LET THE GAMES BEGIN (after i finish writing an overview)


District Female Male Creator
District 0 Dahlia Everlasting-7 Calder Eden- 8 Skybender101
District 1 Bascule Du Fey- 9 Excel Rose- 10 Prezziesnow
District 2 Acaia Granger- 7 Reed Shacklebolt- 11 Anna-Athena
District 3 Shana Buzz- 8 Ian Volt- 7 Nate777
District 4 Oceana Blowfish- 9 Fisher Shark- 8 MnkyGrlsj
District 5 Cameron- Rokelle Starcather- 9

Everett East- 6 Clove1001
District 6 Pema Alderweel- 6 Golden Hawbrook- 8 Rockman117
District 7 Giselle Sunburst- 7 Twilight Dawn- 8 Jabberjay78
District 8 Shay Flax- 2 Thread Form- 7 Necterine
District 9 Kasha Farro- 8 Bulgar Millet- 10 Necterine
District 10 Lily Peony- 7 Carter Evergreen- 9 Anna-Athena
District 11 Iris Tune- 5 Hazel Grain- 12 MnkyGrlsj
District 12 Celeste Breeze- 6 Storm Spears- 8 Clove1001
District 13 Myra Vane-7 Clerk Vane-8 Effieluna


Shay- she decided to go Johanna Mason style and pretended to be weak

(ask me if you are wondering why a tribute got such a high score or such a weak score)


The arena is a gigantic amusement park. There are no food stands or anything like that and the gift shops are stacked with weapons and other supplies. There are 100 rides including 5 huge rollercoasters. All the tributes start around the tallest rollercoaster in the park. There is no cornucopia but there are many shops to get supplies from.

The rules for these games are that every day the tribute must go on a ride. Also, the creator of these games must help their tribute make decisions.

The basic out line of the park

Ex: I can't decide what ride to go on. The bumper cars or the roller coaster. (then the creator decides)

Most of the choses will be life or death with one being correct and the other... not so much.

Also if you are away please tell me because you will have one day to make a dicession.

After the bloodbath the surviving tribute will recive a map of the park.


All the tribute have to wear a t-shirt from the park. It has "SUPER FUN PARK" written in neon pink letter with a skull in the backround. The tributes also have to wear a beanie hat. The one plus to the uniform is a picture of a ride that is on the back of the t-shirt. You can't send your tribute a note about what is on the back. When a tribute is riding that ride an abondunce of supplies will rain down.


  1. High Drop (Large Roller coaster)
  2. Loop da Loop (Large roller coaster)
  3. Gravity Fails (Large roller coaster)
  4. Supertwister( Large roller coaster)
  5. Plumet (Large Roller Coaster)
  6. Bumper Cars
  7. Log Flume
  8. Scrambler
  9. Fun House
  10. Haunted House
  11. Bummble B (Kiddie ride)
  12. Lady Bugs Fly (Kiddie ride)
  13. Extrem Fliet (Bungee jumping)
  14. House of Mirrors
  15. Serpents path (Small rollercoaster)

(more will be posted as the games go on)

Brief Overview/ Chariot Rides

District 0

Dahlia gets into an allince with Thread and Shay. Calder works extremely hard and gets an 8. Dahlia mopes around thinking her life sucks. On the chariot they are standing in a middle of a snow globe, they are dressed as snow man. Half way through the snow globe breaks in half and snow flies into the adience. The tributes are then dressed in a white dress and a white tux. They get $700 for sponsoring.

District 1-

Showed off their skills. Intimidated the compotition both joined the careers. Excel refused to go into the swimming pool to learn how to swim. Bascule almost ate a posionous bug, but Giselle stopped her. Their chariot was a giant diamond. They were both in silver jump suits and shined so bright "they could be seen from the sky." Both of them have $1000 dollars for sponsoring.

District 2-

Joined the careers. Acaia barely made it in after her training score. Reed almost murdered Ian because he looked like his brother. Their chariot was made of wood and had guns along the sides. The tributes both grabbed guns and fired into the sky. The ammo exploded and it rained money. Each tribute got $800 for sponsoring

District 3-

They form an allince with themselfs. They avoid anything electronic. Ian pees himself when Reed pulled a knife on him. Shana stopped him at the last second. Their chariot ride was them dressed as computers, their costumes glowed with electrictity and burned away revealing a sizzling grey suit for Ian and a grey, dress for Shana. They both got $800 dollars.

District 4

They both join the careers. At first the careers wouldn't except Fisher but after his training score they let him in. Oceana worried about what would happen after the careers split up but got a lot of work done. Their chariot was a giant tank with rocks near the top. Oceana was dressed as a merimaid sitting on a rock while Fisher was swimming in the tank with live fish. THey got $900 for sponsoring.

