I don't know if you guys will like it but heres an idea. So in district 14 the kids are all forced to go to a labartory and be put through rigorious tests. They are turned into mutts but not all of them make it into the games. Some just look ugly while but they still have control of their actions. Others are dangerous and forced to stay in another part of the district. Now the capitol doesn't want this district to revolt so they are forced to have there own hunger games. The ones out of control are not allowed to particibate but the others are. There are no limits to the number of tributes you can enter.

The tributes are graded on powers and the scale is







Blue (All bold colors are career colors unless the tributes doesn't want to be a career)


Male Mutt Type Female Mutt Type Creator Sponsor Money
Greg Alpha Half Wolf (Red) Aria Fins Mermaid (White) Me $200
Thomas Davison Super Strength(Blue) Sadie Green Mind Control (Green) Anon $200
David White Superhero (Blue) Davina White Healing (Yellow) Anon $200
Grass Whistle Part Fox (Pink) Alice Wonder Mind Control (Green)

Male: JabberJay Female:Kenzen

Rick Jones Fox Instincts (Red) Cathy James Part Sea Mammel (pink) Nate777 $200
Colbie Cain ??? (purple)

Female: Clove1001 Male:

Andy Dillo

Part armidillo (pink)

Glow Iredescent Part Lightningbug (white) Necterine $200
Storm Chasser Weather Tracking (pink) Forest Daylight Flying (pink) Clove1001 $200
Amazon Glacious Strength (purple)

Male: Female:Clove1001



Airas POV

We gather in the middle ot the town. Our district is really just one gigantic town, it is just house after house after house. There are a few stores and even more orphanges for those who parents were taken into the games after birth.

As we gather around, I hear barks, screaches and hoots. There is everything from shapeshifters to the girl who can turn into a tree. I see a bunch of half mutts and even one or two full grown falcons with kids faces. I wonder who will be going too the games.

Grass's POV

I stay with my other half mutt friends. We ranch from half mouse to half dolphin. My best friend here would have to be Greg, he is half wolf and im half fox. His muttation also effected his hair and eyes, but he is kind and although he growls some times he is pretty cool. I see a girl in a glass tube filled with water, Greg is staring at her with his grey eyes when a voice snaps him back to focus. "Happy Games every one" A women with bright pink hair and gold eyes walks on stage, Golda Shimmer. She was turned half pixie but managed to land a job as a escort.

My tail swishes behind me and slaps Greg in the face accedently. He gives a tiny growl but doesn't really react.

Glow's POV

I hate my muttation. I can't sleep at night, I can't talk to anyone without bothering them. My only friend is myself. I don't mind though I like to think about stuff like the hunger games and life in other distircts. I just wish that I could have more friends and be excepted by other people. I watch Golda carefully, she doesn't really like this district, she isn't famous and can't really talk to anyone without giving away our secret. She is going to pick the first couple of names when a horrible sound fills the square.

At first everyone hits the ground, except for a dog boy who runs away and his tiger mom has to run after him. Soon people realize that it was coming from the Creeper part of town where the dangerous mutts live. I don't know why they have to come back a guess tribute in the other hunger games just didn't kill them.

Golda is finally getting herself together and reaches into the boys bowl.

Storms POV

I watch as Golda reaches into the boys bowl for the first of twelve times, she walks over the to microphone and calmly reads out, "Greg Alpha". I can't say i know him but he is a half-mutt and they are pretty hard not to notice.

Golda then reaches into the girls bowl and reads with a careful voice, "Aira Fins". This time i know her, everyone knows her, shes a mermaid!!! Every boy in town has had a crush on her for some period in time, but she is so shy so sensitive everyone eventually frogets her. She walks slowly to the stage, where she and Greg shake hands. They then walk into a small door that leads to the Justice Building.

Everyone then waits ten minutes for the crying families to say there good-byes.

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