These Games will be the second in the (kinda) series of Justice Games. I won´t start there right away, I need to finish the Justice Games first. But I´m bored so I´ll start accepting Tributes.

Kinda Twist-ish Hunger Games with 28 Tributes from the Capitol, District 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13.

Reservations lasts for as long as the need to, but I won´t wait for weeks for you to get your ass off the glass and submit your reserved spots.

3-4 Tributes per user.

Once I´m starting up, I´ll post the training scores and then skip straight to the Games.

Please don´t hate.

Advice/cheer for your Tributes please. I don´t really see the point in writing if nobody´s gonna read it anyways, so you better let me know you´re reading.

Welcome to the Arcane Games.


District Name Age Weapon Name Age Weapon
C Casper Duke 17 Throwing knives, blowgun Kara Ambers 17 Bow and arrows, mace
1 Lorcan Madden 13 Throwing knives Silver Croft 17 Whip
2 Braxton Morvay 17 Crossbow Lotus Forum 18 Daggers
3 Tails Power 15 Throwing knives, sword Phoebe Kressila 16 Daggers
4 Konami Aretino 14 Trident, crossbow Kipper Luantag 13 Daggers
5 Ajax Emerson 17 Sword, spear Lyra Pluto 15 Bow and arrows, throwing knives
6 Cario Paradox 16 Bow and arrows Charlotte Amai 12 Sword, spear
7 Silent Blade 15 Throwing knives Calypso Ichtaca 15 Shruiken, kunai, katana
8 Banette Tsukomogami 15 Traps, knives Cora Nightcaster 17 Small knives
9 Yoshi Holiday 14 Sword, Throwing knives Wayde Heartby 18 Fencing sword
10 Sollux Captor 13 Rapier Vriska Serket 13 Knives
11 Archie Rye 15 Knives, bow and arrows Clementine Everett 12 Slngshot, sickle
12 Willie Fry 13 Bow and arrows, dagger Amor Rune 13 Sickle, throwing axes
13 Phil Baker 15 Knives Cwinn Graylee 15 Samurai swords
14 Theodore Vendetta 19 Short sword Kiara Brazette 16 Spear, blowgun
15 Kaius Strafe 16 Katana, knife, bow and arrows Alystra Warfare 17 Scythe, battleaxe

Green: Alive

Red: Deceased

Orange: Victor

Tribute Gallery


Career Pack

Lorcan Madden - D1

Silver Croft - D1

Braxton Morvay - D2

Lotus Forum - D2

Konami Aretino - D4

Kipper Luantag - D4

Vriska Serket - D10

Alystra Warfare - D15


Tails Power - D3

Ajax Emerson - D5

Cario Paradox - D6

Calypso Ichtaca - D7

Cora Nightcaster - D8

Wayde Heartby - D9

Archie Rye - D11

Kiara Brazette - D14

The Capitol Alliance

Casper Duke - The Capitol

Kara Ambers - The Capitol

District 3, 5 and 6 Alliance

Phoebe Kressila - D3

Lyra Pluto - D5

Charlotte Amai - D6

District 8, 11 and 13 Alliance

Banette Tsukomogami - D8

Clementine Everett - D11

Phil Baker - D13


Silent Blade - D7

Yoshi Holiday - D9

Sollux Captor - D10

Willie Fry - D12

Amor Rune - D12

Cwinn Craylee - D13

Theodore Vendetta - D14

Kaius Strafe - D15


Cario Paradox´s PoV - District 6

As the doors of the elevator slides open, I stand in awe for a moment as I drink in my first impression of the Training Gym. It´s ginormous, with deep red walls and study black floor. I see dousins upon dousins of training stations, every single weapon I could ever imagine, from normal swords and knives to bizarre things like shruikens and bats. Stations to learn how to climb, make fires or shelter, how to sterilize water so it becomes drinkable, and everything in between. My eyes instantly lock onto the bow and arrows stations, I know that´s where my mentor instructed me on going first. Play on your strengths, make a lasting impression on the other Tributes that you´re not one to ignore, he told me. I can see that it´s a very good strategy for intimidation and getting an alliance, but it may also cause me to become a priority Tribute to kill. I walk briskly towards the ring of Tributes that has formed around the Head Trainer of the Gym, Maylee. I find my place between my District partner, Charlotte (6), and Amor (12).

