Welcome To The 174th Annual Hunger Games

Hi! I´m in the middle of another Hunger Games, but I will be "starting" these now!

Please, be polite and have fun! >w<

These games will contain swearing and suggestive/sexual themes. If you´re not okai with that, I expect you to leave.

Thank you!

The Rules

1. It´s four tributes per user, and I accept wikia contributors.

2. Advice should be given before the private sessions and after every new day in the arena. Tributes that gets advice will stand a higher chance of survival, but I don´t see advice as manditory.

3. Please use good and polite language.

4. If you ask me for a sponsor gift to give to your tribute, I may feel like giving it, but It´s very unlikely.

5. Please don´t spam in any way if you haven´t got at least one tribute in my games.

6. This hunger games districts 1-13 will be competing, including the Capitol.

7. Alliances will be posted when training is over and the arena will be revealed when I have got all tributes. You can leave a comment saying what alliance you want your tribute to be in, if any. If you don´t say what alliance your tribute is in, I will put him/her in a random alliance.

8. I will only do training scores and the acual games this time, no reapings or training days.

9. I will write the training days in POV, and then the games in overview.

10. Reservations last for 24 hours.



Please use this tribute template :











Strategy for game


Thank you! >w< Now submit a tribute!

Congratulations To This Years Brave Tributes

District Name Age Weapon District Name Age Weapon
D1 Titan Sirius 16 Mace, club D1 Shimmer Topaz 17 Butterfly swords
D2 Luke Firelight 15 Sword, throwing knives D2 Katharin Seroine 17 Dagger, bow and arrows
D3 Psy Spore 16 Mace D3 Luna Fern 13 Electricity
D4 Dalton King 15 Trident D4 Nebraska Adair 16 Spear
D5 Nathan Heartwood 18 Sword D5 Illuminate Sensorium 15 Qilinbian, bullwhip
D6 Drak Dormaus 17 Sythe D6 Swift Mage 12 Mace, dagger
D7 Quineroo Salvix 17 Axe D7 Thalia Ax 15 Axe
D8 Jay Sonenclair 17 Snares, knives D8 Sydney Hilton 15 Axe, sickle, stealth
D9 Jack Khul 15 Knives D9 Hazel Field 13 Blowgun, knife
D10 Angus Divine 17 Sword, spear D10 Maylee Jackson 15 Bow and arrows
D11 Rydian Sowmoon 17 Sickle, sword, snares D11 Sierra Flame 15 Sickle, throwing knives
D12 Logan Peterson 16 Axe, club D12 Auvelia Morphelin 13 Bow and arrows
D13 Jason Grand 14 Club D13 Bellum Cavallo 17 Axe, mace
C Rayden Skyler 16 Sword C Adair Finch 16 Sword, trident

Tribute Gallery

The Alliances

The Careers : Titan Sirius D1 (Leader), Shimmer Topaz D1, Katharin Seroine D2, Luke Firelight D2, Dalton King D4  Nebraska Adair D4, Bellum Cavallo D13

District 3 and 11 Alliance : Psy Spore D3, Luna Fern D3, Sierra Flame D11

District 5, 6, 10 and 12 Alliance : Illuminate Sensorium D5, Swift Mage D6, Angus Divine D10, Maylee Jackson D10, Logan Peterson D12, Auvelia Morphelin D12

District 6 and 8 Alliance : Drak Dormaus D6 and Sydney Hilton D8

District 7 Alliance : Quineroo Salvix D7 and Thalia Ax D7

Loners : Nathan Heartwood D5, Jay Sonenclair D8, Jack Khul D9, Hazel Field D9, Rydian Sowmoon D11, Jason Grand D13, Rayden Skyler C, Adair Finch C

The Arena

  • Tropical Rainforest
  • Rivers In The Arena
  • The Coast Of The Arena
  • Thick Arena Forest
  • Mountain Gorilla Mutt
  • Poison Butterfly Mutt
  • Poison Gas Flower Mutt
The arena is a ginormous tropical rainforest, with both lots of food sorces and a lot of deadly dangers. The arena is a very wet place, with regular rainshower at least ten hours a day, so dehydrating won´t be a problem. Food may be a problem, though. The arena is filled with lots of edible plants and meat, but also poisonous plants and deadly mutts. The first mutt is the gorilla mutt. It is about the size of an human being, but they live in colonies of about ten animals, and they won´t hesitate to rip a tribute to pieces. They are masters to climb threes, so to escape them is a difficult task. The second mutt is the butterfly mutt. They are very rare, but only one touch by their proboscis then you´re dead. They will seep out extremely powerful poison, and kill you immedeatley. The last and most deadly mutts are the flower mutts. They are beautiful flowers, about the size of a human head, that spews out a cloud of poison gas then anyone are nearby. The poison gas works a lot like tracker jacker poison, as it slips into the brain and may drive tributes to insanity or death. On the edge of the arena is a long and beautiful coastline. It is natuarlly saltwater, and is also naturally filled with dangers. Huge shark mutts about the size of a small whale roam around the water, so to go swimming is extremely dangerous. But the coast is also a sorce of food for the tributes that can fish or catch seafood, there´s a big advantage to the 4 tributes there. The cornocopia is located in a clearing with tropical forest all around, and down south from the cornocopia clearing a few miles the coast lies.

Good luck, you´re gonna need it!

The Training Days

Day 1 :


I´m in the elevator, on my way to the training senter, together with my district partner, Angus, and the district 3 tributes. I have talked a bit to Angus. He´s pretty nice, and we have already allied. Our main focus in the training senter will be to gain new allies. Angus is a little strange, he thinks to protect the weak from the careers is his mission from God, but it really doesn´t bother me. He´s already proving himself to be a good ally. The elevator lands on the basement floor, and we step out into the training senter. It is a ginormous room, filled with deadly-looking weapons and running courses, and other training equipment. The other tributes are standing in a big circle, facing the head trainer. We split up from the 3 tributes, and find a empty spot in the circle. But we didn´t come early enough to her the speech, it is just finished, and the head trainer dismissed us to do whatever we please. Angus walks quickly towards a timid-looking twelve year old I think is from district 6. When he asks her if she would join us, she squeled and hugged Angus tigthly. Angus hugs back fondly, like a father. I begin to talk to our new ally, and I learn that her name is Swift. She is a very nice and cute girl, she may not be too useful in the arena, but both me and Angus just want to protect her. Angus walks off to talk to the 12 tributes, while me and Swift goes to the gauntlet. Swift is first. She is surprisingly good at running, and that may be very useful in the arena. My turn. I do pretty well until a trainers stick catch my foot and I fly off. Luckily Swift breaks the fall for me. We lay in a huge lumb on the ground for a long time, and I can hear laughter, and I see the Capitol girl screaming with joys. We quickly sit up, we are both embarrased so we run up to Angus again. He has recruited both the 12 tributes. Our alliance is already five tributes, maybe one of us will survive?


