Welcome To The 90th Annual Hunger Games!

I cancelled my Magic Games because I didn´t get enough tributes and people didn´t keep up with reservations, but I will be starting these now. I will begin writing the instant I get all the tributes I need.

Please, be polite and have fun! >w<

The Rules

1. It´s four tributes per user, and I accept wikia contributors.

2. No perfect tributes, only one career per user and nobody can have both tributes from one district.

3. Use good and polite language.

4. Don´t flip tables at me just because I killed your tribute. 23 have to die, so get over it.

5. Send advice often, it will improve your tributes chances a lot. But I don´t follow poorly written or short advice.

6. Don´t rage at or cuss other users, we´re all beautiful.

7. Reservations last for 2 days.

8. I will do reapings, tree days of training and lastly the training scores before the games, and I will write everything in POV writing form.

9. If you reserve a tribute, it can still be taken if another user acually goes through the trouble of posting their tribute in the comments. When all unreserved spots are filled, every single reservation will be given to anyone.

10. Submit a tribute! >w<

Congratulations To This Years Brave Tributes!

District Name Age Weapon District Name Age Weapon
D1 - Luxury Brick Bombard 17 Sword, mace D1 - Luxury Helena Shine 18 Bow, throwing knives
D2 - Masonry Phantom Wisp 15 Sythe, muttations D2 - Masonry Pansy Costella 18 Throwing scimitars, steel claws
D3 - Technology Josh Oyrinn 13 Tech, wire D3 - Technology Talwynn Miussen 15 Sword, blowgun
D4 - Fishing Chandler Fishler 16 Sword, trident, axe D4 - Fishing Ester Bardley 17 Mace, trident
D5 - Power Shield Daggers 18 Sword, shield, axe, dagger, knife D5 - Power Astoria Lovelace 17 Electric whip, pickaxe
D6 - Transportation Jacob Lark 15 Throwing knives, sickle D6 - Transportation Caris Lombardo 16 Club, matchete, bow and arrows
D7 - Lumber Axel Mahogany 13 Axe D7 - Lumber Sarita Vettercourt 18 Throwing knives, blowgun, knife
D8 - Textiles Noel Campbell 14 Knife D8 - Textiles Alica Silk 18 Butcher knife
D9 - Grain Prime Jackson 16 Sythe D9 - Grain Trick Treat 17 Sickle
D10 - Livestock Mark Haly 12 Axe D10 - Livestock Silvia Hake 15 Knives, bow and arrows
D11 - Agriculture Sash Bloodhound 18 Javeline, throwing needles, fire D11 - Agriculture Bloom Blossom 14 Throwing knives
D12 - Mining Volcanic Activity 17 Dagger, sword D12 - Mining Mina Ebony 17 Double-sided sickle

The Training Scores

District Name Score
D1 - Luxury Brick Bombard 9
D1 - Luxury Helena Shine 10
D2 - Masonry Phantom Wisp 8
D2 - Masonry Pansy Costella 10
D3 - Technology Josh Oyrinn 4
D3 - Technology Talwynn Miussen 5
D4 - Fishing Chandler Fishler 9
D4 - Fishing Ester Bardley 8
D5 - Power Shield Daggers 7
D5 - Power Astoria Lovelace 6
D6 - Transportation Jacob Lark 5
D6 - Transportation Caris Lombardo 4
D7 - Lumber Axel Mahogany 7
D7 - Lumber Sarita Vettercourt 8
D8 - Textiles Noel Campbell 5
D8 - Textiles Alica Silk 7
D9 - Grain Prime Jackson 6
D9 - Grain Trick Treat 10
D10 - Livestock Mark Haly 4
D10 - Livestock Silva Hake 9
D11 - Agriculture Sash Bloodhound 9
D11 - Agriculture Bloom Blossom 4
D12 - Mining Volcanic Activity 7
D12 - Mining Mina Ebony 6

