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    Following suit of Rosella and many other users, I will be starting the Third Hunger Games before my second are over. I am dying to make another Games, so PLEASE ENTER! Reservations will be held for 3 days, and then I will pass it over to another user. These Games will include chariot rides, final 8 interviews, and a Victory Tour. Will there be another strange, cruel twist to these Games like the other? Whose blood will spill? WHO WILL SURVIVE? *Scary, violent music sounding in the background* You must enter tributes to find out! Please enter tributes with the following:

    Name (required)

    Age (required)

    District (required)

    Thank you so much for the help and creativity! Thank you for the tributes, and Happy Games! :]

    According to your tributes scor…

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    Hey, guys! My second making of the Hunger Games, and I'm just as excited! (If you would like to read my first made Hunger Games, that would be great, it's on my Followed list). I will be using the roll of the dice, and I will not, I repeat NOT get attached to the tributes. The Games are foretold by the roll of the dice, so no, I will not take begging. I also will not kill the weaker districts first just because their weaker. I am not that kind of person.

    Please enter tributes with the following:

    arrow in the head by Carabella Button

    Please leave a comment! Enter tributes, and thank you!!! : )

    The crowd is buzzing with excitement when District 1 arrives. The tributes are pulled by white steeds with sapphire jewels on their heads, the carriage s…

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    Name:wo tributes per person!!! Thanks!!! : )

    "Hello everyone, this is Ceasar Flickerman with Ash Redfern from District 12. Now, Ash, everyone dying to know, do you think you have what it takes to win this years Hunger Games?"

    "I think I do. In fact, everyone here has a chance at winning, no matter what age they are."

    "What do you think of your district partner, Blaise Harmen?"

    "She's a troublemaker, all right. She definitely wins a prize for all that mischief she makes."

    "And how do you feel leaving Ashlyn?"

    "That's the hardest part. If I die, I don't want her mourning me for the rest of her life. I love her so much, and Ashlyn, if your watching this, I will try my hardest to come home. I love you, Ashlyn."

    (The buzzer goes off.)

    "Well that's all …

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