My mace flies through the air and smashes into the dummy´s head. The head fles off and hits the 7 male. He glares at me, but he can´t do anything unless he want´s to be killed by me in the bloodbath. Another two dummy heads swish thorugh the room, and I´m already imagening how good it would feel to smash a tribute´s head off. Pretty good I think. I look over at my fellow careers. My district partner, Shimmer, is very skilled but is way too soft and kind. The girl from 2, Katharin, is very much like me. We both can´t wait to get to the arena, so we can kill. Her district partner though, is not exsactly my cup of tea. I have already been elected leader of the careers, but I can tell he also wanted to be leader. I´ll have to watch my back for him in the arena, he´s tough. Dalton and Nebraska are ok. Dalton seems like a whiner and Nebraska has to be the person with the lowest IQ I´ve ever met. But they are both good at weapons. I pause my dummy killing to glare at two tributes coming my way. One of them I recognize as the 6 male, but the girl with the blonde hair that´s with him I don´t know. Drak asks if they can show their skills for us. I nod curtly and sit down to watch. The other careers come too. The 6 male picks up a sythe and begins to cut up the dummies elegantly. But he does some mistakes, and I´ve already reached an decition with him. The blondie picks up an axe and preceeds to chop off six of the dummies heads in a minute. I´m impressed, but I have a gut feeling that this girl is not to be trusted. After they are done, all the careers are looking at me, waiting to make a decition. I clear my thoath. "Ok, 6 boy, pretty good, but you made some mistakes and that mistake would be your last if this were the arena, so you´re not in." I do a shooing hand getsure at him, and he walks off, red in the face. I turn my attension to the girl again. "What district are you from?" She throws her blonde hair back before answering. "I´m from 8 and my name is Sydney." Now I´m sure that this girl is not to be trusted. That grin tells me everything her voice doesn´t say. "Well, Sydney, you´re not in, so get the fuck out of my face!" She walks off looking scandalized, and meets up with the 6 boy again.


I´m sitting by a lunch table with Quineroo. He´s strong and will be a good contender, but I don´t plan on holding on to him for too long, any threath must be eliminated at first chance. I haven´t talked too much with Quineroo, but I don´t think I would have liked him anyways, and making friends will only hinder me. I go to get some food from the table dotted around the cafeteria. The food tastes like shit compared to the wondreful dishes of The Capitol we got on the train and in our home/prison. Bland mashed potatoes and simple bread.I´m frustrated. I just want to scream at the trainiers for giving me this mush, and not proper food. But I just push my way thorugh the 5 boy, and sit down by our table again. "Here, I brough you some food." I push a plate with pea stew at him, and he gobbles up the disgusting crap. I carefully nibble at my food, I don´t dare eat anything in case it´s made of skunks brain. I quickly glance over at my fellow tributes. The careers are dominating the scene, cracking jokes and laughing, and flexing those huge muschels. In deep contrast most of the other tributes are very underfed and scrawny. I see an alliance between the 5 girl, 6 girl and both from 10 and 12. Thay may be many, but none of them look overly powerful, the exception of the 10 male. I also see an alliance between the 3 tributes and the 11 girl, but they won´t survive long. The last alliance is between the 6 boy and 8 girl, the ones that got rejected by the careers. I can clearly see who´s the biggest threaths. All the careers, Quineroo, the 10 boy, the 13 girl who just joined the careers and me. I know if I am to win, I´ll have to kill them all. Nobody can survive, nobody except me.

Day 2 :


I´m muching down some berries at the plant identification station, using my newly aquired supreme skills to sweep the test off it´s feet. I have been hanging around here all day, and I´ve really gotten the hang of this skill. After three hours, I raise myself to my feet and walk off, having completed the test with full marks ten times. I stroll casually to the spear throwing station, and take a few throws. Most of them hit their target, but some miss or hit the wrong part of the dummy. I see that the 4 male is stationed rigth next to me, but he´s throwing a trident. I can easily see that he is a lot more skilled than me, hitting the bullseye every time. He tilts his head towards me and smiles arrogantly at me. His expression says it all. You´re my first kill. I just snort and go to the rope course. I see that the 7 girl is already there, swinging from rope to rope like a ninja. She lands rigth in front of me, and smiles juvilantly at me. She is challenging me. If that´s what that bitch wants, then. I pull myself up on the ropes course, and set off. The first four ropes I easily swing, but the next one I nearly miss. My fingers miss the sixth rope, and I plummet to the ground. The 7 girl´s rough laughter rings in my ears, and I do the walk of shame over to the spear throwing again.


I´m sitting at the fire making with my ally, Swift. I´m grinding two rocks together to try to make a spark, but it feels more and more worthless by the minute, and after ten minutes I chuck the stupid rocks as long as I can out of sheer frustration. But even though something hasn´t happened to her rocks, Swift still continues to grind them. Then small sparks begin to fly, and a small flame suddenly appears in the firewood. I´m impressed. "Patience is key." She says to me, and I try again. This time I sit for longer, even though this is terribly boring. Then, just as Swift said, a tiny flame appears, burns for a a couple of seconds, and then dies. I try again. For every time the flame lives a little longer. And after a hour, my flame lasts at least ten minutes. "See? Patience is key." I can´belive how a twelve year old can be so wise. We rise up, and massage our crancky back before going to the archery station, where the ret of our alliance is. Only Auvelia of our alliance has some archery skills, we others are pretty lost with a bow as a weapon. I give it a try, and I´m surprised of how good I am. I´m not as good Auvelia, but she helps me with it, while Swift, Maylee, Angus and Logan go to the knot tying station. After a few hours I´m pretty decent, thanks to Auvelia´s help. She claps me on the shoulder, and congratulates me on my skills, even though they´re mediocre at the best. We join up our alliance, and head out for lunch.


Me and my alliance, Psy and Sierra, are eating lunch now. We´re kinda late, all the other tributes have gone back to their training. We are trying to gobble up as much food as possible, as the extra body weigth will be advantage, but the food is so disgusting that it´s pretty difficult. Psy has just gone to the bathroom, and I hear his muffled vomiting. Sierra also looks sligthly green, and she looks at her "food" with deep disgust. I can´t handle more of this muck, so I take my plate and Sierra´s plate back to the tables. For a long time the only thing me and Sierra does is stare at eachother. Then Psy comes back, something green on his chin. I get a napkin and carefully whipe it off. Then someone speaks calmly out of the speakers in the cafeteria. "Private sessions in five minutes." We leave our table and head into the gym again. Most of the tributes ase already headed for a small door that goes into the waiting room. We walk akwardly into the room, and find a bench for ourselves. First to be called is the boy from 1. He jumps up, and storms into the unknown, very overconfident. Then the girl from 1, after that both from 2. Then Psy gets called, and I whisper a good luck to him, while Sierra pats him on the shoulder. After what feels like an hour, they finally call "Luna Fern, District 3." I stand up, hug Sierra tigthly, and walk briskly into the private sessions.

