With my other games nearing there end, i will be accepting placements for these games. These will be my last games, once these are finished so am I. Anyway i give you THE WALKING DEAD GAMES....



  • The tributes in these games are not normal tributes they are characters form the Walking Dead, Mainly the TV show. Some characters who have died will appear and some who have hasd limited roles will also appear.
  • Any Characters with amputations that will impede their progress, such as Hershel, will not have these disabilities in these games.
  • Characters who have other disadvantages such as Lori being pregnant will also not appear.

How to Enter:

To enter simply say in the comments that you would like to enter and select a number between 1 and 24.

The numbers Represent a character. How they die in the Tv series will not effect how they die in this.

Asking for a specfic character will not increase your chance of getting them, whatever number you pick is the character you get.


1 -- TAKEN

2 -- TAKEN

3 -- TAKEN

4 -- TAKEN

5 -- TAKEN

6 -- TAKEN

7 -- TAKEN

8 -- TAKEN

9 -- TAKEN

10 -- TAKEN

11 -- TAKEN

12 -- TAKEN

13 -- TAKEN

14  -- TAKEN

15 -- TAKEN

16 -- TAKEN

17 -- TAKEN

18 -- TAKEN

19 -- TAKEN

20 -- TAKEN

21 -- TAKEN

22 -- TAKEN

23 -- TAKEN

24 -- TAKEN


District Male Tribute Weapon Owner Female Tribute Weapon Owner
1 Merle Dixon Sythe AxedFox Michonne Katana The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
2 The Govenor Knife Gladiator Urlaniou Karen Machete TheGardenHoe
3 Carl Grimes Kopesh Tehblakdeath Sophia Peltier Screwdriver TwilightPerry
4 Rick Grimes Axe and crossbow District3 Lori Grimes Machete/KNife HawkWD
5 Daryl Dixon Crossbow Annamisasa Carol Peltier Daggers/Axes and a slingshot Happy Meadows
6 T-Dog Crossbow TheMysteriousGeek Jaqui Knife Annarki
7 Tyresse Mallet Misytmolla Sasha Knives Tehblakdeath
8 Dale Shovel Gladiator Urlaniou Andrea Twin Machete's PumPumPumpkin :3
9 Otis a cleaver, and a hatchet Thresh Is Best Patricia Kitchen Knife Wesolini
10 Glenn Spiked Baseball Bat Nommehzombies Maggie Greene Machete/Knives Wesolini
11 Hershel Greene Pitchfork KEWLBEN Beth Greene Knife or a spear Angry birds12
12 Shane Broadsword/Machete Ladysi Amy Axe Kman528

The costume is going to have led lights that form the image of an abandoned city next to the sea,and rick will be painted like a zombie so he will look like a zombie sheriff.

Chariot Rides

Chariot submissions must include:

  1. Tribute
  2. what they are wearing
  3. what the chariot looks like
  4. Wether or not it is a joint  

District 1:

TRIBUTE:  Merle Dixon TRIBUTE: Michonne
Binbags she will be wearing her hoodie, and just in normal clothes. She will not look at anyone, and just keep her head down.
Walks Her chariot will just be a normal chariot, with gold rims and a black base.

District 2: 

TRIBUTE: The Governor TRIBUTE: Karen
Philip will be wearing a blood soaked shirt underneath a teared jacket. His trousers will be grass stained and his boots will be covered in thick mud. He will be holding a Steyr AUG A1 in both hands Binbags
The chariot will be painted black with the Governor's past victim's heads scattered all over the ground of the chariot. Smoke will be rising from the victim's heads while a fake robotic undead Penny will be tearing their brains out one by one Walks

 District 3:

TRIBUTE: Carl Grimes TRIBUTE: Sophia Peletier
 he will be wearing a dazzling black suit. Binbags
Carl's chariot will be a sparking one with guns carved on the sides Walks

District 4:

TRIBUTE: Rick Grimes TRIBUTE: Lori Grimes
 he is going to wear a Sherrif inspired costumeand rick will be painted like a zombie so he will look like a zombie sherif Lori will being wearing a short pink dress. She'll be doing a really slutty dance in really high-heels and hold up a sign saying: "I ducked the sherrif, and the deputy!"
The costume is going to have led lights that form the image of an abandoned city next to the sea Lori's chariot will be a ditzy, pink color with glitter spaltered all over it. Rainbows will shot from the back of it and it won't be joint.