The Alliances

The Careers : Brick Bombard (1), Helena Shine (1), Pansy Costella (2) (Leader), Chandler Fishler (4), Ester Bardley (4)

District 3, 5, 6 and 7 alliance : Josh Oyrinn (3), Shield Daggers (5) (Leader), Caris Lombardo (6), Axel Mahogany (7)

District 2, 11 and 12 alliance : Phantom Wisp (2) (Leader) , Sash Bloodhound (11), Volcanic Activity (12)

District 8, 10 and 11 : Noel Campbell (8), Alica Silk (8) (Leader), Mark Haly (10), Bloom Blossom (11)

Loners : Tawlynn Miussen (3), Astoria Lovelace (5), Jacob Lark (6), Sarita Vettercourt (7), Prime Jackson (9), Trick Treat (9), Silvia Hake (10), Mina Ebony (12)

Current Alliances

The Careers : Brick Bombard (1), Helena Shine (1), Pansy Costella (2) (Leader), Ester Bardley

Loners : Tawlynn Miussen (3), Astoria Lovelace (5), Jacob Lark (6), Trick Treat (9), Silvia Hake (10), Bloom Blossom (11), Sash Bloodhound (11), Volcanic Activity (12)

The Death Chart

Placing Name District Killer District How Placing
24th Mark Haly 10 Pansy Costella 2 Chest pierced by scimitar 24th
23rd Chandler Fishler 4 Volcanic Activity 12 Knife plunged into skull 23rd
22nd Prime Jackson 9 Brick Bombard 1 Bled to death 22nd
21st Serita Vettercourt 7 Helena Shine 1 Sword through stomach 21st
20th Caris Lombardo 6 Ester Bardley 4 Trident impaled body 20th
19th Josh Oyrinn 3 Helena Shine 1 Speared in the back 19th
18th Axel Mahogany 7 Pansy Costella 2 Scimitar through stomach 18th
17th Mina Ebony 12 Trick Treat 9 Knife jammed into wind pipe 17th
16th Shield Daggers 5 Talwynn Miussen 3 Pierced by spear 16th
15th Alice Silk 8 Brick Bombard 1 Spear through head 15th
14th Noel Campbell 8 Jacob Lark 6 Knife into forehead 14th
13th Phantom Wisp 2 Trick Treat 9 Throath slit 13th
12th 12th
11th 11th
10th 10th
9th 9th
8th 8th
7th 7th
6th 6th
5th 5th
4th 4th
3rd 3rd
2nd 2nd
1st 1st

Let The 90th Annual Hunger Games Begin!

Day 1 : The Bloodbath


I smile as my streamlined, white tribute tube soars upwards. I´ve just said goodbye to my mentor, but I know that it won´t be long before I´ll see him again. I´m winning, I´m already a victor. The only threath I see is the 2 girl, Pansy. She has to die if I am to win. Then the tube clunks in place, and I can get a good look at my surroudings. A garp. Wow, the gamemakers have really hit it off on this year. My metal plate is located in a ring with the other tribute´s plates, but instead of firm and stable ground there is a rippleing body of green water underneath. The cornocopia is located on a huge moor, in the middle of the swamp pond. All around us there is strange foilage and threes, with long roots visible. Small waves are moving at the water surface. One word comes to mind. Mangrove forest. I´ve heard the term in the history lessons back home. Then I focus at the cornocopia, just as the booming voice of Helios Montague, the recently aquired announcer for The Hunger Games, can be heard from everywhere.

"Ladies and gentlemen, all the tributes have arrived and it´s time for the countdown!"


60. 59. 58. 57. 56. 55

I look around, sizing the other tributes up. The girl from 2 looks just as bloodthirsty, and I see that she is bracing herself for the swim to the cornocopia. Her eyes are fixed at a pair of oddly shaped swords, with black handles. The girl 7, who is standing to the rigth of me, is looking directly at me. I find it unsetteling and creepy, but I stare back without fear. I look to my left, and see my ally, Alica (8). I smile nervously at me, and she grins back. I can tell she´s nervous, too. She nods in the direction of the forest, and I understand. We have to run away. That is the message, and I agree. There´s nothing but death waiting at us in the bloodbath.

