Welcome everyone, to my official 12th Hunger Games! Yeah I know, about 3/4 of those have been cancelled, including my Terminus and Despair Games. But I promise I will finish these, and hopefully make them passable. This is a Quarter Quell, spesifically the 150th Hunger Games, and they will therefore have a few special twists to make it extra bloody and exiting for the Capitol audience and more horrible for the Districts and their citizens. Welcome again, to The Abyss of Insanity, or the 6th Quarter Quell, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Rules of The Games

  • It´s as always two tributes per user, reservations of any kind lasts for one day and Wikia Contributors are not allowed to join these Games.
  • No cussing out here or being mean to other users, I want this to be an organized, civil Games where nobody is being harrassed or similar. If you begin to argue with someone, do so politely and don´t attack the user personally. Just because someone has a different opinion on something doesn´t mean he/she is dumb or inferior to you.
  • If your tribute dies, don´t be mad at me. This is the Hunger Games, almost everyone dies, what did you expect? I will not tolerate any kinds of mean comments to me for killing your tribute(s).
  • You should also not tell me rude things about how and what I write. Spelling mistakes are fine to correct me with (though I do have those a lot), but rude criticism is not appected. If you want to criticise my writing, do it constructively, not destructively.
  • Please dont go overboard with info, as I dont read though backstories which are 7000 words long. That´s just a bit too much. I dont need too much in a tribute, but tributes with more info may live longer in the Games just because of the amount of detail. But still, please don`t go completely crazy. I do NOT need family members, favorite color or clothes style. Seriously.
  • Follow the template below to the best of your abilties. The sections in bold are requirements. The italics sections are just suggestions that I would like if you included, but you don`t have to.
Appearance (Real life picture, Lunaii or description)
Weapon of Choice
Alternative Weapons
Interview Angle
Bloodbath Strategy
Games Strategy

Tributes of The 6th Quarter Quell

District (M) Name Age Weapons District (F) Name Age Weapons
Capitol Ward Teel 13 Daggers, knives, doubel swords Capitol Hester Riva 17 Claws, knives
D0 Render Reed 13 Knives, needles D0 Maia Pithra 13 Knives, spears
D1 Maroon Cutter 15 Throwing knives, knives D1 Vanity Glossamer 17 Whip
D2 Shadow Nightshade 17 Trident D2 Shermaine "Pain" Willson 17 Double swords, martial arts
D3 Wire Elec 16 Electricity D3 Amme Ilorenzo 18 Sickle, whip
D4 Alexander Snapper 16 Trench knife, trident D4 Voilet Pike 16 Trident, spear, throwing knives
D5 Day Whisper 14 Hammer, jagged dagger D5 Alexa Knight 17 Knives, traps
D6 Apollo White 16 Knives, axe D6 Claire Penthe 13 Blowgun
D7 Furry Anderson 17 Throwing axe, throwing knives, mace, sword D7 Annika Lahar 17 Sword
D8 Matte Shoof 16 Knives D8 Jessica Maik 15 Axe
D9 Milo Amaranth 16 Spear, throwing axe D9 Junith Deng 18 Axe, knives
D10 Kwartz Diodin 12 Scythe, axe D10 Alyra Lyndonn 16 Awl, spears
D11 Sash Bloodhound 18 Wooden javeline, throwing needles, fire D11 Killian Childress 16 Daggers, axe, bow and arrows
D12 Garfield Slater 16 Swords, daggers, knives D12 Cleo Salazar 16 Pickaxe
D13 Radiant Tayz 16 Throwing knives, fist, knves D13 Reyna Alvarez 13 Axe, dagger
D14 Phoebe Parthon 16 Cleaver D14 Piper Quinn 18 Bow and arrows