District 5:

TRIBUTE: Carol Peltier TRIBUTE: Daryl Dixon
Dress with the pattern of sophia's shirt Binbags
Carol's chariot is covered in the fabric pattern of Sophia's shirt, and it has LED lights strung through it to symbolize District 5. Walks

District 6:

He is wearing torn clothes covered in blood.His make up makes it look like half of his cheek has fallen off, as well as making it appear some of the flesh has fallen of his body. Binbags
T-Dog's chariot is made up of bones of those who died in the zombie apocalypse. Walks

District 7:

Tyreese will be dressed in black shorts and his shirt will be half ripped and he will have blood on his face and he will have makeup that looks like he is tired and has just been in a fight and he will have scars and cuts all over him. She will wear an outfit made of wood, put flexible and comfty.
Tyresse's chariot will be lumpy and like a rock and it will be red, orange and yellow to represent how the apocalypse took them like a bomb and the lumps will look like human organs and remains Sasha's chariot will have all types of farm things carved in and mini trees growing on it.

District 8:

 Dale will be wearing a big furry teddy bear costume, cause you know, we gotta have teddy bears. She is wearing a blood-red sweeping doen to her ankles, it is torn and blodd drips of it. She wears make-up to make it look like her face is slowly rotting. She has make up o her arms to make it look like she has no flesh on her arms.
His chariot will be filled with pretty pink flowers and bumble bees Her chariot will be a huge pil of rotting corpses, which symbolises what a tragedy the apocalypse is and how many innocent people died.

District 9:

 he will be dressed in a swat team outfit, and will have a shotgun in one hand and a walker head in the other She will wear a farmer's outfit with fake dirt on her face
will be covered in walker heads and shotgun shells Her chariot will be filled with flowers and fruits etc.

District 10:

Riot Suits from "Welcome To The Tombs" Riot Suits from "Welcome To The Tombs"
Chariot made of Naked Maggie Dolls and Baseball caps. Dead walkers piled up in front of her. She will have a machete and one of the walkers will be alive. She will slash through that head with. (the walkers is a computer controlled one)

District 11:

TRIBUTE: Hershel Greene TRIBUTE: Beth Greene
He is wearing A Plaidshirt, Maong pants and a suspender matching his pants and he is carrying a pitchfork. Beth will be wearing simple denim shorts and a green shirt and her hair will be back in a ponytail
The Chariot looks like a vegetable field it has soil and vegetables scattered and pasted in the chariot. Beth's chariot will be a pale yellow

District 12:

 He will wear the cloth he had when he died with walker blood on it. He will have the hair he had because he clipped them off. The chariot is spray painted green with fake organs and guts hanging off of it.
His chariot will have his favorite weapon surrounding it. Walker will be chain to the back of the chariot. She will wear a torn up costume of a blue dress, her makeup will be done to look like peeling skin and she will hold a heart in her hand.

Tribute District Score
Andrea 8 10
The Governor 2 9 1/2
Maggie Greene 10 9
Glenn 10 9
Tyresse 7 8 1/2
Rick Grimes 4 8
Shane Walsh 12 7 1/2
Amy 12 7
T-dog 6 6 1/2
Carol Peltier 5 6
Lori Grimes 4 5 1/2
Hershel Greene 11 5
Dale 8 4 1/2
Michonne 2 4
Otis 10 3 1/2
Sasha 7 3
Beth Green 11 2 1/2
Patricia 10 2
Carl Grimes 3 1
Jaqui 6 0
Daryl Dixon 5 0
Sophia Pelteir 3 0
Karen 2 0
Merle Dixon 1 0
District Average
10 9
8 7.25
12 7.25
4 6.75
7 5.75
2 6.75
11 3.75
6 3.25
5 3
9 2.75
1 2
3 0.5

Additional Sponsor Money

Each Tribute starts with £200

Tribute Contest #1 Chariot Rides Total
Merle Dixon - £25 £175
Michonne - £25 £175
The Governor £200
Karen £200
Carl - £100 £100
Sophia - £100 £100
Rick £200
Lori £200
Daryl £200
Carol +£50 £250
T-Dog £200
Jaqui £200
Tyresse + £50 £250
Sasha £200
Dale +£50 £250
Andrea +£50 £250
Otis £200
Patricia +£175 £375
Glenn +£100 £300
Maggie + £175 +£100 £475
Hershel         £200
Beth £200
Shane +£25 £225
Amy +£25 £225

Training Scores

Ok im not going to do these normally. I haven't made up the death list yet so this is just going to be based on how far i think the character could go.

