Soooooo I found this wiki so why not write something? 


Katniss never volunteered. Prim died in an explosion (SPOILER: eh, she would have anyway) and the Hunger Games continued on normally. And now, the time has come for the 98th Hunger Games. Twenty-three teenagers will die, and one will be showered in riches. The question is, who will be the one to win it all?


  • Please follow all of the following rules.
  • I have every right to deem your tribute "unsatisfactory". I will tell you what's wrong, and then you can improve it.
  • No holds, please!
  • Please do not be rude to other people on here. It's, well, rather rude :P
  • I request a Lunaii that has no cropping or background. 
  • Anything else will be added as I think of them XP


District Gender Name Weapon
1 F Alexandrine "Alex" Haines Blowgun, Throwing Knife, Bow
1 M
2 F Analisa Latimer Katana, Shuriken, Nunchucks
2 M
3 F Electra Harrt Whip, Claws, Throwing Knife
3 M
4 F
4 M Severus Seaclan Sword, Trident, Net
5 F Glory Evann Bow, Dagger, Spear
5 M Adrian Lexus Bow, Dagger, Knife
6 F
6 M Matthew Brown Bow. Knife
7 F
7 M Hector Oak Axes
8 F Helena Liles Spear, Twin Swords, Needle
8 M Leon Silicus Knife, Machete, Fist
9 F Hazel Maize Sickle, Bow, Knife
9 M Chris Stephens Ax, Knife, Spear
10 F Keila González Katana, Bow
10 M
11 F
11 M
12 F
12 M


Careers: Analisa Latimer, Severus Seaclan

Districts 5 / 9: Adrian Lexus, Hazel Maize, Chris Stephens

Anti-Careers: Alex Haines, Electra Harrt, Helena Liles

TBA: Glory Evann, Matthew Brown, Hector Oak, Leon Silicus, Keila González


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