YES. I will finish this shit. NO. This is NOT Gauken. This is the creepy demon spawn of an interesting conversation on chat and a long-running idea. That idea was originally just to write about all the users being drunk as hell, but whatever. Will include suggestive shit and obviously cussing. DEAL WITH IT.

Only users who are adtive on chat alomost every day will be included in this fanfic. Don´t come whining and bitching to me if you´re not in, it´s your own fault for not being on chat. SO GET OVER IT, DISGRACEFUL SCUM.

Chapter 1 - The Not-so-epic Start of Something Random

The yellow bus screech as it came to a halt in front of the towering grey building. The Hunger Games Wiki University. Home of the zany, random and completely insane wacko students. Not so much studying going on, more sexy time, spiked fruit punch and general insanity. But there were some exeptions. Like the Class Presidents, Charles and Anna, who always obeyed and followed up the rules. Then there was their polar opposites, the Bubblegum Bitches, as they called themselves. Emma, Cailyn, Lauren and Lily. The Bubblegum Bitches never backed down from a oportunity to get drunk, seduce some hot guys and bitch out all the other girls. They got out of the bus, bitching and gossiping, Lauren with a complete set with diamond dildoes in her bag. Ready for tonight. Yes, the students of the Uni didn´t give a shit it wasn´t a special occation, every day was a random party day. Because you know, they are all obviously psycopaths and murders, deep down. After the Bubblegum Bitches Oli and Mia stepped off the bus. They were squeezed together like some kind of weird love sandwitch and was both on Tumblr on their IPhones. Oli was wearing a gas mask for some reason while Mia was trying to reblog some porn without her blog being blurred. After Mia and Oli came Dani and Kiersten, whispering to eachother under their breath. They were glancing over at a boy and a girl sitting on a bench by the entrance to the Uni as they were talking, it was obvious their gossip was about them. Dani was holding her trusted knife, whom she was sharpening by grinding it against a rock, while Kiki was still looking over at the couple at the bench, saying "What a sweet pair they are". The "sweet pair" at the bench are completely oblivious and are just sitting there, staring into eachothers eyes. Kekai was holding Julia´s hand while she was looking deep into his eyes, her eyes sparkeling (No, screw that, Julia´s eyes arent visible she wears glasses for fucks sake)

TBA again (I AM LAZY >:3)

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