The 18th Annual Hunger Games!

So these are my fourth games, and I´ll hope you join and have fun! >w<

Here´s the rules :

1. It´s four tributes per user, I prefer new tributes and I accept Wikia Contributors.

2. Advice should be given before the private sessions and after every new day in the arena. Tributes that gets advice will stand a higher chance of survival, but I don´t see advice as manditory.

3. Please use good and polite language.

4. You can only send a sponsor gift to your tributes by winning specific contests I will be holding during the games, but if I´m in a good mood I may give your tribute a sponsor gift for free.

5. Please don´t spam in any way unless you´ve got at least one tribute in my games.

6. This will be a Hunger Games with the districts 1-13 competing, including The Capitol.

7. Alliances will be posted when the training days are over and the arena will be revealed when I´ve got all the tributes. You can leave a comment saying what alliance you want your tributes to be in, If you don´t specifically say what alliance I will put them in a random alliance or classify them as loners.

8. I will only do the training scores before the games, and I will write the games in overview form.

9. Reservation lasts for 24 hours.




Remember, I only need a name, an age and a single weapon, but it´s easier for me to write when I know a good deal about the tributes, so please use this template :





Appearance (It´s optional to make a lunaii yourself, I´ll make it if you don´t post it.)






Strategy for Games

Interview angle


Congratulations To This Years Brave Tributes!

District Name Age Weapon District Name Age Weapon
D1 Duncan Rapter 17 Spear, sword D1 Silver Shine 16 Knives, spear
D2 Hunter Riple 18 Double-sword D2 Viera Halifax 16 Mace, blunt weapons
D3 Buzzy Tee 12 Stinger, his own shit, awl D3 Protena Last 16 Wire, traps, knives
D4 Mako Reef 17 Trident, spear, club, net D4 Izzy Wilds 17 Sword, knife
D5 Cyril Frost 15 Ice picks D5 Fione Vieweiss 17 Bow, knives
D6 Redlow Fexpo 18 Explosives, mace D6 Winter Pine 14 Bow and arrow, dagger
D7 Hugh Jass 17 Axe, throwing axes D7 Rihanna Blue 13 Throwing axes
D8 Noah Shnivellin 14 Bow and arrows, knives, axes, his fart D8 Soul Silverless 14 Sai, kama
D9 Shen Seraph 16 Sickle, knife D9 Lydia Gold 15 Kindness
D10 Zalcharius "Gambler" Richardson 17 Spear, axe, awl D10 Jory Banwain 18 Spear, sword
D11 Jamie Apple 18 Sword D11 Wheatley Grain 13 Dagger, slingshot
D12 Prokop Clovis 18 Bullwhip, axe, throwing axes, spear, bow and arrow D12 Nya Kwon-Bae 15 Axes, throwing axes
D13 Kenny 12 Uknown D13 Willow Firethorn 17 Sword, mace, throwing axes
C Joke Lolor 18 Metal bat, chainsaw C Celinda Cresina 17 Blowgun, knife

The Alliances

The Careers : Duncan Raptor (1) (Leader), Silver Shine (1), Hunter Riple (2), Viera Halifax (2), Mako Reef (4), Izzy Wilds (4)

District 3, 6 , 8 and 9 Alliance : Protena Last (3), Winter Pine (6), Soul Silverless (8), Lydia Gold (9)

District 11 Alliance : Jamie Apple (11), Wheatley Grain (11)

District 5, 7 And 9 Alliance : Cyril Frost (5), Hugh Jass (7), Shen Seraph (9)

District 5, 8, 10, 12, And 13 Alliance : Fione Vieweiss (5), Noah Shnivellin (8), Jory Banwain (10) Nya Kwon-Bae (12), Willow Firethorn (13),

Loners : Buzzy Tee (3), Redlow Fexpo (6), Zalcharius Richardson (10), Prokop Clovis (12), Kenny (13), Joke Lolor (C), Rihanna Blue (7), Celinda Cresina (C)

Current Alliances

Loners : Prokop Clovis (12), Mako Reef (4), Izzy Wilds (4)

( I will update this section as the games progress, you can see the alliances before the games in the section over this one. )

The Training Scores

District Name Score District Name Score
D1 Duncan Raptor 9 D1 Silver Shine 9
D2 Hunter Riple 10 D1 Viera Halifax 9
D3 Buzzy Tee 2 D3 Protena Last 5
D4 Mako Reef 10 D4 Izzy Wilds 8
D5 Cyril Frost 4 D5 Fione Vieweiss 6
D6 Redlow Fexpo 8 D6 Winter Pine 4
D7 Hugh Jass 7 D7 Rihanna Blue 4
D8 Noah Shnivellin 5 D8 Soul Silverless 5
D9 Shen Seraph 8 D9 Lydia Gold 6
D10 Zalcharius Richardson 6 D10 Jory Banwain 8
D11 Jamie Apple 7 D11 Wheatley Grain 5
D12 Prokop Clovis 10 D12 Nya Kwon-Bae 6
D13 Kenny 1 D13 Willow Firethorn 7
C Joke Lolor 5 C Celinda Cresina 5

