Primrose's First Annual Hunger Games

Hey guys, my first Hunger Games and I'm very excited!!! To be fair on who dies, I'm going to use a dice to decide who lives. When entering your tribute, please be sure to enter:

  • Ernie Sasolot, District 1
  • Lucy Fighter, District 1
  • Blaine Blunt, District 2
  • Lina Carey, District 2
  • Dawson Meuringe, District 3
  • Sadie Rhinestone, District 3
  • Alexander Lettom, District 4
  • Karina Lettom, District 4
  • Flint Sage, District 5
  • Lilac Shivers, District 5
  • Rivan Fenerm, District 6
  • Thyme Fletcher, District 6
  • Matteo Sadar, District 7
  • Vanessa Lockhart, District 7
  • Carl Carlson, District 8
  • Sally Sallerson, District 8
  • Robin Cors, District 9
  • Emela Krayfer, District 9
  • Connor Fawn, District 10
  • Fern Demeter, District 10
  • Grain Thorns, District 11
  • Tulip Trill, District 11
  • Ash Redfern, District 12
  • Blaise Harmen, District 12






Personality Traits:

Thanks for your cooperation!!! Below is the arena and the tributes. Thanks again!

"And let the odds be ever in your favor!" - Effie Trinket

The Arena

The arena is a hot desert with a scorching sun. The Cornucopia is placed in the very center, with the most valuable items in the middle, and the less valuable ones farther away from the Cornucopia. The items in the Cornucopia are: Knives, bows + arrows, tridents, spears, hatchets, dried fruit, water bottles (some containing water, some don't), water purifier, poison, antidotes, and swords. There is only one water source, a small spring hidden by cactuses in the north side of the arena. The sun can give terrible sunburns, there are poisonous rattlesnakes, mosquitos and ticks that can give dreadful diseases, and the spikes on the cactuses carry poison. In the southern side of the arena their are some mysterious plants, some are deadly (like nightlock) and some are healthy and can help you to survive. On the eastern side are caves, and on the western side there are cliffs. The key to winning this Games is to have quick reflexes, know your plants, and know how to kill. There are some more things the Gamemakers have in store for the tributes!!!

The Tributes

District 1: Ernie Sasalot, 18, 23rd Place

District 1: Lucy "Dumb Blonde" Fighter, 18, 9th Place

District 2: Blaine Blunt, 16, 16th Place

District 2: Lina Carey, 12, 10th Place

District 3: Dawson Meuringe, 13, 14th Place

District 3: Sadie Rhinestone, 12, 24th Place

District 4: Alexander Lettom, 18, 11th Place

District 4: Karina Lettom, 16, 5th Place

District 5: Flint Sage, 18, 4th Place

District 5: Lilac Shivers, 15, 22nd Place

District 6: Rivan Fenerm, 18, 17th Place

District 6: Thyme Fletcher, 15, 8th Place

District 7: Matteo Sadar, 15, 12th Place

District 7: Vanessa Lockhart, 14, 13th Place

District 8: Carl Carlson, 15, 21st Place

District 8: Sally Sallerson, 15, 15th Place

District 9: Robin Cors, 15, 20th Place

District 9: Emela Krayfer, 17, 6th Place

District 10: Connor Fawn, 14, 19th Place

District 10: Fern Demeter, 14, 18th Place

District 11: Grain Thorns, 17, Victor

District 11: Tulip Trill, 14, 2nd Place

District 12: Ash Redfern, 18, 7th Place

District 12: Blaise Harmen, 17, 3rd Place

Thank you!!! Please leave a comment!!! Please only two tributes per person!!! Thanks!!! : )

Top Interview of the Night

"Hello everyone, this is Ceasar Flickerman with Ash Redfern from District 12. Now, Ash, everyone dying to know, do you think you have what it takes to win this years Hunger Games?"

"I think I do. In fact, everyone here has a chance at winning, no matter what age they are."

"What do you think of your district partner, Blaise Harmen?"

"She's a troublemaker, all right. She definitely wins a prize for all that mischief she makes."

"And how do you feel leaving Ashlyn?"

"That's the hardest part. If I die, I don't want her mourning me for the rest of her life. I love her so much, and Ashlyn, if your watching this, I will try my hardest to come home. I love you, Ashlyn."

(The buzzer goes off.)

"Well that's all we have, folks. That was Ash Redfern, District 12. I hope you had a good look at the tributes, sponsoring will not open till after 10 this evening. Thank you, I'm Ceasar Flickerman, and were out!!!"

(People applaud and then the lights dim.)