District 5

They have decided to be loners. Cammie annoys the careers by singing too much. Everest was very mean to most people and drove everyone away. Despite this Cammie got a good score and Everest got his expected score. In there chariot ride they were on a giant generator, they were both dressed as atoms with electrons flying around them. Half way through the generator produced fireworks that spelled out POWER. Althought they liked the chariot the crowd didn't like the costumes. Each tribute got $600.

District 6

They ally with each other. They work hard in training. Golden becomes destracted a lot and stares at Pema. Pema focuses in and doesn't notice when alone though her thoughts alway travel to Golden. Their chariot ride is them on a glass syringe. They squirt out red wine into the crowd, but end up ruining everyone white clothes. They get $600 for sponsoring.

District 7

They decide not to ally. Giselle doesn't work as hard as she can though because she doesn't believe winning will be hard but she pulls of a decent score. Twilight works hard and pulls off a 8 in training. During the chariot ride Giselle is in a dress that seems to be made completely out of leafs, when she moves the dress reflects light to seem like a gentle breeze hitting a branch. Twilight is wearing a tux that seems to have the same affect. They get $900 dollars for sponsaring.

District 8

Thread choses Shay and Dahlia to team up with. Shay plans to kill him on the first night and save Dahlia because she knows what its like to lose her family. Thread plans on waiting a while before killing Shay and Dahila. On their chariot ride they are dressed as tiles. The audience waits for something to happen but nothing does. They get $600 for sponsoring.

(I really want to start so im just going to tell you how much they got for sponsoring)

District 9


District 10


District 11


District 12


District 13




Jacket- $25


Sweatshirt- $25


6 knifes- $50

12 knifes- $100

3spears- $50

6spears- $75



Sheild- $150

Armor- $300


Small First aid- $75

Large First aid- $100

Burn Medicene- $100

Sleeping Pills- $75

Micricale Medicene-$1000

Day 1


The tributes slowly ammurge from the ground, they surround a giant roller coaster. Its painted bright red with flashes of silver, all around the tributes there are some stores with what seem to be weapons inside of them. There are no other signs of life besides the 24 trapped tributes. For 23 of them the only time they're going home is in a white box.

Excel's POV

Ha look at them, one of them is even crying. To bad they will all die, only 10 second till the gong ring then they will all die. 10... 9... 8... 7...6... 5.... 4 ... 3... 2... 1...


(and we're back) As soon as the gong ring I race foward. Wait, wheres the weapons? Oh, right in the stores i race inside and grab a sword a backpack and a couple of knifes. I race out and meet up with my team mates.

Lily's POV

I watch as the careers form a tight circle around the poor boy from 3. He gets stabbed in the heart and dies instantly. I am now facing my own problem though, the boy from 9 is carging me. I only have a knife but that'll have to do, i dogde his wild swipe at my face and stab him in the back of his head. He falls to the ground.

I watch in horror as he flays around. His eyes roll into his hand and blood gushes from his mouth. I think im going to be sick. I grab a back pack and I run, and run, and run.

Iris's POV

I want to be in a allince, hmm. Oh the boy from 0 is running at me. I think he wants an allince. Wait, he has a knife. I turn to run away but before i can react he grabs me and jams the knife into my skull. I change my mind, i dont want to be in an allince.

Clerk's POV

I team up with Myra and start to run away. The boy from 5 tries to jump at us but Myra quickly decapitates him with a flash of her soward. We continue to run until we find a small gift shop we grab two backpacks and two more knifes. I like the arena, i like thinking back to a time when there were places like this where people could have a good time. Now our lifes are full of misery and dispare. We eventually slow down to a walk. We continue walking until we two figures land in front of us. Its the couple from 6. "allince?" they ask. We nod, not wanting another fight.

Hazel's POV

The only tributes left are the careers, me and the girl from 12. The girl had been injured and was lying still on the floor. She had a nasty cut on her leg and it's bleeding really badly. I'm hiding behind a tree, and the careers, who think that the girl is dead, are fighting. The girl slowly looks at me, I see extreme pain in her face, "please" she mouths outs. She wants me to finish her off. (Should he... MnkGrlsj you decide)

I can't stand to leave this poor girl like this. I grab my knife and run out. "Sorry" I say to the girl as i stab her neck. She releases one last tear before closing her eyes forever. I quickly sprint out of there just as the first careers sees me. But its too late im already gone.