  • The Capitol Female - Hester Riva
  • District 0 Female - Maia Pithra
  • District 0 Male - Render Reed
  • District 1 Female - Vanity Glossamer
  • District 1 Male - Maroon Cutter
  • District 2 Female - Shermaine Willson
  • District 2 Male - Shadow Nightshade
  • District 3 Female - Amme IIorenzo
  • District 3 Male - Wire Elec
  • District 4 Female - Violet Pike
  • District 4 Male - Alexander Snapper
  • District 5 Female - Alexa Knight
  • District 5 Male - Day Whisper
  • District 6 Female - Claire Penthe
  • District 6 Male - Apollo White
  • District 7 Female - Annika Lahar
  • District 7 Male - Furry Anderson
  • District 8 Female - Jessica Maik
  • District 8 Male - Matte Shoof
  • District 9 Female - Junith Deng
  • District 9 Male - Milo Amaranth
  • District 10 Female - Alyra Lyndonn
  • Distict 10 Male - Kwartz Diodin
  • District 11 Female - Killian Childress
  • District 11 Male - Sash Bloodhound
  • District 12 Female - Cleo Salazar
  • District 12 Male - Garfield Slater
  • District 13 Female - Reyna Alvarez
  • District 13 Male - Radiant Tayz
  • District 14 Female - Piper Quinn
  • District 14 Male - Phoebe Parthon


Bold = Leader of Alliance

Crossed Out = Dead

The Careers

Hester Riva - The Capitol

Vanity Glossamer - District 1

Maroon Cutter - District 1

Shermaine Willson - District 2

Shadow Nightshade - District 2

Amme IIorenzo - District 3

Violet Pike - District 4

Alexander Snapper - District 4

District 0, 13 and 14 Alliance

Maia Pithra - District 0

Reyna Alvarez - District 13

Piper Quinn - District 14

District 8 Alliance

Jessica Maik - District 8

Matte Shoof - District 8

District 5 and 6 Alliance

Day Whisper - District 5

Claire Penthe - District 6

Apollo White - District 6

District 3 and 13 Alliance

Wire Elec - District 3

Radiant Tayz - District 13

District 10, 11 and 12 Alliance

Alyra Lyndonn - District 10

Killian Childress - District 11

Cleo Salazar - District 12

Garfield Slater - District 12


Ward Teel - The Capitol

Render Reed - District 0

Alexa Knight - District 5

Annika Lahar - District 7

Furry Anderson - District 7

Junith Deng - District 9

Milo Amaranth - District 9

Kwartz Diodin - District 10

Sash Bloodhound - District 11

Phoebe Parthon - District 14

Training Scores

Training Scores
Name District Score
Hester Riva The Capitol 10
Ward Teel The Capitol 3
Maia Pithra District 0 3
Render Reed District 0 4
Vanity Glossamer District 1 10
Maroon Cutter District 1 8
Shermaine Willson District 2 11
Shadow Nightshade District 2 9
Amme IIorenzo District 3 8
Wire Elec District 3 5
Violet Pike District 4 11
Alexander Snapper District 4 10
Alexa Knight District 5 5
Day Whisper District 5 7
Claire Penthe District 6 5
Apollo White District 6 7
Annika Lahar District 7 8
Furry Anderson District 7 9
Jessica Maik District 8 4
Matte Shoof District 8 6
Junith Deng District 9 7
Milo Amaranth District 9 5
Alyra Lyndonn District 10 7
Kwartz Diodin District 10 3
Killian Childress District 11 5
Sash Bloodhound District 11 10
Cleo Salazar District 12 8
Garfield Slater District 12 6
Reyna Alvarez District 13 4
Radiant Tayz District 13 7
Piper Quinn District 14 8
Phoebe Parthon District 14 5

Death Chart

Death Chart
Placing Name District Killer District How Day
34th Maroon Cutter 1 Violet Pike 4 Impaled stomach with trident Day 1
33rd Shadow Nightshade 2 Amme IIorenzo 3 Drowned Day 1
32nd Annika Lahar 7 Furry Anderson 7 Head smashed in with rock Day 1
31st Garfield Slater 12 Alexander Snapper 4 Throath slit by dagger Day 1
30th Alyra Lyndonn 10 Alexander Snapper 4 Trident driven through back Day 1
29th Wire Elec 3 Hester Riva Capitol Knife into skull Day 1
28th Render Reed 0 Vanity Glossamer 1 Head smashed into stone tower Day 1
27th Apollo White 6 Juntih Deng 9 Stabbed in the neck Day 1
26th Junith Deng 9 Claire Penthe 6 Arrow driven through head Day 1
25th Matte Shoof 8 Shermaine Willson 2 Stabbed in the heart by sword Day 1
24th Ward Teel Capitol Acid rain N/A Melted Day 1
23rd Milo Amaranth 9 Acid rain N/A Melted Day 1