Day 1: The Bloodbath

Deaths: 7

Ernie Sasalot - Grain Thorns

Sadie Rhinestone - Sadie Rhinestone

Lilac Shivers - Blaise Harmen

Carl Carlson - Lucy Fighter

Robin Cors - Lucy Fighter

Connor Fawn - Emela Krayfer

Fern Demeter - Flint Sage

Story :

The readied tributes are stood on plates in a wide circle around the Cornucopia and about 40 yards from the Cornucopia. All of them wear waterproof tank tops and canvas material khaki capris and sturdy looking leather boots. All survey the arena. District 4 is especially unhappy. Never once had the twins been in such a dry, hot place. While waiting for the minute to end, a very nervous Sadie decides, "I'd rather die a quick death than a long, painful one with a spear." She takes her token, a computer chip from her district, and drops it onto her plate. It explodes, leaving blood marks everywhere in her tube. Finally, the gong sounds, and the tributes run to the Cornucopia. Grain makes it there first, wielding a long, sharp knife. Ernie arrives next at the other side of the Cornucopia, and desperately searches for his favored item, cat claws. Grain hears him, sneaks around him, and quickly shoves the knife into his neck. Ernie falls over, dead. Grain sees other people rushing over to the Cornucopia, so he takes a rather large pack and runs to the south side of the arena. Blaise arrives next, grabs a spear and hides behind the Cornucopia, ready to spear some tributes. Lilac runs with all her might, eyeing a quiver of silver arrows. She is almost ready to reach down and grab it when Blaise pops up behind the Cornucopia.

"Hello, sweetie. I guess the Games aren't your thing?" Blaise says, with a wicked grin on her face. Before Lilac can answer, she spears Lilac through her stomach. Pain flashes across her face and her cannon fires. She grabs the spear out of her stomach and throws it at Lucy Fighter. It goes into her arm and Lucy quickly pulls it out to inspect the damage. Blaise decides she better leave, and she grabs a spear, two knives, and a medium-sized pack. She runs after Grain to the south.

Lucy Fighter takes the spear and quickly stabs Carl Carlson and Robin Cors, and they falter, dead. Alexander punches Lucy hard in the head, and Lucy stumbles. He grabs Karina's hand and they run to the Cornucopia, grab a trident each and a small pack, and head up north. Flint and Emela have reached the Cornucopia and hide behind the horn, each with a bow and a quiver of arrows. They spot each other.

"Allies?" asks Flint. Emela decides its do or die, and says,

"Allies." They see District 10 as they run in intense speed and approach the Cornucopia. Before they picked up any weapons, Emela says, adjusting her bow,

"Join our team?" says Emela. Connor raises an eyebrow.

"With a District 9 dweeb? In your dreams!" says Connor. Before Fern can warn him, Emela sends an arrow that lodges into his skull. Fern begins to sob, and Flint sends an arrow into her heart, forever silencing her. Emela grabs a knife, a spear and a medium-sized pack and head to the east. The two best friends, Vanessa and Matteo, grab two hatchets and a small pack and head east. Rivan and Thyme grab a spear, a bottle of purple liquid (most likely poison), and a small pack and head west. Tulip, quick on her feet, grabs a bow + arrows and runs south.

Sally, after seeing Carl get speared, is running and sobbing towards the Cornucopia, being chased by a still dazed Lucy Fighter. Dawson, who is already at the Cornucopia and sees a pretty, attractive girl being chased by a teenage Career monster. He picks up a spear and chucks it at Lucy. The spear finds its way to her leg. Lucy trips and falls, exhausted. Dawson runs over, grabs Sally's hand, and leads her to the Cornucopia where he grabs a large pack and another spear. He leads her east.

Finally Ash runs to the Cornucopia, dodging the Careers punches and Lucy's now two spears. He gets a quiver of poison arrows, a steel bow, and a bag of dried fruit. He heads west.

Lucy curses. "Stupid District 12!!!" she shouts, and faints. Lina and Blaine, sigh in utter exhaustion and pick her up and carry her to the Cornucopia, where they camp out and make use of the 5 packs, two spears, a quiver of arrows, 1 knife, and poison. Night falls upon the arena. Ash gets up as the anthem plays and salutes the dead faces in the sky.

"Goodbye, loved ones." he says, and he lay in the hard desert of an arena.

Day 2

Deaths: 3

Blaine Blunt- Dawson Meuringe

Rivan Fenerm- Blaise Harmen

Sally Sallerson- Lucy Fighter


Grain sits behind some shrubs, looking through the items in his pack. A full water bottle, a thin sleeping bag, a quiver of arrows, (but no bow), and a loaf of bread. He sighs. "I'll survive for two days on food." he thought. "Then I'll have to hunt, probably running into some tributes on the way. He gulped. The way I see it, the world is just full of- "

He hears a rustling noise and pauses. He looks to the left. "Please, don't be Blaise." he whispers. But its not. About twenty yards down to the left he sees the most beautiful girl in the world. She has long, flowing brown hair, and fair skinned. She has a pendant with a ruby upon it, which she clutches in her hand. Her eyes are a beautiful golden-brown, but there is one thing that makes her so irresistible. While picking bright red berries from the bushes (which Grain was to afraid to eat), she sings a song, barely a whisper. It is so beautiful, and he can't help but keep his jaw from dropping. Wait, he says, She comes from that family of singers.

He watches as she begins to dance. It looks like she is swaying in the breeze, almost like a-

"Tulip." She stops in her tracks, and raises her bow. "I won't hurt you, Tulip." He walks towards her.

"Allies?" he says, with a grin.


After heading west for a day or so, he approaches a high incline. He crawls up it and looks over the edge. Cliffs are everywhere, leading down to a large canyon. A small tent is pitched near an edge of a cliff. Outside the tent is a tall, muscled boy with an arm around a girl about foot smaller than him, none other than Rivan and Thyme from District 6. He watches as the boy reaches down and whispers something in her ear. She gently rises up on tiptoe and kisses his cheek. They dance along the canyon side, totally unaware of everything.

