Welcome To The 77th Annual Hunger Games!

Welcome to my third games, these are going to be awesome!

I hope these will be in the league of games by users like Cloveismywife, Frostsnake or The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo!

Here´s the rules :

1. It´s four tributes per user, I prefer new tributes and I accept wikia contributors.

2. Advice should be given before the private sessions and before evry new day in the arena. Tributes that gets advice will stand a higher chance of survival, but I don´t see advice as manditory.

3. Please use good and polite language.

4. You can only send a sponsor gift if you win specific contests I will hold during the games, or if I´m in a good mood I´ll maybe give your tribute a free sponsor gift.

5. Please don´t spam in any way unless you got at least one tribute in my games.

6. This is a regular Hunger Games with only the Districts 1-12 conpeteing. There is no such thing as District 13 in these games.

7. Alliances will be posted when training is over and the arena will be revealed when I´ve got all the tributes. You can leave a comment saying what alliance you want your tribute to be in, if you don´t say what alliance I´ll just send them into a random alliance or classify them as loners.

8. I will do the reapings, chariot rides, training days, training scores and interviews before the games, and I will write reapings, training and the games in POV, and chariot rides from the POV of a capitol citizen. Lastly the interviews will be written in simple interview form, with only dialog writing.

9. Reservations lasts for 24 hours.




Remember I only need a name, an age and a single weapon, but it´s easier to write when I know a good deal about the tributes, so please use this template :





Appearance (Lunaii)






Strategy for Games


Congratulations To This Years Brave Tributes!

District Name Age Weapon District Name Age Weapon
D1 Star Stone 18 Spear D1 Emerald Oakly 18 Bow and arrows
D2 Grant Meredith 16 Sword, axe D2 Athena Clash 16 Axe, bow
D3 Seth Brien 15 Wire, knife D3 Marissa Pine 15 Dagger
D4 Xander Ripple 18 Trident D4 Amethyst Monte 18 Trident
D5 Chase Pansworth 14 Stealth, blowgun, slingshot, knife D5 Sierra Peridot 14 Sword, knife
D6 Savage Wrench 18 Crowbar, mallet D6 Alex Holt 16 Metal discs, matchete, spear
D7 Max Silverwood 13 Axe, throwing axes D7 Shelly Maple 12 Axe, knife
D8 Drake Sharptounge 15 Dagger, bow D8 Tinsel Bloodmoon 15 Bow and arrows
D9 Kaven "Kav" Bolton 17 Bow and arrow D9

Christa Burnstenn

16 Sythe, long knives
D10 Atropos Strong 15 Sword D10 Mara McClain 12 Blowgun, slingshot
D11 Scorch Flare 18 Sword, slingshot D11 Serina Ebony 17 Spear
D12 Rayden Skyer 16 Sword D12 Firethorn Massey 16 Bow and arrows, slingshot

Tribute Gallery

The Alliances

The Careers : Star (1), Emerald (1), Athena (2), Grant (2), Xander (4), Amethyst (4) (Leader), Savage Wrench (6), Alex Holt (6)

District 5, 11 and 12 Alliance : Chase Pansworth (5), Sierra Peridot (5), Scorch Flare (11), Firethorn Massey (12)

District 8, 10 and 12 Alliance : Tinsel Bloodmoon (8), Drake Sharptounge (8), Atropos Strong (10), Rayden Skyer (12)

District 7 and 10 Alliance : Shelly Maple (7), Max Silverwood (7), Christa Burnstenn (9), Mara McClain (10)

Loners : Seth Brien (3), Marissa Pine (3), Kaven "Kav" Bolton (9), Christa Burnstenn (9), Serina Ebony (11)

The Arena

The arena is set in a inhospitable and hostile canyon, with little to no vegetation and water. The water that is to find is located in small ponds or in the dam where the cornocopia is located. Food is found only for those who know where to look. Digestable lizards and mammals sprint around and taste delishous, but are hard to catch. Plants are there few off, but the cacti is eatable albeit disgusting. The cacti are also a scorce of water, as they are filled with it. For mutts there are not that many. The first is a small poisonous lizard hidden among the thousands of eatable. Second is the sand ant mutt. They create big pits that yuo can fall into, and that are impossible to climb out of. If you get caugth in a sand ant´s nest, you´re fucked. The last and most lethal is the condor mutt. They operate in flocks, and unlike normal condors they eat everything in sigth. They can rip off your skin in seconds and eat you in a matter of minutes. As stated before, the cornocopia is located in a dam with water everywhere, and will be filled with everything a tribute may need. Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

  • The Canyon Arena
  • More Canyon Arena
  • A Fork Of The Dam
  • The Poison Lizard Mutt
  • The Sand Ant Mutt
  • The Condor Mutt

Let The 77th Annual Hunger Games Begin!

