Chapter 1


My Name is Serena Day. I am a Victor from the Hunger Games. I won the 69th Games by massacring the Careers in the Final Eight. I faked My own death and went into Hiding to survive the Victors Purge. There where 6 of us who did it. 26 victors really did die. We had To survive.....

We remained in hiding because we thought it would be easier to cope with. And it was. The certain districts were assigned their new jobs and the New Panem had their last Hunger Games, with the Capitol Children as the tributes instead of us. A girl Named Whitney won. She wasnt expected to she, had 50/1 odds of winning but it turned out she could kill viciously. It was over in 3 days, and she wasnt even in a threat. She just went around the arena killing everyone with traps, a knife and an axe.

Anyway It was At the crowning Ceromony that we first noticed something was wrong. Vice President Plutarch Hevansbee was crowning the victor because at one point he was a Gamemaker for the old Panem.He looked very ill, pale and sweaty, almost like he had a fever. But he was putting the Crown On Whitneys head when he stopped and she screamed. She kicked him in the face and he fell over. She got and drove the Heel of her High heel into his eye killing him. But that wasn'ty the big shock. The skin around the sides of his mouth had began to crack.It had sytarted going green. And blood was dripping from his mouth. He had lunged at Whitney and tried to bite her. So she killed him. That is when they burst though the door. About 20 other people, Infected by the same disease as Vice President Plutarch but their was worse. The had and were eating people. At this point i had went to the window of my house in district 4 and looked out the window. There were about 15 of these people running about the street chasing people, some having caught their pray, eating them. I was trying to decide what to do when the hand put in my window.......


I am sitting on my couch watching the recaps of the Capitol's Games. They were particularly gruesome.They remind me of my games. I won because i was in the careers. And because i killed just under half of the competitors, including the five other careers. I didnt want to but i had no other choice. I had to come home. I realise that whilst i was living in my memories my phone had started to ring. I go into the Hall of my house and pick it up. The number is: 0012 566-9856

Thats when i freeze. Something is happening. The person who is calling me is a previous Hunger Games Victor like me. Her name is Serena Day. We and four other victors abandonned our other lives to survive the victors purge. We went into hiding. I pick up the phone.

"Serena whats going on?" i ask.

"Arm Yourself Aaron, there are basically zombies walking the streets and theyve already started attacking people. They almost got me but im ok."

"Ok. Do the others know?"

"Im not sure. Your the only one ive had time to call, ill try and contact the..."




I shout the last time cause im worried. Her phone has cut out. Not only Must i contact the other four victors who went onto hiding i have to contact Katniss and Peeta. As well as the others; Enobaria,Annie,Johanna and Beetee. But first i run to my room. Lucky i was so cautious and have stored weapons all over my house. I have a Trident under my bed, Throwing knives in my side cabinet drawer, a 15-inch knife on the leg of my bed and a bow in my cupboard. I grab them all when i smell the burning. Then i realise that the zombie-things are outside my house. And that they are smarter than the movie-zombies. And that they have set my House on fire.....


I am happy with my life now. I still live in the victors village with my darling Peeta. We live happyily, Haymitch has took to rasing Geese. We still see Effie and some of the other Victors some times bu not alot. Greasy sae died a year ago. Some one broke into the house in she lived in and robbed her. There was a commotion and she was pushed down a flight of stairs.Peeta found her the next day. She died due to her injuries. My mother still works in District 4 as a nurse. And then theres dear Prim. Creully took away from us.

I pull myself away from my Memories and decide to go get something to eat. I walk through to the kitchen of me and Peeta share and open the cupboards. Theres nothing. So i decide thati will go and stalk up on essentials. I grab my fathers old hunting jacket and slip on a simple pair of boots. As i leave i shout up to peeta that im going shopping. He sits in the room that was Prims and paints for hours on end. Sometimes is things from the games like Glimmer and Cato's deaths or not like things from the capitol or just cakes. I leave the house and start to walk towards the village. When District 13 took ove they rebuilt the village quickly so that it was habitable. Alot of people moved here from the other districts.I walk into the shops and am out again within half an hour. I am walking home through the lane that take you to the victors village when i hear a scream. I look further down the alley and there is someone getting attacked. I immediately drop the bag and run towards the person that is mugging the other person and pull them off. Thats when i notice there is something wrong. He is pale and has green cracked skin around his mouth. Blood is spilling form his lips and he lunges at the person who he was attacking, which turns out to be a young girl. I grab the man-thing by the hair,pull his hair back and elbow him in the face. I kick behind his knee and as he falls i reach down for the knife that i always keep strapped to my leg incase of Emergency's. I grab it and push it into the mans chest. He squeals and and statrs flailing about. I push the little girl back towards the town and tell her to run straight home. I run back to the Victors village and run into the attic. I look through the telescope that we have in the skyline and i see that in the middle of the town there are at least 5 of these things attacking people. Then the phone rings. I run to it and answer it.


"Katniss this is an Emergency, its Aaron blue, Victor of the 63rd Hunger Games. People are turning into zombie...(coughing fit) im sorry i have to go. Arm yourself......."

And with that Peeta runs through the door saying someone is trying to get in.....

Chapter 2 -- 3 weeks later


Its been 3 weeks since we first noticed the disease. Alot of people died. But we knew how to protect ourselves. That night when Katniss first heard from Aaron someone tried to get in. I opend the door and kicked them onto the ground. And Katniss had obviously heard my shout because she came running down the stairs and chucked me my knife. It was decorative of course. But we made sure it was sharp. And we made sure Katniss had a bow at all times. Just incase.

Anyway i killed that Zombie. We haven't thought of a name for them yet. We are just calling them zombies at the moment. But Haymitch was almost bitten that night. He isn't coping well. Hes having withdrawl symptoms from the alcohol because we toldif he gets drunk and gets bit we won't hesitate to kill him. We don't really know much else about anyone, only rumours. Wev'e heard that Beetee is dead. That i could proably imagne cause he isn't much of a fighter. We heard Effie went beserk after a Zomie bled over one of her good hambags and slughtered about 20 of them with only her hands. We heard Enobaria and Johanna killed alot of them in there area so as to be safe. But Annie is the one wer'e worried about. And the victors who "Faked" their death to avoid the victors purge.It was a shock even hearing about them still being alive. But its all just Rumours. And me,Katniss and Haymitch are on our way to Distrct 7 to find our good freind Johanna Mason.

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