Hi. I cancelled my last Games because of lack of interest. I don't think I'll ever start another games...

Anyways, I decided I wanted to write something different. And yes, I realize there is a wiki for this, but I wanted to do this here because I'm not gonna create all the characters myself. Instead, users can submit their character to me for evaluation.

By the way, for anyone unfamilar, this is a story about The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead are comics, a tv show and video games about the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse, and the few survivors trying to stay alive in it.

You can have up to 3 characters at any time.


Here's the template you'll need if you want your character in. Remember to have all the requirements in, please.

First name:

Age (variate a bit please, I don't want all 18-25 year olds):


Appearance (Real life photo or description)

(Previous) line of work:


Backstory (Before apocalypse):

Backstory (After apocalypse):


Note that the backstory sections don't have to be too extensive, just so I have a general grasp of what the character's lives have been like.

The Cast

  • Lynn - (19) - Student/Nurse - PumPumPumpkin :3
  • Blake - (14) - Student - Tehblakdeath
  • Dena - (27) - Teacher - Misytmolla
  • Ellie - (26) - Social Worker - Meoryou
  • Bert - (58) - Builder - Nlby001
  • Joseph - (12) - Student - Joey
  • Tom - (24) - Student, marine, national guard - YourFavoriteSalmon
  • Lacey - (19) - Prostitute - Biel1458
  • Sven - (30) - Teacher - Nlby001
  • Emma - (24) - Singer, musician - Nlby001
  • Sam - (53) - Professor - PumPumPumpkin :3
  • Alison - (8) - Student - Blue Ribbonz
  • Abe - (36) - Police officer - Meoryou †
  • Hank - (6) - None - Meouryou
  • Milly - (41) - Nurse - HaraiGoshi345
  • Emilia - (14) - Student - Summer bee 13
  • Peter - (36) - Scientist - Biel1458
  • Flynn - (14) - Student - Nommehzombies
  • Caleb - (15) - Student - Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute
  • Candy - (11) - Student - Joey

Season 1 - Point Of No Return

It had all happened so quickly. For a few days, there were stories on the news about freak accidents, cannibalism and the rumour of an unknown disease. Then came full-on panic. Scientists were under immence pressure as they tried to work out what was happening, and to try to find a cure. To no avail though. When the reality of the end of the world hit the population, it was already too late to try to fight the undead as a civilisation. Refugee centers were put up, but the undead overpowered them, and even destroyed the military. Now the few stragglers live on, the few who did not catch the initial wave of infection and who have managed to live on the first few weeks of the aftermath.

Episode 1: Drive

The city is broken now. The undead have overrun it, and smoke and fire is still blossoming in the shaken landscape. A man screames as he gets surrounded by the undead. They start to rip him apart, bit for bit, and bite down on him. His own mother, dead but still there, ripping her son's intestites out and eating them with an unmatched appetite.

In the rubble, a car speeps through, knocking unaware zombies aside or crushing them under it's wheels. The car all alone on the road. The red and green lights doesn't make any attempts to stop it. It continues to drive on, all the way out of the city and onto the highway. Then, right before it, is something the car and it's driver hadn't counted on. Car upon car lined up to leave the city, but nobody to drive them, with zombies almost patrolling around their cars. The car screeched as the person inside it crushed down the brakes. The undead were surrounding it almost at once. A girl steps out of her car. She's dressed in a fluffy coat and her hair under a big beanie. The girl looks around her, before she starts running out of the road and into the wild.

"It's okay now Lacey, it's okay. You're safe, just keep running.."

Lacey assures herself, and keeps sprinting through the woods. It's dark and she is clutching her small handgun close to herself. She can hear the groans of the dead all around her, but she can't see anything. A hand suddenly grabs at her from the darkness. Lacey screames and tried to pull away, but the hand's grip is so strong. Then it's followed a rottened face of a woman, with her left cheek ripped up and the flesh torn away. Lacey falls down and the zombie on top of her. The zombie grabs at her left arm, it's teeth centimetres from her skin. A loud bang and the undead woman looses her grip, a large hole through her skull behind her ear. Lacey gasps for air and just manages to push the woman off her, her hands shaking out of fear, still clutched around her gun.