30. 29. 28. 27. 26. 25

I´m beginning to panic now, there´s only twentyfive seconds left until the games begin. What if I´m killed soon? Am I going to be dead, gone from this world, in a matter of seconds? I don´t want to die, but I have to see that survival will be almost impossible. No matter, either I will die or win. It´s nothing changing that. I turn around on my plate, readying me to swim away from the cornocopia. I see in the corner of my eye Alica,and Noel doing the same. Where is Mark?

10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1... GONG!


Just as the gong sounds, I dive gracefully down in the murky water. It´s a completely different world here; dark fish and weeds floating around carelessly. But I can´t stay here, I shoot up and break the water surface. I swim quikckly, and as I look around I am glad to see most of the tributes still at their plates, intimidated by the green water. I arrive at the cornocopia plate, and hoist myself out of the water. I´m surprised to see that the little boy from 10 has already arrived. I don´t want to kill him. I walk calmly up to him, while he is trembeling with fear. "Don´t worry, I won´t hurt you." I say, but he still doesn´t seem to reasured. "Ally?" I reach out my hand, and he reaches for it. but just as his fingertips brush agains mine, he takes it back. First I´m puzzled at his behavious, but that is before I see the curved sword sticking through his chest. The horrible girl from 2 is standing behind him, a wide smirk slapped on her face. She rips the sword out with force, and then proceed to me. She lunges forward, but I see it coming and sidestep. Before she can kill me though, I dive back into the cool water. I swim like there´s no tomorrow, but I don´t encounter any of my allies. But I don´t stop swimming. I reach the forest, and I look back at the cornocopia for the first time. Most tributes are in the water, either swimming to the bloodbath or from it. All the careers are already at the cornocopia, picking it clean for weapons. I turn, and run away from the horrible scene.


I finally manage to get up to the cornocopia, only to see all the careers here. Thypical, shit like this always happens to me. I run quickly over to the struggeling figures of Volcanic and Sash, and hoist them up from the stinking water. Then we crouch down, and carefully sneak towards the careers, all searching the supplies for weapons. We sneak besides them, and they seem to be too absorbed in their ravashing to notice us. Big mistake. I snag a sythe without them noticing, while Volcanic gets a knife and Sash a sword. I rise my sythe over my head, and bring it down on the head of the District 1 guy. but he sees it coming in the last second, and rolls out of the way. The careers sences trouble, and they all rise up, facing us. They all smile deviously au us, and my district partner, Pansy, pounches at me. I dodge, and slash at her with my sythe. It slashes up her shoulder, and she screams in pain. I grab the hands of Volcanic and Sash, and we run away. Suddenly I fall, and we all slam to the ground. Someone is holding at my food, I look and I see the smirking 4 boy. Volcanic panics as the other careers comes at us, his knife flies straigth into 4´s skull. His grip slackens, and we all jump back into the water. I hear Pansy shouting at the rest of the careers, undoubtably for letting me and my allies getting away.


I dash as fast as I can, jumping over the 9 boy, who is slowly bleeding to death. But my foot gets caugth in his hand, and I fall to the mushy moor ground. Before I am able to life myself up to my feet, someone lands on my back and pins me down. I feel the sharp point of a knife by my neck. I hear a voice I recognize as the 7 girl´s voice. "Alrigth, any last words?" Her voice sounds cold and merciless, and steady as a rock. "Please..." I splutter, but instead of realeshing be she laugths a harsh and rough laugther without emotion. The knife begins to press more agains my neck, and I brace myself for death. But the moment I feel death approaching, the pressure on my back liftens. I plunk up and see the big, burly 1 girl standing over the 7 girl, a sword in her hand. I use this moment of distraction to dive clumsily down in the water, with no supplies. I keep swimming poorly, I have never been good at this. I hear the 7 girl´s last scream before a horrible slitch sound, and I know she´s dead. After many minutes of paddling/wading through the water, I arrive at a small bank. I hawl myself up to the shore, and then run into the lush and mysterious.


