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  • Probably Reading

    Since I never got aroung to doing my last Hunger Games (98), I guess I'll just do these instead!

    A bit differently than the 98th Hunger Games were going to be, a second rebellion did happen, around the 150th Games era. Obviously, it was not put on by Katniss Everdeen, but instead a parallel to the 75th Hunger Games happened in which the tributes were captured by the hovercrafts shortly after the Bloodbath. Districts 13 & 14 were behind this, and District 0 came out of hiding to help the Capitol fight. With District 0's help, the Capitol won, and 13 & 14 were forced into the games as a deal that 0 would have to compete as well. Tributes from the two rebel districts are not very fond of tributes from the Capitol and Zero and vice versa. It is…

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  • Probably Reading

    Soooooo I found this wiki so why not write something? 

    Katniss never volunteered. Prim died in an explosion (SPOILER: eh, she would have anyway) and the Hunger Games continued on normally. And now, the time has come for the 98th Hunger Games. Twenty-three teenagers will die, and one will be showered in riches. The question is, who will be the one to win it all?

    • Please follow all of the following rules.
    • I have every right to deem your tribute "unsatisfactory". I will tell you what's wrong, and then you can improve it.
    • No holds, please!
    • Please do not be rude to other people on here. It's, well, rather rude :P
    • I request a Lunaii that has no cropping or background. 
    • Anything else will be added as I think of them XP

    District Gender Name Weapon
    1 F Alexa…

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