This will be like Normal Top Trumps. A category will be picked at random and you pick your option that has the highest in the chosen category.


This is how its gonna work. There will be a list of tributes.depending on how many peopel sign up will be how many you get.

This is going by the book, so if someone has a different weapon in the film as they do in the book, it will be the one in the book that is used.

You will be given a day after you and the category have been chosen to submit your choice. If You dont submit your character is killed. If you do submit but lose, the other player wins your character.


  1. Games Survived: This is how many games your tribute survived. There will be some like Marvl,Glimmer ect. that have survived 0 so will have a score of 0. Victors such as Wiress,Mags ect. will have a score of 1 since they were killed in the 75th games. And others Like Katniss and Peeta will have 2 because they have survived 2 Games.
  2. Weapon: This is the tricky one to understand. If the characters weapon is unknown they get a 3. If the characters weapon is known but not very good, like a slingshot or something then they get a 5. If they have a Good weapon but aren't very good with it, like Glimmer with the Bow, the they get a 7. If they have a good weapon and can use it well they get a 10.
  3. Tactics: This one is simple if the character was very Tactical and planned things through then they get a high number and characters that just rush into things get a low number. Charcaters who are a bit of both get a middle number.
  4. Kills: This is entirely on kills. If they have an unknown amount they will get a 3.


thats not all of the spaces i just wanted to see how many would join before making a big table

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