Abyss of Insanity Part 1 - Your Time is Up

The Hunger Games - Day 1 - The Cornucopia - 10:34

Piper of District 14´s fire-red hair flies around in the chilling wind, while the tributes take a good look around them. Render of 0 gasps of surprise when the blinding sunlight has stopped obscuring his vision. Waves upon waves of deep sea-green water floats around him and the other tributes, slopping against the sturdy, tall towers the tributes have been elevated onto. The tributes on their stone towers are at least five metres over the water surface, one can see Alexa from District 5 yelp and her face warp into an expression of worry. This new element of the Bloodbath took all the tributes by surprise, this would mean even more danger for them. But the Career tributes of this year and their recruits are only taken aback for a bit, before they´re confidence returns to their full extend.

Hester from The Capitol, Vanity and Maroon of District 1, Shermaine and Shadow of 2, Amme from the technology District 3, Violet and Alexander of 4. All strong, all powerful, all capable of coming out of the Games alive. But little did Maroon and Shadow know, Violet, with the help of the other girls, had plans for the two. Violet would weed out the weak Careers at once she got the chance. No exuses, and she would not hesitate a second in killing Maroon or Shadow, and neither would the other Career girls, Hester, Vanity, Shermaine and Amme. It was only Alexander who was not in the plan, but he had his own betrayal planned already. All the Careers are ready for what is to come, and they know what they have to do. Kill. Kill and never look back.

After the cameras have done an exiting cut to all the tributes, they are focusing on the Arena itself. The cameras pan over the Cornucopia area, the glittering, golden Cornucopia in the middle of the ring of tributes on the stone towers and the moving, sea-green waves. Then they focus on the forest around the edge of the huge lake. On the right side, a lush, organic forest bursting with life, full of animals and plants. Where most of the tributes will be heading. But it´s not just food and shelter there. A black shadow sneaks around the forests edge, unseen by the tributes, moving almost snake-like around the tree trunks. It´s mouth opens up in a white sneer, it´s sharp, five feet long fangs bared. Ready to hunt, ready to kill. Ready to eat.

The left side is radically different from the right side. It´s a forest alright, but dead long ago. The trees are only charred remains of what they used to be, animal skulls littering the ground and a fowl small everywhere. What has happened here is unknown, but chances are it will be hard surviving here. But a large river flows through the dead forest, fresh, cold water overflowing in it. Then the cameras focus a bit on the large mountainious area in the middle between the left and right side of the forest, before they return to the Cornucopia and the tributes. All waiting anoxiously. Waiting for the Games to begin, and the killing to commence. The fight for survival may begin.







Just as the countdown hits five seconds, unknown to the tributes, in a control room far away in the Capitol, a man in a white uniform raises his hand and presses a large, electric-blue button labeled "Twist 1". At the very second the button activates, the small metallic pendant all the tributes recieved in addition to their Arena wear gives a small buzz before flickering into life. Four small digit numbers, different for each tribute, lights up on their pendants. Junith of District 9´s one shows 09:26, but she doesn´t notice, she is too busy staring at the supplies in the Cornucopia. Furry from 7´s pendant shows 03:58, Garfield of 12 has the numbers 10:04 on it. But none of the tributes notice this seemingly small, but vital change. But the real question is; will it be that mistake that sets their demise. The clock has begun to tick...







The gong rings, the countdown is over and The 6th Quarter Quell has begun!