The Reapings :


The first thing that hits my mind as I wake up is that it´s reaping day. I smile to myself, I have always loved this day. But now I´m really excited, I´m going to volunteer and win. This day will be the greatest day of my life, rigth after the night I will be crowned victor of the hunger games. The morning is an endless blur, where I only snap up pieces of it- I eat breakfast, chat to my mom about volunteering which she is very positive about, I stroll like a queen through the streets of District 1 while bith friends and strangers wish me a happy reaping. For me it will be certainly happy, but many girls will have their dreams crushed today. Doesn´t matter to me, as long as I´m happy it doesn´t really matter.

The very much loved escort of District 1 enters the stage to a glowing round of applause. i join in too, and I get sore in my hands after all that clapping. She walks determined to the girl´s bowl, ready to pick out District 1´s female tributes. But she doesn´t even get to open it before I scream out "I VOLUNTEER!" much louder than the other girls that wants to compete in the hunger games. Since I screamed the loudest, and our escort has always been a very impatient person, she points at me. I almost run over to the stage, standing next to the escort. She asks for my name, and I say "Emerald Oakly." as calmly as I can, but inside I´m a colourful and explosive firework. She congratulates me, and I see the proud faces of my parents in the crowd, as well as my sister. Yet again the escort gets interrupted as she sticks her hand into the boy´s reaping bowl, because at least a dousin boys yelled at once. This time our escort takes her time picking a tribute out, she points at a eigthteen year old boy who seems is about to explode with pride. Then the escort congratulates me and "Star Stone" before we are escorted by peacekeepers into the mayor´s place, and then we´re off!


Oh god, it´s reaping day. I´ve never liked this day, to even think about volunteering is a total foreign idea of me, but lots of the other kids are really stoked. But if I get reaped, I won´t be such a big deal. I have been attending the District 2 hunger games academy since I was six, so I´ve got loads of training. But the idea of win or die kinda freaks me out, and I really hope that I won´t be picked. My parents would probably be heartbroken, but also proud if I won, which I have strong odds to do. The last thing I though before the reaping started was : Please don´t let it be me, please don´t let it be me... How ironic it is that´s exsactly what happened. I got reaped.

I walk up to the escort like in a horrible trance, and take my place by Athena, my district partner in these games. She doesn´t seem very nice, so I don´t want to talk to her. The escort shunns us into the justice building, and then we´re off.


"Marissa Pine." The words boom out over the expansive square of District 3, dissapearing to the air. But the words are not gone, they are still stuck inside my head. Me. Everyone earound me is silent, and slowly backs away to give me space. I take a shaky step forward the stage, to my doom. The escort gives me what is appaerntly supposed to be a smile, but it seems more like a leer to me. My head is empty, I can´t think anymore. Next thing I know is that I´m on the stage, the people of District 3 looking sympatheticly up at me. Everyone in District 3 hates the Capitol and the hunger games. The escort picks a boy, one by the name of Seth Brien. He looks weak, and will probably die early in the games, just like me. District 3 tributes almost never survives the first day. Seth takes his place, and the escort raises her arms as to recieve appaluse. None comes. After a mute crowd, the escort quickly finishes the ceremony and bows me and Seth into the justice building. Ironic, I´ve never been to scared of being reaped, I have never taken tesserea. But that time is over, and the time of my death approaches.