The Death Chart

Placing Name District Killer District How
28th Kenny 11 Mako Reef 4 Trident through stomach
27th Lydia Gold 9 Mako Reef 4 Trident into head
26th Noah Shnivellin 8 Prokop Clovis 12 Axe thrown into back of head
25th Zalcharius Richardson 10 Jory Banwain 10 Neck slashed by sword
24th Fione Vieweiss 5 Viera Halifax 2 Head chopped off
23rd Rihanna Blue 7 Viera Halifax 2 Dagger into head
22nd Celinda Cresina C Izzy Wilds 4 Trident smashed into back
21st Hugh Jass 7 Silver Shine 1 Knife into abdomen
20th Jamie Apple 11 Hunter Riple 2 Head pierced by knife
19th Buzzy Tee 3 Duncan Raptor 1 Spear driven through head
18th Joke Lolor C Protena Last 3 Mallet smashed repeatedly in head
17th Cyril Frost 5 Duncan Raptor 1 Sword through chest
16th Duncan Raptor 1 Izzy Wilds 4 Trident through back
15th Hunter Riple 2 Silver Shine 1 Arrow into temple
14th Wheatley Grain 11 Crocodile mutt Arena Drowned
13th Soul Silverless 8 Prokop Clovis 12 Axe thrown into head
12th Winter Pine 6 Shen Seraph 9 Chest slashed open
11th Nya Kwon-Bae 12 Silver Shine 1 Arrow in the gut
10th Viera Halifax 2 Mako Reef 4 Throath slith
9th Silver Shine 1 Giant mutt Arena Skull cracked
8th Willow Firethorn 13 Prokop Clovis 12 Arrow into the neck
7th Protena Last 3 Giant Mutt Arena Stamped to death
6th Shen Seraph 9 Bear Arena Slashed in pieces
5th Jory Banwain 10 Redlow Fexpo 6 Electrocuted
4th Redlow Fexpo 6 Prokop Clovis 12 Axes buried in chest
3rd Izzy Wilds 4 Mako Reef 4 Trident through chest
2nd Prokop Clovis 12 Redlow Fexpo 6 Electrocuted
Victor Mako Reef 4 is the Victor!

Let The 18th Annual Hunger Games Begin!

Day 1 : The Killing Begins

The camera pans over the whole arena, which this year is a vast forest with a huge lake and a swamp to the north. It is ensnaringly beautiful, but behind the beauty lies dangers and death. Then the cameras focus back to the cornocopia, which is located beside the huge lake, the golden horn reflects the shimmering waves. Then the first tribute, Prokop (12), is lifted into the arena, and the crowd in The Capitol explodes with cheers. Many sponsors have their eyes on Prokop, he did score a 10. Then, one by one, the other tributes arrives into the arena. When Buzzy (3) arrives, everyone is in place, and the countdown begins.

60. 59. 58. 57. 56 .55. 54. 53.

Shen (9), who is standing next to Viera (2) and Rihanna (7), is looking around franticly, trying to locate his allies. He finally locks eyes with Hugh (7) and Cyril (5), and he sighs in relief. He jerks his head towards the edge of the forest, and they understand.

52. 51. 50. 49. 48. 47. 46. 45.

Jory (10) is glaring determinedly at the supplies, exspecially at a curved sword. She knows that to win, you have to have a weapon. She is ready to make a run for that weapon, and ready to face and kill anyone blocking her path.

44. 43. 42. 41. 40. 39. 38. 37.

Protena (3) is bracing herself to run at once, she has also ordered Winter (6), Soul (8) and Lydia (9) to do the same. They know that they can survive without supplies just fine, so that is the strategy they are going with. But Lydia has also gotten an order to snag a weapon, as they can´t just hide. They have to kill too.

36. 35. 34. 33. 32. 31. 30. 29.

Joke (C) is standing on his plate, laughing but still looking around him nervously. Next to him stands Izzy (4) and Mako (4). Two careers rigth beside him, and they are bpth looking at him deviously. They are going to team up to kill him, and Joke knows it. He is scared.

28- 27. 26. 25. 24. 23. 22. 21.

Hunter (2) is smirking, the moment is finally here, he´s going to make District 2 proud, and his parents. He looks around, scouting for tributes to target. He sees Jamie (11), and smiles to himself. He wants to kill him first, the more threaths die in the bloodbath the better. He is readying himself to run, to kill.

20. 19. 18. 17. 16. 15. 14. 13.

Fione (5) leg´s are shaking as she steps back and forth on her plate, she sees in the corner of her eyes that Noah (8) is doing the same as her. but Nya (12), Jory (10) and Willow (13) are posistioning themselves to run. Not away, but for the cornocopia. For death and destruction.

