A hundred years ago, under the tyrant rule of Pomona Darkwater, the 100th annual Hunger Games were celebrated on a macarbe and huge scale; the Nightmare Games were held. These Games changed Panem forever, and the few Tributes who survived it´s clutches - Chris Lights, Carlene Dreger and Ice Hunts - went on to start a full-on war between the Capitol and the Career Districts and the outer Districts. The war killed thousands, tore apart families and did nothing good. No peace was found and the Capitol won savagely once again and pledged rule over the Districts. So now, a year after the devastating war ended, The Nightmare Games are back to inflict terror in the children picked to fight to the death against others from all over Panem. 24 Tributes enter the Games, but only one can survive. These Games will test the Tributes will to survive to the extreme, their deepest fears and desires will be turned against them and only one Victor will be crowned. The rest will die while their family watches their bloody murders.

Welcome to The Fate Games.


  • Reservations lasts for 3 days.
  • Links are ok, profiles are not.
  • Two Tributes per user.
  • Don´t bitch if your Tribute(s) die.
  • Cheer and send advice for your Tribute(s) at least once per day (chapter) in the Games.
  • Acually read these Games. It´s pointless for me to write a story, while you just skip to the death chart to see if your Tribute(s) died.
  • Please make your Tribute detailed, Tributes with what I think is insufficent with information won´t be accepted.
  • To prove you acually read these, please say "Poster Girl´s prank went horribly wrong, she´s up for heavy rotation" in the comments.

Tributes of the Fate Games

District Name Age Weapon District Name Age Weapon
D1 Abel Black 15 Bow D1 Iridescent Black 18 Machete
D2 Ark Cindre 12 Knives, needles, hands, swords D2 Sharpe Cindre 12 Knives, crossbow, sword
D3 Leo Zhang 15 Katana D3 Jinny Billtrox 16 Traps, throwing knives
D4 Castor Sky 17 Trident D4 Mistina Seabreeze 14 Long knives
D5 Renekton Storms 18 Cleaver, bolas D5 Artemisae Hunt 17 Blowgun, poisons
D6 Xerxes Pitch 17 TBA D6 Ophelia Carlile 16 Brass knuckles, spear, camouflague
D7 Woody Chooper 13 Knives D7 Pandora Raven 16 Whip, trident
D8 Rufus Silks 16 Knives, brass knuckles D8 Chakra Fatalis 17 Dagger, scythe
D9 Troi Cian 15 Dagger, spear D9 Reserved For Anna
D10 Glass Throne 15 Throwing knives D10 Vivan Incomstanti 16 Knives, throwing knives
D11 Hibernius Rashid 18 Knives, scythes D11 Reserved For Anna
D12 D12 Reserved For Berry

Character Gallery


  • Iridescent Black-District 1
  • Abel Black-District 1
  • Sharpe Cindre-District 2
  • Ark Cindre-District 2
  • Jinny Billtrox-District 3
  • Leo Zhang-District 3
  • Mistina Seabreeze-District 4
  • Castor Sky-District 4
  • Artemisae Hunt-District 5
  • Renekton Storms-District 5
  • Ophelia Carlile-District 6
  • Xerxes Pitch-District 6
  • Pandora Raven-District 7
  • Woody Chooper-District 7
  • Chakra Fatalis-District 8
  • Rufus Silks-District 8
  • Troi Cian-District 9
  • Vivan Incomstanti-District 10
  • Hibernius Rashid-District 11


  • Syndra Soverign-District 1
  • Nidalee Glade-District 2
  • Orianna Reveck-District 3
  • Nami Tides-District 4
  • Caitlyn Piltover-District 5
  • Vi Piltover-District 6









The Fate Games


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