The world is spinning, I´m so dizzy, but I´m still here. The final words are etched into my mind. My mouth is open and my head is filled with searing pain. My heart is also filled with searing pain, and the world is just drakness and gloom. I watch in a horrified trance as my only family member, my little innocent brother, is being dragged to the stage, to the hunger games. He is standing there on the stage with the escort, looking horrified and transfixed at some spot in the distance. He tries not to look directly into the cameras, and then he locks eyes with me. I snap out of the gruesome trance. " I volunteer!" I scream, desperation showing in my voice, it cracks like a firework. I run to the stage, and hugs him tighly. He is crying, and so am I. We stand like this for many minutes before the peacekeepers pull him off he, and back into the crowd. But I must stand where I am. The rest of the procedure I don´t really catch. I shake hands with my district partner, Amethyst, who seems like trouble. We get escorted into the justice building, but all I can think of is how my parents will handle the painful weeks to come. I may have trained for the games, but I never wanted this, I merely did it to fit in at school. I have loved my little brother my whole life, but now I wish that he will forget me. He must forget me, it´s never safe to ponder on the past. And I´m surely history.


I´m standing in the 14-year old section at the reapings, chatting with my best friend, Hilde.  I haven´t known her for too long, we met over the summer, but I´ve never had such a fantastic friend. We are both not that nervous, as our names are only on six slips of paper each. Our talk gets interrupted by District 5´s escort, an overweigth woman with neon green hair, waltz up to the stage and starts the reapings. She begins with her classic : "Bitches first!" We are used to it, but lots of the elders still doesn´t like it. The stomps to the girl´s bowl, and snags a paper slip with her fat sasague fingers. "Sierra Peridot." My heart sinks, and I almost faint. The escort calls my name again, and I look pleadingly at Hilde. But she is avoiding my gaze, and I must muster all my selfcontrol not to beat every piece of her I can reach. She won´t volunteer for me, I guess I wasn´t that important to her. But she was important to me! I swallow the lump in my throath, and walk firmly up to the stage. The escort claps me roughly on the shoulder, and I give Hilde one last burning gaze, but she avoids it. I wanted to giver her a message. If I survive, then you will not survive, I will use a my power to murder you like the dog you are. Even though she isn´t looking at me, I know she got the message. Then the boys. "Chase Pansworth." A boy about the age of me walks up to the stage, fear and anexity showing on his face. The escort "congratulates" us on our "honor" and then we´re shoved into the justice building. Off to figth to our death.


I´m volunteering, i´m volunteering, I´m volunteering. My constant mantra is circeling around my head, I have made up my mind. I want to volunteer for the games, so I can kill. Since I killed that thief when I was little I have had a big lust for bloodshed. I need to kill. I need to win the hunger games, after slaugthering countless other children. I´ll be the victor of the 77th hunger games.

So when the reapings start, I´m the only one with a smile on my face in the square. I really can´t wait. the girls are first. A blonde girl walk to the stage, acually grinning, like she wanted to be chosen. I don´t catch her name, but I think she was called Alex or something. Then, the moment I´ve been waiting for. The boys. Before the escort even had time to fold the paper slip I scream out "I VOLUNTEER!" The escort is so surprised that she gives a small squel. I almost run up to the stage before she calls me, and proudly shout out my name. "My name is Savage Wrench, and I´m going to win the hunger games!" The escort is still stunned, she seems to have lost the ability to speak. One can´t blaim her, volunteers are as good as extinct in District 6. I´m the first in forever. That´s good, making a splash in the Capitol is a good advantage.


Today is the day of my first reapings, so you could say that I´m pretty nervous. I have been up all night, tortured with gruesome visions and nightmares of the dreaded games. What if I´m picked? What if I´m reaped? Then I´m as good as dead. I´m twelve years old, and have no skill other than knowing nature to help me in the games. If I am to be reaped, It will be my death sentence.

I flinch as the sharp point of a needle sticks into my finger. I grit my teeth together, I didn´t think it would hurt that much. And then I walk nervously to the 12-year old section, with blood seeping from where the needle struck. The girls first. Even before the escort has folded out the paper slip, I know it´s going to be me. "Shelly Maple." Then I lose control. I break down crying, screaming at the top of my lungs as the peacekeepers drag me to the stage. She drags me to my doom. The boy gets reaped, and a boy by the name of Max almost faints as his name gets called. He looks like he´s about the same age as I am. Two poor young kids sent to die. It makes me hate the hunger games even more. But my hatred won´t get time to boil too much, I´ll be dead in a few weeks time anyways.