Violet is the first tribute to hit the water, coming from District 4 she fearlessly leaps into the waves in a flawless swam dive. She resurfaces and swims like a jet propeller towards the Cornucopia, towards the weapons, towards the killing and blood. She hoists herself onto the Cornucopia island and almost flies to the weapons. Her hands graps around the handle an elegent midnight-blue trident, her best weapon. Violet smirks as she turns and sees the figure of Maroon on the beach, running towards her. Violet raises her trident, and before Maroon has time to do more than scream, hurls it towards him. The trident soars through the air like a blue lightning bolt. And impales itself straight through Maroon´s stomach. He gasps for air and falls to the ground, then he curls around the trident before going still. Dead. Violet winks towards the figure of Hester in the water, also an able swimmer. Hester smiles as she kicks away Maroon´s corpse before joining Violet at the Cornucopia.

Shadow´s eyes widen as he witnesses the horrible scene at the Cornucopia; Violet murdering their ally in cold blood, and Hester laughing with her like it was their plan all along. Then the two Career girls eyes fix onto Shadow, and they laugh even more and grab their weapons. Violet her trident, and Hester a set of sharp knives. Shadow does a sharp turn in the water, knowing the girls will kill if he tries to reach the Cornucopia. His last hope is to get away and hide in the forest, any side will do. But what Shadow doesn´t realize that another former ally of his is right behind him in the water. Amme smirks and grabs Shadow by the neck. He gasps and tries to struggle against Amme, but she is simply too strong for him. She pushes him under the water surface and holds him down. Shadow flails around and tries to knock her off, but it´s fugitive. His body slackens, Amme releashes him and his corpse floats up again. Amme pushes his body away and swims towards the Cornucopia, ready to reunite with her allies.

Annika whips around, her gleaming silver sword in her right hand and a backpack slung over her shoulder, and locks eyes with her District partner Furry. He is weaponless, just arrived to the Cornucopia. But instead of running away Annika attacks, roaring as she runs towards her District partner. She raises her sword over her head and brings it down in a flash of sliver. But Furry is smart, he rolls away to the left and Annika´s sword digs deep into the spot where Furry was just seconds ago. A bit too deep. It´s stuck, and as once Annika realizes this her eyes widen in fear and she runs towards the water again. But Furry is eyeing an opportunity, he pounches at Annika and knocks her to the ground. Annika tries to wiggle away from his grasp, but Furry grabs a rock from the beach and brings it down on her head. It crashes into the side of her head and she slumps down, blood pouring from a large hole in her skull. Furry runs away as quickly as possible, dodging a knife from Hester on the way, Annika´s backpack over his shoulder, while the sounds of the dying girl is still ringing in his ears.

Alexander is now circeling the Cornucopia, looking for tributes trying to reach the supplies, a neon-green trident in his rigth hand and a dagger in his left. Then his eyes fall upon the figures of Garfield, Cleo, Alyra and Killian, sneaking across the beach behind the Cornucopia. Nether Hester, Violet or Amem has noticed, and Vanity is in the water hunting for tributes. Alexander grins and makes a run for the alliance, targeting one tribute in particular. Garfield. Alexander has been noticed by Cleo, she shouts for her allies to retreat, and they all dive into the water at once. But Alexander doesn´t like his kills to escape, he swiftly grabs onto Garfield´s ankle and hauls him back. Garfield whelps and kicks at Alexander, but the Career boy doesn´t even flinch and dodges easily. He presses Garfield´s head down in the sand and drags his dagger messily across the boy´s throath. Garfield´s head slumps down as his blood is sprayed on Alexander and the beach. Alexander smiles and throws the body into the water, before locking onto another easy target.

The rest of Garfield´s alliance isn´t doing well in the water, they are clearly not able swimmers and are paddling through the waves at a very slow pace. But one of them are falling back a lot, Alyra from 10. She tries derperately to keep up with Cleo and Killian, but it isn´t enough. And she is within range. The range of Alexander´s trident. He throws it with pin-point accuracy through the air, and from that moment Alyra had no chance. It pierced straight through her back, making the sea-green waves turn deep scarlet with blood. She sinks down below the surface, bubbles float up and she is long dead. Alexander smirks satirfied, two kills in the bloodbath is very good. Good for sponsors, good for surviving.