"Welcome Tributes, all thirthy-two of you. Welcome to my Gym, which is where you will spend the greater part of the next three days to prepare yourself for the Hunger Games. You can learn how to swing a sword, to shoot with a bow or swim. But mark my words, weapon skills may be useful in direct confrontations, but diseases and starvation is not to be taken lightly. Now, start training!"

The Tributes break out, and I instantly go to the bow and arrows station. I notice that Charlotte (6) is following me, but I don´t bother with shooing her away. Poor girl won´t last a minute in the Games anyways. I grab one of the training bows from it´s shelf and load it with an arrow. Both are made from sturdy metal, not wood like I am used to, but I´ll manage. I narrow my eyes until they´re slits and hold my bow firmly in my hands. With a sharp sound, I fire and hit almost directly in the heart of the target. Not good enough. I try and try again, until I´ve hit the bulls eye at least five times. I look over at Charlotte (6) and see her struggling with her shooting, she hasn´t hit the target once. I sigh and help her with her posture and technique.

"Don´t lean your body backwards so much, have good space between your legs and draw the bow as far as you can backwards ok?"

She doesn´t say anything, just silently does as I tell her to do. And slowly, I see progress. On her last shot, she hits the bulls eye. She starts smiling and hugs me, before walking off. For a second there, I was considering to ally with her. But if I am to win, I can´t be so soft. I have to keep my focus on myself winning the Games, not some useless little girl. Right?

Konami Aretino´s PoV - District 4

"You better get out now, I don´t think Tributes from other Districts are allowed here"

I say to Vriska (10), who´s in the process putting on clothes at the moment. I eye her hungrily, her smooth skin, perfect breasts and everything else. She´s very pretty, but I don´t care for her, only her body. We made a deal, I would permit her in the Careers if she had sex with me. And she fucking fell for it! Dumb whore.

"So, I´m in?"

She finishes buttoning her shirt and turns towards me, uncertainy painting her face red. I grin at her and reassures her that she´ll be a full member of the Careers and we´ll protect her, while underneath I´m secretly laughing at her stupid face. How could someone be this stupid? I find it hard to believe, even. No matter, Vriska (10) turns away again and runs through the door. I hear the elevator door closing her out in the hallway. I lean back and sigh peacefully. This day could hardly turn out better. A new doll to play with in the Games, sex with a District 10 bitch and more to come. I know for sure Alystra (15) will come too, as she came to me and asked me to be in the Careers. I told her I wanted some sort of payment for allowing her in, and she agreed. She is even hotter than Vriska (10), and she is five years older than her too. I can feel my body warm up by the mere thougth of her naked figure here with me.

Sometimes, I´m scared I´ll start to develop feeling when having sex with these Tributes hungry to have some sort of protection in the Games. But then I remember, I´m stronger than that, and feelings and love has nothing to do with sex. I shouldn´t be afraid. Sometimes thougth, I long for some sort of affection, but just paid pleasure. But I shake those thougths away, I need to focus about the Games anyways. For the sake of winning.