Lacey keeps running, with the sound of the dead all around her, tears flowing down her face. She never stops, but she can feel her legs becoming more and more tired. Soon she will be dead, she thinks, soon she will be dead. But she doesn't want her end to be violent and to be eaten by monsters. Lacey puts the gun to her head with shaking hands. Her fingers move to pull down the trigger. She closes her eyes. She can almost hear the gunshot.

Instead she hears multible gunshots, gurgling on warm blood, walker screams and rushed shouts all around her. Someone kicks Lacey hard in the stomach and she falls down again, her eyes still closed. She blacks out and the last thing she hears is a familiar voice.

At first, Lacey thinks she is dead. She is at peace, perhaps it was for the best. No, it was for the best. But then someone shakes her awake from her bliss. She opens her eyes to see a face in front of her. She can't see anything else, her vision is still blurred and a bit red. A voice speaks to her, but there's something wrong with her hearing, because it sounds muted somewhat. Lacey blurts out the only thing she can think of in her confused mind.


Muffled laughter and some other voices. The person talking to Lacey repeats the question, and now she can hear that it's a girl's voice.

"How are you feeling?" The girl says.

Slowly, her senses return to her. Her eyes take up a round face with worried grey eyes. The girl has her hair loose down over her face. Lacey can now hear the other voices too. She hears a female one and several male voices, and the squeaky voice of a little girl. The girl facing her smiles at her and stroaks her hair.

"I'm Lynn. What's your name, sweetie?" She asks.

"Lacey" Lacey croaks out.

Lynn gives her a big smile and continues to stroak her hair in a calming motion. Slowly, Lacey feels herself falling asleep to the sound of children's laughter.

Lynn sighs as she rises up from her camping chair and moves away from the table. She stroakes Lacey's hair once more before walking towards a flighty-looking woman with scruffy clothing and dirty-blonde hair, who had been looking at Lacey with an anoxious glance for the past minute. Lynn smiles briefly at the woman.

"I think she should be okay. She had some trauma to the head, but she'll recover quickly enough. I don't think she'll suffer any permanent injuries." Lynn says.

The woman glances towards another table, where a man lies groaning. A small boy is standing besides the table holding the man's hand.

"Yeah, but what about Abe? We should be caring for him now, we don't even know this girl, she's a stranger. We should have left her there, I say."

Lynn looks upset at the woman, but her grey eyes are suddenly very serious.

"But we didn't, Milly. Abe's condition hasn't worsened any bit, and frankly, leaving her would be the same as putting a bullet through her head. Do you want that on your consience?"

Suddenly, a loud scream comes from the injured man's bed. Milly and Lynn exchange brief eye contact, before they both rush for his bed. There they are met with a grisly view. The injured man has woken again, but his eyes are glazed over and blood is leaking out of his mouth. He's groaning and trashing about, trying to break free of the handcuffs locked to him and the bed. The little boy from before is lying on the ground and his hands over his eyes, screaming and crying. The undead man falls down from his bed, but his handcuffs hold. They rip through his rotten hand and it falls down in the grass with a thumb. The noise has roused the rest of Lynn and Milly's group, and they all arrive. A short, pouchy man with a great grey beard steps out of the rest of the people and approach the zombie still on the ground carefully. Milly quickly runs in and picks up the screaming young boy in her arms and carry him away, just as the bearded man pulls out a poker.

"I'm sorry Abe, I'm so sorry." He mumbles.

Then he sticks the poker straight through Abe's forehead, and roughly pulls it out. The zombie falls weakly to it's side and doesn't move. The little boy's screams can still be heard. The man adresses to a a man with greyed hair and glasses and a short, stubby woman in a shawl.

"Sam, Dena, could you take Abe away to the tents until we can bury him?"

The man with the glasses, named Sam, nods at him.

"Ok Bert, I'll take with me Peter too, so we can see if we can test something on him. If that's ok."

