Yes, I know I have cancelled each and every of my Games since my 18th Hunger Games. I have run through countless and countless of Games, most of whom were never even started. But against the odds I am making one last effort to complete one. If these fail, I will quit Gamemaking. So without further ado, I welcome you all to the 88th annual Hunger Games. These will have no real twists, though you can expect a few surprises here and there. I will make them fairly long and detailed, I think, and keep a pace of one to two PoV´s a day.


  • No racist, homophobic, offensive or agressive behaviour in the comments please.
  • Reservations lasts for one day.
  • One tribute per user.
  • Make your tribute interesting.
  • It´s your own choice if you want to submit a new or old tribute.
  • Follow the Template and don´t add or take away any info. I don´t need that much, though.
  • Cheer or advice for your tribute now and then, so I know you are still reading.
  • Don´t bash at my writing or what I write, if you don´t like it you can leave.
  • I will write Chariots, training, Interviews, and of course the Games themselves. Training scores will be given out after the Interviews.

Please follow these rules, and to prove that you acually have read them, say "There is no such thng as bad weather, only bad clothes".


As said in the rules over, you have to follow this template or else your tribute will not get accepted. Simple as that.





Real life Picture


Tributes of The 88th Hunger Games

District 1

Male Tribute : Zaphire "Zaph" Beux

Female Tribute : Maria Porter

District 2

Male Tribute : David Shark

Female Tribute : Teresa Silver

District 3

Male Tribute : Kent Beat

Female Tribute : Kitty Emolga

District 4

Male Tribute : Troy Costas

Female Tribute : Mistina Seabreeze

District 5

Male Tribute : Marlton Russman

Female Tribute : Nessa Mirian

District 6

Male Tribute :

Female Tribute :

District 7

Male Tribute : Mist Scorchill

Female Tribute : Mocca Hassolfer

District 8

Male Tribute : Soar Indigo

Female Tribute : Keira Silverwind

District 9

Male Tribute : Donnie Cloud

Female Tribute :

District 10

Male Tribute : Barron Struve

Female Tribute :

District 11

Male Tribute :

Female Tribute : Trisha Whithawk

District 12

Male Tribute :

Female Tribute :

Tribute Gallery


The Arena is designed as a huge, medieval castle, though with plenty of tricks up it´s sleeve to confuse and harm the Tributes. The Tributes will be trapped inside the Castle thanks to the pitfall around it, escape is no option. Several Mutts of different levels of dangerous dwell inside the Castle as well, and some of them may even find a Tribute very tasteful. The Castle is build up of a confusing mess of turrets, hallways, dungeons and rooms designed spesifically to get Tributes lost. It is also slowly crumbeling down, so it´s even dangerous just to walk around the place. The Gamemakers has also installed some clever traps and tricks to decieve and even kill foolhearted Tributes, so keep your steps light.

  • Castle Arena from the outside
  • Castle hallways
  • Castle Indoors
  • Dungeon torture room



Training Days




Training Scores


The 88th Annual Hunger Games


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