12. 11. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1... GONG!

The countdown is over, the 18th annual Hunger Games have begin and the tributes are off!

Mako (4) is the first to arrive at the cornocopia. He picks up a beautiful blue trident and looks around for a target. He spots Kenny (13), who seems to have fainted. Mako hurls his trdent through the air and it pierces into Kenny´s stomach. Mako smiles, and runs and picks up his trident again, ready for more bloodshed. He immedeatley gets another kill by throwing his trident in Lydia`s (9) head. He smiles. The two first kills in the games. That will get him even more sponsors.

Protena (3) and Noah (8) are quickly fleeing through the combat, they´re going to wait in the forest for their allies to return. Neither are in an alliance with the other, but they don´t seem to mind eachothers company. But a throwing axe from Prokop (12) stops their plans of escape. It hits Noah in the back of his head, and he falls to the ground, screaming in pain. Protena panics and flees scrieching into the forest, no supplies with her. Prokop turns around, hungry for more blood, but then Izzy (4) comes at him from nowhere. She begins to slash at him with a small hooked blade, and Prokop receives multible cuts and gashes before he can retaliate. He smashes the butt of his axe into the face of Izzy, and the girl from 4 gets pushed backwards. Then Prokop runs into the woods, a backpack with him and two throwing axes too. He is gone, and Izzy is banging the ground with her fists in frustration.

Jory (10) is batteling with her district partner, Zalcharius (10), sword to sword. They are equals in skills, even though Jory got 8 and Zalcharius only got a 6. Sword clashes agains swords, sending sparks flying in every direction. But then Zalcharius misses, his sword flies through the air and hits the cornocopia with a sad clunk. His eyes widen in fear, and he sharply turns to run. But it´s too late. Jory´s sword pierces rigth through his neck, and the boy from 10 falls dead to the ground, blood seeping from his neck. Jory janks her sword free and reaches out to Nya (12) and Willow (13). The three girls then run quickly, like a blur, through the battle. Then they dissapear into the foilage of the forest.

Viera (2) is standing in the thick of combat, looking around for easy targets. Then she sees Fione (5). Fione is laying on the ground, screaming in agony thanks to a dagger stuck in her arm. She is trying to crawl away, but Viera doesn´t want to let her get away. She runs like the wind and lands on Fione´s back, causing the girl from 5 to scream and flail even more. Viera smiles as she raises her blade, and chops Fione´s head clean off. Fione´s head falls down in the grass and begins to roll around. Viera is smiling, and then throws the dagger that was stuck in Fione´s arm into a cluster of tributes. Rihanna (7) falls down dead at once, the knife stuck in her head. Another kill, looks like the games are in Viera´s favour now.

Izzy (4) is chasing Celinda (C), the girl from the Capitol is trying to escape. But Izzy is a lot faster than Celinda. Celinda is only a few metres before Izzy now, so the girl from 4 launches her trident. It smashes into Celinda, and she dies instantly. Izzy is smiling, finally a kill. But what Izzy doesn´t know is that someone is planning to kill her. Hugh (7) is directly behind her now, and then he raises his axe. But before Izzy´s head flies off, a tiny knife slices through Hugh´s abdomen. His mangled body slumps down to the ground, and Izzy sees Silver (1) standing over her. Silver smiles, and reahes out her hand. Izzy takes it, and then gets raised up. The two girls smirks, then runs off, ready for more kills.

Jamie (11 and Wheatley (11) are inside the cornocopia, rummaging for supplies. Jamie has aquired a small, curved blade and is standing guard for Wheatley, who has got a backpack on. But then a knife whizzes through the air out of nowhere and hits Jamie under the ear. Blood shoots out like a fountain over Wheatley, who gets startled by the sudden spay. Then she sees Hunter (2) readying another knife. Wheatley grabs Jamie´s sword and her backpack, and runs screaming away, while more knives are shooting past her. Like in a dream, she manages to reach the forest without beging killed, and then she sets off. Into the unknown.

Now the only tributes left at the cornocopia are all the careers, and Buzzy (3). Buzzy is zooming angrily in the air, stinging wildly. But then Duncan (1) launches his spear, and it hits Buzzy in her face. The spear flies straigth through his head, and the mutt/boy falls to the ground, green insect blood flowing from the hole in his head. The other careers congratulate Duncan on his kill, and then the bloodbath is officially over.

The tributes have spanned all over the expansive area, while the careers are at the cornocopia. Now the 18th annual Hunger Games have begun for real!