The Training Scores

District Name Score District Name Score
D1 Titan Sirius 10 D1 Shimmer Topaz 8
D2 Luke Firelight 10 D2 Katharin Seroine 9
D3 Psy Spore 5 D3 Luna Fern 4
D4 Dalton King 9 D4 Nebraska Adair 9
D5 Nathan Heartwood 6 D5 Illuminate Sensorium 5
D6 Drak Dormaus 7 D6 Swift Mage 4
D7 Quineroo Salvix 9 D7 Thalia Ax 10
D8 Jay Sonenclair 6 D8 Sydney Hilton 8
D9 Jack Khul 5 D9 Hazel Field 4
D10 Angus Divine 8 D10 Maylee Jackson 6
D11 Rydian Sowmoon 5 D11 Sierra Flame 5
D12 Logan Peterson 4 D12 Auvelia Morphelin 7
D13 Jason Grand 5 D13 Bellum Cavallo 8
C Rayden Skyler 6 C Adair Finch 3

The Death Chart

28th Luna Fern 3 Titan Sirius 1 Mace smashed into back
27th Psy Spore 3 Titan Sirius 1 Skull cracked by mace
26th Quineroo Salvix 7 Thalia Ax 7 Head chopped off
25th Adair Finch C Thalia Ax 7 Internal bleeding
24th Hazel Field 9 Nebraska Adair 4 Beaten to death
23rd Auvelina Morphelin 12 Katharin Seroine 2 Neck slashed open
22nd Rayden Skyler C Angus Divine 10 Blood loss
21st Shimmer Topaz 1 Sydney Hilton 8 Pierced with a dagger
20th Jason Grand 13 Titan Sirius 1 Internal bleeding
19th Drak Dormaus 6 Dalton King 4 Head impaled by trident
18th Nathan Heartwood 5 Luke Firelight 2 Knife into face
17th Bellum Cavallo 13 Butterfly mutt Arena Poisoned
16th Sydney Hilton 8 Gorilla Mutts Arena Ripped and torn apart
15th Logan Peterson 12 Thalia Ax 7 Neck snapped
14th Jack Khul 9 Nebraska Adair 4 Chest scewered by spear
13th Illuminate Sensorium 5 Raflessia mutts Arena Suffocated
12th Titan Sirius 1 Luke Firelight/Nebraska Adair 2/4 Suffocated by blankets
11th Sierra Flame 11 Shark mutt Arena Eaten alive
10th Katharin Seroine 2 Nebraska Adair 4 Stomach pierced by spear
9th Jay Sonenclair 8 Luke Firelight 2 Sword through head
8th Maylee Jackson 10 Nebraska Adair 4


7th Dalton King 4 Thalia Ax 7 Axe buried into chest
6th Luke Firelight 2 Nebraska Adair 4 Spear through head
5th Swift Mage 6 Thalia Ax 7 Axe smashed into chest
4th Angus Divine 10 Rydian Sowmoon 11 Rock shard flinged into back
3rd Thalia Ax 7 Nebraska Adair 4 Blood loss
2nd Rydian Sowmoon 11 Nebraska Adair 4 Spear driven through chest

The District Death Chart

Placing District Tribute 1# Placing Tribute 2# Placing
14th District 3 Luna Fern 28th Psy Spore 27th
13th The Capitol Adair Finch 25th Rayden Skyler 22nd
12th District 13 Jason Grand 20th Bellum Cavallo 17th
11th District 12 Auvelina Morphelin 23rd Logan Peterson 15th
10th District 9 Hazel Field 24th Jack Khul 14th
9th District 5 Nathan Heartwood 18th Illuminate Sensorium 13th
8th District 1 Shimmer Topaz 21st Titan Sirius 12th
7th District 8 Sydney Hilton 16th Jay Sonenclair 9th
6th District 2 Katharin Seroine 10th Luke Firelight 6th
5th District 6 Drak Dormaus 19th Swift Mage 5th
4th District 10 Maylee Jackson 8th Angus Divine 4th
3rd District 7 Quineroo Salvix 26th Thalia Ax 3rd
2nd District 11 Sierra Flame 11th Rydian Sowmoon 2nd
1st District 4 Dalton King 7th Nebraska Adair VICTOR!

The 174th Annual Hunger Games

Day 1 : The Bloodbath

Finally all the tributes have been raised into the arena, which this year is a massive and dense tropical rainforest. It won´t be a problem with dehydrating, the rain will be almost constant, but who knows that kind of terrors the gamemakers have hidden in the threes this year? Now every pair of eyes in all of Panem are focused on their televisions. The audience in The Capitol cheering and betting and celebrating, and the people of the districts, tense and sad. And then the countdown for the 174th annual Hunger Games start.

60. 59. 58. 57. 56. Adair is braching herself to make a run for it, not wanting to risk going into the deadly combat.

51. 50. 49. 48. 47. Titan is glaring at the other tributes, trying to decide on who to target first. His eyes fall on the shaking figure of Luna, and Titan positions himself to run at her.

43. 42. 41. 40. 39. Thalia is standing next to Rayden and Logan, she is trying to get eyecontact with Quineroo. She finally locks eyes with him, and she nods her head towards the cornocopia. The meaning is simple. Let´s fight.

25. 24. 23. 22. 21. Angus is looking desperatly around, trying to locate every member of his alliance. He finds them, and relaxes. His mentor gave him clear orders. Get a backpack and a weapon, and protect your allies.

17. 16. 15. 14. 13. Nebraska is looking around, trying to deadlock threaths. She finds the sturdy figure of Thalia, and Nebraska gets ready to charge at her. Ready to kill.

8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1... GONG! And all the tributes leap off their plates, and the 174th annual Hunger Games have officially begun!

Titan is the first to reach the cornocopia. He is exsamining a deadly-looking mace when the first tributes reach the cornocopia. Then he see his target. Luna is running away together with Psy and Sierra, with no supplies. Titan smirks to himself as he sprint like the wind to the fleeing tributes. Luna doesn´t even get time to turn before Titan´s mace smashes into her back. She falls screaming onto the ground, and Psy turns to save his ally, but Sierra continues to run. Psy raises his fists and punches Titan´s nose. It breaks with a sickening crunch, and Titan´s eyes goes ablaze with fury. He pushes Psy on the ground and cracks his skull with the mace. Psy´s body crumbles to the ground, and lies next to Luna´s body, as to join her. Titan smiles to himself. First blood in the games.

