If you read the title (which you probably did) you can guess what this blog post is about. Yup. For exactly two years from today, I signed up my first wikia account and logged in as EHKnight. This blog will basically tell a bit of a story about my tumble through wikia these two years, my mistakes and victories and the friends I've made.


Even though my account was made in December, I had been active in the Games department since the middle of October. The most memorable Games I joined were perhaps Charles' The 625th Hunger Games (2nd). I joined them with my tribute Sylvia Churchill, who I at first entered for District 10 but was moved to District 6 since it was already taken. These Games were probably the best ones I joined in my early times, and one of the best ones ever on the wiki. In the end, Sylvia managed 16th place. I was very hopeful for Silver Evans, my favorite tribute, to win, but she got 4th instead. Even so, I still come back to read these from time to time because they're truly one of the better Games on the wiki.

I also started my first Games off in December 2012, and I finished them around in January 2013. They were of course extremely bad and stuff, but it give me some experience in writing which became useful in my english classes at school. The victor was Amaryllis Silvermoon from District 9, who won by riding a fish mutt into battle and shove a knife into the boy from District 6's neck. Good times.


2013 was when I really started to live the wiki life it that makes sense. Even though I had talked a bit to some other users in the blog comments, I still hadn't been on chat. Some of the users I started to befriend through the comments in late 2012 and early 2013 were Kekai, Emma, Julia and Jackie. Even though I never was on chat, I felt as though I was friends with them to some extend. Probably one-sided friendships though. I made another Games early, which were won by Emma's tribute Nebraska Adair. This was the first Games when I met Julia.

On the 27th of February another user I had met through comments, Jason, messaged me and asked me why I never was on chat. Before then I didn't even knew the wiki had a chat feature and I was very nervous to go on. In the end, I came on, but pretty much only to advertise my new Games, The Nightmare Games, which I had started the very same day. Not knowing the chat rules, I cursed and I was kicked. I got super scared and I thought I had been chatbanned, so I was scared that if I went on chat again people would yell at me and tell me that I wasn't allowed and then they'd hate me. Which most people did end up doing of course.

Then Anna, the mod who kicked me, replied to one of my comments on a random blog post that I wasn't banned, that I was just kicked and she felt bad that I hadn't come back. So I went on chat again, and I started to talk a lot to Anna immediately, since we had common ground that she was Danish and I'm Norwegian. Kekai was a super big sweetheart and showed me around chat and stuff, which I really appreciate he did because I might not have continued going on if it wasn't for him.

In chat I was a generally annoying person who tried really hard to fit in with the "cool users". The cool users were all the people who had joined in 2012 and were all good friends and all had mod powers and stuff. I tried my hardest to fit in by trying to be funny and perverted. I'm actually very shy and I would never say any of the things I said in real life or to any people if I had any sense, but I really wanted to fit in. Which of course made people hate me and I was just generally seen as an annoying noob. I was pretty much friends with the people who were friends with everyone, Anna, Kekai, Julia, Emma, Jackie and Liza, while I was detested by everyone else and probably also by my kinda-friends.

Even though I was not very well liked, I did meet a lot of nice people, even though I wasn't very nice myself. Caylin was one of the people who I thought was super cool but was actually really nice to me even though I was annoying. We had a budding friendship when we teamed up together to mock new user at that time, Justin, by calling him Larissa Fuchs, a reference to a Pewdiepie video. I still like to call him Larissa though, since I've gotten so used to it. I was very intimidated by most of the 2012'er mods, so I mainly just worshipped them to try to make them like me, but I'm pretty sure that just made them hate me more. I had a brief (horribly random) friendship with Alice, where we were suddenly eachothers internet twins since we most liked zombies and MLP (disgusting). Then we started to like not talk anymore (until later, just keep reading).

My best friend on the wiki by far was of course Anna. I talked with her almost every day, we could talk about almost anything in the world and we skyped and tinychatted for hours at an end. So, after a lot of talk about it, we finally managed to find a time and place and stuff to meet up. IN REAL LIFE. I was over the moon to meet my best internet friend. She took a plane from Copenhagen to Bergen a friday in July. She stayed for the weekend, which is one of my most memorable and fun weekends I've ever had. It was sad when she had to go, but we promised eachother we would meet up again sometime. Sadly enough, before we could meet up again, Anna told me on tinychat that she was going to leave for New Zealand on a foreign exchange student trip. I knew she might be going, but before this both she and I thought she couldn't leave since they hadn't found a foster family for her. It was horrible because she started to become more and more inactive on the wiki and talking to me in general, so it felt as though I was slowly losing my best friend. Earlier this year she went completely away and I knew she probably wouldn't return ever.

