The Career Games!

Most of My games never really make it past the tribute section but i got this idea and cant get it out of my head. These will proably be my last games for a while, im still going to be here just for commenting and tributes. I want to start these soon but im not pateint and if i dont have all the tributes by a week or two Thes games will be canceled.


These games will feature all careers. So whos best of the best, or should i say the cruelest of the cruel. There will be 24 careers forced into the arena and forced to kill each other until only one remains... (enough with the dumb intro)

Basicly the games will be focused on 24 tributes all from career distirct. I would prefer that they would be harsh careers but nice ones are excepted too. So, basicly 8 tributes from each careerer district. There will be a few twists and only one winner. There is a 4 tribute limit.

Male Female
District 1 Panther Doom- 11 Glitter Sparkle- 9
Distirct 1 Draco Petra- 10 Silk Vendetta- 10
Distirct 1 Lance Rye- 10 Charlotte Grey- 11
Distirct 1 Tux Golden- 12 Aravis Blossom -10
Distirct 2 Ferdinand Cruz- 10 Leila Labelle- 11
District 2 Kahill Riddles- 8 Laura Hamilton-7
Distirct 2 Felix Strong- 9 Scarlet Crinson- 9
District 2
District 4 Leon Rivers- 9 Aqua Reeds- 8
District 4 Blue West - 8 Aquamarine Summerton - 7
District 4 Artimis Trout- 7 Navy Cray- 8
District 4


District 1

Tux's POV

I love reapings, isn't it so much fun to watch people go off to their death. This year though I'm going to kill everyone, I mean EVERYONE. Then when I win I will kill anyone who annoys me. I will be the best of the best. I WILL WIN.

Silks POV

I am excited for these reapings. As time ticks away I become more and more anxcious. What happens if I am picked, will some one volunteer?

I push those thoughts out of my head and focus on the lady walking onto the stage. I wish i had a mirror then i could make sure my hair was alright.

Charlotte POV

Ha, everyone thinks that I was kidding when I said i was going to volunteer. Well I wasn't, I am going to win and kill everyone. I am going to be the youngest victor ever, and against all the other careers too. I may be young but I am so much better then anyone else.

Panthers POV

I can't wait. The crazy looking women has finally finished the long speech. I will now volunteer for the first unlucky person to be called. The lady with neon yellow hair reaches into the bowl and reads out nice and clear, "Magik Light" a scrawny looking 13 year old starts up. Before his leg even touches the stage 20 people have their hands up. The lady quickly spots me and says "You," I walk up with great pride and wait as she calls a 14 year old who is quickly replaced with a girl named Glitter.

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