Thalia and Quineroo are now inside the cornocopia, rummaging for supplies. Thalia picks up a very sharp axe, a pack of bandages and an empty backpack. She turns and she seems the kneeling Quineroo, still searching. Thalia understands what she has to do. She raises her axe, and in one movement, chopps Quineroo´s head off. If lands in the grass with a dull thud. She takes everything she can carry, and runs out. Halfway to the forest she spots Adair, who is running on all fours, as her ankle has been chopped off. Thalia smles. Too easy. She hurls her axe at Adair´s head, and the girl explodes with screams. She is still alive. Thalia takes away half of Adair´s short time to live by yanking the axe out of her head. Thalia takes one last look on the cornocopia before dissapearing into the dense and mysterious forest.

Hazel is not figthing, she is still by her plate, scavengering all the supplies she can find that´s close enough to her. She has just picked up a small silver sickle when Nebraska attackes. The girl from 4 is armed with spear, and she is trying to pierce Hazel´s stomach with it, but Hazel is putting up a good fight. Hazel´s sickle catches Nebraska´s spear and sends it flying into the cornocopia. Then Nebraska looses it. She pounces on the 9 girl, and beins to beat her. Nebraska´s fists fly and crash into Hazel´s body. Nebraska doesn´t stop pounding Hazel, not even after the poor girl´s heart stops beating. Only after Hazel´s body is reduced to a bloody lumb does Nebraska stops. Her chest heaving and her eyes alive with rage and bloodlust.

Angus and his alliance are now in the thick of combat, Angus is slashing with a sword and Auvelia is shooting around with her bow. Swift, Illuminate, Maylee and Logan are looking in the many crates and bags for things they may need. None of them sees the creeping figure of Katharin, making her way stealthily towards the alliance. She is directly behind Auvelia now, and before anyone can react, she draws her blade and slashes up the neck of the 12 girl. Angus is smiling as he saved Swift´s life from Rayden, the boy from The Capitol is slowly bleeding to death. Then Angus sees Auvelia´s dead body in the grass. He spins around to find the murderer, but he can´t see anybody. He grabs the hands of his alliance and pulls them away from the cornocopia, away from sharing the faith of Auvelia.

Jay is running away, with only a small knife with him. He knows that Shimmer is following him, but he doesn´t dare turn to fight, she is after all a career. But a pebble puts an end to Jay´s plan of escape. The boy from 8 soars thorugh the air and lands with a uneasy crunch. Then Shimmer is upon him. She forces him to lay still, and then she raises her dagger. But at the last second another dagger goes straigth through Shimmer´s stomach. She drops dead at once, and Jay can get a good look on his hero. Sydney pulls her dagger out of Shimmer´s dead body, and pulls Jay up from the ground. Then she and Jay flees, away from death and murder.

Titan drags his sword slowly and painfully out of the still living Jason. The boy from 13 wails and howls in agony, and Titan walks away to let Jason die. Three kills already. Titan is really in the zone. He sees Drak, and he knows that the next kill is rigth around the corner. He smashes into Drak, pin him down to the ground and raise his sword, ready to impale him. But Drak evades it elegantly and rolls on the ground, away from Titan. Titan is still baffeled and can´t catch Drak now. But then a trident flies through the air and impales itself into Drak´s head. Dalton pulls his trident out of the bleeding clump that is Drak´s head.

The only tribute except the careers still at the cornocopia is Nathan, he is hiding inside the cornocopia. The careers are now looking though the supplies that´s left in their care. Nathan knows that if he is detected here he´s dead as a doornail. But the careers are blocking the path out and Nathan is trapped. He silently raises his head, only to see Luke staring right at him. Before Nathan can react, Luke hurls a throwing knife in his tigth. Nathan howls with pain, just as Luke launches the second throwing knife. It hits Nathan in the face, and the boy from 5 drops dead to the soil.

The bloodbath is over. The careers are at the cornocopia, while everyone else is spanning the expansive arena.

Sierra is moving as fast as she can though the thick jungle, she uses a twig she found to chop down the vines and branches that threathen to hit her in the face. Then the cannons fire. Sierra stops to count them. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! After the eleven cannons have fired Sierra continues her journey deeper into the mysterious jungle, deeper into danger.

Bellum and the others in the career pack are laying in the grass around the cornocopia, shortly after the bloodbath, recovering and catching up with their fast breathing. I doesn´t really help that the jungle is filled with hot and clammy air. Bellum is relaxing in the grass, trying to stop her sweating. She is covered in stickly sweat, and is feeling pretty bad. She didn´t get any kills at all. She was so close to killing Adair, but Thalia stole her kill rigth in front of her nose. She is feeling pretty bad, when a beautiful buttefly lands on a grass straw next to her. She smiles and reaches out for it, and the butterfly happily skips up on her hand. Then the butterfly sicks it´s proboscis in Bellum´s hand, and she lets out a drawn-out scream. She is shaking her hand like mad to get the insect away from her. But no luck, the butterfly sticks like a magnet. The other careers look curiously over at Bellum, who is running around and screaming, like in a war dance. Then she stops, falls to the ground and her cannon fiers. BOOM! The careers are scared, they don´t know what killed Bellum and they begin to shout and throw their weapons at the bushes. They don´t even notice the little butterfly fluttering through the air, looking for it´s next victim.

Rydian is resting after a long day of traveling through the huge arena. He has arrived at the coast, where he is sure to survive. He has made camp at the edge of the beach, in a three. He didn´t get too much at the bloodbath, but he got some rope and a packet of iodine. That´s all he needs to survive. He has already set up some snares by the trunk of his three, and has filled himself with water cleared of salt from the sea. He looks up at the night sky, waiting for the fallen to be shown. Then the anthem plays, and the seal of Panem appears on the sky. The seal is then replaced by Shimmer. Over the whole arena tributes are looking surprised, a career dying in the bloodbath? Then Psy and Luna appears. Then they are replaced with Nathan, who is replaced by Drak. Then Quineroo, Hazel, Auvelia. Then Bellum and Jason. The last to appear are the Capitol tributes, Rayden and Adair. Twelve dead. Sixteen left to play. Fifteen more has to die, but who? Rydian curls up in some vines, and quickly falls asleep.


Shimmer Topaz - District 1

Psy Spore - District 3

Luna Fern - District 3

Nathan Heartwood - District 5

Drak Dormaus - District 6

Quineroo Salvix - District 7

Hazel Field - District 9

Auvelia Morphelin - District 12

Jason Grand - District 13

Bellum Cavallo - District 13

Rayden Skyler - The Capitol

Adair Finch - The Capitol

Day 2 : Deeper Into Danger

Jack is moving swiftly through the jungle, trying to sneak past the camp of Angus´s alliance. He is hiding in some foilage, all of them are asleep circeling a small campfire. He wish he had the guts to sneak in there and kill them, but when a cannon fired all the others would wake up and come at him. Either so, he doesn´t even have a weapon. he doesn´t have much of anything. He decides to just snag some food, so he sneaks silently into their camp. He opens a crate, and find a big pack of dried beef and an empty canteen of water. Better than nothing. He carefully snags the items, and sneaks back into the thicker jungle.He then turns to get away before they wake up, when a butterfly lands on a vine next to his head. He butterfly tries to jump onto his head, but he isn´t that stupid. He knows that he can´t trust any kinds of wildlife, and runs quickly in the opposite direction. The butterfly then flutter towards the camp of Angus´s alliance. Ready to claim a new victim.

