These will be my LAST games, so I wanted to make them good. These games will have the tributes as Gladers, assisted by 4 main characters of the book(Games will also go through the 2nd and 3rd book if necessary). More will be explained if you don't understand. So.....let the games begin! (No training scores/sponsors)

UPDATE: This is now a collab with me and Nate777/LilyRoseEverdeen. We will both write the story, and Nate's tributes won't be treated special because they are his.

District Male Tribute Female Tribute User
1 Oparnler Parker Ellacey Ford QuinnQuinn
2 Faust Woods Cahe Wolfe Clove1001
3 Austin Gerjanjer Jadynette Olive QuinnQuinn
4 Logan Blue Misty Blue Nate777
5 Thunder Way Asia Madding Anna-athena
6 Jack Dawson Rose DeWitt Bukater Rueflower
7 Lex Cross Jade Lyre Clove1999
8 Robin Vigo Maryam Mote Skyandbray
9 Aden Stalk Demetra Roselle Everdeen
10 Adam Beirne Taylor Thorn Firecatcher3
11 Sam Blah Blue Ghost Rueflower
12 Jay Wayland Irene Seam Necterine411

Alexander Du Winter

Sadie Williamson


Gladers Thomas


Gladers Minho Newt(guy)




Crossed out-DEAD

Day 1: The Grievers

Jack Dawson's POV: Wow. We've been in here for days (The Maze) and none of the tributes are hurt. I would hang around with Rose, but this guy named Minghoe or something tells us to get our shuck butts off the ground and get working. I guess this place doesn't run itself, and we need to run it. Great idea for the arena, Capitol. As I try to stop thinking about this, I hear a rumbling come from outside. Tonight, we are sleeping in one of the buildings. I look outside, and see a horrible creation. Minghoe called them Grievers, and said that they were horrible. But I didn't think that they were this bad! Imagine a freaky green blob, and give it mechanical claws, and that's what you have. And I'm pretty sure it's ready to kill. It crashes through the building and goes straight for......Adam Beirne. He tries to fight the griever, but it's no use. It takes him away to wherever those things go. I start to wonder why there was only one of those things sent after us.



Which part of the book (The Maze Runner) is this from?

A) The beginning, when Thomas is introduced

B) The middle, when Thomas is trapped in the maze

C) The end, when the Gladers try to escape

If you have read the book, you get 1 guess. If you haven't read the book, you get 2 guesses.

Thunder Way's POV: Wow. It has been 2 days, and nothing has happened. Except griever attacks. A griever has come to take 1 tribute for the last 2 nights. At least Asia wasn't taken. The tributes that were taken were Austin Gerjanjer and Cahe Wolfe. They tried to fight, but it was no use. They were also taken away. The other ones are deciding an escape route. I think one of their names is Newt. I hold Asia's hand as we wait for the plan of action. To my surprise, a girl steps out and calls the remaining tributes to attention. "Listen up! To get out of the Maze, we need to go to the Griever Hole(Cliff)! Some of you will probably die, but if we all put our best into it, we will survive! Now, lets get a move on!" she shouts. And then, we all grab some weapons that she gets for us and run to the maze, where the next phase of the games await us.

Faust Woods POV: I grit my teeth as we continue to run into the maze. The non-tributes seem to know where to go, so I just follow them. "Here it is!" one of them shouts and we round a corner. I am shocked. There are at least dozens of those Griever things, and we are running straight for them. I take out my knife and prepare to fight.

Jade Lyre's POV: I sure hope fighting these things won't mess with my appearance. I run near a Griever and start hacking it with a knife. Then, I fall over as another one cuts my leg. I prepare to die as an ugly person, since my leg is bleeding. Out of nowhere, the 9 girl comes and kills them by slashing off their heads. She didn't even look my way, like she was scared to do this. I am about to say thanks when another Griever gets a claw through her heart. I get up and run, knowing this will be the only way to live.

Asia Madding's POV: Because of where we came from, Thunder and I are cutting down Grievers left and right. I think we are killing more than any of the other tributes combined. Together, we are the perfect team. I look back to make sure Thunder is ok, and find a Griever about to attack me. I am already busy with the Griever in front of me, so my fate looks grim. Just as the claw is about to hit me, Thunder jumps in and takes the blow. Before I can say anything, he kills both Grievers. "I...I love you....Asia.." he says. "Don't die on me now, Thunder!" I shout, but it's too late. He's already gone. Before I can show my sadness, another Griever attacks me through the lung. "That's it for me." I think. Before I die, I crawl over to Thunder and grab his hand. That's the last thing I remember before falling into the black void of death.