The alliance of Protena (3), Winter (6) and Soul (8) are running through the forest, trying to get as much space between them and the careers. They don´t know what happened to Lydia (9), but they are expecting the worst. They don´t have any weapons other than Winter´s bow and arrows, so if the careers attacked they would be a bad match for them. Protena is the leader, as she is the oldest. She is guiding the two other girls through the forest, but they don´t see the interested pair of eyes in a nearby bush. Joke (C) is laughing softly, waiting for the moment to dart out and kill the tree girls. Protena stops rigth in front of Joke´s hiding place, and he takes his chance. He jumps out and swings his mallet at Soul. But the girl from 8 evades, and before Joke can swing again one of Winter´s arrows hits him in the eye. He screams in pain and Protena knows what to do. She takes Joke´s mallet and smashes his head with it. She keeps smashing Joke´s head until his cannon booms together with the others. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Then Protena, Winter and Soul continues to run, leaving the body of Joke behind.

Redlow (6) has finally arrived by the swamp, which will be his home from now on. He finds a misty moor in the swamp and sets up camp there. He didn´t get too much in the bloodbath, only a matchete and a backpack. He looks through the backpack. A pack of crackers, some fire starters, a packet of iodine and a empty canteen of water. Not bad. He gatherers some firewood and puts the fire starters to good use. After a minute a crackiling fire is in front of him, and he warms his hands gently on the blazing fire. Then he scoops up some swamp water in his canteen and adds some iodine. He waits for some time before the water is ready to be drunk. He swallows the whole canteen, and fills it again with water and iodine. he is about to start eating his creackers when the athem booms over the arena. He tosses the crackers away and glares intensely at the sky. The seal appears, and then gets replaced by Buzzy (3). Then Fione (5), Rihanna (7) and Hugh (7), Noah (8), Lydia (9), Zalcharius (10), Jamie (11). And lastly Celinda (C) and Joke (C). Ten dead, eigthteen left to compete. Redlow drinks his water, and then falls asleep in the cold night.


Buzzy Tee - District 3

Fione Vieweiss - District 5

Rihanna Blue - District 7

Hugh Jass - District 7

Noah Shnivellin - District 8

Lydia Gold - District 9

Zalcharius Richardson - District 10

Jamie Apple - District 11

Celinda Cresina - The Capitol

Joke Lolor - The Capitol

Day 2 : A Bad Apple

Nya (12) and Willow (13) have just woken up next to their dying campfire, while Jory (10) is already awake, she has been keeping watch the whole night. Jory has big, purple bags under her eyes and her head is sligthly tilting forwards. "Go to sleep Jory, we´ll keep guard." Nya says, and Jory nods and lies down on the ground. Seconds later she has fallen asleep. They are in the forest, with birch and oak threes at every direction. They look over their supplies once more. A sharp knife, an empty canteen and a single blanket. Not much, but luckily these girls know how to findf food. But what they don´t know is that someone is watching them. Safely hidden in a small grove lies Wheatley (11), and she is eyeing the girl´s small pile of supplies with keen interest. But Wheatley isn´t stupid, she knows that she can´t go in now, but the time will come very soon. She watches as Nya approaches a nearby three and uses her knife to scrape away some bark. She puts some in her mouth and gives Willow some, too. The girls then sit down, while slowly chewing the disgusting "food". Wheatley is dissapointed, she was hoping they would go hunting soon, but it looks like she just has to be patient.

Mako (4), Izzy (4) and Silver (1) are sitting inside the cornocopia, talking in hushed voices so that Viera (2), Duncan (1) and Hunter (2) can´t hear them. Silver is telling ther 4 tributes about her plans to twarf and kill the other careers, so they can ahve bigger chances, and so far is Mako and Izzy on. Mako is bitter that he didn´t get appointed career leader, even though he thinks he better suited than Duncan. But all Izzy is after is more kills, so of course she would agree to betray Duncan, Viera and Hunter if she can shed their blood. But they get cut off when Duncan enters the cornocopia. "It´s hunting time!" He says, and all the careers gets ready. Ready to kill.

Shen (9) and Cyril (5) are high in the top of a three, trying to stay hidden from the careers skulking underneath. The whole pack is there, and Shen and Cyril knows that if they are discovered here they are as good as dead. Shen doesn´t acually want or need Cyril as an ally, so he makes his decition in a split second. He leans forward and shove Cyril roughly down. Cyril screams as he falls, and then he hits the ground with a unpleasant crunch. Shen can hear the careers laugh, and then he dares to lean over the three gown´s edge to take a sneak peek. He sees Cyril on the ground, pleading for his life while he is kneeling in front of Duncan (1). Then Duncan´s sword shoots forward, and flies straigth through Cyril´s chest. BOOM! Duncan janks his sword roughly out of Cyril´s body. Shen laughs softly before slipping into the three´s gown again. Then the careers leave Cyril´s body and runs forward, to new kills.