I watch in horror as the 4 girl´s trident flies forward and impales Caris on it, my ally. But she isn´t my ally any more, she dead as can be. Then the 4 girl lifts her limp body up and tosses her in the water. I´m filled with rage, so much rage that I can´t control it. I leap forward at the 4 girl, and , ignoring Josh´s yelling at me, land on the wretched bitch. She screams, and I manage to wrestle her trident away from her. I raise it, and bring it down. But a shap blade of steel comes there before me. I see the satisfied face of the 2 girl as she draws her blade out of my stomach. It hurts terribly, and for many minutes the only thing I can go is roll around on the ground and screaming, feeling the life ebb out of me. Suddenly I feel another body´s presence. I turn, and see the pained expression on Josh´s face. He is dead. And so am I. I feel darkness enfulge me, and all the pain is suddenly gone. I smile as death approaches calmly, and then I´m gone.


I clutch my sword, and feel the backpack´s comforting presence at my back. I give the cornocopia one last look. The careers are running around chassing the tributes off or killing them. I see the lots of bodies already on the ground, and I´m surprised to see the 4 boy´s cold corpse besides the golden horn. No matter, the dead is with the past. I jump not-so-elegantly into the water, and immedeatley begin to swim through the cool, green water. Big mistake. I can just see another figure in the water, moving rapidly over to me. I recognize that figure. And with a underwater gasp I realize it´s Trick. I can´t stay here, not when Mrs. Psyco is headed straigth for me. I jump out of the water, and land on an abandoned metal plate. But just when I think I´m saved, an arrow ludges into my arm and I scream in pain. I lose my balance, and flail desperatly with my arms to regain it. But it´s no use, I slam into the water headfirst. I´m completely dazed, and I don´t even realize that Trick is over me before she is. I try to trash out of her grip, but she holds me tigth. I see the cold blade jammed through my wind pipe. I scream, but nobody can hear it. Trick´s smile is the last thing I ever see.

Day 1 : The Bloodbath Aftermath


I´m running through the thick, dark forest with at least five monkeys at my tail. They have been following me ever since the cornocopia was out of my sigth. Little bitches. I am clutching my whip, the only thing I got at the bloodbath. Then, they fire the cannons. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Huh, only eigth deaths? Tame. I quicken my pace, and soon the monkey´s screeches are out of my range. but now another danger is threathening me. Darkness. The nigth is paridly approaching. Shit, I can´t stay here. The careers will surely hunt through the nigth, and what is one whip good agains six bloodthirsty killers armed to the teeth? Then I see my salvation. Behind a cluster of bushes, almost invisible for the humans, lies a small grove. Grinning, I push past the foilage and into the grove. It´s perfect, I can see anyone ourside, but nobody can see where I am. I scan my hiding spot, looking for some helpful stuff. I smile as I spot a small, green bush dotted with brigth blue berries. I pick some, and exsamine them closely. I´m 100% certain theses are blueberries, so I eat a few. Nope, I don´t feel anything so they must be safe. Then I startled by a loud melody. then I understand it´s the anthem, and they will soo show the fallen. I sit down, and glare up at the sky from a gap in the foilage. The seal ligths up the sky. Then they show the dead tributes in quick order. The first ones to appear are the 3 and 4 males. How odd, a careers dying on the first day! Then the 6 girl. Fuck, I had hoped my district partner, Shield, had died! The next ones are both from 7, 9 boy, the little twelve year old from 10. And lastly the 12 girl. I´m overcome by drowsiness, and I fall asleep on the soft forest ground.