Sydney and Jay are moving through the underforest, hunting for prey. They´ve been up since the crack of dawn, trekking in the forest. Sydney´s backpack is already filled with fresh meat from some kind of rodent with long, slender legs and black fur. What they don´t know is that they are in a very dangerous area. Rydian is up in a three somewhere very close, but Sydney and Jay don´t know anything about him or his snares. Sydney suddenly flies screaming up in the air, she is hanging from a rope. She screams and flails to get loose, so Jay tries to rip the ropes off her. But no luck, and then he tries to look through their backpack for something useful. But he suddenly freezes. A sound revibrates over the arena. A very unusual sound that is definitively not human. Jay has just found a sharp twig when the first mutt appears. It´s a black hairy gorilla. Jay is so startled he freezes again and doesn´t move before at least ten gorillas have assembled. The biggest gorilla lets out a huge roar, and then they all pounche. Jay avoids the first gorilla by hitting it whit the backpack, but the second and third gorilla lands rigth on his chest. He can hear the agonnizing screams of Sydney as the gorillas ravage her. Then the biggest gorilla perched on his chest raises his fist, as to beat Jay, to kill him. Then Jay feels rough hands pulling him away in the last second. Rydian is pulling Jay with him, away from the gruesome mutts. Then Sydney´s cannon gets fired. BOOM!

The alliance between Illuminate, Swift, Maylee, Angus and Logan are sitting bolt uprigth, tense and scared. They are wondering who died and how. Was the newly deceased tribute a victim of the careers? Or Thalia? Or maybe some trap set out by the gamemakers? After several minutes of tense silence, Angus notices that their water supply is dangerously low. He orders Logan and Maylee to go to the river close to their camp and get some water. Logan and Maylee merely shrugs and walks back into the deep jungle, Maylee being armed with a knfe and Logan a machete. Logan is using his matchete to cut a slash at the foilage to clear a path, while Maylee is giving him back support in case someone decides to attack. After a very uneventful and short journey, they arrive by the freshwater river. Jason pulls out three canteens, and fills them in the river. But someone is skulking down in the water. Not a piranha (I´m not that unoriginal), but definitively a human. Suddenly two hands burst out of the clear water and grabs Logan by his neck. Then Logan´s neck gets twisted in a sharp movement, and he falls into the water. BOOM! Maylee jumps of the sudden sound, and then she sees the body of Logan. His red hair flowing through the water. Maylee turns sharply in every direction. But she doesn´t notice the laughing figure of Thalia in the water, and then Thalia is gone.

The careers have decided to go hunt tributes before it gets dark, so now the pack is cutting and hacking away through the leaves and vines of the jungle. They arent overly sad that Bellum died, so was probably going to betray them anyways, but Shimmer had become a friend of them, so they are pretty sad of her passing. They want to avenge her death by killing other tributes, exspecially Sydney, Shimmer´s murderer. Titan is in the front of the tiny army, as he is the leader. Luke is in the back, giving them all back protection. Suddenly Titan shouts and points at a nearby three. A small tribute is sitting at the topmost branches. It´s Jack. He´s making rude and mocking handgetsures at the careers. But then Nebraska fires an arrow that hits Jack in the shoulder. He cries out in pain, looses his balance and tumbles down the three. He lands in a heap, and begins to beg the careers of mercy. He cries and screams, but he quickly stops as Nebraska drives her spear into his chest. He gives one last cough before falling over, dead. BOOM! The careers leave the corpse of Jack on the jungle floor, and move on. The other careers are laughing and congratulating Nebraska with her kill. And confidently they march forward, on to new kills.

Sierra is now in a cave by the coast. The only entrance is below the water, so you´ll have to swim underwater to get to the cave. It looks just like a part of the cliff, and is impossible to see or find if you don´t know it´s there. Sierra knows that the anthem will play at any moment, so she leaves her gear and ducks underwater. She swims quickly through the passage that leads to the sea and a moment later her head reappears in the blue ocean. She gently dips in the water, waiting for the fallen to be shown. Then the familiar tune of Panem´s anthem plays all over the arena, the seal appears like a mirage in the sky and Sierra braces herself. First to be shown is her Sydney. Surprising, many would think she would have lasted longer. Then her district partner Jack illuminates the sky. She isn´t too sad about it, he seemed rude and she haven´t even talked to him. The last to be shown is Logan. Well, he did get a four, so none of the living tributes are too surprised. Thenthe sky turns black again, and Sierra swims back to her safe cave. At least it´s safe for now.


Sydney Hilton - District 8

Jack Khul - District 9

Logan Peterson - District 12

Day 3 : Poisonous Encounters

Thalia is in a very wierd part of the jungle, where all the plants are dead except for some huge bloodcolored flowers. There is no wildlife, Thalia hasn´t heard a single tweet or seen a single insect since her arrival in these parts. The threes are black and sad, when the rest of the jungle is so green and lively. This puzzles Thalia, she has never seen anything like it. Suddenly she gets hit by a foul, nasty smell. It smells like rottening meat, and flies are beginning to zoom around the deep-red flowers. But the moment the flies comes close to the flowers, they drop dead at once. With a horrible crunk, her heart drops. It´s poison gas. Thalia then gets a wierd sensation that her lungs are shrinking, it´s difficult to breathe. She panics, and begins to run screaming away from the flowers. The gas is becoming visible now, it is neon purple and thick as gumbo. Thalia is beginning to lose counsioness. She finally gets out of the dreaded part of the jungle, then she falls to the ground and is still. She is not dead. She is in a coma. But if someone finds her now, then she is as good as dead.

Jay has finally woken up, and the first thing he sees is Rydian shredding the fur off some rodent animal. Jay can´t remember anything, except the gorilla mutts that killed Sydney. He is first very wierded out on how he got here, but he guess he and Rydian are allies since he hasn´t killed him yet. Rydian passes him a raw leg of the unusual animal, and Jay takes it. He doesn´t like eating things that he doesn´t know where came from, but he is pleasantly surprised that it´s very good meat, even though it´s raw. Rydian smiles at him and takes a leg for his own. "You´ve been asleep for some time." The boy from 11 says, but Jay doesn´t have the energy to answer, so he just nods. "We have to go hunting today, those gorillas destroyed my snare." Rydian says as he rummages through his backpack. Jay suddenly notices that his and Sydney´s backpack is missing. He is about to open his mouth to point this out, but Rydian interupts him. "Yeah, the gorillas got it." There was a certain stiffness in Rydian´s voice that made Jay uneasy, but his body was aching and so full pf pain that he quickly forgot it. The 8 and 11 boy then scale the three carefully and lands in their hunting grounds. After two hours Rydian´s backpack is yet again filled with fresh meat, and they go back to their three. It´s still day, but the two boys are so tired that at the moment they lie their heads on the soft vines, they fall into a nice and dreamless sleep.