I´m walking through the stinky and dirty streets of District 8, with rats scurring with me. There are unnaturally many people in the streets, normally everyone stays inside so to not get dangerous diseases. But this is reaping day, so everyone have go to to the square in front of the justice building. If we don´t show up, we´re thrown into prison or executed. I have seen it happening, a girl in my class tried to hide at home, but the peacekeepers found her and blew off her head at once. So no pressure.

"Tinsel Bloodmoon." A girl goes bravely up to the stage, a expression of forced determination. But I know that under that halfly-confident gaze there lies a terrified girl. I bet that she will maybe survive the bloodbath, but die shortly after. My hunches are usually rigth. But I didn´t expect this. "Drake Sharptounge." I flinch, like I just got sucker punched. My head is spinning, and without even thinking I walk to the stage, to the evil hands of The Capitol. To the hunger games, and surely my own death.


My knife plunges repeatedly into his body, sinking under his skin, the splatting of blood sounding over his agonzed screams. he pleads and cried, but I don´t stop. His body is swimming in a pool of blood, but he´s still not dead. My knife keeps up the mesmerizing pace, stab and stab and stab again. Then he finally lies still and stops struggeling. He´s dead. I smile and take out my bottle. I seep my finger into the blood, and carefully drip two drops of it into the bottle. The bottle is almost full, one more victim, and then my blood-filled bottle collection will expand to fifty. Life is good.

"I VOLUNTEER!" I scream at the top of my lungs. I escort smiles at me, like she is pleasantly surprised. I run to the stage, showing my eager to everyone. "What is your name, sweetheart?" the escort says in her most sweet and simpering voice, and I gladly reply. "Christa Burnstenn!" The escort congratulates me, and then proceeds to pick out the male tributes from District 9. "Kaven Bolton!" A timid-looking boy walks carefully to the stage, looking like he´s on the rim of tears. Whining bitch, he´ll be my first kill! He stands next to me, and I take a chance and trip him. He falls yelling to the stage floor and his nose snaps with a crunch. I laugh of his stupidity, the peacekeepers scrape him from the floor and takes both him and me into the justice building. The time to kill is just a week away. I can´t wait.


The gentle grunt of cattle can be heard in the distance, but it gets drowned by the sound of the murmuring crowd at the reaping. I´m at the fifteen-year old section, talking to my friend, Joshua. We´re both pretty scared, but we both know that I may acually have a chance at the games. I have muschles and I´m tall, and I´m very good with handeling a sword. But if Joshua gets thrown in the games, he´s finished. He thin, weedy and underfed and he has never as much as looked at a weapon. And he also has worse odds than me, having taken one tesserea for each year. I´m ready to volunteer for him.

"Mara McClain." I watch in horror as a tiny twelve-year old girl walks forward, with shaking legs. If I were able, I would surely volunteer to save her. But I´m the only one with that mindset, and the girl arrives to the escort. Then the boys. "Atropos Strong." I nod, and walk firmly to the stage. I don´t really mind it, it was going to be me anyways. It doesn´t even do any difference. I look over at Mara. She is about half the heigth of me and is shaking with sobs, tears splashing down to the floor. I make up my mind. I push our escort away and hug little Mara. I hug her and clean off her tears. "It´s ok, it´s ok, everything will be ok..." But I´m fooling myself. We´re tributes, and we are traveling to the slaugther´s bench.


My eyes snap open and I see the startled face of my cat, his whiskers stroaking my cheek. He quickly jumps off me and struts out of my room. I´m really drowsy, and for a few fantastic moments I think that this is just another day. But then I remember it´s reaping day. Fuck. I get up and go over to my cabinet. Since it´s reaping day, everyone is expected to wear their finest clothes. I take out my pink summer dress and quickly pull it on. Then I walk like a zombie down to the kitchen.My mother is already sitting by the table, and my dad is walking back and forth nervously. I st down by the table and help myself to a slice of grain bread with old cheese. After the stale and unfilling breakfast, I exit the house and meet up with my friends at the square. We scurry to the seventeen-year old section and then we wait. And wait. The rest of District 11´s population is beginning to fill in, and then finally the escort appears and the cameras begin to roll.

A minute later I´m standing on the stage as the escort asks around for volunteers. I see the faces of my parents, lined with shock and disbelief. Nobody volunteers for me. Then the boys. "Scorch Flare." I know him, he´s that troublesome guy, I bet his parents are hoping he´ll just die. I kinda feel bad for him, but the person I feel most bad for is myself.