Wire and Radiant are inside the Corncuopia, without the Careers knowing they are dumping supplies into a large backpack. Both are clutching heavy short-swords in their hands, looking around with fear, scared that someone will detect them. But they´re not lucky, and that is exactly what happens. Hester´s face splits up in a malicious grin as she spots the two twin boys paralyzed with fear inside the Corncucopia. She draws her knives and sets after them, just as they make a run for the water and safety. But Wire isn´t as fast as his twin, the moment Radiant hits the water Wire is in deep trouble. Hester is on him, and before he can call for Radiant she brings her knives down and sinks them deep into his skull. It sinks deep below his skin and Wire falls down in the sand, blood shooting from his head like a fountain arrangement. Radiant has just enough time to turn and take in the horrible scene of his dead twin brother before he breaks into the lush green forest, crying.

The waves ripple around the stone tower, where Render stands terrified, too terrified to jump into the water. He merely stands there, shaking all over from the chilling wind, trying to channel the courage to jump. But he can´t, he keeps his hold on the tower, while most of the tributes are gone. Either dead or escaped into the forest. He watches as Cleo and Killian runs into the dead, burned forest and Parthon dissapearing on the other side, into the lush and fresh forest, safe. Now the total amount of escaped tributes are up in 12 tributes. Including Cleo and Killian and Parthon, Alexa, Piper, Reyna and Maia, Furry, Milo, Kwartz, Ward as well as Radiant has also gotten away. Which leaves the remaining Careers, Matte and Jessica, Day, Claire and Apollo, Sash, Junith and Render himself to fight for the remaining supplies. But in Render´s case he won´t be doing much fighting, which in his case will also will be what brings him down. Unnoticed by him, the blonde figure of Vanity is slowly climbing the tower from behind, smirking when thinking of what easy kill waits for her on the top. She hauls herself up and locks eyes with Render just as he turns. Render´s eyes flare up in a fireword of fear and terror, and he tries to jump off the tower and into the water. But Vanity grabs the scruff of his neck and slams him against the stone wall. The loud crack of his skull bursting open signifies his death, and Vanity realeashes his corpse to the waves below.

Apollo, Day and Claire are at the edge of the green forest, looking back at the Corncucopia. The small frame of Render falling from his tower, and the laughing Vanity waves back to the rest of the Careers by the Corncucopia. Not many tributes remain in the area, most have set off or are already dead. Day and Apollo have a backpack each on their backs, some basic supplies in each one, Day has a curved golden sword while Apollo has a sharp dagger. Claire was lucky and aquired a bow, in fact, the only bow in the entire Arena. Even though it´s not her prefered weapon this is a great starting point for Claire, bows are some of the most desireable and dangerous weapons in the Games.

"Time to get a move on, we have to get as much space between us and the Careers as possible."

Day takes the word, and either Apollo or Claire objects, they are all very tired after the gruesome battle of the Cornucopia. Maybe a bit too tired, none of the notice the figure of Junith right behind Apollo. She holds a sharp awl in her right hand, but the girl from 9 is a good sneak. Neither Claire or Day notice her, even though she is in their line of vision. She raises her awl and brings it down on Apollo. He lets out a horrible, drawn-out scream as the knife digs into his neck, before slipping to the ground. Claire and Day scream as they see Junith raising her awl again, this time aiming to throw it at Day, a killer throw. But Claire is too quick for her. The arrow shoots through the air and Junith´s head, her death in momentary and she falls onto the corpse of Apollo. Claire then breaks into tears, and Day looks sadly at her before taking her under his arm and leading her into the forest, wanting to get away from the horrible place where Junith and Apollo died.

