cause shes right in the middle of the building and the flames are to thick to reach her. When i hear this i naturally volunteer to go in and get the little girl. I go over to the Ambulance and ask the Paramedic to ber ready tot reat the little girl when he gets her out. He then gives me a seringe full of a clear liquid and tell me that its Adrenaline and that it will keep me alive even if the smoke gets to thick to survive in. I immediatley take it and inject it into my arm. I see the Mayor and run over to him. He begs me to rescue hois dayghter as she is the only thing that means anything to him anymore. I say that ill try and ask were she is. He says that she is most likley in his office in the middle of the building. I race up the stairs and into the building. The smoke is spillimng from the door and it is thick black and poisonus.I gerab the hankercheif i use to wipe away the sweat when im running (yeah i know disgusting) and tie it around my mouth. It manages to keep most of the smoke out but by the end of that hall way my throat is already sore and dry and my eyes are begining to water. I manage to stiumble my way through the building and when i reach the mayors Office i wretch open the doors and look inside. There is no little girl in this room. The little girls screams that i have been hearing all the way here is actually just a dieing jabberjay tied to the wall with the words


written above it. As I feel this so called "Adrenaline" pumping through my veins, i collapse and fall into a coma that i will not wake from for three weeks...


"And that Panem is your National weather... Oh wait ive just had Breaking News 5 more Victors of the Hunger Games have been put into Coma's on a charity mountain climb. Jupiter Dorthog, Colbie Cain,Cameron Jaque, Lily Sage and Becca Behead have all been hospitalised in a series of freak accidents that also killed the climbing team that was journying up the Mountain with them. There are now 9 Hunger Games victors in Coma's in the capitols Western General Hospital.

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