Ok so This is my own Quiz that i have made to see if you would survive the Hunger Games. Please Join.


There will be 9 competitors because i only have 8 questions. This is from what makes most sense to me. So if you pick an answer that you think is right but its wrong then tuff.

Competitor No. Username
1 Ms.finnickOdair
2 CatnipKatniss
3 Mysims
4 Jsm13athome
5 Cupcakesrule
6 SkyTimeGirl
7 TheOneAndOnlyDistrict3
8 Rainbow Shifter
9 Ashie

Question 1

1. You are in the training centre and you are deciding what to do. You;

(a) Do only Weapon training cause if you know how to use a weapon you are goingto survive for a while.

(b) Do only Survival stuff because if you can live off the land then you’ll do well.

(c) Do a mixture of both cause then you have the best possible chance.

(d) Stay in your room and fatten yourself up cause your so confident in your survival and weapon skills.


User Answer
Ms.FinnickOdair C
CatnipKatniss C
Mysims B
Jsm13athome Didnt Answer
Cupcakesrule C
SkyTimeGirl C
TheOneAndOnlyDistrict3 C
Rainbow Shifter A
Ashie C


Survival Points:

Ok so this is how im going to make this work. Each user starts with 10 survival points. Since ther are 4 answers to each question there will be 4 differnet numbers. There are 'Best' answers,'Ok' answers, 'terrible' answers and 'your dead' answers.

'Best' Answers = -0 survival points.

'Ok' Answers = -1 Survival points

'Terrible' Answers = -3 Survival points

'Your Dead' Answers = -7 survival points

And if you dont answer You are immediately killed.

User Survival Points
Ms.FinnickOdair 10
CatnipKatniss 10
Mysinms 7
Jsm13athome DEAD
Cupcakesrule 10
SkyTimeGirl 10
TheOneAndOnlyDistrict3 10
Rainbow Shifter 9
Ashie 10

Question 2

1. You want to make an alliance because you feel it will be safer in the arena. You;

(a) Try to make the Careers notice you by doing your what your best at.

(b) Make a big(ish) alliance with people from the lower districts because you know you’ll be safer in numbers and that if it comes to it you’ll be able to kill them.

(c) Make an alliance with just your district partner and maybe 1 or 2 others.

(d) Decide to go it alone because you don’t think youll be able to kill your allies if it comes to it. THE BEST ANSWERS WERE: A & B

User Answer
Ms.FinnickOdair Did Not Answer
CatnipKatniss D
Mysims C
Cupcakesrule Did Not Answer
SkyTimeGirl A
TheOneAndOnlyDistrict3 D
Rainbow Shifter A
Ashie Did Not Answer

Survival Points:

User Survival Points
Ms.FinnickOdair DEAD
CatnipKatniss 3
Mysims 4
Jsm13athome DEAD
Cupcakesrule DEAD
SkyTimeGirl 10
TheOneAndOnlyDistrict3 3
Rainbow Shifter 9
Ashie DEAD

Question 3.

1. You have been put in the arena. You are standing on your plate ready for the games to start. The gong goes, you;

(a) Run for the Forest behind you.

(b) Gather supplies that surround your plate but don’t actually go into the fighting.

(c) Go straight for a weapon at the mouth of the cornucopia and get some supplies then go to the forest by yourself/with your allies. If you have to kill you have to kill.

(d) Kill as many as you can. "Best" Answer = C

"Ok" Answer = D

"Terrible" Answer = B

"Your Dead" Answer = A

User Answer
CatnipKatniss Didnt Answer
Mysims Didnt Answer
Lead The Careers B
TheOneAndOnlyDistrict3 A
Rainbow Shifter C

Survival Points:

User Survival Points
Ms.FinnickOdair DEAD
CatnipKatniss 3
Mysims 4
Jsm13athome DEAD
Cupcakesrule DEAD
SkyTimeGirl 3
TheOneAndOnlyDistrict3 0
Rainbow Shifter 9
Ashie DEAD

The Final 2:

The Final 2 are:

SkyTimeGirl/Lead The Careers and Rainbow Shifter. Currently Rainbow Shifter looks to be the Victro with 9 Survival Points Remaing But that could all change.


Now that there are only 2 competitors left I will take the choices down to 3. So you will have the "Best" Answer and then The "Ok" Answer and the "Your Dead" Answer.

The "Best" Answer will remain the same but the "Ok" Answer will now remove 5 survival Points from you and the your dead will remove 9. Good Luck :)

Question 4.

1. You have made it past the bloodbath but you didn’t manage to collect water. You;

(a) You see a cactus and decide to cut it open and drink the water from in that.

(b) Try and find a river and drink from it.

(c) Go back to the cornucopia and try and find some.

"Best" Answer = B

"Ok" Answer = C

"Your Dead" Answer = A

User Answer
Lead The Careers A
Rainbow Shifter A
User Survival Points
Ms.FinnickOdair DEAD
CatnipKatniss 3
Mysims 4
Jsm13athome DEAD
Cupcakesrule DEAD
SkyTimeGirl 0
TheOneAndOnlyDistrict3 0
Rainbow Shifter 0
Ashie DEAD

Q5. Tie-Break Question

We have a tie break so ill give you one last question. The person who gets the highest ranking answer will win.

You found some water but your alliance is attacked by a Bear mutt. You:

(a) Run away and leave your alliance to fight it.

(b) Drag some of your alliance away but leave some to give you time to esacape.

(c) Fight alongside your alliance (

d) Fight the Bear Mutt alone.




Both of the remaining competitors are the Victors of this competition as both had the same answer fro both the last Question and the Tie-breaker. :)


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