Jessica and Matte are now the only tributes remaining at the Corncuopia, excluding the Careers, as Sash dissapears into the burned part of the forest. Realizing their mistake by staying for so long, they break into a run for the water, as the Careers smile gleefully at them. None of them seem dazed at the prospect of two kills getting away, maybe because Shermaine is getting to her feet. She runs after them, and it´s clear from the beginning that Jessica and Matte are no match. Shermaine grabs her sword, it gleams in the sun when she draws it forward and stabs it towards Matte´s back. The sword goes unhinderen straight through his back and blood shoots upwards and rains over the beach and the Careers. Matte shivers a bit before going still and his body slides slowly off the sword. Shermaine snickers and gets a quick high-five from Vanity, the Careers all assemble inside the Cornucopia for strategy meetings. Violet rises and coughs before ranting on in a bossy sort of voice.

"Ok guys, we got some good kills now, and we got Maroon and Shadow out of the way for good. We didn´t kill any mayor threaths, but that´s ok, we´ll kill them later tonight, when we will go hunting."

All the Careers give loud whoops of glee at the though of even more killing and bloodshed. Alexander looks the most happy of them all, he did get a total of two kills, the best of all tributes till now. Hester, Vanity, Amme and Shermaine all got one kill, but they are secretly bitter. Bitter that Alexander got the kills, this sets them in the shadows. And that is the worst that can happen to any Career this year, as Violet won´t hesitate to murder those she feels aren´t good enough for her alliance. And Violet, even though she only has one kill, has proven to be the biggest threath this year. And they all know she has the biggest odds of winning, they need a plan. A plan to twarf Violet.

The Hunger Games - Day 1 - Post-Bloodbath - 13:22


Piper, Maia and Reyna are sprinting through the thick forest, not looking back one second, clutching the meagre supplies they managed to snag. Piper is holding the younger girls by their hands and leading through the leaves and branches covering every centimetre of their surroundings. Piper doesn´t dare to stop and search for pursuers, they are after all in the Arena and anything can kill them in seconds. Both Maia and Reyna have cried, one can clearly see the remains of wet tears on their cheeks and in their eyes. None of the girls have much hope in the future, they´re scared of what´s to come, now that they are in the Games. They have been moving for at least tree hours now, leaving the Careers a good distance behind them. The Arena is very big this year though, so they may be lucky enough to not encounter any other tributes for a while. But luck has certainly not been with them in a while, as they are all in the Hunger Games. Pieces in a Game to entertain, and none of them are meant to survive this.

Radiant is no longer moving through the dread forest, he is crouched under a large rock besides the huge mountain, crying his eyes out. He cries for his beloed twin brother, who Radiant watched get killed himself and whom Radiant just can´t live without. The boy from Disrict 13 doesn´t want to live anymore, with Wire gone everything seems so pointless to him. He doesn´t even notice light steps behind him before a small, frail hand pricks him on the shoulder. His reflexes shoot up, he jumps and turns swiftly. There, with a bloody gash across his arm, stands Kwartz, looking worried at him. Radiant´s immedeate reaction is to grab for the knife in his pocket, but he throws this away. He can´t just kill Kwartz, a small child who has done him no harm. Radiant despises himself for it, but when he looks into Kwartz´s face he sees Wire when he was as young. There is no way Radiant could kill him now, and that leaves one more option up.

"Allies? We´re quite similar, we two..."

Radiant reaches out his hand, and Kwartz grabs it eargerly, beaming at him. His smile is shocking, one wouldn´t believe a child who has witnessed so much death and misery in one day would be able to smile like that. But yet he does, a test of character that he is still able to smile, Kwartz is stronger than he looks. Radiant smiles weakly and looks up at the cloudy sky. The world doesn´t seem as gray as before, now that he has this new responsibility to take care of. And Wire isn´t dead, Radiant´s twin brother is alive inside Kwartz. And Radiant won´t let him die again.