Angus and Maylee are also out hunting, their alliance are very low on food, while Illuminate and Swift are harvesting edible berries and plants. The reason for this is that Angus and Maylee are the only ones with weapons, Angus crafted a spear out of a three branch and a pointy rock, while Maylee is using the knives she got at the bloodbath, they have lost Logan´s matchete. Then Maylee spots some monkeys with brown fur in a nearby three. The monkeys are sleeping, and diesn´t see to mave noticed that they have guests. Maylee, being the lightest, quietly climbs the three using her knives as pickaxes. Then she reaches to top she quickly kills the monkyes and toss the meat down to Angus. Maylee elegantly jumps down and joins Angus again. They are in a pretty good mood, but then the cannon fire. BOOM! The 10 tributes slam themselves on the ground, in case of arrows. But nothing. They lie like this for many minutes until they carefully rises up. Just then Swift comes bursting out of the bushes and running behind them. She is crying, and Illuminate isn´t with her. "We ran into a dead part of the jungle, and we tried to pick up some wierd red flowers on the ground, but then we began to suffocate, and I ran, and I thougth that illuminate was rigth behind me, but she wasn´t." Swift is out of breath and tears are splashing the ground. Like in a imitation, the sky darkens and heavy raindrops fall from the sky. "Let´s get back to camp!" Angus says, and they run through the wet jungle, back to their safe place.

The careers are resting by the cornocopia, they have been out hunting tributes all day, but no luck. They are extremely exsausted and clammy with sweat. While Titan, Katharin and Dalton are talking together inside the cornocopia, Luke is talking about his plan to kill Titan with Nebraska, who is positive about it. Luke has been bitter even since Titan got appointed leader instead of him, and bitterness doesn´t go over easily in Luke´s mind. Nebraska also doesn´t like Titan and want´s to kill him too, but she also does this because she has a crush on Luke. But Luke is only seeking to use Nebraska, but the poor girl is so in love, she doesn´t realise it. Their discussing gets interupted by the anthem. All the careers look curiously up at the sky, wonder who died earlier today. The seal ligths up the whole alliance, then Illuminate appears before dissapearing, this time for good. The careers are disappointed, they had hoped that Thalia had died.


Illuminate Sensorium - District 5

Day 4 : Never surrender

A figure is moving around the careers camp at night. It is still two more hours until the sun will set, but Luke is not planning to sleep. He is planning to assassinate Titan. He creeps silently towards Nebraska´s sleeping spot, and shakes her out of her sleep. Nebraska is very tired, but she still stands up and readies her spear for murder. Luke leans in and gives Nebraska a kiss, which the girl passionatly kisses back to. The pair then makes their way through the rest of the camp, through tonnes of crates and boxes and bags. They carefully sneak past the sleeping figures of Katharin and Dalton, who has taken Titan´s side. When they arrive right by Titan´s body, his chest is heaving up and down. He is still alive, but not for long. Luke quickly stops the boys breathing with five blankets at once. Titan begins to fight back at once, but Nebraska also helps. After many miuntes with muffled struggle, Titan sinks down, and moves no more. Then the cannon fire. BOOM! Katharin and Dalton awakes with a jolt, and then they see the dead body of Titan. They understand who´s behind it. "Luke!!" Katharin screams into the night, but Luke and Nebraska are already far away with as many supplies they could carry. They are heading for the coast, Nebraska will be able to keep them alive by fishing. They have a plan, and have both good chances of surviving. But Katharin and Dalton have both been plunged into the unknown, without a leader. Their chances are not that good.

Thalia is finally beginning to move again after a whole day in the coma set out by the flower mutts. She is trying to control her aching body, but with so many hours in a immobile state has left her almost helpless. After at least a half an hour she manages to sit up, and go through her backpack, she has totally forgot what´s in it. Her heart sinks as she sees the meat she hunted. It´s got white and green spots, and it´s definitively not edible anymore. She alos has some rope and her trusted axe. She begins to walk off again, but finds herself out of confusion back into the raflessia mutts territory. She screams and runs off again, not stopping before she is at least two miles away from the dreaded poison gas. She gets back to the fresh and welcoming jungle, and begins to hunt.

Sierra is out of her safe cave, she is fishing using a rod made out of wood and vines. She is using a shard of a rock as the fishing hook, she has already caugth a big pile of fresh fish from the ocean. The fish in these parts are small, but fat and has a green tinge and long finns. She is feeling pretty ok, and is considering calling it a day and going back to her cave. But then her rod gives a huge lurch, and takes Sierra with her. She shoots into the water, and her rod is pulling her through the marine world. Then she sees what got her here, and she gives a muffled scream that nobody can her. A huge, white something in moving towards her, and Sierra, not being able to swim, can only sink. The giant sea creature then gobbles up Sierra´s rod, and Sierra as well. BOOM! Then the creature swims lazily back to deeper water, while digesting Sierra in it´s stomach. Then the creature is gone, and the water looks like nothing happened. It´s still blue and dangerous.

Angus, Swift and Maylee are hiding in a crack beween some rocks. At least eigth gorillas are rigth outside, looking for them. The gorillas suddenly assaulted them while they were gathering edible plants, and Swift got a huge gash on her shoulder. Angus had to carry her while they were running from the gorilla mutts, and they just managed to slip into their hiding place. The mutts don´t know that they are there, but if they ever find out... Then the gorillas suddenly gets distracted by something hiding up in a three. Rydian and Jay eyes widen as they understand. The gorillas begin to climb their three masterfully, and Rydian and Jay´s figures quickly dissapears. This is Angus, Swift and Maylee´s chance. They silently slip out of the crack and run in the opposite direction. No cannon can be heard, so Jay and Rydian aren´t dead yet, but the gorillas are not to be taken lightly. After many hours, when nighttime has arrived, Angus and Maylee reches their camp, with Swift on Angus´s back. She is whimpering and weeping of her serious wound, and Angus lies her down carefully on the ground and tuck her in some blankets. The little girl falls asleep almost at once. Angus and Maylee will be having a sleepless night, keeping guard over Swift. They get startled by the anthem when it plays, but nerves quickly becomes anticipation as to who died today. First they show Titan, and all the living non-career tributes are surprised. Then Sierra lights up the heavens, before disappearing, not only from the sky, but also from the physical world. Angus and Maylee, however tired they may be, keeps guard through the whole night. Always on guard.