"Firethorn Massey." Hey, that´s the mute girl everyone avoids at school. She won´t last long. But I remind myself, neither will I. If I am to be reaped, which is highly likely. "And now for the boys!" Our overly preppy escort says in her high-pitched voice. She walk dramaticly over to the boy´s bowl, and picks out a paper slip. "Rayden Skyer." It wasn´t a surprise, but I´m still very affected. I´m about to be sent to my death, and theres nothing I can do about it. I do the only sensible thing I could think of. Running away. I push myself hastily through the crowd, as peacekeepers are in hot pursuit. I´m just out of the square when I feel someone grabbing my foot. I was still running, so I slam into the ground. Rough hands pull me up and drags me to the stage. I don´t catch anything after that, the world becomes darkness and I´m thrown into the unknown.


Chariot Rides :

Oh my god, I´m so excited! It´s finally time for the chariot rides. Because of my job as a journalist in The Capitol´s biggest fashion magazine I get the honor of sitting on first row, just a few seats away from the president! I´m here to give a full cover of all the tribute outfits, be it horrible or fantastic. Then I see the first chariot driving off, and it has begun!

The first to appear is as always District 1. And they are always fabulous. This year is no exception, they have been tanned white and their hair have been coloured and set up so to imitate shining diamonds. The male is wearing a shimmering tunic with geometric shapes, just like sparkeling diamonds. The female is wearing a skimpy short dress, also imitating diamonds. District 1are nearly always my favorites, and I haven´t changed meaning!

Then District 2 enters, and I have to say that thier outfits are kind of a dissapointment after the great District 1. They are dressed in simple peacekeeper uniforms, with no makeup of hair styling. They don´t glower with power or strength, but look pretty forgettable. Soemone should give their stylist a hard kick in the ass.

District 3 has always been a weak one at the chariot rides, and this year it´s no different. They are dressed identical in robot costumes with sparks flying from their fingertips and heads. It is so cheesy and so ambitionless that I almost want to cry. I scribble down a few notes on them, before District 4 arrives.

Wow, District 4 is spectacular! The male is dressed as the acient sea god, poseidon with a beard and everything! He also has seashells in his hair and it looks like he has sporouted finns from his arms! The female is wearing a huge silky blue dress decorated with seashells and pearls. What magnificent styling, that was amazing, but my favorite is still District 1.

Then District 5 comes rolling, and everyone is blown off their feet, including me. I think we haven´t see District 5 so good in ages! The male is wearing a glittering tuxedo with sparks of electricity flying in all directions, and he is glowing with a faint light. The same as the female, other that she is dressed in a flowing white dress and her hair is set up to imitate a lightningbolt. Truly spiffy!

District 6 has for long been seen as the worst here, and I think they may had broke some kind of record now. They are both dressed identical in completey white overalls with blue glowing rings around their limbs. All I can think is what the fuck was the stylist thinking? This doesn´t represent their district well, and it looks quite terrible.

Oh, not again! Looks like District 7 will be following the tradision of dressing up their tributes as threes yet again! I was original the first time they did it, but now District 7 has turned into a running joke thanks to it. I could do a much better job with that! And after the bland and pathetic District 7 comes District 8.

How to summarize District 8´s costumes in one word. Meh. The male is wearing a tux made of expensive silk that shimmers with raindrops, and the female is wearing a dress made of a spider´s cobwebb silk, even spidery patterns and a expensive black hat with a purple feather in it. It´s not great, but It´s not bad either.

Then District 9 comes, and I just wish I could sink into the ground and die. That´s how gruesome District 9´s design is. They are wearing farm overalls and wields pitchforks in their hands. Not only doesn´t it have anything to do with grain, but it´s also bland and forgettable. Gruesome.

Luckily District 10 isn´t too bad. The male is dressed in a rough and scruffy leather jacket and loose pants, while the female is wearing an elegant dress with cow prints on. It´s simple, yet good. Of course it´s not the best, but certainly not the worst.

Then District 11 arrives, and everyone is pleasantly surprised. They are dressed as workers with fruit and vegetables in their arms. I guess it represents the orchards, but it´s still a little odd and out of place. But the outfits are arranged and designed very elegantly, so it is acually pretty good.