Then, Ash spots none other than Blaise, his district partner. Her usually long, glossy mane is now cut short and scraggly. But even from a mile away, Ash can see the evil glint in her eyes, the need to kill. He watches as she pulls out her spear, runs over to the dancing couple, and stabs Rivan in the chest. Thyme screams and pulls a medium long butcher knife out of her pocket. She manages to stab Blaise in the arm, but Blaise takes off. Thyme runs after her, looking like a lunatic. Blaise is much faster and takes off. Thyme runs back to Rivan and tries to heal him. He manages to kiss her once more and then the cannon sounds. She cries and hugs him, and stands out of the way from the helicopter. Ash leaves, distressed.


"When should we attack?" asks a nervous Sally. "Soon, wait till their backs are turned." After heading east, they decide to turn back when they see Flint and Emela heading the same way. After 3 hours, they made their way behind some shrubs where they sat. "Lucy looks in bad shape..." said Dawson. After being punched in the head, and being speared in her arm and leg, Lina and Blaine were desperately pouring water over her wounds. "Their gonna use up all the water, the fools..... we must go in and fight for it." They ready their spears. "Go!" whispers Dawson. They both sneak up along the brink of the Cornucopia. The fight begins. Dawson spears Blaine immediately through the head, which startles Lina and Lucy and brings them to their feet. Sally comes up behind them and stabs Lina in the shoulder, and she falls back in pain.

Lucy grabs a glinting silver trident from the pile. "Time to die." she says wickedly, offering Sally her sickest smile. Sally barely has time to whimper when she spears Sally like a fish out of water. Dawson, who was wrestling Lina a moment before, looks up at Lucy's success. He grabs his spear and runs through the thicket, sobbing.


Flint and Emela are in a cave. It is Flint's shift and he is polishing his arrows. Emela is asleep beside him. He can't help but think how pretty she looks when she is dreaming.....


After a day and a few hours, Vanessa and Matteo have managed to set large boulders on top of a cave.

"They'll expect to find us in the cave." Matteo reasoned. "Why not set up camp aloft?" They had gone out hunting and had caught a few hares when the temperature dropped. "Lets get back to the cave." she says. They cuddle together in their heat-reflecting sleeping bag. Matteo is a little embarrassed, but Vanessa immediately cuddles against his chest and falls asleep. He plays with her hair and looks at her eyelashes to pass the time.


Karina shrieks in excitement. She has found a beautiful spring, glinting in the moonlight. "Alexander!" she shouts. He appears at her side and hugs her. "Your brilliant. Lets set up camp!"


Ash watches the faces in the sky, and is surprised when he sees Blaine's face. Two more Careers, he thinks. When Rivan's face appears in the sky, he hears another round of sobbing from Thyme. I'll ally with her in the morning, he thinks. He salutes the sky, when a parachute falls next to him. Its from Ashlyn. "Stay true to yourself. I love you."

Day 3

Deaths: 2

Dawson Meuringe- Flint Sage

Vanessa Lockhart- Karina Lettom

Matteo Sadar- Alexander Lettom


Tulip holds Grain's hand as she sprints across the shrubbery, her glossy hair billowing behind her. A dazed Grain stumbles after her, but as unstable as he may seem, he will not let go of her hand. She finally stops at a sort of isolated forest; so closed off from the Games, and yet seemed like a leafy cave. Bright, dainty fruits hung from the small maples, and their sleeping bag and weapons stashed behind some tall grass.

"The red fruits are poisonous. I'm not so sure about the white ones but-" says Tulip.

"Its beautiful." He gazes at her face, so eager and yet terrified. "Beautiful." Tulip grins, and almost flutters away, much like a butterfly, and he watches as she scales a maple with ease and plucks two turquoise fruits. She balances them on one arm and slides gracefully down the tree. She walks over and places one in his hand. "Enjoy." He takes one bite and tastes apples, then oranges, then watermelon, all in one fruit. He looks up at her and sees her head placed between her legs, her fruit proving she had taken a bite. He reaches out and touches her forehead. She looks up, her cheeks traced with tears.

"It tastes like home." Another tear comes down her cheek.

"I know."

"How dare they place reminders of home in our death trap."

"Ssshh, Tulip, its okay. I won't let anyone hurt you." he says, pulling her into his arms, and she smiles. She takes his head into her hands.

"Hold me forever." she says, and reaches up and kisses him. They kiss for a while, and she is not the first to break away. "Flower girl, you have to rest." She grins up at him and lets him pick her up and carry her to their sleeping bag, where she sleeps against his chest and he guards her. "Beautiful."


On the east side of the arena, Flint is showing Emela how to skin a snake. They are touching shoulders, and Flint is gently holding her hand with the knife and showing her. Emela giggles and wraps her free arm around Flint's torso. Flint feels his face heating up and hopes that his face isn't pink.

"Gently, Emmy. You don't want to kill him more than he already is?" he jokes.

Emela giggles again and kisses his cheek. Flint blushes.

They hear a rustle in the bushes outside their cave. Flint immediately jumps up.

"I'll go and inspect. You stay here."

"No, Flint. I can't let you do that." she says, jumping up next to him.

"Yes, Emmy. Please. I want to protect you."