The stages for this are:

Bloodbath Victim

Final 16

Final 12

Final 8

Final 4

Final 2


Tribute Training Score
Merle Dixon Final 16
Michonne Final 12
The Governor Final 8
Karen Bloodbath Victim
Carl Final 16
Sophia Bloodbath Victim
Rick Final 8
Lori Final 12
Daryl Final 12
Carol Final 16
T-Dog Final 16
Jaqui Final 16
Tyresse Final 12
Sasha Final 16
Dale Final 16
Andrea Final 8
Otis Bloodbath Victim
Patricia Bloodbath Victim
Glenn Final 8
Maggie Final 8
Hershel Final 12
Beth Final 16
Shane Final 8
Amy Final 12


The arena is all the previous sites featured in the show centered around the Cornucopia. So ther will be Atlanta


TWD Games Arena

City, Hershels Farm, The Prison and Woodbury. And yes there will be Walkers but they will vary Depending on where you are.

Atlanta City: Is swarming with walkers. Very Dangerous. But full of supplies and has running water and plenty of food. Has electricity in some of the buildings as well.

Hershels Farm: Little walkers. But at a certain time every night a herd passes through, so your tribute will have to hide. Plenty of food and 4/5 wells uncontaminated. Relative safety.

The Prison: Moderate amount of Walkers. Not to much that you get overwhelmed but enough to keep you busy. Once inside the inside cage, however, you are safe. Running water but very little food.

Woodbury: Little to no walkers here. Food and water. But your tribute has to find a good spot to hide at night because at midnight, a robot version of the Governor Searches Woddbury for inhabitants and if he finds you he kills you.

Other Info...

Death Chart:

Placing Tribute Killer
24 Otis(9) Daryl Dixon(5)

Im gonna start the bloodbath again cause it was some of the worst writing I have ever did.

The Bloodbath...

The Tributes rise into the arena made of 4 places they have called Home at one time or another. They Look around. The Walkers will be released into the bloodbath as soon as the gong goes. They may not catch the fast people but they will almost definetly catch the slower ones.

Shane looks around at his competitors. He sees Rick and the anger immediatly begins to boil over.


Andrea Looks over to Amy and Michonne, her allies and the looks back to the Cornucopia, her eyes firmly set on a pair of Steel Machetes.


Lori looks around and tries to find her alliance of Carol,Sophia,Rick and Carl.


The Greene Family alliance of Hershel,Beth,Maggie,Glenn,Patricia and Otis Look at each other ready get their things and depart to the farm.


Tyreese and Sasha had difficulty in deciding who to side with but ultimately decided to align themselves with the Careers.


The careers Look for their desired weapon and make sure they are in the best position possible to grab it.


"Umm trbutes the timer broke so just go.."



All tributes run towards the Cornucopia. Suprisingly the first tribute to reach the Cornucopia is Otis. He Grabs a Cleaver and runs towards Carol, Wanting to make himself look like a threat instead of the easy kill he was portrayed as. However the other tributes have reached the Cornucopia and All see this.

Rick Grimes Grabs a knife and sprints towards Otis...

Lori Grimes grabs a back pack and a Machete and runs towards Carol, who is closer to her than any of her other alliance...

Sophia Grabs a backpack and runs towards her mother...

But it is Daryl who reacts first. He grabs his Crossbow, loads an arrow and fires at Otis. He falls but the Cleaver flies from his hand, determined to taste blood. However before it can hit Carol, Lori Tackles her to the ground, with the knife whizzing over their heads. Otis' cannnon Fires and the walkers are released.

Across the Clearing Michonne has met with Andrea and Amy, who both have their desired weapons and supplies. However the walkers have strated to arrive and the first walker to appear is none other than Penny Blake. The Governor, who has met his alliance of the Careers, and has saw his daughter walk into the clearing in her Zombified form. The walkers have started towards the alliance of the three girls and they begin to put them down. Michonne takes her Katana and puts it through the head of Penny Blake. She pulls her sword out of the Walkers head and hears a roar from behind her. She turns around and finds the Governor hrutling towards her Machete in hand.

"Andrea run, ill get rid of him" Michonne shouts before taking off to the other side of the Clearing.

(will add more later)

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