District 3 - Josh Oyrinn

District 4 - Chandler Fishler

District 6 - Caris Lombardo

District 7 - Axel Mahogany

District 7 - Sarita Vettercourt

District 9 - Prime Jackson

District 10 - Mark Haly

District 12 - Mina Ebony

Day 2 : The Silky Satin Death


I wake up to a warped and disoriented world. It takes a few seconds to understand that my nigth vision glasses are still on. I take them off, and stuff them in the back pocket of my pants. I pull myself up and look around. All around me I see sturdy stone walls, but sunligth is seeping into the cave from a small gap in the stone. I realize that that´s how I came in here last nigth. Other than me and the walls the cave is entirely empty. I didn´t get anything other than my nigth vision sunglasses, which I managed to snag from an attacking career. I creep slowly through the damp cave and slip through the crack in the walls. I get momentarely dazzeled by the blinding sunligth and the blazing heat. It´s really hot in this arena, but I can feel that the ground is moist and wet. Guess it  rains often here. I stop for a second. I don´t have any weapons, so if I stumble onto someone and they have weapons then I´m fucked. But I feel my stomach grumbeling, I need food. With that as motivation, I bravely run into the woods. But after three hours I´m forced to turn. I haven´t seen any life around here at all, the only ecepting are some colorful birds that constantly fly over my head. But they are out of reach. Feeling put down and scared of attacks, I turn and run the way I think is the way back to my cave.On my way I´m pleased to find a medium sized pond, small fish breaking the water surface with regularity. I smile as I grab a nearby stick, and begin to sharped it with a rock. When I think the rock is sharp enough, I snag some vines from a nearby three and use it to strap the rock to the stick. I´m going to fish with it, or maybe use it as a weapon. After an hour of fishing, I am walking smugly back towards my cave, with a dousin colorful fish strapped on my back with more vines. This is perfect, I have proven myself for the sponsors. That I know how to survive. That I can win, if I want. But just as I break through the foilage and see my cave, I feel an odd prickling at my back. Like someone is watching me. I turn, and spot the huge 5 boy standing there, rigth out in the open. "Wanna ally?" He asks out of the blue, and I answer without thinking it through. "No, thanks." I regret this at the moment the words spill out of my mouth. He looks a little saddened, then focused. "Okai. Sorry, but I have to kill you." He lunges forward, a huge sword swinging at me. I scream, and roll out of the way. He raises the swords yet again, but this time I´m ready. I block swiftly with my homemade spear, and plunge it into his stomach. BOOM! He falls down, blood flowing from his wound. I grab his sword, and climb back into the cave. Just when I get into it I feel the tears pressing on my eyes, threathening to expose them. I killed someone. I shake myself, and wipe the fresh tears away. Can´t look weak now, unless a real awesome figth is going on now, I´m probably on screen now. I need those sponsors.


The career pack, me including my district partner, Pansy and Ester, are wading through the murky swamp water, scouting for tributes to murder.Pansy is at front, with me making up the rear. We`re feeling a little unsecure in this arena, the green water can conseal mutts or other horrors. The swamp is full of shit and old leaves that cling to my exposed legs, but I keep trekking. I really want another kill. Then we see a group of three tributes some metres before us. I hear Pansy shout for us to move, and then we run through the swamp water. The tributes first look startled, then scared out of their wits. They scream and scramble to get to the bank, but we`re faster than them. A girl, I think from District 8, turns and faces us, letting her allies escape. She must have realized that she can`t escape us. She is armed with a knife, but it is nothing to Brick`s spear. It flies through the air. The girl tries to get out of the way, but it`s in vain. It shoots straigth through her head, and she falls dead in the water. BOOM! Hah! We try to catch the others, but they`re long gone when we look for them. Thypical. Oh well, guess we`ll just have to kill them later.