"Flint-" she says before Flint leans forward and kisses her. It seemed as if the whole world stopped rotating for that kiss, as if everyone in the Capitol, even President Snow, just stopped and watched these two lovers from different districts have their moment. The rustling continued and got louder, but Flint and Emela just focused on them, their selves. Finally Flint breaks away and says, "Do you see why I have to go out there alone?"

"No." she says, grinning. He sighs takes her hand, and they skitter outside. As they crawl over to the left side of their cave, they hear heartbroken sobbing and wails. They creep over and see none other than Dawson Meuringe, dressed in rags and crying into the rock and rubble. Flint raises his bow, but Emela sets a hand on it and he lowers it. He notices how she never takes her eyes off of him. She walks silently forward, and sets a hand on his back. He whips around, knife in hand, and begins to attack her. Emela screams as the knife plunges into her leg. Flint shoots an arrow into his skull, and he falls over. He drags Emela back to the cave where he rips off a piece of his shirt and ties it around her leg. He cradles her head in his arms and he cries.


Ash wakes up hot and sweaty. He rips off his shirt to reveal his muscley but rib-showing shirt, dotted with mosquito bites. He curses and then calms down, thinking of Ashlyn. Stay true to yourself, she would say. Don't change.

He sighs and tosses what's left of his shirt into the canyon. He remembers his promise to ask an alliance with Thyme. He paces over to her tent and opens the tent. He receives a scratch on the forehead from a knife. He falls back, clutching his head. Thyme climbs out, ready to throw her knife at him. Her hair is knotted and hanging slightly over her face. She wears nothing but her undershirt and her khaki pants. Her eyes say something more powerful though. They say, Revenge. Her eyes and expression lose the heat when she sees she has just clawed Ash, the sweet boy from 12. She runs to him and makes him uncover the scratch. It is not bleeding very much, but she gets a bandage and covers it anyway.

"I'm so sorry. I thought you were-"

"Blaise. Yeah I know. I'm sorry about, um, Rivan." he says wincing as she wraps the bandage.

Pain comes over her. Her eyes water and she says, "Evil girl. He was so good to me."

"Yeah, well, I was wondering if you wanted an alliance with me."

She looks into his face to see if he is joking. He's not, she decides, and says, "Okay."


Blaise approaches the Cornucopia with a sly smile on her face. She sees Lucy and Lina asleep atop the pile of goods and weapons.

Stupid Careers, she thinks, as she sneaks over.

She holds two spears to their necks and screams, "WAKE UP!" The two Careers jolt awake and are about to sit up when they see a spearhead pointed at their necks. They follow the spear and see a triumphant Blaise hanging over them, smiling.

"One move, and you can kiss your puny little lives goodbye." she says.

Lucy is furious. "What do you want?" Blaise considers this. "An alliance."


Karina sits up, sweaty and scared. She has just heard a splash in the freshwater spring next to her campsite. She quickly rouses Alexander who is asleep next to her.

"Alex. I think.... I think somebody's out there." she says in a nervous whisper. They both grab their gleaming silver tridents and creep out of their tent. After searching the perimeter of the spring, they both conclude that whoever- or whatever- came here was gone. It is Alexander who spots something glinting in the middle of the spring. He breaststrokes over to it where he finds a basket of bread rolls and salmon. When he brings it to Karina she chokes back laughter and tears when she sees the fish.

"Thank you, Finnick!" she cries, and waves at the sky.

"You know what this means, Karina?" Alexander asks. She now wears a grim look on his face.

"We... we must go hunting."


And with that, they head east, unsure of what to face.


Vanessa perches upon a tree branch and unties a snare which now holds their lunch, a fat, juicy rabbit. She slithers down the redwood tree and heads back to camp, where she finds Matteo sleeping. She had been hunting for at least an hour now for water, and then had given up and was getting food. She drops the rabbit next to the feast that consisted of a strange, mouse-like creature, three skinned snakes, a nest of birds eggs, and a squirrel. Matte wakes up and looks up into her eyes.

"Morning, handsome." she says, grinning.

"Morn-" he sees the pile of food and gapes at it.

"Hunting since daybreak." she says proudly.

"Vanessa...... you could have gotten killed!"

"We could have starved!"

Between their argument about Vanessa's safety, a silver parachute lands outside their cave with a loud CLINK! They both stop, stare at each other, and run outside. Matteo picks it up and examines it and pulls and two water bottles and a note from their mentor:

"Good job, Vanessa. Keep up the good work. Listen to Matteo, though, and let him watch your back. Get out of camp. Quickly. Someone is hunting you down. ~ Johanna." he reads.

Her eyes widen. "We need to leave then." They grab their hatchets and set out north.

About an hour later, they sit down on an open plain, exhausted. They drink some water and eat some of the eggs, and talk about strategy.

"We need to find more food and water when we set up camp again." he says.

"Yeah. We need to hunt down some tributes along the way, though." she says.

"Yeah. Maybe we could-" he pauses. Vanessa has just just gasped, her face pale. She lets out a small shriek.

"What the-" he says, before he can se the trident lodged into her back. She falls over, gasping with pain. He falls to her side.

"NO!! NO, NO, NO!! VANESSA, PLEASE!" he screams, and is sobbing. He hugs her, and a tear traced down her face. "Matteo, please kill me. It hurts so much!" she says to him.