Titan Sirius - District 1

Sierra Flame - District 11

Day 5 : Mourning Never Comes

All the tributes in the arena are woken of the voice of Cladius Templesmith over a speaker : " Congratulations to the ten still alive tributes, you have reached so far! I am now officially inviting you to a glorious feast, one of such fantastic food as ever! A feast table will be raised down at the beach at dawnbreak today, and it will be filled with the food of your wildest dreams! The beach, dawnbreak, a glorious feast! Don´t miss it!"

Then Cladius Templesmiths voice is replaced by the anthem, and then the usual jungle noises comes back.

Nebraska and Luke are smiling, they are already at the beach, and have enough weapons to defend themselves. They are hoping that the other tributes won´t dare to come, so they can have the fest all for themselves. Nebraska leans in to kiss Luke, and Luke kisses back and strokes her hair. He isn´t just using her anymore, he has acually fallen for the girl from 4. They lie in the sand for quite some time, in eachothers close embrace, not a care in the world. But then an arrow brings them back to reality. It yanks itself into Nebraska´s brown hair, and the careers jump in surprise. Katharin and Dalton have arrived, Katharin´s bow is loaded and Dalton´s trident is ready to kill. "Well, well, well, what do we have here." Katharin says in both a mocking and a furious voice. Luke and Nebraska have gotten up and have grabbed their weapons of choice. "How dare you kill Titan!?" Katharin screams, tears streaming her face. Her eyes are red and puffy and ablaze with fury. Looks like Nebraska and Luke wasn´t the only couple in the arena. Behind her Dalton also looks pretty startled by his allie. Then Katharin draws her bow and shoots an arrow at Luke. It hits him on the arm and her falls down in the sand, howling with pain. Nebraska jumps in front of Luke, as to portect him from Katharin. Katharin loads another arrow, but then Nebraska throws her spear. It hits Katharin in the stomach, and the heartbroken girl from 2 falls over. Blood is seeping from her wound, and her cannon fires. BOOM! Dalton lunches forward, and tries to plunge his trident in Nebraska´s chest, but he misses. Nebraska raises her spear, and gives her district partner a warning look. It´s easy to read. Don´t come any closer, or I´ll kill you. Dalton understands, and flees in terror.

Nebraska helps Luke up, and them hug eachother tighly. Then they hear a very odd noise. Munching and satisfied grunts. They turn and there is the feast table, and Thalia is sitting by it, eating all the food as fast as she can. She sees them and grins at them. Luke grabs his sword and runs at her, but Thalia jumps away from his range. Nebraska throws her spear, but misses. Thalia draws her axe, and picks up the spear. The two career lovers doesn´t dare to come closer, as Thalia can kill them in a matter of seconds. Thalia uses this moment of paralysis to run away, with as much food in her arms and stomach as possible. The feast table is already halfway cleared of food by Thalia. The 7 girl is still running and doesn´t stop before she is safe inside the jungle again. She takes one last look at the beach, before going deeper into the rainforest.

Nebraska and Luke are still pretty shaken, but they notice Jay and Rydian entering the beach, two empty backpacks on their backs. Jay doesn´t have a weapon, but Rydian has a home-made knife crafted of sharp rocks held together with some vines. Rydian charges at Nebraska and Luke, while Jay instead runs to the feast table. But Nebraska sees it coming. When Rydian´s knife zooms through the air, Nebraska is ready. He dodges the knife and pushes Rydian back, and Luke throws his sword into the head of Jay. BOOM! Nebraska tries to scewer Rydian with her extra spear, but Rydian is agile, and avoids it. As the boy from 11 runs away, Luke´s second sword flies through the air and alomost hits Rydian, but he ducks at the last moment. The careers can only stand and look stupid while Rydian makes his way into the safe jungle again. The careers are in a pretty bad mood, but then Luke notices something at the edge of the sea, by the cliffs. A figure is sneaking around by the rocks, and looking over at the feast with eyes of raw hunger. Then the figure dives into the ocean, and disappears. But for Nebraska the water is no barrier. She dives elegently into ther water. She swims around before seeing the distant figure of Maylee. Maylee is clearly regretting the decision of going in the water, she is paddling akwardly in the water, clearly not a experienced swimmer. But that´s Nebraska. She goes down to the bottom, and creeps up to Maylee. Before the girl from 10 can react Nebraska traps her in a headlock, and begins to squeeze her throath. The two girls struggle for some time, and for a while it seems like Maylee might be able to break free. but then Maylee lungs are full, and she sinks like a stone to the bottom. BOOM!

The feast is over at last, and so is the lives of Katharin, Maylee and Jay.

Angus and Swift have returned to their camp, mourning over the loss of Maylee. Angus have cried, and Swift is still crying and wailing for Maylee. Their griefing is postponed by a beeping noise from the sky. The two tributes watch with awe as a small silver parachute sails down to them, like on wings. It lands with a soft clunk on theground in front of Angus. Angus reaches for it and opens it. He finds a small metal can, that smells like parfume. He quickly opens the can and finds a big slap of instant relief. Angus cries out in surprise, and Swift stops her weeping to come and have a look. She takes a small chunk of it and smears it over her gash, and the wound closes itself and turns from bloodred to babyskin pink. She is so happy she jumps onto Angus´s lap and hugs him. Angus keeps the little girl close to him, as to protect her from the suffocating darkness around them. They sit like this for many hours, both being relieved for the other being alive. The flicker of the flames in their dying campfire sends shadows and light in a wonderful mix to their faces, and Swift buries her head in Angus´s lap.

Dalton is running through the jungle, with no supplies at all. He isn´t overly sad about Katharin´s death, he wasn´t too close to her. He is hating himself for not battling with Nebraska and Luke over the feast, instead he ran away like a little bitch. He wish he could turn back time, then he could have saved Katharin and then they could have killed Nebraska and Luke together. But that´s not gonna happen now. After many hours of endless running, the night is slowly creeping closer. Dalton is scared, he can´t really feel safe in the night, he has to find a place to stay. As he is running still the anthem plays and Dalton stops to watch the show. There were still two deaths he doesn´t know who was. The seal comes and goes, and then Katherin´s face appears. Dalton watches with grim determination as Katharin gets replaced by Jay and Jay gets replaced by Maylee. After the final tune of the anthem has rung out, Dalton hurries forward again. When the sky is as black as ink, Dalton knows he´s in trouble. He has to get to shelter, as soon as possible. Then he sees his salvation. A small grove, hidden by a cluster of threes, here he´ll be safe. How wrong someone can be. He has just touched the wet jungle threes when Thalia´s axe cathes him in the neck. he falls screaming to the slimy ground, and Thalia finishes him by burying her axe in his chest. BOOM! No way she would let a stinky career go into her territory! She spits at his body and jumps back into her three, safe.


