Welcome to The Cardmaster Games

Hi, and welcome to the Cardmaster Games, my 15th Games ever created. They will be rather special, with some interesting twists to spark up the fun for the Cardmaster. More will be revealed later...


  • 4 Tributes per user, no exceptions. Reservations lasts for 2 days, though if your reservation runs out you can re-reserve the spot.
  • I will write the reapings, Chariots, Training days and reveal the Training scores before the acual Cardmaster Games begin.
  • No arguing in the comments, please don´t start a flamewar or anything. If you end up in an argument though, please argue your case out without making personal attacks.
  • I only accept tributes with good info, dumb tributes with little to no information will not be accepted.
  • Please advice your tributes often before and during the Games, they´ll live longer and it doesn´t take that long.
  • Don´t rage at me if your tribute dies, it´s a Hunger Games, almost everyone dies. Deal with it, or leave the Games.

Character Gallery

  • The Cardmaster
  • Head Gamemaker Aragog
  • Gamemaker Ariana
  • Gamemaker Astro

Twists of the Cardmaster Games

  1. Double the amount of Tributes, reaching the number of 48 total tributes.
  2. Each Tribute will draw a playing card at random before the Games begin. These cards will play an important role in the Tributes´ lives. Their card may very well be the difference between life and death.
  3. The Tributes will be divided in four different Arenas. More of this later.
  4. TBA

Tributes of the Cardmaster Games

District Name Age Weapon District Name Age Weapon
D1 Female Viola Galdy 17 Throwing axes D1 Female Violet Cascade 16 Throwing knives, katana
D1 Male Diamond Rollins 18 Axe, sword, machete D1 Male Jack Cayman 18 Sawtooth sword, brass knuckles, daggers, spear, spiked club, fists
D2 Female Althea Hardrock 17 Sword, beauty D2 Female Fern Shadlock 17 Throwing knives
D2 Male Sajay Opaclipta 17 Sword D2 Male Nathan Reins 18 Mace, scythe, sledgehammer, boxing
D3 Female Ruby Hyrglass 15 Throwing knives, technology D3 Female Karla Flake 16 Knife
D3 Male Kent Beat 16 Knives D3 Male Travis Touchdown 18 Katana, wrestling
D4 Female Nixie Calamari 14 Curved sword, trident D4 Female Liv Seasal 15 Trident, throwing knives, bow & arrows
D4 Male Reserved For TheFireJay D4 Male Reserved For Hybrid Shadow
D5 Female Eleith Lightstorm 13 Blowgun, darts D5 Female Alyssa Kandle 18 Anything
D5 Male Shade Spectrus 14 Dagger, crossbow D5 Male Flare Speed 18 Katana
D6 Female Adriane Ballentine 15 Blowgun D6 Female Reserved For LeGruff
D6 Male Axl Lockhart 17 Mace D6 Male Markey Primal-Omega 18 Tomahawk, crosbow/normal bow
D7 Female Jennifer Woods 16 Axe, blowgun D7 Female Jone Icarius 15 Axe, electronics, electric axe
D7 Male Reserved For Hybrid Shadow D7 Male Reserved For Am I Dreaming?
D8 Female Xenia Bloodhound 17 Triple mace, long knives D8 Female Wynona Heartbliss 16 Taser, sickle, halbred
D8 Male Reserved For Misytmolla D8 Male Jax Griffin 16 Throwing knives, sword
D9 Female Annastia Bios 16 Poison, axes D9 Female Reserved For Ninja Toast
D9 Male Reserved For Hybrid Shadow D9 Male Reserved For Am I Dreaming?
D10 Female Vivan Incomstanti 16 Knives, throwing knives D10 Female September Rollo 18 Saber claws, bow & arrows
D10 Male Gamzee Makara 17 Clubs, bow, sledgehammer, fear D10 Male Reserved For Am I Dreaming?
D11 Female Reserved For FateTwister D11 Female Izzy Sparks 14 Battleaxe, dagger
D11 Male Reserved For FateTwister D11 Male Reserved For Hybrid Shadow
D12 Female Aurora Mendoza 15 Bow & arrows, knife, sword D12 Female Hermia Lilaris 15 Explotions, technology, axes, throwing axes
D12 Male Leo Algieba 15 Axe D12 Male Reserved For Am I Dreaming?

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