Oceana's POV

Soon after the boy from 11 escapes we each recive a map of the arena. Turns out we are in between the haunted house and Plumet, which seems to be the roller coaster behind us. We aren't sure why we need the maps when a trupet playing gets my attention. "ATTTENTION TRIBUTES!!! You must go on at least one ride per day," Thats it, what a rip. Now we are fighting about which ride to go on. Like kids. We can't decide but we have to fast, Reed is holding his knife in a odd position.

"Lets have a vote," I say. "Fine," Says Reed. "Who votes for the haunted house?" Bascule, Reed, Fisher, and me raise our hands. Although Excel and Acaia look furious they don't object. We head over to the haunted house where we split into groups of two. Bascule and Reed enter first, followed by Excel and Acaia, while me and Fisher bring up the rear. We are in small carts that look like monster heads. Me and Fisher scream and jump at every fake skeleton, at one point I see Bascule and Reed laughing about a mummy. Then Excel starts screaming, at first I think it about the ride but then a mummy pops out holding Acaias severed head with blood still dripping and the mouth still open.

Shay's POV

I can't wait until tonight then i will kill Thread. We have decided to go on a log flume. It looks pretty safe, the logs are fake and the waters is clorine. We hop on first its Dahlia, then Tread, then me. We hop on and are briskly taken away. I think it's pretty much stinks but Tread and Dahlia have fun. WE are traveling up a fake mountain when I notice a rushing sound. As we get closer to the top I realize what it is, I jump out just seconds from the top. "WATERFALL" Dahlia and Thread realize what i mean and reach out. The log is at the top of the mountain, I realize i only have a second to decide who lives and who dies. I want Thread to die but I want to do it personaily. Dahlia only sulks around but the look in her eyes says she doesn't want to die. who do I save?

I close my eyes and grab the first hand I can reach. It's Dahlia, we watch in horror as the log flips in the air and lands with a splat, squishing Thread underneath. Well in a way I killed him.

Giselle's POV

I chose the Loop da Loop a large roller coasters with huge loops. As I walk up the winding path I notice a girl entering the ride. She is practicly running up the stairs in excitment. I walk in after her, she sceams when she notices me but then asks, "Allies" I can't find Zett right now so why not? She introduces herself as Cammie, district 5. We climb on the ride together and watch as the huge saftey belts go over our heads and push onto our laps.

We trudge up a big hill, at the very top I begin to laugh,we fly down the hil do like twenty loops and end up back at the station. I wait for the restricting belts to set us free but they dont. We start up again, I imedatly realize whats happening, "Cameron, we have to get off," I say she nods her head, I look around for something to realese the lever but nothing happens, were close to the top when Zett appears next to me. I almost cry when i see him, he undos my strap with a small wrench then i jump off, Cameron close behind, we watch as the ride continues its never ending cycle.


24th- Ian Volt (3)- Careers

23rd- Bulgar Millet (9)- Lily Peony (10)

22nd- Iris Tune (11)- Calder Eden (0)

21st- Everett East (5)- Myra Vane (13)

20th- Celeste Breeze (12)- Hazel Grain (11)

19th- Aciada Granger (2)- Mummy dude (haunted House)

18th- Thread Form (8)- Log Flume


Careers- Execel Rose, Bascule Du Fey, Reed Shacklebolt, Oceana Blowfish, Fisher Shark


Distirct 13 and District 6- Myra and Clerk Vane, Pema Alderweel and Golden Hawbrook

District 7 and Cammie

Shay Flax and Dahlia Everlasting

Day 2

Narrators POV

The othe tributes got on rides without a problem. The remaining tributes try to live to see another day though.

Calders POV

I wish these games would end!!! It's terribly boring with nothing to do, i haven't seen a living soul for a day and the only food is Cotton Candy, Popcorn, and hot dogs. I wander around looking at rides and other things, I don't notice the tributes from 13 and 6 land infront of me. They jump at me and I grab the sword i got at the blood bath. They lunge at me, I kill the 6 girl and watch as the boy sobs next to her dead body. The siblings from 13 bolt and I'm torn between killing the boy or moving on.

I can't kill him now though he's to much of a wreck. He doesn't even notice as I walk away, trying to decide where to go next.

Lily's POV

I'm waiting on a tree for some one to pass under so I can kill them. What a wonderful thin

This is what the cart looks like

g for a 12 year old to be doing. Soon after the killing of the boy, I felt the last of my innocence leave. I'm not a 12 year old, I'm a murder. So I wait, and wait. I consiter going on another ride, the Supertwister is right behind me, I also want to go on the House of Mirrors, seems intresting.

I choose the Supertwister, why not enjoy my life whil I still have it? I walk up to the ride and stand in awe as it towers above me. I watch as an empty car chugs up the hill, the carts are designed so you are lying down as you enjoy the ride. I climb up and go to the front row. I love getting on, the saftey harrnesses push down on my chest as the cart faces down.