Jay Wayland's POV: Dang it! I don't know what those non tributes are doing, but they better make it quick. Just for the record, it's kind of hard to fight off monsters when you only have one arm. But I'm doing pretty good. I'm cutting through the grievers left and right, thank goodness that I'm strong. Then a tribute's knife hits my arm and causes me to fall. "What the......" I say as I see the 8 boy running away and laughing. If I live, then he is going down. But that doesn't look like the case. A griever has pinned me down, and is about to start attacking me. Just as I am about to give up and die, I hear a click.

Ellacey Brown's POV: After the clicking noise, all of the grievers somehow turned off. Thank goodness Oparnler is still alive. Looks like the 12 boy is too, even after being pinned under a griever. With his only arm, he pushes himself up and stares daggers at the 8 boy. He mutters something, and I am close enough to hear it. "Another time." he said. But there is no more time for thoughts. The non-tributes have led us through the Griever Hole, and we are running to get out. The only problem is, there's no exit that I can see. To our right, I see people beckoning to us. Apparently the non-tributes trust them, because they are running right to them. Since us tributes have nowhere else to go, we follow them. They start shouting for us to get on a bus, and we do. I wonder what we will have to do next.

Jadynette Olive's POV: These people don't look like they know what they're doing. I know what we should be doing. Escaping from these Glader weirdos. But of course, no one listens to my ideas. All I know is that this bus is about to take us to the 2nd phase of these games.

Day 2: The Scorch

Time for Question 2: The 1st 2 people to get this right will win immunity for all their tributes. Good luck!

Who are the 2 "Cranks" the Gladers find in the Scorch, and what is the name of the Glader that is struck by the living sphere and lives? (In the Flat Trans)

a) Jean/Jorge, Theodore

b) Brenda/Jorge, Winston

c) Jean/Greg, Theodore

d) Harriet/Samson, Jorge

e) Brenda/Greg, Samson

f) None of the above

Sadie Williamson's POV: These past few hours, all I have been doing is scanning the tributes to see if there is anyone worthy enough to ally with me. My original plan was to go solo, but then again, this isn't a normal arena. Although I don't really get along with people, I need an alliance if only a small one, to keep me alive. I know the perfect person to ally with, even if he is a little gullible. I go and sit next to him.

Aden Stalk's POV: I can't believe my district partner has already died. I wonder which one of us has the worst end of the stick here. I am still in the games, waiting to be punished, and she is dead. I am too busy mourning her death to notice the 13 girl sit next to me. "Hi." she says. "Yeah?" I say back. I know her style. She needs something from me, and I'm the one to give it to her. "Alliance?" she asks. So that's what she wants. But it would be nice to have someone watching my back. "Yes." I say, and she moves closer to me, both of us waiting for the dangers that are soon to come.

Robin Vigo's POV: Right now l'm in the boys bunk. A few hours ago we were fed pizza in the lunch room and now were supposed to be asleep. The boys are in this room while the girls are in another. The daggers l snuck in are held tight against my chest, they are my life line right now. I can't sleep even though l should. I try to sleep but the boy on top on the top bunk of me is snoring loud and keeps mentioning something about a girl named Misty. I try to find sleep and l do. I wake up about 5 hours later to find the room in chaos. I go over to the window to see living decaying bodies yelling "Kill Me!" or "I'm gonna Kill you!" I get panicked and all of us gather at the door and decide a plan.

Blue Ghost's POV: The ghosts told me that there would be changes today. And they were right. All of the girls are getting escorted out of the building, but not the boys. I wonder why. I ask the ghosts why this is happening, but they shake their heads and smile, saying it will become clear. I hate those ghosts. As the door to the building is sliding shut (we are on the outside in some kind of tunnel), I see a boy entering our room.

Logan Blue's POV: We have decided on a plan of action. We will get the girls from the place they are staying, and find a way out. Unfortunately, we don't know where that is. As we look in the rooms, some of the guys are complaining about food and a decent bathroom, but I say nothing. In one of these rooms, Misty is there, and we will soon reunite. "I think we've got it!" says the Asian kid, and he kicks open the door. It is the girls room, and we did find it. But I can only think of one thing, "Misty. is. gone."

Taylor Thorn's POV: A very old man came in about an hour ago, and told us that we have been given a deadly disease. And if we don't complete a mission then we die from it. We are to go out to this old building, in the middle of nowhere in a desert, and wait for the boy called Thomas to come. Then him and Teresa will reunite and spark a romance. He will leave, and then we head to the mountains. A few days later, we will capture him in the mountians and kill him. I know this sounds confusing to you, because I DON'T GET IT EITHER! So yeah, its either we all die, or we can kill Thomas and survie for a little while longer. I know once l had gotten reaped l would have to kill, but now, as l am more in the game, the reality of killing is setting in. I don't want to kill but l have to. lt's either l kill or be killed. Then he say one last thing "Oh, l forgot to mention that you have exactly have 2 weeks to complete your mission." Doors open and we are forced out into the desert. It is night, but l'm sure it will get hot once morning comes. All of us run, looking for the building.