The rest of 2013 actually turned for the better. I started to be less perverted and stupid since I finally realized "hey! I'm not really making friends this way huh!" and I got my act together. Though I still used xD and :3 way too much for my liking. Users and drama came and went, I stayed as sort as a horrible awkward observer in chat who talked too much. About a year ago, I rekindled my friendship with Alice in a glorious 11 hour long skype call. After that I've gotten very close to her and now I think of her as my closest friend on the wiki.


2014 has been a bumpy ride so far, but it has had the biggest upturns of every year I've been here. As a new years resolution I decided to clean up my act and never use my good, old troll account Erline and not be so freaking annoying with everybody and just try to be nice to new users and stuff. That means that this year hasn't been too eventful though. There has been drama, but I have tried not to get involved in it. I said some really horrible things to Chandni, Dani and Caylin though, which I am truly sorry for by the way. Other than that, nothing very eventful in the first half of 2014. In the summer, chat and the wiki in general finally got as active as it usually was after a big drought period from about March to May where nobody was on either the chat or the wiki.

When chat got active again, the chat moderator nominations opened again. And although I wanted to try to pretend like I didn't care, I did really want to become a mod so maybe I would be important or something. Really selfish, I know. Anyways, a bunch of mods were demodded because of inactivity, which included Colin, Annie, Anna and Kekai, so there were 4 mod spots open. I applied, thinking I would not in a million years get it, because of my horrible behavior in general in 2013. Maybe I could mentioned that I had been banned once for swearing in comments and I had uploaded an erotic fanfiction featuring some other users on the wiki without their consent, together with my generally inappropriate behavior. To my surprise though, I did get mod after all and I was super happy. Kinda sounds selfish but I was sort of proud of myself for the first time in like, ever.

With the chat being as active as it was, it was a wonder that I didn't ban anyone and I still haven't banned anyone from chat ever. I only ever kicked sometimes, but since I was very nervous of making mistakes, I kinda hid behind more experienced and confident mods most of the time. I was petrified to be the only mod/admin on chat if something was to happen.

More drama happened, people wanted Wes demoted and stuff, Larissa banned some people and everyone took sides, blah blah blah. Not too important to my story, since I usually don't take sides at all, at least I try not to. I mainly just sat at the sidelines and watched with a bucket of popcorn. In August, while I was still in Spain for my summer vacation, admin nominations opened since some users had complained that the wiki needed more admins, which I agreed on. It was me and some other people who nominated themselves, with two spots available. From then on I tried even harder to show that I was capable and to move away from my perverted and dumb past, by doing more mainspace, being more serious and undoing more vandalism. For those 3 weeks while the admin nominations were up I was a machine, I worked as much as I could to try to show everyone that I was a better person than before. And it paid off! In early september, I woke up one sunday and went on the wiki to check on wiki activity. There I saw at once that on the top of my screen to the right, my usually black chat moderator coding was now red. I smiled to myself and got immediately very, very excited. I saw that Charles had gotten admin as well and I got very happy for him too.

The rest of the year has been a blur of warning templates on talk pages, chatting, clicking the rollback button oh so many times and a great feeling of finally being accepted because I managed to move on from being a fake, annoying and loud dumbass who nobody took serious, to become a dorky, semi-serious admin who everyone are forced to take serious. So yeah, thanks to everyone who's made this wonderful experience possible and stuff. Love ya'll and I'll just hope chat starts to get more active again soon because I miss a chat sidebar where I have to scroll to see everyone!

People I'm thankful for (Thanksgiving style)

  • Kekai
  • Emma
  • Liza
  • Alice
  • Charles
  • Mia
  • Dani
  • Caylin
  • Lady
  • Larissa
  • Connor
  • Claudia
  • Annie
  • Jay
  • Adrian
  • Summer
  • Tyler
  • Bee
  • Connor #2
  • Viktor
  • Dustin
  • Tristan
  • Jason
  • Blake
  • Emilia
  • Nathaniel
  • Jason

There are so many more people I have ommited probably, so if you don't see yourself mentioned just comment and I'll probably add you lmao

The people I miss

  • Julia
  • Jackie
  • Anna
  • Chandni
  • DBD
  • Colin
  • Clove
  • Sam
  • Robin
  • ET
  • Vinny

Again, if you guys see anyone that I might have forgotten, notify me and I'll feel bad and cry while I put them on

With all that out of the way, It's been a great year and stuff!! Love you guys

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