Prokop (12) is swimming through the swamp water as fast as he can, while a gruesome crocodile mutts is hot on his tail. While Prokop is a able swimmer, the crocodile mutt has been created with swimming and drowning tributes in it´s mind. So what chances did Prokop have anyways? Prokop screams as the mutt´s jaws close down on his left leg. Tears swell up in his eyes, and he screams and flails to get away, like a wounded animal. The crocodile is happy, and goes in to pull Prokop under the murky water. But Prokop´s knife comes as a surprise out of nowhere and sinks deep under the mutt´s scales. It lets go of Prokop´s leg at once, and begins to sink slowly down into the swamp water. Prokop pulls himself up on a small moor, and lies down as to calm his heavy breathing. He is safe, for now.

Protena (3), Soul (8) and Winter (6) are trekking around the expansive forest, looking for prey. Not tributes, but food. "There!" Soul says and points at a fluffy brown rabbit about ten metres from them. Before the rabbit gets time to run away, however, Winter´s arrows pierces through it´s head. It lets out a small scriech before going still. Then the three girls fetch their food, and continue on. They keep hunting like this for about three hours, and in that time they manage to kill five more rabbits and harvest a big bundle of edible herbs and berries. But then darkness falls and within a few minutes the forest is pitch-black. "Lets go back!" Protena says, and Winter and Soul both nod curtly. It can be extremely dangerous to go running around the forest at night, both careers and mutts can come attacking them at any moment. After about half an hour they are finally back up in their safe threetop, high up from both tributes and mutts. They spread their newly accired food over a branch, and share it equally. But what they don´t know is that while they are eating, someone is keeping close watch over then. A certain tribute from District 9. Shen (9) is eyeing both the girls and the food with greed in his eyes.

Duncan (1), Viera (2) and Hunter (2) are looking up at the sky uninterested. They know who the only person killed today was, because they killed the tribute. But inside the cornocopia Izzy (4), Mako (4) and Silver (1) are readyign themselves for combat. They are about to set their plan to kill the others into motion. Izzy grabs her trident and launches it at Duncan, hoping to take him by surprise. It works, the trident flies rigth into Duncan`s back, and he dies at once. BOOM! Viera and Hunter doesn´t react fast enough, a arrow from Silver and a trident from Mako is coming at them. Silver´s arrow hits Hunter in his temple, and he falls down. BOOM! But Viera is a little bit more lucky, she dodges the trident and flees the scene. Mako wants to follow Viera, but Silver makes him stay put. "It´s dangerous to run around the forest at night, mutts can come at any time." Then the fallen are shown, but Mako, Izzy and Silver doesn´t pay attension, they know the identity of all the fatalities of today. The seal appears, and then Duncan (1), Hunter (2) and Cyril (5) flash past the sky in rapid progression.


Duncan Raptor - District 1

Hunter Riple - District 2

Cyril Frost - District 5

Day 3 : The Rolling Girl

Redlow (6) wakes up in the misty swamp, in the middle of the night, on the top of him moor. He reaches for his water canteen, knowing it is filled with water. But his hands only find empty soil, and Redlow´s eyes snap open. All his supplies, including his matchete, is gone! He raises himself up, and looks around. There , in the darkness, he can see a distant figure wading through the marsh water. Wheatley (11) is running through the water as fast as she can, clutching the stolen supplies like her life depended on them. But something is moving in the water, hidden under a clumb of weeds. Just as Wheatley passes through, the crocodile mutt takes it´s chance. It lunges forward and locks it jaws around Wheatley´s arm. She screams and tries to get away, but the mutts grip is too strong. Then the crocodile pulls her under the murky water. Waves of swamp water crash over at the muddy moors around Wheatley. Then, after countless minutes, the surface goes still and Wheatley´s cannon sound. BOOM! Redlow is still stunned after what he just witnesses, but he´s also frustrated. His supplies are now lost forever, together with Wheatley.

"Congratulations to the thirteen remaining tributes for coming so far! We all admire you very much! We gamemakers are nice, so we now officially invite you all to a spectacular feast! It will be held by the cornocopia at sunset today! Don´t miss out on this wonderful oportunity! And may the odds be ever in your favour!"

The flickering flames of the dying campfire makes eerie shadows fly past the shocked faces of Proten (3), Winter (6) and Soul (8). The three girls are completely stunned over the message, a feast at sunset. A feast hasn´t happened in any hunger games for a long time, the audience in The Capitol are probably raving with cheers and hoorays. "So, shall we go?" Soul asks, a little nervous. Protena thinks this through for quite some time before she answers. "Yes, there may be weapons and that´s what we need most now." She stands up, and walks briskly away from the fire. Winter and Soul jump up and scurry after her. To the feast, and to death´s waiting arms.