Katharin Seroine - District 2

Dalton King - District 4

Jay Sonenclair - District 8

Maylee Jackson - District 10

Day 6 : Toxic Relationships

Luke is staying up tonight, waiting for Nebraska to fall asleep. He needs to kill her, even though he has fall for her, love has no place in the arena. Then he hears the familiar snores of Nebraska. He smiles to himself, and sneaks in for the kill. What he doesn´t know is that Nebraska isn´t sleeping at all. She is laying in the sand, waiting for him to come at her. Luke raises his sword and brings it down. But Nebraska is quick, she defects it with her spear before spearing Luke´s leg. I causes serious pain, and Luke collapses of the searing agony. Nebraska uses this for her advantage, she drives her trusted spear rigth through his head. BOOM! Luke´s limp body slumps down to the sand, and moves no more. Then Nebraska begins to cry. She is crying over her lover, who tried to kill her. So she had to kill him. Her emotions hets the better off her, and she breaks down and weeps next to Luke´s body. She doesn´t care about the cameras filming this, or that anyone could come and kill her now. She doesn´t want to live anymore, bacause she just killed the love of her life. She lies like this in the sand for many hours. She doesn´t even move or talk until the first rays of sunlight shoots over the horizon. She tried to pull herself together. She can still win.

Rydian is spying on the camp of Angus and Swift, waiting for the moment to dart in and grab any supplies he can get his hands on. Angus and Swift are eating beef, and Rydian is glaring at them enviously. He hasn´t had anything to eat for a whole day, and hunger leads to desperation, and so here he is, about to steal from them. He turns his head slightly to the side, and gets so surprised and scared he almost lets out a little yelp. Thalia is sitting in the three next to him, her axe at the ready. She haven´t spotted Rydian, if she had he would have already been dead, but the 7 girl is eyeing Angus with keen interest. Anyone else may have just spotted a boy who deserves to live, but all Thalia can see is another threath to eliminate. Angus and Swift turn their back to Rydian and Thalia´s direction, and Thalia takes her chance. She jumps out of the three gown , screaming every rude curse word and insultment she can. She lands elegantly at the ground, and runs rigth at Angus. The boy from 10 is weaponless, and he can´t do anything. But Swift can. She flings herself over Angus shielding him from harm. Thalia´s axe smashes into Swift´s chest, and she dies instantly. BOOM! Angus is still frozen, he stands still as a statue. Then Thalia gets trouble, her axe is stuck in Swift´s mangled body. Thalia tries to tug it loose, but soon she understands that she is also weaponless, and Angus is the best here in hand-to hand combat. She quickly flees the scene. Angus grabs his knives, and runs after her, wanting to avenge his fallen allie with blood. Rydian smiles to himself, and jumps down the three. He takes as much supplies he can carry, before disappearing into the wilderness again.

Nebraska is now traveling through the jungle besides the beach, trying to comb out the last living tributes. But no luck, and after many hours with unsuccesfull hunt, she returns back to her little camp on the beach. She is still crying over Luke, he was a wonderful person and they were in love. But thanks to the games he had tried to kill her, so she had to kill him. She sees a camera hidden in a sand dune, and decides to send a small greeting back home. "Mom, I promise I will be coming home." She says and blows a kiss to the camera, wanting her mother to catch it. The anthem plays, and Nebraska wipes her tears off her eyes and looks up, as she hasn´t seen the other death. The first to be shown is Luke. Nebraska forces herself to not cry. Then her lover disappear and gets replaced by Swift. Nebraska is surprised that she even was alive. There are no more deaths today, so the sky goes black and Nebraska falls asleep in the sand dunes.


Luke Firelight - District 2

Swift Mage - District 6

Day 7 : Falling Pieces

Thalia´s axe swings through the air, but Angus is swift with the knives, and deflects it. The two tributes have been figthing the whole night, nobody being able to claim the life of the other. They are both excaused, but Thalia is more that Angus, swinging the axe is a lot more work that slashing the knives. Both have got many cuts and gashes all over their bodies, soon one of them will have to give in and die. Then Thalia falls backwards out excastion, and Angus readies himself to deal the finishing blow. He jumps on Thalia and raises his threathening knives over his, about to bring them down on the screaming 7 girl. But right before the knife goes into Thalia´s throath Angus gives a huge coff and rolls to the ground, blood seeping from his mouth. BOOM! Thalia rolls him over to the side, and sees a big rock shard stuck in his back. He looks up at the three, and the Rydian sits calmly, a slingshot made of vines in his hands, armed with a pile of shards. Thalia eyes widen in surprise, she jumps and runs to safety while dousins of shards flies at her. One hits her in the leg, and she gives a small squel, but she still continues to run. She doesn´t stop until after many hours on the run from Rydian. Looks like Rydian isn´t completely harmless. Thalia finds a strudy three, and climbs it steadily. She uses the skins of her game as blankets, and lays down in the three´s gown. It is still day, but she falls asleep quickly.

Nebraska is running as fast as she can, targeting Thalia, she finally has the chance of killing the biggest threath left in the competition! Thalia is also running like mad, but Nebraska is faster than her, and the girl from 4 is quickly gaining on Thalia. Nebraska´s spear gets launched from her hands, and hits Thalia in her already damaged leg. She falls screaming to ground, and Nebraska walks laughing to the crawling figure of Thalia. The girl from 7´s desperate escape ends when Nebraska´s spear goes rigth through her back. Thalia stops moving at once, and blood is seeping from her wound. She isn´t dead yet, Nebraska will want to enjoy this. The career begins to spear huge holes in the body of Thalia, causing the girl extreme pain. She is screaming and howling and pleading Nebraska for mercy. It takes at least one hour for Thalia to die, and by then her body is mangled and bloody. BOOM! Nebraska then walks away from her, and go out to hunt the final tribute left, Rydian.

Rydian is standing by the entrance to the ocean, the beach and waits calmly for Nebraska to come to him. He knows that it has to end now, either he wins and survives or her loses and dies. He has his slingshot at the ready, he is aiming at the jungls for any signs of movement. Then he sees Nebraska running into the sand, holding her spear up at the ready. Rydian shoots a shard at her, but Nebraska easily dodges it and continues her murder date with him. Rydian is nervous, the 4 girl is coming closer by the second. But he has to wait until she´s as close as he can get her. If he times it wrong be just a second he´s doomed. Nebraska is just a few metres from him when he fires. He already know that it´s not going to hit before it´s even close to her, so he just braches himsel to die. Then Nebraska´s spear shoots through his chest, and he smiles as death comes to him. An old quetoe comes to his mind. And the one who greeted death as an old friend.  Rydian falls into the sand dunes, and Nebraska has won! BOOM!


After she was crowned victor, Nebraska returned to District 4. She suffered big psycological problem because of the games and the loss of Luke. She never married, having swore to herself to never love another person. She began metoring the District 4 tributes, and she became wildly popular around the district. She also got the job as mayor after she quit her job of mentoring tributes. She became to most loved mayor of District 4 ever, but she still had psycological issues. Nobody could understand why she never married or why she began crying when they asked. Because Nebraska never really forgot Luke. The ones we love never really leave us, and you can always find them, in your heart.


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