Must contain: Name, Age, District, Weapon, Discription, and Strategy. Only 1 Weapon should be listed!

District Age Name Weapon Rank Who
1 17 Sierra Shimmer Bow and Arrows 23rd AnnieCresta4
1 18 Lion Scrapes Mace Robin040197
2 17 Tarelia Anderson Bow and Arrows Robin040197
2 15 Thomas Quince Trident Robin040197
3 13 Connie Heter Wire 20th Ms.finnickodair
3 17 Andrew Palmer Strategy Ms.finnickodair
4 16 Marina Brooke Trident AnnieCresta4
4 13 Jared Holland Trident ProdigyZ7
5 16 Kayla Been Spear Ms.finnickodair
5 12 Jackson Been Slingshot Ms.finnickodair
6 16 Carol Kub Shurikens WikiaContributor
6 16 Brann Clatch Sword 21st Robin040197
7 15 Maya Altava Sword 19th WikiaContributor
7 16 Nathaniel Pine Axe 22nd Zakel
8 15 Zoe Browning Dagger 24th Asfbn
8 17 Bronze Platinum Spear Zakel
9 14 Victoria Pike Harpoon WikiaContributor
9 14 Deuce Riviera Chainsaw WikiaContributor
10 15 Alanna Blake Spear Asfbn
10 17 Marquel Wong Blowdart Gun 17th WikiaContributor
11 16 Samantha Donavan Bow and Arrows Asfbn
11 18 Brick Flesh Shortblade ProdigyZ7
12 15 Remi Selman Throwing Axe AnnieCresta4
12 14 Scott White Blowtorch 18th WikiaContributor


Start of at $2500 dollars. All money will be terminated when final 5 tributes are reached(Just to make it interesting.) A Weapon:$450, Water:$150, Food:$500(Notice how I didn't say how much food.) Medicine:$300, Miscellaneous(Canteen, Backpack, ect.):$100. Sponsors Ages 23-30.

District Name Age Money
1 Slitick Jones 26 $2500
2 Eloise Walker 24 $2500
3 Eloise Walker 24 $2500
4 Slitick Jones 26 $2500
5 Flambo Green 27 $2500
6 Eloise Walker 24 $2500
7 Flambo Green 30 $2500
8 Connor Harwell 28 $2500
9 Ricardo Riviera 30 $2500
10 Cameron Stephens 25 $1950
11 Blaire Spice 23 $2500
12 Clarice Blue 24 $2500


Tributes will be thrown into an arena with completly toxic mutant animals. The arena is cubic. There is a plain with a Corucopia and plenty of underground dungeons that stretch far past the cubic corners(Filled with a ton of booby traps and others suprises.) There is a large volcanic mountain in the Northeast corner. There is a vast dirt-packed trail heading to the Southwest corner with thousands of coniferus trees on either side of it. These trees are skinny and lifeless which have no means of concealment, nor does the plain. It seems the dungeons or the mysterious wheat field behind the mountain are the only places these tributes can hide. I really went to town on this arena so I hope everyone enjoys it.

Day 1

Andrew Palmer's POV

As I went up in the tube I was placing my plan together pefectly, when I came out the tube. It must've been 103 degrees beceause I was roasting alive. But I had to stay focused; I reach into my pocket as the clock hits 52 seconds-counting down. I pull out my token from my district, a rather small yet powerful electromagnetic magnet. I point it out at the cornucopia and a large axe comes flying for my head. Luckily, I catch it. I throw it at Zoe Browning's(8) head and it lands into her cranium, she falls and gets blown to bits.

Jared Holland's POV

I suddenly hear an explosion across the plain. One of Zoe Browning's(8) ears lands on Scott White's(12) face. I pull out my token, a small wooden ball, and chuck it at one of the Career's direction; and .2 seconds later Sierra Shimmer's(1) head is laying at my feet. GONG! I run towards the cornucopia and quickly grab a large duffelbag and trident. I try to run but a shotblade comes whizzing toward my neck. I see Brick Flesh(11) smirking and I duck. It goes through Nathaniel Pine's(7) neck. It dislodges both his and Brann Clatch's(6) head. I look to my left and see Tarelia Anderson(2) chop Connie Heter's(3) arm off. She picked it up and started beating her with the bloody end of it while repeating 'Why are you hitting yourself?' I take a step forward and fall into a hole. It looks like one of those halls from medival times. I assume I am safe here and procede forth.

Alannna Blake's POV

I grab a spear and throw it. Brick Flesh(11) dodges it and it finds a place in Maya Altava's(7) stomach. Deuce Riviera comes at me and I am terrified. I get my spear from May Altava's(7) lifeless body. I throw it at him but it misses and instead lands in Scott White's(12) leg he fires a blowtorch randomly, when it suddenly scorches Brick Flesh's(11) face. He screams loudly and, I'm sure he cannot see but, no matter, he grabs Scott by the neck, and I think an organ comes out of his throat when Brick throws him down one ofe those many holes I keep seeing. Deuce is extremely too close for comfort now, so, I turn and head the large path in the middle of that coniferus forest.

Marquel Wong's POV

I have very little time to think when I make it to the cornucopia. I grab a backpack, but, it seems I am no match for the speed of Marina Brooke's(4) trident when it lodges into my throat, cutting off my air. The last thing I hear is a large explosion, and the pain of flames on my body.

Ceaser's Report(1)

"8 dead the first day of the 115th annual Hunger Games, 15 more to go. It seems like either Jared Holland or Alanna Blake are in the best position right now but you never know, Stay tuned and act like you have a choice." This has been Ceaser's Report.

Day 2

Alanna Blake's POV

I wake up, pretty groggy, and open the pack I got at the cornucopia. I indulge in a large piece of stale bread, and come out of it coughing. I throw it out and continue my hike down the trail when I suddenly hear a loud rumbling noise, and feel an immense vibrtion coming from the ground. "First the volcano erupting and now this!" I turn and run but the ground opens up beneath my feet. I am about to fall in, dangling from the side, when a rather large silver casing tied to a parachute lands before me. "A sponsor gift!" I reach for the hinge and unlatch it and it opens. I grab the hand

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