Prokop (12) is already in posision on the outsikrts of the cornocopia clearing. He can see the remaining careers, Mako (4), Izzy (4) and Silver (1) standing beside the golden horn with their weapons drawn. They are wainting. Prokop is smiling, he won´t go out in the opne until he sees what´s the prize of the feats is. Then a hovercraft materializes in the air and carefully drops a fancy, long table on the soil. On the table there is many bags in different sizes. There´s a big purple one with the number 8 on it, a small aquamarine one with emblazoned with 4 and lots more in different sizes and colours with different numbers on. Prokop spots the black one with 12 on, just as the careers go over to the table to collect theirs. Izzy reaches for the aquamarine bag, then suddenly a knife whizzes through the air and hits where Izzy´s hand was just seconds ago. The careers all look up, and are greeted with the sigth of Viera (2), armed with a dousin throwing knives and a deadly sword. The careers run at her at once, and while they are too busy to see it, Prokop can see three tributes sneaking up to the table. Prokop chuckles as he lazily throws one of his axes. It hits Soul (8) in the head, and she falls to the ground splatting blood on Protena (3) and Winter (6). BOOM! The two girls scream and turn on their heels and run back where they came from, but Shen (9) is blocking their path. He rips out a sickle from the grey bag in his hand and slashes up Winter´s chest. BOOM! But before Shen can attack Protena, she is already inside the safe forest.

Viera`s (2) sword flies through the air and hits Mako`s (4) trident in midair, and the two tributes grit their teeth and push forward. both of them hoping to topple the other. In the meantime, Silver (1) shooting wildly around herself, trying to hit Jory (10), Willow (12) and Nya (12). But the girls are fast, and they reach the table and quickly snag their bags. But just as they turn towards the forest, one of Silver´s arrows hits the bullseye. It zooms through the air and hits Nya in the chest, rigth in the heart. She takes one look at the arrow stuck in her, and then falls dead to the ground. BOOM! Silver laughs and arms herself with another arrow, but Viera suddenly tackles her. Viera is on top of Silver now, and drags out a long, sharp knife. Viera smiles as she  posistions the knife at silver´s throath. Silver screams for help, but it seems her allies are too busy. Viera is just about to drag the knife over when Viera is thrown away from her. As Silver sits up, she can see Mako carefully slithing Viear´s throath, as to cause maximum pain. Viear screams, and then moves no more, her ragged body lying peacefully on the ground. BOOM!

And then the feast is over, and only nine tributes remain.

Jory (10) and Willow (13) are back at their camp, mourning over the loss of Nya (12). They has both gotten very close to her, and it was a big shock for both of them to see her die. But something else is also swimming through Jory´s mind. She knows that the alliance between her and Willow is finished, but she doesn´t want to kill Willow, she is really fond of her. And she can´t afford to lose two allies on one day. "Willow, it´s time for us to part ways, we both can´t wait." Willow looks up and nods grimly at Jory. She stands up, slings her bag over her shoulder and then  walk briskly into the forest, away from their campfire. Away from their alliance. Jory is feeling the tears press on, but she bits her lip and forces herself not to cry. Crying won´t get her any sponsors, but determination and confidence will. She picks up her sword, and sits down on an old log, clucthing her curved sword. The anthem plays, and Jory looks up at the sky without really looking. She already knows who died today, expect the cannon fired in the night. The seal shimmers in the sky, then Viera (2) appears and Jory lets out a little gasp. Another career down, maybe she can return home after all? Then Winter (6) and Soul (8) flash over the sky. The last to appear are Wheatley (11) and Nya (12). Jory´s facial expression stiffens as she sees the unsmiling face of Nya, the last time Jory will ever see her face. Even after the anthem is over and the night has fallen, Jory still can´t sleep. The memories of today still haunting her.


Viera Halifax - District 2

Winter Pine - District 6

Soul Silverless - District 8

Wheatley Grain - District 11

Nya Kwon-Bae - District 12

Day 4 : Torturous Depths

The arena is asleep, the nine remain are also asleep. but the gamemakers aren´t they are working into the night, taking shifts so nobody will fall asleep. They are preparing something out of the ordinary, something the audince of The Capitol have known and looked forward for days now. The plan is finally going to be set in motion, and today may be the most exciting day of the 18th hunger games.

The three ramaining careers are sitting in a ring by the cornocopia, staring resentful at eachother. Silver (1) and Izzy (4) both know that they need to kill Mako (4) soon, and Mako knows that he needs to kill the two girls. But instead of jumping into action they all just sit in silent darkness, in the clearing, alien to the busteling forest. Suddenly Silver takes the word. "Mako, it´s time for us to part ways, and I´m sorry about this." Sha nods an Izzy, who grabs her trident the moment Silver draws her bow, aiming at Mako´s heart. Mako can´t do anything but stand up with his hands over his head, looking crestfallen. But before Silver´s arrow can kill Mako, a horrible roar echoes through the expansive arena. All the careers eyes widen in the same second, all of them looking rigth up. They are met with the sigth of a ginormous figure, as high as the mountain topped with a round boulder. The boulder also happens to have murky eyes and a lopsided mouth filled with moss covered teeth. It gives out another groundshaking roar, and all the careers scream and throw them to the side at the same time. But Silver isn´t fast enough, a ginormous grey hand shoots out and grab her around the waist. She screams and flail as the giant slowly raises her up, while Mako and Izzy can´t do anything other than stare stunned up. In desperation Izzy throws her trident aimlessly to the gruesome creature, but it doesn´t do anything. Then Silver´s body disspears inside the giants hand, a sharp crunch can be heard and then Silver´s cannon sounds. BOOM! Izzy starts to scream and cry while she kicks and punches the giant´s foot in grief, Mako instead uses this moment to grab all the supplies he can from the camp and running to the forest. The giant doesn´t seem to notice them, but then Izzy notices that Mako´s gone. "MAKO!!!" She screams before running away into the forest, filled with rage and bloodlust.