He just nods, still crying hysterically, pulls out the trident, and stabs it into her heart. Before she dies, he whispers, "I love you, baby." She smiles a sad smile and whispers back, "I'll be waiting for you." She squeezes his hand and her cannon goes off. He kisses her cheek and grabs the hatchet. He whirls around, where he faces District 4. Alexander still holds his trident, and is slightly intimidated by Matteo, as he is taller and more muscular than him.

"Go on. Kill me. You heard her. She's waiting for me." he says as the hovercraft picks up Vanessa's skewered body. Alexander hesitates, then throws the trident where it gets him in the neck. They stick around and watch as his cannon rings out and the hovercraft comes and picks him up, and then they head back up north, bloody tridents in hand.

Day 4

Deaths: 3

Lucy Fighter- Karina Lettom

Lina Carey- Blaise Harmen

Alexander Lettom- Karina Lettom


Karina couldn't sleep. She lay back at her old camp, near the freshwater spring, the waves reassuring her, telling her to go to sleep, and rest awhile. She thought about that girl from 7, and how happy she looked with the boy, before she sent the trident into her back. She thought about how young she was, how much life she should have lived. She thought about her mourning, devastated family and friends, hungry for her to draw blood, to die an awful death in the arena. She thought about how she and Alex had sat next to them at the camouflage table, how her partner had painted her face with bright pink and blue, how she giggled, how she walked away at the talk of the Games. She thought about her district partner and how he kissed that girl from 7 before she died. She thought about that girl's district partner, almost washed away by distress, when he said-

"Go on. Kill me. You heard her. She's waiting for me."

And how her brother responded with a trident in his neck. But then something hit her, like a large boulder, like a bolt of lightning, like the worst pain imaginable-

She didn't know the girl's name.

It was about then that she went insane.

She screamed, jolted upward, and ran from the tent to the tall grass where she and Alex had hid their weapons. She took out her bloody trident, still slick with the girl's blood, and held it to her neck when something tapped her on the shoulder. She whirled around and stabbed the thing multiple times. In the distance, loud and clear, a cannon fired. Karina's wave of panic stopped. A beam of moonlight shone down on his face, like an angel giving light to someone dead-

She had just killed her brother.


Flint was yet still weeping over Emela's fragile figure, with large, dark bags under his eyes. He cradled Emela's body in his arms, tears splashing onto her face. He was too distraught to realize that Emela had just woken up.

"Flint, its okay, honey." she said, reaching up to stroke his face.

"Emmy?" he said, his eyes widened. "I..... I thought that was your cannon!"

"A cannon fired?" she said, her eyes wide. "We must prepare for an attack..... I'm in no shape to run........." she says. She looked up into his face. "Flint..... I really hope you win this thing."

"No. I'm putting you before me, I will never let you out of my sight again. Did you see what that...... that kid from District 3 did to you?" he says, gesturing to the puncture mark in her leg. "Crazy computer geeks...." he says with a growl.

"Okay, baby. Lets just rest, I'm not letting you hunt alone." she says, pulling him down to kiss him.

However, Emela feels quite guilty. Even as she kisses him, she knows she will break her promise. She knows she will have to in order for Flint to live.


Grain and Tulip gather supplies, either stuffing important items into their pack, or burying unneeded ones into the ground so no one would know they camped there. Grain had the idea to leave and hunt, and although Tulip objected, he responded with-

"Flower girl, the Gamemakers aren't going to let any tributes get off as easy as staying in a wonderland when we were selected to kill. We need to face our fears." he says sadly.

Causing them both to be silent for the rest of packing. When Grain set the smaller pack on Tulip's shoulders, he says, "Well, I guess we head north then." He takes Tulip's hand and they walk off into the distance. About an hour later, they see a sparkling, gleaming gold horn at the horizon. They see Lucy, angrily sharpening a long butcher knife, Lina, who is sitting on the horn, looking through powerful binoculars, and a girl with ragged jet-black hair, who was gathering supplies into a corner.

"Wait a second." Grain says, squinting. "Is that..... Blaise?" he says, barely believing his words. Indeed, it was Blaise. In Lina's mind, other than holding spears to their throats, felt that Blaise was worthy of the Career pack. Lucy felt the same way, although she still was cold towards Blaise, and even a little scared of her. At night, she didn't fall asleep without a small knife under her belt. However, Blaise was clever. She showed off her skills of how well she could kill to Lucy and Lina, just so they didn't get any funny ideas.

Suddenly, they saw Blaise sneak behind the Cornucopia. "What is she...?" Grain says, and then Tulip clutches his hand. A knife flies from behind the Cornucopia into the back of Lina's head, killing her. She slumps forward, loses the binoculars, and falls headfirst into the desert. Blaise runs out from behind the Cornucopia with an evil grin on her face. She runs over to Lucy, who is examining Lina with a look of utter shock on her face. Blaise begins to talk to Lucy briskly, and Lucy seems very angry. Tulip motions Grain to follow her and they creep behind close bushes to watch the show.

"She was weak!" says Blaise, exasperated.

"She was a CAREER!" Lucy bellowed, a look of grief and angriness on her face.