Bert nods as an answer, and Sam and Dena take hold of the zombie's shoulders and legs. They carry him away, while Dena is sobbing into her shawl. The screaming of the young boy has finally subsided, and Milly returns to the rest of the group with a grim expression on her face.

"Hank's finally asleep, but we need someone to be there with him when he wakes up. He just watched his dad die and reanimate, he can't be very well. Lynn's back treating the girl we rescued." She tells the group, with all of them having the same grim expression as her.

"I'll take care of Hank, Milly. He'll be in safe hands!" A small girl with wild, curly red hair says and then speeds off to the tents without an answer.

The flips to the one of the smallest tents open and the red-haired, freckled girl stumbles in on quiet feet. She spots the small form inside a sleeping bag on the grass. She walks causiously to Hank in the sleeping bag and then plumps down in the grass. She puts her hand on Hank's head, while he is snoring loudly. His face is wet with tears.

"It'll be okay, Hanky. Your daddy is up there with God and mom and dad and Cora and everyone. And your daddy doesn't have to become a killer clown, Bert stopped it and now he's at peace. When you wake up, we can make flower crowns together! We can make flower crowns for everyone!"

Hank slowly opens his eyes and looks at the girl, who is smiling down at him.

"But daddy promised me he wouldn't go like mother did! He lied to me! He's a liar, Alison!" Hank screams

At that, Hank sits up and bursts into tears once again. Alison looks very upset at him. Then she pulls him in and hugs him. Hank stops crying and just engulfs his face in her wollen sweater. Alison pats Hank's head and her sweater soon turns soaking wet from his tears.

The tent opens again, and a large young man with short-cropped hair walks in silently and sits down besides Alison. She smiles to him and he to her. The man puts his large hand and wipes Hank's tears away with surprisingly gentleness. After a few minutes of this, Hank lies down in his sleeping bag and is soon asleep again.

"He'll be alright, Ali, don't worry." The man says with a deep, calm voice.

"Yeah. And then we can play hide and seek again, even though I always win!" Alison says and grins to Tom with an excited twinkle in her eye.

Then she stands up and runs out of the tent, waving him goodbye. Tom is left sitting alone with a sinking feeling in his stomach. He remembers when he found Alison, huddled scared in a gas station by the highway. Zombies were lurking around every corner. If he had come only minutes later, it would have been too late to save her. Tom remembers what the other guys from the marine ushered, that they'd move on and leave the little girl stuck in the gas station. Said she'd be nice bait for them to come away from the zombies with their lives. But Tom refused to go without the girl, and instead, his old comrades and friends left him.

It was dangerous, and Tom and Alison nearly perished, but Tom was able to save Alison and they became a team together. After weeks on the run they finally found this group, which soon became family. But now Tom is watching Alison as she starts to become more and more indifferent at death. Abe's death didn't even shock her or left her saddened. Tom knows that soon, Alison will grow cold and only focused on survival, like he used to be in Afganistan. He knows far too well what thet can do to someone's humanity.

"Alright everybody. Gather around, I have something I want to discuss with everyone. Milly, could you take the kids into the infirmary tent please? This isn't kids stuff." Bert shouts to rouse up all the group members.

Milly nods at Bert and starts to round up the children, Candy, Flynn, Caleb, Blake, Emilia, Alison and Joseph. The older kids Flynn, Caleb and Blake look annoyed that they are ordered away from the action. The rest, the adults, start to form around Bert, dragging out stolls and pitching up camping chairs. Soon they form a circle, and Milly rejoins them to sit besides Peter and Lynn. The only adult not present is Lacey. Bert clears his throath with a cough and stands up.

"Thank you all for coming, we have a lot to discuss. First of all, the new girl we found in the forest. She is still very weak, but Lynn and Milly are doing everything they can to help her recover from the walker attack. She'll have to work to show her value to us when she gets to her senses though." He says.

"But Abe died to save her! If Lynn and Millydidn't insist to help her, he wouldn't have gotten bit! And we can't trust this girl, we don't know who she is, we don't know what her plans are! For all we know, she plans to steal our riches for her own!" Ellie bombards out, and Sven and Dena nods at her as to show that they agree.


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