Prokop (12) is moving as fast as he can, jumping from three branch to three branch. He is moving like a blur, like an arrow through the air. He has also recieved a chest plate to protect him and a bow and a quiver of arrows as sponsor gifts. it is obvious that these gift weren´t cheap, as the games are almost over and stuff like that isn´t too cheap in the first place. no doubt about a dousin sponsors put their heard together to get this to Prokop. And rigth now he´s very grateful, now he spectacular odds in the games. As he lands yet again on a rickerty branch, he sees a flicker of movement down on the ground. Willow (13) is running through the thick foilage of the forest, and Prokop laughs a soft laughter. It´s almost too easy. He draws his bow, and masterfully shoots a arrow at Willow with pin-point accuracy. It hits the girl clean in the neck, and she topples to the ground. She lies like this for a few minutes before her cannon fires. BOOM! Prokop carefully climbs down from the three and creeps up to Willow´s body. He´s a little dissapointed, he´s only able to scavange a small knife and a plastic bag of crakers. Pathetic, he immedeatley throws away the crackers, but slip the knife in his bag. That can come in useful.

Jory (10) looks up in the sky, amazed as a large silver parachute floats gently in the air, and then lands with a soft thud on her lap. She quickly opens it, and she finds a complete set of leather armor, as well as a spear. She is smiling with glee, this is far away from what she could have hoped for. She really has a decent chance at the games now! Sure many of the bigger threaths are still out there, like Mako (4) and Prokop (12), but with this armor and her weapon of choice she isn´t going to hide anymore. The time of hiding is over. This is the part of the games where the ability to kill is the most essensial, without it you die. It´s a dog eat dog world, either kill or be killed. Jory is ready for anything rigth now.

The foilage of the thick and dense forest flies past the vision of Protena (3), as she runs like the wind through the arena. A huge pair of feet stamp forward, trying to catch her. And it looks like the giant is going to suceed. Protena is desperate, knowing that if the gruesome creature gets to her she is gone. Gone from the world. Branches and vines whip at her face, she whinces in pain, but she doesn´t stop. But the chase is finished as the log appears on the ground as suddenly as a ghost. Protena can´t do anything as her leg snares it around the log, and she slams to the forest floor. She twists her body and looks up. A gigantic shadow is towering over her, and Protena knows that she is finished. She closes her eyes, and braces herself for the impact. The impact of death. The neverending shadow of doom whips around her, and she´s off. Off to the afterlife, an afterlife that will always be fillled with bitter resenation and fear. BOOM!

The expansive sky over Shen (9) is beginning to show the signs.The signs that the fallen will be shown. Just as expected the anthem flows through the air seconds later, and then the hovercraft which will connect the living tributes to the outside for a brief while. First to appear is Silver (1), and Shen smiles a grim smile, his chances of returning home have never been greater. Then Protena (3) flashes over the pitch-black sky, and lastly the pale face of Willow (13). Shen is happy; now there´s only six tributes left. Shen is tired, so he wraps himself in his many blankets and fall asleep on the ground, while still cluthing his trusted sickle. His life depends on it, but it can´t save him now. While he´s sleeping a dreamless sleep, someone or something is moving through his camp. Two pairs of furry brown paws scuffle through his supplies, and a big shout sniff at his metal cans of beans. A flick of it´s paw, and the top of the can flies off. The bear, very pleased, sticks it´s mouth into the food and begins to slurp it in. But that´s all there takes to wake Shen up. He sits up quickly, and then he sees the bear. The scream is stuck in Shen´s throath, and he just sits there, watching in horror at the beast. He gets up, and begins to carefully sneak towards a three.But sadly enough bares aren´t famour for their bad hearing, and within seconds the brown creature is upon Shen. Shen screams at his lungs´s full power, and the bear, clearly annoyed by the sound, lashes out with it´s paws. It roars as it´s paws slash up Shen repeatedly. After many agonizing minutes, the bear trekks off, leaving Shen in horrible pain for the last minutes of his life. He winces in pain at every movement, and breathes heavily, he knows the end is coming. Then he gives of a last, dry cough before going still. BOOM!