Claire looks up at the disturbed skies just as the first raindrops fall from the it and down into the Arena. She shakes off the sudden spray and looks at Day, who is standing besides her. He looks worried, and with good reason, the heavy rainfall will mean trouble for them in the way that it will be easy to sneak up on them. His mind drift into thoughts of rain, but after the rain comes sunlight. Sunlight... He feels nothing but confusion when he thinks of her, and when he thinks of Claire. He shakes the confusion away and grabs Claire´s hand, and tears off deeper into the forest. They are headed for the majestic mountains, which are getting closer and closer by the second. There they will be safe, at least for a while. Day still has his backpack, it´s contents still unknown to him and Claire, but they lost Apollo´s backpack in their brief struggle with Junith. Claire still has her bow and her quiver of arrows safely strapped on her back with a rope they grabbed at the Cornucopia. The rain picks up, and soon Claire and Day are facing a gigantic storm towering in the sky over them. Wicked blots of lightning flash across the sky, threathening to strike down any second and embrace the forest in a gruesome inferno. The question is not if it will happen, but when.

The rain pours down over the arena in a loud drizzle, disturbing the living tributes in their affairs. The Careers though, are happy under the Cornucopia, shielded under the metal of the golden horn. But the rest of the tributes will just have to keep going and try to ignore the heavy downpour as good as they can. Most of the tributes doesn´t really mind the weather too much, some even stop to fill their canteens or backpacks with the warm droplets. Two of these are Milo and Ward, both having escaped the Bloodbath with absolutely nothing they try to cup the rain in their hands and drink it. They have both stepped out from the shielding of the trees to try to gather as much water as possible, they both know that water is one of the most vital things the body needs to survive for long periods of time. But that is when it all goes horribly wrong. Ward has just poured down the first fresh drops of rain down his throath when his eyes widen and he breaks into horrible fits of screams. He claws at his throath and wails in the gloom of afternoon. Then he feels something else. A burning, gruesome sensation spreading across his skin, he looks down on his hands and almost faints from what he sees. His skin is swimming around, slowly melting off his body, burning and searing. He looks up just as another drop falls from the stormy-grey skies and hits him in the right eye. This is what secures him demise for good. BOOM! The boy from the Capitol´s fragile body crumbles to the ground as his skin slanks from his bones and all that is left is the blood-red, defeated shell of Ward. A hovercraft instantly appears above him, a claw shoots out and snatches the corpse away and a second later the hovercraft is gone. Just a few seconds after Ward, another cannon rings over the expansive Arena and Milo´s fate is sealed. BOOM! This is then confirmed when the cameras zoom in on his disfigurated body being hoisted into the air and led out of the Arena. And so the acid rain has claimed two innocent children´s lives.

Alexa tears through the charred, dark forest, no life in these parts exept her, the small flicker of life force, in a radius of many miles. She is smart enough to keep under the shade of the burned-down trees, having already gotten mulitble drops of acid on her skin, but not enough to melt it away. Instead her right hand is covered in angry, blotchy-red blisters which fizzle and pop like bees. Alexa tries to ignore this, and instead focuses on finding a place to hide so she can catch up with some sleep. She has her small bag slung around her left shoulder, but it doesn´t contain much of anything really. Just a brittle piece of rope and an empty water canteen, plus a small dagger which is positioned in her hand at the moment. The situation is beginning to become critical now, the stormy sky is turning darker and darker by the second, in not too long the night has fallen and her life will be in even more danger. She needs to find a place to camp out, a relatively safe place where she can´t be seen by passing tributes. With these thoughts to motivate her, she keeps moving even though the pain in her right hand is gruesome. Becasue the pain of death will surely be worse.

The acid rain keeps raining down in a steady rate, but Cleo and Killian are safe in their cave, at least for the time being. They are peering out, trying to see beyond the swirling, thick mist that has formed when the acid rain rapidly warmed up the moist air to extreme temperatures. Both Cleo and Killian are sweating from the heat, and some tears mix up in the sweat too. They both witnessed their past allies, Garfield and Alyra, being brutally murdered by the Careers before they escaped, mere seconds in between. Thanks to the commotion, neither Cleo nor Killian managed to get something too good from the Bloodbath. Cleo a piece of rope, Killian an empty water canteen. Not much at all, and nothing in the way of weapons. They sit huddles in their cave, with nothing to protect themselves. Not safe from the forests dangers nor the other tributes.

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