Lex Cross's POV: What is this guy doing here? This is where the girls were sleeping. I start to ask a question, but Minho beats me to the punch. "Who the klunk are you, man?" he says. He is about to reply, but then Minho gets him in a headlock. "You can answer later. Right now, you're coming with us." he says. And then we all leave the room, again searching for the girls, and a way out.

Oparnler Parker's POV: Grrr, why is it so boring! All we've been doing is walking around for the last couple of hours, and we haven't found anything. I wish Ellacey was here, to help me out of the searing boredom I'm in. We go back into the main room, and see something that wasn't there before. Or rather, someone. He looks like he has the head of a rat on his head, so if I ever talk to him, I'm going to call him Rat-Man. "Hello, Gladers." he says. "The next phase is just beginning. If you want to live, take everything you can with you and enter the next room in the next 10 minutes or die." he says.

Sam Blah's POV: Great. Now we are all in this pitch-black hallway with no way out. Rat-Man called it a Flat-Trans. "Well, I guess we have to keep going." said Thomas. Easy for you to say. My wheelchair barely fits in the corridor. After a little bit, I start going insane. It doesn't seem like we're going anywhere, and it seems like everyone takes 1 step per minute. Something falls on my head, and locks on with an iron grip. I said I was going insane, but this is ridiculous! I try to scream, but it won't let me. I feel a twist, and I realize that it's my neck as I fall into a never-ending blackness.

Alexander Du Winter's POV: Something is wrong here. I just heard a snap, and something falling to the ground. I shine my flashlight up, hoping to find something. and I do. "Weird balls of gray are falling from the ceiling! Run for your lifes!" I shout. Everyone looks up the second I say that. Unfortunately, another ball hits Lex, the boy from District 7, and snaps his neck. We all start running after that. Then we make it to a door, which will lead us to the next phase.

Taylor Thorn's POV: A gust a warm wind rushes through the night sky, curling around my neck. What to do. I think. I squint in the night air and try to see for Thomas. He's the only way I'll be able to survive. The man's raspy voice comes back. Oh I forgot that you only have 2 weeks to complete your mission. Suddenly, I jolt awake and see a small shadow walking towards us.

Jack Dawson's POV: Wow, it is so hot out here. After we got out of the Flat-Trans, we were hit with the scorching sun. I swear we are all sweating buckets out here. What's worse is that we are running out of food/water, and we haven't even reached the city that stretches out into the beyond, mocking us. Then clouds start to form in the skies above. "How can it be RAINING right now?" I think. The clouds open, and it starts raining...... LIGHTNING! All of us Gladers start running now, hoping not to get hit with those deadly streaks of lightning. I move left and right, trying to avoid the lightning. Ahead of me, the District 1 boy narrowly misses being it with the lightning. Suddenly, a lightning streak hits me in the chest. I fall to the ground and notice no one has noticed what has happened. "" I try to think before death claims me.

Rose DeWitt Bukater's POV: I feel a stab in my heart as the shadowy man talks to us again. I know. Jack is dead. But I don't want to give up. I want to find him. I stood up. "I need to find Jack." I say. "I want to be with him." I say. "Do you know what will happen to you if you don't follow the plans?" the man says in a gravelly voice. "I don't care. I need to find Jack." I say. "Fine. Bad move." he says as he whips out a gun and shoots it directly in my face.

Logan Blue's POV: I put my hands on my knees as I gasp for breath. I was running for a long time, trying to avoid the lightning. I hope Misty is still alive and that she didn't have to go through that. I look around to see who is left. Other than the District 9 boy who I saw get hit with the lightning, the only one missing is Faust Woods. I asked the 12 boy what happened to him. He said that Faust got struck directly in the head with the lightning and died instantly. I guess I should be mourning them or something, but I'm just glad that I'm not dead. "Hey! Look!" Newt says. Wow. I think that's the first time I've heard him speak since I got here. But I do look up. There is a person with a parachute floating toward us. I notice that he is wearing the regular tribute outfit, so the Capitol must have sent him. When he lands, he walks over to us and says, "I'm Harris Jon, and I am now a tribute because the Capitol has sent me here. They told me what we need to do." He points toward the city ahead of us. "We need to go through that Crank-infested city," he says.

Harris Jon's POV: I didn't think that what I did to get put here was that bad. I guess it shows the Capitol has no mercy for anyone, even poor people. At least they told me what to do. Right now, us gladers are walking toward the city. After the lightning I saw from the Capitol hovercraft, it has turned incredibly hot, and right now I'm counting the seconds until I die. I wonder if anyone else feels the same way.

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