Well, well, well, what do we have here? Another Game? I just can´t keep away, now can I?

Yes. Another Game, when I´ve already said The Terminus Games would be my last ones. I am ashamed, but I had to. My Nightmare Games and Terminus Games will go as planned, The Nightmare Games are on Day Two and Terminus Games will start on the 1st of June.

These will be a selection Game of sorts. Meaning I won´t float around HGRPW and look for tributes, you users can still submit tributes. But I will handpick the tributes in the comments section. If I feel a tribute isn´t detailed enough, has a ridiculous lunaii or name ect. I will simply ignore the tribute completely. It may be harsh and I understand if some users maybe offended if their tributes doesn´t make the cut, but that´s just how it works. I´m sorry in advance.

It´s time for The Despair Games, also commonly known as the final Hunger Games in the recent history of Panem.


Yeah, I know rules suck, but I need to have some structure in the comments and such. What to do and don´t when you´re following these Games.

  • Only two tributes per user, reservations lasts for one day and one day only, no Wikia Contributors of any sorts. This is to avoid confusion as all Wikia contributors are called the same.
  • You all have three days to submit tributes and reserve spots. Once the the three days are over I will look through the comments and hand-pick my favorites for each spot. If there are still spots left after the time limit, then it´s first come, first serve for the last tributes.
  • Don´t make personal attacks against me or any other user, it is uneeded and rude. Remain civil and argument your case politely in any disagreements that may happen.
  • If you´re gonna criticise me, do it constructively. Don´t moan or complain on how or what I write, and don´t be mad at me if your tribute dies. Characters will die, it´s the Hunger Games, what did you expect?
  • Follow these Games. It´s no use for me to write these if nobody is following anyways. I do this for your entertainment, so you better sit down and enjoy.
  • Use proper grammar and spelling when you submit a tribute, if not it´s good odds on your tributes not being accepted in my Games.
  • Advice often, tributes with no adive or even cheering will die. Alaborate plans and schemes are welcome, as it helps enchant my writing into greater heights with your help. Even if you dont want to advice, you can always leave a message like : Go <Tribute´s name>! to show me that you´re still reading. Feedback on my writing is welcome.

Tributes of The Despair Games

District Name Age Weapon District Name Age Weapon
D0 Reserved For KEWLBEN D0 Reserved For KEWLBEN
D1 Reserved For Beetee19 D1 Reserved For Rainfacestar
D2 Reserved For Catonumber1 D2 Reserved For Hybrid Shadow
D3 Reserved For Hybrid Shadow D3 Reserved For TheMysteriousGeek
D4 Reserved For Catonumber1 D4 Reserved For Misytmolla
D5 Reserved For TheDeadlyOne D5 Reserved For Happy Meadows
D6 Reserved For Teen Derp D6 Reserved For Teen Derp
D7 D7 Reserved For Keaghan
D8 D8 Reserved For Happy Meadows
D9 D9 Reserved For OBUSMD!
D10 D10 Reserved For OBUSMD!
D11 D11 Reserved For Annamisasa
D12 Reserved For St.Berry4evers D12 Reserved For Annamisasa
D13 D13 Reserved For Beetee19
D14 D14 Reserved For AxedFox

Green = Alive

Red = Dead

Orange = Victor

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