The cart pulls out and i look around, I can't see much but I spot the 13 siblings running from something, luckily I can also see the exit of the ride is opposite of them, so i'm safe as long as they don't come on the ride. I enjoy the flips and turns of the ride but then I feel the cart straiting. Why? Its only the halfway point!! Then I see it, a beam sticking out. Its rushing at me. A realize the gamemakers provided a way to get out, when the cart is completly strait, I'm able to slip between the harness and cart and slip down a bit. The beam hits the cart but bounces off not doing to much damage. I pull my self up allow the ride to face down again.

Hazel's POV

I've decided to pick a fight with some one. I walk around until I spot two girls, one looks like she has been crying and the other is comforting her. They seem weak and I know that in order to get sponsors its time to kill them. I can't decide which to kill first. The crying one would be easy but the other is distracted.

I go for the crying one. The other girl notices though and gabs me by the neck, she drags me to the fountain near by and stuck my head under water. I didn't fight i just let her drown me.

Shanas POV

I watch the careers as they gather up ready to head out. I know my moment has come to revenge Ian and kill them with a mine. I inch my way to the plates where we started these terrible games. I dig out my first mine and reactivate it. I begin to plant and at the halfway mark I realize how long I've been taken. I dont know if I should plant the last mine though.

I quickly plant the last mine and run behind a tree. I make it just in time as the careers amerge. "I'm hungry," says the little 12 year old. "I'll get the meat," The district 4 girl and the boy from 2 start foward. They make it just a few feet before their blown sky high. A piece hits the boy from 1, it rolls for a little bit befor stoping, a hand is all thats left of the girl from 4. The boy from 2 is withering in pain, he won't last long either. I sneak away from the mayhem hopeing I revenged Ian.


17th- Hazel Grain (11)- Drowned by Shay Flax (8)

16th- Oceana Blowfish (4)- Mine planted by Shana Buzz (3)

15th- Reed Shacklebolt (2)- Mine planted by Shana Buzz (3)


Careers: Bascule De Fey (1), Excel Rose (1), and Fisher Shark (4)


Giselle Sunburst, Twilight Dawn, and Cammie Starcatcher

Shay Flax, Dahlia Everlasting

Myra and Clerk Vane

Day 3

Gisselle POV

Me, Twilight and Cammie have decided to go on a House of Mirrors, we enter the room and are imedatly surrounded by our reflections. Twilight and Cammie laugh and run ahead of me. I slowly progress and follow their voices. We end up in a small room. "This is fun," says Cammie. I fake a laugh and walk towards Twilight he seems to be somber.

"Whats up?" I ask, in answer he puts his hand up. I try to touch it but I hit a glass wall. I turn to Cammie, she also has her hand up against another glass wall, we are in 3 different rooms, no way out and then the walls move in. We try to get out but the walls progress, soon were crammed in like small squares. I don't know what to do.

I lean foward while they lean back. They seem to fall through a chute. But not me, I try to lean back but it is too late. The walls squeeze tighter and tighter, making me a human square.

Shays POV

Its time for me to kill Dahlia. We haven't exactly been getting along. She breaks down crying every 5 minutes and when I killed the boy from 11 she went crazy. "SHAY, STOP STOP! Your hurting Thread stop," It was then I realized she had a thing for Thread. Now she thinks everything is him. When I killed a small squirrel she wouldn't eat it saying "Cannablism, seriously Shay. You kill thread, and now you want to eat him?"

I'm just not sure how to kill her yet, suffacate her with a huge stuff animal or knife in the back.

Hmm... lets make this quick. I grab my knife and stab her in the back, she lets out a small gasp then goes limp. I start to walk away when I realize the cannon didn't go off. I turn around to see Dahlia get up say "I'm a comin' Tread" do a little dance and fall over. This time the cannon proves it. That was the stranges thing I've ever seen.

Fishers POV

We careers are furious. We hunt down as many people as we can. We find the boy from 10 and kill him. Then we find 2 people looking shell shocked under the house of mirrors. We kill the girl but the boy gets away. Then we spy the kids from 13. They are lounging on a beanch when we attack. The girl is dead in an instant. The boy throws his knife and we watch it fly into Bascules skull. The boy runs away and me and Excel begin to discuss what to do now.

Should we look for allies or continue on our own?


14th- Giselle Sunburst (7) - House of mirrors

13th- Dahlia Everlasting (0)- Shay Flax (8)

12th- Carter Evergreen (10)- Careers (1/4)

11th- Cammie Starcatcher (5)- Careers (1/4)

10th- Myra Vane (13)- Careers (1/4)

9th- Bascule du Fey (1)- Clerk Vane (13)

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