Yet again District 12 is a huge dissapointment. They are just dressed in miners clothing, with flashligth helmets and coal dust and everything. I really think District 12´s stylist should get fired, that has to be qualified as destroying their tributes chances, nobody in their rigth minds would sponsor them.

And then the wonderful night is over, I have a big beefy report of it to the magazine and my photographer has taken great pictures of the chariots. I´m even more excited for the games than before!

The Training Scores

District Name Score District Name Score
D1 Star Stone 9 D1 Emerald Oakly 9
D2 Grant Meredith 9 D2 Athena Clash 8
D3 Seth Brien 4 D3 Marissa Pine 4
D4 Xander Ripple 9 D4 Amethyst Monte 10
D5 Chase Pansworth 5 D5 Sierra Peridot 6
D6 Savage Wrench 9 D6 Alex Holt 8
D7 Max Silverwood 4 D7 Shelly Maple 3
D8 Drake Sharptounge 7 D8 Tinsel Bloodmoon 7
D9 Kaven Bolton 6 D9 Christa Burnstenn 3
D10 Atropos Strong 7 D10 Mara McClain 5
D11 Scorch Flare 9 D11 Serina Ebony 6
D12 Rayden Skyer 5 D12 Firethorn Massey 4

The Death Chart

Placing Name District Killer District How
24th Alex Holt 6 Tinsel Bloodmoon 8 Drowned
23rd Max Silverwood 7 Amethyst Monte 4 Speared with a trident
22nd Atropos Strong 10 Christa Burnstenn 9 Knife buried in head
21st Mara McClain 10 Star Stone 1 Neck slashed open
20th Emerald Oakly 1 Kaven Bolton 9 Head sliced open
19th Kaven Bolton 9 Star Stone 1 Decapitated
18th Scorch Flare 11 Christa Burnstenn 9 Knife into head
17th Shelly Maple 7 Athena Clash 2 Axe buried into chest
16th Seth Brien 3 Sand Ant Mutt Arena Scewered
15th Marissa Pine 3 Sand Ant Mutt Arena Suffocated
14th Christa Burnstenn 9 Firethorn Massey 12 Bludgeound to death
13th Grant Meredith 2 Athena Clash 2 Axe mauled into chest
12th Chase Pansworth 5 Firethorn Massey 12 Stabbed in the heart
11th Serina Ebony 11 Sandstorm Arena Suffocated by sand
10th Tinsel Bloodmoon 8 Star Stone 1 Decapitated
9th Drake Sharptounge 8 Savage Wrench 6 Crowbar smashed into head
8th Sierra Peridot 5 Amethyst Monte 4 Impaled by trident
7th Star Stone 1 Condor mutt Arena Ripped apart
6th Xander Ripple 4 Condor Mutt Arena Dropped from 50 metres
5th Savage Wrench 6 Amethyst Monte 4 Stabbed repeatedly in the back
4th Amethyst Monte 4 Pushed off cliff Athena Clash 2
3rd Rayden Skyer 12 VICTOR ---------- VICTOR
2nd Firethorn Massey 12 VICTOR ---------- VICTOR
1st Athena Clash 2 VICTOR ---------- VICTOR

The 77th Annual Hunger Games!

Day 1 : The Bloodbath


I shield my eyes as the transportation tube finally reaches the arena. I quickly look around. All the tributes are circleling the corncopia that is standing on a metal platform in the middle of a huge dam. The metal plates are also surrounded by water, and I know that this will be a problem. I have never leared to swim, and I know that many others from the poor districts alos haven´t. Seems like this bloodbath will be in the District 4´s tributes favor, I see them both smiling. I try to find my allies, just as the countdown begins. 60. 59. 58. 57. 56. 55. 54... I see Shelly (7) and Mara (10) standing next to eachother and Christa (9) next to the 6 male and 3 female. They all look nervous, and so am I. 39. 38. 37. 36. 35. 34... I try to look past the dam and to the arena, but the dam is huge, so the only hint of the arena is the cloudless sky and burning sun. My guess is a desert of some sort. 22. 21. 20. 19. 18. 17... This is it. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. Everything will change. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1... GONG!!