The boy from 8 and girl from 11 are running right past me, not even noticing me. Huh, how dare they ignore me! I jump out of my consealing bushes and raise my knife. They both scream at the exsact same moment, and I´m annoyed about the shrilly sound. I jam my knife into the 8 boy´s forehead to shut him up, and he falls dead at once, blood shooting from his head like a bizarre fountain arrangement. BOOM! The girl screams even more, and begins to run for it. Not a chance. I throw my knife, but she anticipates it and ducks. It flies past and ludges itself into a three with a sad thuck. The girl keeps running, and I know it would be unwise to chase her. Even If I catch her, I have no weapon to kill her with and I could run into trouble on the way. I watch the girl as she whips out of sigth, and then I turn back to my hiding spot again. I paint myself with the camo-paints I found in the backpack from the bloodbath. I paint a perfect image of rippeling leaves in the wind, and slide back into my trustful bush. Nobody can see me, exept those who are exeptionally good at camoflague. I snicker as I duck back into the foilage, waiting for others to cross my path. Others to kill.


We´ve made camp in the swamp now, but I don´t feel to comfortable. Phantom insisted that we would be safest here, but there´s a certain paranoia and gloom about this place, and I feel that the water can contain anything. Any danger can lurk down there, watching us, deciding when to attack us. Volcanic is resting, we had a close encounter with Trick, the psyco from 9. She managed to slash at his arm, and he´s moaning in his sleep from the pain. We used the band aids we got from the cornocopia, but he´s still bleeding heavily. I´m worried that we may lose him, but then I shake myself and remind myself that I don´t care. Neither him or Phantom matter to me at all, and wasn´t it for that they will kill me if I run I would totally abandon them. I´m distracted by movement in the water. Something or someone is moivng down there. I shout out for the others. "Oy, there´s something down there!" I point down in the water, when the pair of hands close themselves on mine. I scream, but too late - the pair of arms pull me down in the green, disgusting water. I turn to see the grinning face of Trick, a knife poised to stab me in the chest. I begin to franticly shake my head, and point back to the other´s camp. My message is simple. Their´s life for mine. She smiles,and loosens the grip. She drifts upwards, and I know after she´s done with Volcanic and Phantom she is going to go after me. I have to get out of here. I swim swiftly through the water, bumping past rocks and muddy banks. I don´t stop swimming, even when I feel sharp stings at my lungs. BOOM! I guess either Trick, Phantom or Volcanic died, but I have no way to knowing who it was. I drag myself up from the water and collapse on the slimy ground. Guess I´ll find out tonigth...


I´m sitting by the right side of the cornocopia, drenched in sweat and filth. We´ve spent all day trekking around the swamp area, managing to hunt down the 8 girl and kill her, but her allies escaped. But through the day we´ve also heard tree additional cannons, but we have no clue who those were for. Hopefully the psyco 9 girl, Trick, or Phantom, Pansy´s district partner. "I´ll guess the anthem will play soon." I look up, and see Helena from 1. I don´t really like her, she´s too mcuh of a bloodthirsty bitch for my taste. But I don´t miss out on the oportunity to strike up a friendly conversation with her; she may be useful. "Yea, I´ll guess so.." I hate myself for not having something more interesting to say, but she doesn´t seem to mind. She sits down besides me. "If you had been given an option, would you have killed Pansy?" Helena asks completely out of the blue. First I´m startled, but then I understand. "Team up?" I reach out my cold hand, and she grasps it with both her warm hands. I guess it´s a deal. We get distracted by the sudden sound of the anthem, and we tilit our heads up to watch the show. First we´re greeted with the happy prospect of Phantom´s unsmiling face. Then the sturdy boy from 5. Huh, that´s odd. I had expected him to last longer, it has to take a really powerful tribute to be able to kill him. The last tributes to appear are both from 8. Then the sky goes black, and I quickly fall into an uneasy sleep, with the looming precence of Helena at my side. There´s nowhere to go now.


District 2 - Phantom Wisp

District 5 - Shield Daggers

District 8 - Noel Campbell

District 8 - Alica Silk

Day 3 : Falling To Pieces

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