Silver Shine - District 1

Protena Last - District 3

Shen Seraph - District 9

Willow Firethorn - District 13

Day 5 : The Revolution Of The Cursed

Redlow (6) is smirking to nobody in paticular, as he is finishing the final tweaks to his trap. He has been up all night, fixing and refixing his deadly construction. He is still in the swamp area, but now electrical pulses flow through the murky water, which he is careful not to step into. He planned to make explosives, but ended up with this instead. But that´s fine, because the moment someone steps in the water the electricity will shoot to them and hopefully kill them instantly. Redlow is excuasted, and is just about to lie down on his safe moor when a sharp beeping can be heard from the air. He looks up, and gets greeted by the sight of a medium sized silver parachute, carefully flaoting through the air. It lands beside Redlow, and the boy from 6 throws himself over it. What he finds is satisfying, a big bronze mace, perfect to crack skulls. Redlow brandishes the glorious weapon in his hands, and smirk yet again. His chances of returning home has never been greater, he knows that. He then digs down in his backpack, looking for some food to eat. Just as he yanks his bag of crackers from the bag, a loud screech and a cannon can be heard. BOOM!

Redlow eyes fly over to the body of swamp water, and there lies Jory´s (10) bulking figure, smoke issuing from her body. Even though she is sharred and burned, Redlow can still recognize her flaming red hair, never to flow in the wind again. Then the hovercraft appears and a huge metal claw lifts the burned corpse of Jory into it. To return home. Redlow finds himself on the verge of tears, and then he understands. His first kill. And now there´s only four tributes left, he´s bound until death to make more. To end more lives, just as suddenly and unexpected as Jory´s. He doesn´t want to, he wants to punish The Capitol. But how?

"Tributes, it´s time for the ultimate ending. The final showdown. Meet up at the cornocopia in five hours or die a painful and gruesome death. May the odds be ever in your favour!"

Mako (4) is standing in his river with water up to his stomach, taking in what he just heard. He smiles; today it is going to end, whenether he will fall dead to the ground or he will come out as victorious. It is all going to end. He takes his net filled with aquatic river life and stuffs it in his backpack. He slings it onto his back, and carefully wade through the water. he knows that by just following this stream he will reach the cornocopia within minutes. He clutches his blue trident in his hands feveresly, soon this weapon will claim another victim.

Prokop (12) is hidden deviously behind a cluster of foilage, waiting for the first tribute to step out in the open. He is armed with his trusted throwing axes he has named Hugin and Munin, a bow strapped on his back and his chest covered with a leather armor piece. Prokop knows that he is the best protected and armed tribute left, she should have nothing to fear. but he still has a bad feeling. Then he sees a distant red-headed figure running swiftly to the cornocopia. Redlow (6) is having everything planned; he is going to fuse his electic trap with the cornocopia to turn it into a deadly monument. Then he will easily kill the remaining tributes by pushing them into the metal horn, filled with electric ions. But Prokop sees the scheme coming, and jumps down to the ground, as silent as a cat. Redlow has just finished the wirering when Prokop launches a flurry of arrows. They slice through his body, like a dull knife through butter. One in teh chest, one in the forehead and countless pierce his body everywhere. He falls to the ground, almost in slow motion. Redlow looks up, and his eyes are filled with horror. He doesn´t even get time to scream before Prokop buries Hugin and Munin in his chest. BOOM! The boy from 12 snickers, and turns around. Bad luck. Izzy (4) is running wildly at him, two tridents in her hands, ready to figth. The two axes hits the pair of tridents at the same time, sending sparks past the furious and determined faces of Prokop and Izzy, both trying to overpower ther other. Just as they are about to launch another wave of attacks at eachother, Prokop sees something behind Izzy that the gril from 4 doesn´t see. The blue-haired persona of Mako (4) smirking, while an equally blue object hurls through the air. Izzy turns around, but too late. the trident flies straigth through her chest, blood shooting upwards like a bizarre fountain. BOOM!

Mako (4) is about to launch his other trident, but Prokop (12) is faster. He has already reached Mako now, and Mako, understanding that long range isn´t needed now, throws himself at Prokop. The two men scramble around on the ground fro a long time, neither managing to topple the other. Prokop finally gets an opening to use his bow, and a small army of arrows flies through the air. Mako swirls his trident dramaticly around, leading the arrows in before chopping them in two. Prokop boiling over, and lunges at Mako once again. But this time the boy from 4 is ready. The trident zooms forward, and Prokop, who can´t stop his momentum, impales himself on it. But thanks to Prokop´s armor it doesn´t kill him, but he flies through the air and lands with a muffled crunch on the grass. Mako isn´t about to let this oportunity slip past him, he runs to the struggeling boy from 12. He raises hsi trident, but Prokop rolls away. Rigth into the cornocopia. For a few seconds it seemed as though Prokop was saved. but then the seconds were over, and deadly electric pulses flow through his body. He clutches his heart, sinks down and moves no more. BOOM!

"Ladies and gentlemen, Mako Reef of District 4, the Victor of The 18th Annual Hunger Games!"

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