Phoebe Kressila´s PoV - District 3

I feel kind of happy with my current position in these Games, even though it´s still just training. I have found two great allies for the Games, Charlotte from District 6 and Lyra from 5. They are both pretty similar to me, scared and nervous for the Games to come with no real skills. Lyra is a great musician though, but I don´t think you can sing someone into submission in the Games. At least she is fast, and so am I. But Charlotte is different. She is very quiet and shy and doesn´t talk much at all, and she´s only twelve. I feel bad for her, she won´t last long in the Games, she´ll be lucky to survive the Bloodbath. Not that I´m some sort of super-Career or something, but at least I won´t be a sitting duck, waiting for someone to kill me. In training, I am just fine watching from the sidelines and noting down everything I see about my competiton on a notebook my mentor gave me. I don´t really know if it´s allowed so I try to keep it hidden from the trainers and peacekeepers in the gym, however. I keep eye over the Careers in paticular, since they are of course, being Careers and all that, the bigger threaths and my likely murderers. There is the thypical Tributes from Districts 1, 2 and 4, but strangely enough they seem to have recruited two girls, from District 10 and 15 I believe. They have to be really good to get in with that bunch, and I do nothing but underestimate them. But the 10 girl seems strangely weak to be a Career, missing targets and tripping and falling on the speed course. I wonder how the hell she got in. It´s a completely different story with the rest of the Careers. The 1 girl moves so quickly and graciously that my eyes can´t even keep up with her. Her District partner is throwing knives like the wind, even though he is only 13. The District 2 Tributes are both fit and strong, yet the guy has a dead aim with his crossbow. Strength and range, he´ll be a hazard for sure. This years Tributes from District 4 stick out a bit, with their age. The boy is 14 and the girl is 13. I wonder if she was reaped. Age is just a number it seems though, they are as agile as they are strong.

"Hey Phoebe, do you wanna come over to the arching station? There´s a lot of Tributes there, and they don´t seem like total bullies."

"Alright Lyra, let´s go."

I take shy Charlotte by the hand, she flinches slightly at my touch. I walk with her by my side and Lyra at the front towards the clump of Tributes gathered at the arching station. I agree with Lyra, we could need more allies, but I am more than happy with just her and Charlotte. You know what they say, more chefs, more mess. And I don´t wanna ally with someone who might backstab me. Literally.

Wayde Heartby´s PoV - District 9

"Hey Wayde, who are those guys?"

Archie from 11, who was mostly reluctant to joining the Anti-Careers, but joined because Kiara from 14 did (he seems to have a soft spot for her), points towards three Tributes moving this way, waving cheerfully. I smile at them and wave them over to us, maybe potensial allies even. Me ans my alliance are currently at the bow and arrows station, where we have been mostly stational for at least an hour now. I met up with Ajax from District 5 and Tails from 3, who proposed an alliance with me to shut down the Careers, and I got Cora and Calypso to join as well. Then we met up with Cario from District 6, who was with his District partner, the little creepy girl. But we made him drop her, neither me nor my allies have interest in joining forces with someone who already has their death sentence at the Bloodbath. Later Archie and Kiara, who had already allied, joined in and now we´re a total of eight Tributes in the alliance. I know that numbers are important to win, so I don´t really mind these newcomers. Ajax identifies them as the District 3 and 5 girls, plus Cario´s District partner. Shoot! Not her again. The other two look fine but I don´t want Charlotte (I think that´s her name) in, I´m not gonna babysit her through the Games. I quickly start smiling again as the 3 and 5 girls come closer.

"Hey there! I´m Phoebe, and we saw you were a larger alliance, and we were wondering if we could join?"

The girl with black hair from District 3, Phoebe apparently, says. Ajax steps forward and I have to admire the girl´s gumshit to not turn heels and run, like I was tempted to do when Ajax first approached me. He is a giant, possibly the biggest Tribute in the Games, and he looks like he could pick you up and tear you in two in a matter of seconds. But I know he´s not like that, he is acually very gentle and kind. I think I might acually have fallen for him, even. I just wonder if he feels the same as I do. Anyways, Ajax looks down on Phoebe and answers.

"Sure, but could you please shoot a bit for us with the bow? That way we know you at least can load it, it doesn´t matter if you can´t hit the target. But the little girl is not allowed in our alliance, so she best be on her way."

Ajax´s words seem to instantly affect both Phoebe and the other girl. They frown and don´t look too happy over the deal they´re presented with.

"No thanks, but we are willing to accept if you let Charlotte in too, nothing else."

Ajax frowns slightly and sighs, before telling to get out of his sight. I smile at him. Good, I didn´t want more allies anyways, and I think this alliance was too big anyways. Though I can see that Charlotte would make a valuable distraction in the Bloodbath for us all to make it out. Oh well, she´ll die anyways.

Lorcan Madden´s PoV - District 1


The Games


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