They keep arguing, and are literally about to slit each other's throats when a girl comes lumbering out of the forest. Tulip instantly recognizes it to be one of the siblings from Four. She looks around for the other one. She nudges Grain. "What are they playing at, sending that girl out unarmed?" she whispers to him. "Don't know. Maybe he's dead, but she's definitely not unarmed."

This was true. Tulip could now see it to be a large bronze pistol, inside the girls hands which were caked with dried blood. She had a wild look in her eyes, a look of grief and insanity.

"She's seen death." Tulip says to Grain, clutching his arm with all her might. "She's risking it all."

The girl pointed the pistol to each of their heads. "One move, and you die. Hand me those bags of food. Do it NOW!" she roared angrily. Lucy made a move for the spear next to her. The girl pulled the trigger, and Lucy was dead. Blaise's eyes widened, and she ran to the bags of food and threw them to her.

"Thanks. I always knew District 12 was smarter than people thought." she said, chuckling. She headed back up north as the hovercraft bent down and picked up Lina and Lucy's bodies.

"We'll camp out here." said Grain, setting up the tent as they watched Blaise pick up a pack and run off. "I don't think anyone will come around here for a while."


Thyme and Ash have managed to make a small bonfire and roast some squirrels on it, and they hold a piece of plastic over it so the smoke won't attract other tributes. It had just got dark, and they were waiting for the tributes faces, to see who they didn't have to be afraid of anymore. They had heard a few cannons during the day, and had hunted a little for their meals. Sponsors had sent down three water bottles and a bottle of poison during the day. Suddenly, they heard the the anthem.

"Lucy died?" Thyme and Ash said together, totally surprised. When they saw Lina's face, they were very surprised. But then Alexander's face went up, and they were silent. The anthem played again, then the sign of Panem, and then the sky went black again. They were silent until Ash says,

"One Career left." Then suddenly, the anthem came on again. They heard Templesmith's excited voice saying,

"Congratulations, the rest of you have made it to the Final 8! In case you haven't kept track-" ("-of course we haven't," muttered Thyme. "We're in the place where were sure to die.") -"tomorrow's New Year's Eve, the start of the new year, 3011! A feast will be held at the Cornucopia tomorrow around noon, filled with weapons, medicines, food, water, and much, much more! We wish you a good night!"

"There's a catch to it, I'll bet." says Ash. "But were gonna have to stay strong at work through it."

Final 8 Interviews

Karina Lettom

Karina's parents both arrive. Her mom has clearly been crying, since her eyes were red, and her dad seemed to be in something worse than grief. "We heard about your brother, baby." he says, wiping tears away. "Don't change in there, honey, don't kill people the way you are doing." Her mother chimes in, "We all want you to win honey. Alexander would have wanted that." She takes her husband's hand and they walk off the stage.

Flint Sage

His beautiful mother and father come. His mother is sobbing, but Flint's father gives the camera a sad smile. "Remember what we said, Flint. You do have a good chance. We miss you." His mother says, "We love you. Your sister would have wanted the best-" His mother faints, and the father drags her offstage to the Capitol's medics.

Thyme Fletcher

A sister and a brother of hers arrive. "Mom's sick, Thyme," says the sister. "Dad had to stay home and take care of her. We don't have the right herbs to heal her, and people aren't buying much from us anymore. Please, come home." Her brother says, "We love you, Thyme, so much. Try to win." They walk off.

Emela Krayfer

A tall woman with blonde hair that greatly resembles Emela walks onstage with a bow and quiver slung over her shoulder. "We love you Emela. You are doing well. You are representing District 9 more than anyone would have asked for. Do us a favor, and come home, eh?" She gives the crowd a winning smile as they laugh and applaud. Then she takes an arrow, puts it into her bow, and fires it into the sky. Words come flying out if the tip that read: EMELA: THE VICTOR.

Grain Thorns

A handsome man in overalls walks onstage. He twiddles his thumbs and then says, "Grain. I don't know what I would do without you, but I think you're doing the right thing protecting Tulip. I heard she's sweet on you, am I right?" The audience chuckles. "I don't think I could stand seeing you die on TV like your brother, but......." he trails off. "Your mother cheers you on, Grain. Stick to it." He bows and walks off.

Tulip Trill

A group of dark-haired boys file on stage and stand in a semi-circle around a microphone. "For Tulip." The oldest one says. They sing some sort of lullaby known by people a thousand years ago called 'Silent Night.' When they finish, the Capitol whoops and applauds, and although the brothers smile and wave into the audience, pure hatred is boiling inside of them.

Ash Redfern

A girl with flowing auburn hair that reaches her waist appears on stage. She looks determinedly out at the audience and says, "Imagine you loved someone so much you would die for them. You loved the way he spoke, he laughed, he hugged, he kissed....... you loved the way he made you happy." She pauses, tears in her eyes. "Now imagine that he was sent away from you, and your almost sure he won't return, sure he will die a horrible death." Tears come down her cheeks. "That how I feel. Thats how we feel, the districts of Panem. I love you Ash. I always will." She takes out a box out from a pocket, opens it, and tosses the contents in the air. It is ash, fluttering around her, making her stronger. "For Ash."