I leap off my metal plate and dive straigth into the water. I scream as I get hit with the boiling water, but I still keep struggeling on, determined not to drown. I see the 6 girl next to me, who clearly has huge problems with swimming. I realize that this is my chance, so I scurry over to her and grab her. She begins to struggle, but I begin to repetedly smash her head into a metal tribute plate. After about five times,she stops resisting and sinks to the bottom. First blood, that´s a good atvantage. After many more minutes of "swimming", I finally reach the cornocopia platform, but I´m negatively surprised that almost everyone arrived before me. I run through the figthing, stumbeling over the corpse of the District 7 boy as I run. I spot my alliance, they are being attacked by a career. The 4 girl, Amethyst, is just about to sink her trident into Drake when I push her away. She falls into the water with a splash and a scriech. I grab the hands of Drake, Atropos and Rayden. A knife whisses through the air and almost hits me, but instead sinks into the head of Atropos. He drops dead at once, and we run away in panic.


My sword slashes through the air and hits the 10 girl´s neck, and her little frail body hits the platfrom around the cornocopia with a dull thud. I smirk, the bloodbath is going well. I begin to search through the supplies when a flicker of movement catches my attension. A small figure is creeping sliently over to Emerald (1). The figure is armed with a sharp knife, and it´s smiling. I roar and run at the tribute. Too late. I´m just a metre away when the knife slices into Emerald´s head, and she drops dead at once. I´m filled with rage, and I jump at the tribute who I now recognize as the 9 boy. I begin to cut him, and I try to make it as painful as possible. He scrieches and wails, but I don´t stop. Then after I get sick of listening of his screams, I slice his head clean off. He finally lie still, and I leer down at his body. Idiot boy, nobody kills a career and gets away with it!


I´m with my alliance, rummaging around the cornocopia for supplies, trying to stay away from the figthing. We have aquied some backpacks, and are now stuffing them with as much supplies as possible. Just then I feel the cold blade on my neck, and I open my mouth and let out a scream that nobody can hear. The rest of my alliance is standing stunned before me, paralyzed with fear. Then the person holding me captive lauches a knife and hits Scorch (11) in the head. He dies instandly, and Sierra (5) and Chase (5) run away in fear. I try to scream, but I´m mute and it doesn´t do anything. Then I feel that the tribute that has kidnapped me yankes me from the hair and drags me on. It hurst so bad and for many minutes my kidnapper drags me away from the bloodbath, and away from my allies. Then everything goes black, and I know nothing more.


I´m looking around, searching franticly for a kill. Most of the other tributes have left or are dead, but then I finally see the minuscle figure of Shelly (7) at the edge of the cornocopia, readying her to jump. I run like crazy to get to her before that happens. She sees me and tries to jump into the water, but I catch her and bury my axe in her chest. She gives one last cough before going still, and I toss her body into the water. I grin, a kill. Too bad I didn´t get the chance to kill Scorch (11), but at leadt he died. Looks like the bloodbath is over, the only ones left here is the careers. I walk back to them, they have made camp inside the cornocopia. Amethyst (4) has got a ugly-looking slash at her shoulder and Savage (6) and Star (1) both look thurderstricken about the loss of their district partners. Xander (4) is slowly making a fire, and opening some metal cans of food. I´m not to bothered by the loss of Alex (6) and Emerald (1), they both seemed like the queens of bitches. My plan of leaving the careers are not gone, so I choose not to talk to anyone. I can´t trust anyoen here, only one can come alive out from the hunger games.

The Bloodbath Aftermath


Me and Sierra are moving through the desert, running as fast as we can. We try to get as much distance as us and the careers as possible. We didn´t get any supplies, we just had to run when the 9 girl appeared. We´re both pretty sad about Scorch dying, and Firethron getting kidnapped by the insane 9 girl. Firethorn may not be dead yet, but I can´t understand how she is going to get away. The sun is blazing in the sky, and we both wheeze and pant as we continue to run. Now we can´t even see the dam in the distance anymore, and the sky is dark now. Two owls are sitting on a cactus a few metres away. We have to find shelter, and fast or else we´ll freeze to death in the night. Then Sierra cries out and points at something. It´s a mountain! We´re saved! Hopefully there will be caves there we can hide in, or maybe even plants to eat. We´re excited, and break into a fast-paced run. When we arrive at the mountain, we hear the anthem boom over the desert and we sit down to watch. We didn´t really get a good overview of things back at the bloodbath, and knowing who´s left is key. The seal ligths up the sky, and then the 1 girl appears. Wow, didn´t expect her to die. Then the 6 girl appears, after that both from 7. Then the boy from 9 and both from 10. Finally Scorch appears and then disappears. We stand up again and poke around the mountain for a bit. We find a suitable cave, and climb in. Here we´ll be safe. For now.


