The Capitol has risen. The rebels were exterminated and the Games were re-started with one twist - the tributes can be 8 and above, with a maximum of 29 years of age. 1 man and 1 woman from every district and two from the Capitol as well. Now, for the 100th Hunger Games, for the Capitol to stay in control, the Quell has been designed so that the tributes go straight to the Games after the arena. 

Happy Hunger Games! May the odds be ever in your favor!


The arena is a mix of previous arenas. Shaped in a round circle, Divided into 20 parts. The Cornucopia would be a structure made out of marble on a piece of sand sticking out. The tribute plates are circling the Cornucopia, half of each different plate on a different part.

The first part is a chunk of water and jungle from the 75th Hunger Games. In that part, the sky is always light pink like in the early morning. In the second part, there is an abandoned city with ashes and bricks and all, with an orange sky. The third part is from the 74h Hunger Games, a piece of forest containing the cave in which Katniss and Peeta slept in. The fourth part is from the 50th Hunger Games, a beautiful patch of colorful flowers, cute animals and more, except it is usually poisonous. The fifth part is an endless world of water with small chunks of land. The sixth part is a large maze. The seventh part is a dry desert. The eighth part is a part filled with snow. The ninth part is a barren wasteland of dirt with black cloud-filled skies. The tenth part is a field of white flowers, and the other 10 parts are not as important, however if they do appear, they will be mentioned.


Capitol M  open

Capitol F open

District 1 M open

District 1 F open

District 2 M open

District 2 F open

District 3 M open

District 3 F open

District 4 M open

District 4 F open

District 5 M open

District 5 F open

District 6 M 'open'

District 6 F 'open'

District 7 M open

District 7 F open

District 8 M open

District 8 F open

District 9 M open

District 9 F open

District 10 M open

District 10 F''  open

District 11 M open

District 11 F open

District 12 M open

District 12 F open


Name -

Age -

Gender -

District -

Weapon of choice -

Skills (3) -

Weaknesses (3) -

Lunaii -

Alliances (if any) -

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