Blaise Harmen

The mayor of 12 arrives, surprising everyone in the audience. "Didn't think it was fair that Blaise didn't have a family to interview. So I came." He sits on a stool. "Blaise, you are doing well. I'm glad District 12 is being represented well, and has clever brains." He smiles as the audience laughs. "Don't go into to much trouble Blaise. But to 12, your more a Career than any other district." He walks off.

Day 5: The Feast

Deaths: 4

Karina Lettom- Flint Sage

Thyme Fletcher- Capitol Bomb

Emela Krayfer- Karina Lettom

Ash Redfern- Flint Sage


Karina sits on the brink of her spring sobbing. How could I have killed my own brother? she thinks miserably. She is thinking about drowning herself to be with him when a silver parachute comes down and lands in the water next to her. Inside of it is a note from her mentor, Finnick Odair:

"Don't even think about it, mermaid," she reads out loud. She can't help but laugh and cry at the same time. "I believe in you. Don't change in there, don't become a ruthlessly killing Career machine like Lucy was, like you were yesterday. I believe you can win. I BELIEVE. Go to the feast and win this thing."

Karina sighs and looks up into the sky. "Alexander, I'm so sorry." Breezes tease her face, almost telling her, a message, something like, It's okay, okay, okay.

She puts the note into her pocket and stands up and dusts herself off. She takes the trident still covered in blood. She takes a finger, dips it in blood, and smears it under her eyes like war paint.

"Alexander, let your spirit guide me to my destiny."


Everyone is in the bushes surrounding the Cornucopia. Grain and Tulip are at the north bushes, Emela and Flint are in the west bushes, Ash and Thyme are to the south, and Blaise and Karina are hiding out in trees. They wait in discomfort for another 5 minutes, and then a long table rises from the ground covered in a silk tablecloth. Chicken, iodine, water, crackers, soups, and weapons litter the table. Everyone stares at the table, shocked at their great fortune.

Blaise is the quickest out of the daze. She runs to the table, grabs a chicken, a canister of soup and water, and runs away without a scratch. Thyme and Ash scurry out of the bushes. Thyme grabs a bag and-


Thyme's blood flies everywhere dosing Ash and a couple of trees nearby. Ash stares, horrified at Thyme's corpse. Her limbs are everywhere. Someone behind them screams, "Its a bomb, you idiots!" And stabs him. Ash falls, dead. A triumphant Flint stands over him, bloody knife in hand. Breathing heavy, he turns around and says, "Emela, I killed-" he stops, gasping. Karina stands five feet from him with a trident in hand. Her face has two blood marks under her eyes. He had a feeling it wasn't her own blood.

"So, District 5, your last words?" she says, laughing evilly. "Crap." he says, not taking his eyes off the trident. She laughs, and swings the trident towards him. His closes his eyes. He hears a horrible gutting sound, but feels no pain. He looks up and sees Emela in front of him. "I love you, Flint." she says dreamily, and then her head slumps to her shoulders. Her cannon sounds.

"EMELA!" he screams, weeping over her dead body. He looks up at Karina. "YOU!" he screams again, tackles her, and stabs her multiple times in the chest, even after she has died. He kisses Emela goodbye as she is raised to the hovercraft. "CURSE YOU DISTRICT FOUR!!!!" he cries. He runs to the table, takes a canister of water and a medicine bag, and leaves.

Tulip and Grain finally emerge from the bushes. Tulip is shaking with sobs. Grain gently picks her up, grabs an armful of stuff, (and is careful to avoid the bags), and carries her to the Cornucopia.

"New camp is here," says Grain, answering Tulip's confused looks. "If their smart, they won't come and pick a fight."

Day 6 - The Finale

Blaise sits on a rock behind some concealed bushes, gulping the water down thirstily. Once she finishes that, she starts on her chicken. "Ash wasn't smart enough to live." Blaise cackles. "I wonder how that stuck-up Ashlyn kid's taking that. Never liked her." She laughs again, biting off a bit off her drumstick. All of a sudden, she hears a rumbling noise. An earthquake? A volcano? Blaise turns and sees, to her horror, a flood of water come bursting her way. She just has time to scream before a wave of seawater swallows her up.


Flint has stopped mourning Emela. His eyes are bloodshot, and his face is sticky with tears, remorse, and grief. Why couldn't have I just checked to see where she was? he thinks. Why couldn't she keep her promise?

He hears a rumbling noise and stands up, and holds the knife which he and his love had skinned the snake in the cave. He thinks about that night, and how he had kissed her afterwards.....

"You see why I have to go out there alone?" he had asked her.

"No." she had answered, smiling.

He sighs and shakes his head. "Emela, you should have stayed where it was safe." he says, shaking his head. He runs towards the Cornucopia. They want us to go there. he thinks. Today is the day when the victor is announced.


Tulip wakes to rain dripping onto her face. Weird, she thinks, considering were in a desert. She opens her eyes to see Grain crying over her, holding her tightly. She reaches up her hand and touches his face.

"Grain, please don't cry." she says, stroking his hair.

"Tulip.....I.......I just-" he wipes the tears off his face and hugs her.

"Today is the day. I can feel it. I- I don't have a good vibe about it, either."

"I'll be okay, Grain." she whispers, and kisses him lightly. "We need to prepare. For this. They'll want to steer us all to the Cornucopia. Promise you'll be strong for me and 11?" she asks, stroking his hair, and not meeting his eyes. "I promise, Tulip. I promise you the world." he whispers back, and kisses her. They hold each other for a while. Then Tulip stands up, with a confused look on her face.