Emerald Oakly - District 1

Alex Holt - District 6

Shelly Maple - District 7

Max Silverwood - District 7

Kaven Bolton - District 9

Mara McClain  - District 10

Atropos Strong - District 10

Scorch Flare - District 11

Day 2 : Back To Back


We have just been sucessful in ligthing a fire, and me and Seth (3) are warming our numb fingers by the spitting flames. It´s a miracle we managed through the night, with no warmth we could have died at any moment. but now day is approaching rapidly and this fire is like magic in the way it seems to warm the very fabric of my excistance. We do a small assembly of our supplies. A backpack with some crackers, a knife and a packet of sorned beef. Not much, but at least we won´t starve. We are located in the middle of a canyon, this isn´t a ideal camp as anyone can sneak up on us and kill us in a matter of seconds. With that in our minds we break camp and start to run. We have to find the end of this canyon, and get a hiding place, and fast, the careers are probably already out hunting tributes. Then we see a small fire in the semi-darkness. It´s a lone tribute, and he or she is obviously asleep. We both know what to do, we have to kill the tribute. we turn over to the tribute´s camp, and sneak quietly over there. But then we see that it was only a hallusination, it´s nothing there. I hear a scream to my left, and I see Seth sinking through the sand. And below the sand I can just see the figure of a gigantic ant, a sand ant. I scream, and try to run, but it´s too late, I´m stuck too. I sink lower and lower, until I can´t see anymore. I hear a cannon, and I understand that Seth´s dead, and so am I. BOOM! BOOM!


Finally the 12 girl is beginning to move, she has been laying in ropes since yesterday. I kidnapped her to torture her, so I can show to the Capitol how bloodthirsty and talented I am. That way I´ll get lots of sponsors. the mute girl´s eyes fly open and she immedeatley begins to resist. She wiggles and struggles, but I hold her down. I grab her hair to put her down and grab my knife with my free hand. I jump on her and begin to slowly cut up her leg. Her face becomes purple and her mouth opens to let out a scream that onbody can hear. I smile and I continue to painfully slice her leg, making small, bloody cuts. I continue like this for many hours, but then something odd happens. Just as I was about to begin cut off her fingers, something smashes into the side of my head. I fall to the ground screaming, a cluster of sharp cactus needles are stuck in my head. I look up. The mute girl is standing over me with a big cactus in her hand, like a mallet. She smiles at me and mouths some words which I understand. You´ll regret this, I´m sure you already have. Then she brings the cactus down on my face, and the world is just blood and darkness. BOOM! There goes my cannon...


I´m hunting tributes together with Amethyst (4), Savage (6) and Star (1), while Athena (2) and Grant (2) are standing guard back at the cornocopia. But no luck, we haven´t seen anyone and darkness is beginning to approach hasily. "We have to go back now." Amethyst says, and we all agree and turn on our heels. Then, out of nowhere. a cannon booms. BOOM! We begin to run, fearing the worst. When we reach the cornocopia, we see a hovercraft lifting up Grant´s dead body. No doubt about who did this, it xan´t be anyone else that Athena. She is missing from the scene, and lots of supplies are also missing. I should have known that she wasn´t to be trusted! We sit down inside the cornocopia and cook up some food. Just some metal cans of beans, nothing special. We eat grudily while mourning Grant´s death. I can´t say that I knew him, but he seemed nice and like a good person, I´m pretty sad he died. But then we´re distraced by something. The anthem booms over the expansive desert, and we look up in the sky. First to be shown is Grant, we all stare gloomily at his shimmering portrait until it disappears. Then both from 3, and lastly the crazy chick from 9. That´s it, and after only two days there are twelve left. Looks like these games are going fast, and I´m sure tomorrow will bring even more fatalities.


Grant Meredith - District 2

Seth Brien - District 3

Marissa Pine - District 3

Christa Burnstenn - District 9

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