"Baby, what is it?" Grain asks, standing up beside her. Tulip doesn't answer. She grabs a pair of binoculars and scales the horn of the Cornucopia. She perches atop it, and looks through them. Her face pales.

"Oh..... my....... god." she says, her mouth hanging open. Grain grabs a pair of his own and squints through them. It the distance, he could see blue. Water, he thinks. Thrashing on top of the waves he could see a girl with bedraggled hair as black as raven feathers, and stormy gray eyes. The wave was pushing her towards the Cornucopia. Every once in a while her head would bob beneath the wave, but it would come up again. Her angry screams echoed across the desert, reaching Grain's ears loud and clear.

"Well, Blaise was always good at making entrances." he mutters. Then his eyes land on another person with bright red hair, making a beeline towards the Cornucopia with a long spiky knife in his hand. Flint.

"Tulip, their coming." Grain says, pulling her off the horn. He looks at her, at how small she is, and let so calm. Her long brown hair was enveloped around her, like a cape, and her warm brown eyes were now burning like fire. I love her so much, Grain thinks. He remembered what his dad said whenever he asked about his mother:

"You see, Grain, you always know when you've met your wife. She's like an angel, and your soulmate. You think your going to live a long, happy life with her. But, whatever the reason, the angel can never stay long."

He remembered how confused he had been when his dad had told him that. But now he understood. One of us will die, he thinks. The angel can never stay long.

Flint was close now, only about a 50 yard sprint from Tulip and Grain. Grain pushes Tulip back.

"Stay here." he tells her, and sprints towards him to engage him in battle. While they are fighting, and Tulip is standing helplessly at the Cornucopia, the wave stops abruptly. Blaise tumbles out, and spits saltwater.

"ARGH!" she screams again. Her eyes lock on Tulip with hatred, and she grins evilly.

"This one's gonna be easy to take down." she laughs, and sprints to her.

Meanwhile, Grain and Flint are battling each other. Grain has shallow scratches on his arms and legs, and Flint has a long cut from his cheek to his ear.

"YOU. WILL. NOT. HURT. TULIP." Grain cries, exasperated.

"I will win. For Emela. And winning means killing your little girlfriend."

"No.." Grain whispers, dodging his knife.

"Yes. She will die, Grain. She will die like Emela died. A hero."

"I don't believe you. No. NO. NO!!!" Grain screams and flings the knife he is holding, and it meets Flint's side. He gasps, and falls to the ground.

"She.... won't..... live..." Flint whispers, and falls to the ground. "Emela, I'm coming."

His cannon fires out. Grain whirls around. "Tulip-" he stops. Blaise has Tulip pinned to the ground, knife raised, smiling like she won a million dollars. Tulip is screaming, flailing about, trying to kick her, but she knows this will be her end. Grain runs to Tulip, his love, but he knows he is too late. Blaise laughs, and and brings the knife down to her chest.

"The angel can never stay long, Grain," he can hear his father say. "The angel can never stay long."

The knife meets her chest. Tulip screams in pain. "NO!!!" Grain screams, and runs to them, where he stabs Blaise over and over again in the back, crying. He throws her body away from them. He cradles Tulip in his arms, and sobs. He pulls the knife out. Blood covers Tulip like a blanket. Tears trace her cheeks.

"Grain, please don't cry." she barely whispers.

"Tulip," he chokes. "My Tulip..."

"Be strong, baby," she whispers. "I love you."

"Tulip." he sobs again, and he kisses her.

"Tell.... tell my brothers I love them..." she whispers again.

"I will. I'll be at your funeral, baby."

"Thank you. I love you." Her eyes close, and a second later, her cannon rings out. Grain sobs, and kisses her forehead in grief. He lays her body carefully out on some blankets, and watches her hovercraft bring her away.

Then he hears Templesmith's voice:

"Congratulations, Grain Thorns, from District 11, the victor of the 1st annual Hunger Games!"

Back Home

"This is the girl I loved in the arena." Grain says.

He is wearing a suit, and standing at a podium, facing District 11's families. Her dark-haired brothers are in the front of the audience, facing him, a look of grief and devastation on their faces. Next to them is his father, wearing a new suit that they had bought with their victor winnings. He looks at Grain and gives him a sad smile, encouraging him to go on. Grain looks at the mahogany coffin next to him, covered in flowers. Tulips.

"She was the most amazing girl I ever met. She would have died for me, and if I could rewind that day in the arena, I would have stayed back and protected her." Grain chokes on his tears. "I wish this was my funeral, and not hers." He stares at her coffin. Inside is the girl he loves. She was killed in the arena. He should have protected her. She is dead now.

"But she told me to be strong. She said to tell her brothers that she loves them. I love you Tulip." He gets off the stage, and walks outside to the meadow. They decided to host her funeral at springtime, because that was when the tulips bloomed. He sits down in a field of yellow and pink ones, and closes his eyes. He hears the wind whisper:

"Thank you Grain. I love you."

Thank you for all the help and support! I hope you enjoyed the Games, and thank you for entering tributes and helping out! Have a very merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Wish you peace, love and joy,


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