This was really gonna be called the Cheezburger Games but whatever.

These will be just normal, simple Games, however the Districts 0, 13 and 14 including the Capitol will also be competing. So 30 Tributes.

Reservations lasts as long as I want them to, there´s no real limit.

3 to 4 Tributes per user, maybe more if not enough users join.

I´ll do Training, post the Training scores, maybe the Interviews and then pre-Games.

Don´t hate and flame my writing.

Don´t try to change my writing by whining or whatever, but you should advice.

I want ideas, you want to win. So advice your Tributes please.

Welcome to the Justice Games


District Name Age Weapon Name Age Weapon
C Sparkle Smith 17 Spear, Axe Ariellis Rhineheart 13 Claws
1 Cameron McClaine 12 Longbow Esca Runsia 18 Throwing knives
2 Pacster Chalmers 17 Sword, Throwing knives Allegro Rush 17 Sword, Spear
3 Wario Wade 16 Dagger, Throwing knives Ivy Silverdove 17 Axe, Whip
4 Kodai Hitogoroshi 17 Dagger, Poison Kokoro Hitogoroshi 17 Dagger, Poison
5 Poppa Rocks 15 Sword, Crossbow Tiara Spectrus 13 Dagger, Crossbow
6 Zak Slaugther 16 Everything Mimic Slaugther 16 Everything
7 Byron Lumber 18 Axe, Throwing axe Selena Quails 13 Axe, Sword
8 Blaze Nether 16 Trident Blaise End 15 Longbow
9 Simeon Gran 16 Sickle, Poison Laurel Cinders 15 Crossbow, Hammer
10 Halycon Theradras 15 Khopesh, Net Bella Mustang 15 Bow and arrows
11 Jake Lawrence 18 Bow and arrows, Throwing knives Raven Banks 18 Dagger, Bow and arrows
12 Menius Roceart 17 Clubs Beta Spring 16 Trident, Spear
13 Specter Hellraiser 14 Fire Piper Quinn 18 Bow and arrows
14 Brock Steeltoe 17 Battle Axe Mistina Seabreeze 14 Long knives

Tribute Gallery


Career Pack

Cameron McClaine - D1

Esca Runsia - D1

Pacster Chalmers - D2

Allegro Rush - D2

Halycon Theradras - D10

Mistina Seabreeze - D14


Wario Wade - D3

Ivy Silverdove - D3

Selena Qualis - D7

Blaze Nether - D8

Blaise End - D8

Laurel Cinders - D9

Beta Spring - D12

District 7, 9 and 14 Alliance

Byron Lumber - D7

Simeon Gran - D9

Brock Steeltoe - D14

District 10 and 13 Alliance

Bella Mustang - D10

Piper Quinn - D13 ====District 4 Alliance ==== Kodai Hitogoroshi - D4

Kokoro Hitogoroshi - D4

District 5 Alliance

Poppa Rocks - D5

Tiara Spectrus - D5

District 6 Alliance

Zac Slaugther - D6

Mimic Slaugther . D6


Ariellis Rhineheart - Capitol

Sparkle Smith - Capitol

Jake Lawrence - D11

Raven Banks - D11

Menius Roceart - D12

Specter Hellraiser - D13

Training Scores

Name Score
Sparkle Smith 5
Ariellis Rhineheart 3
Cameron McClaine 9
Esca Runsia 8
Pacster Chalmers 10
Allegro Rush 10
Wario Wade 6
Ivy Silverdove 5
Kodai Hitogoroshi 11
Kokoro Hitogoroshi 11
Poppa Rocks 5
Tiara Spectrus 4
Zac Slaugther 10
Mimic Slaugther 10
Byron Lumber 7
Selena Qualis 8
Blaze Nether 7
Blaise End 5
Simeon Gran 6
Laurel Cinders 4
Halycon Theradras 8
Bella Mustang 6
Jake Lawrence 8
Raven Banks 7
Menius Roceart 8
Beta Spring 5

Specter Hellraiser

Piper Quinn 6
Brock Steeltoe 9
Mistina Seabreeze


Death Chart

Placing Name Killer How
30th Simeon Gran (9) Allegro Rush (2) Arrow in the back
29th Poppa Rocks (5) Zac Slaugther (6) Impaled by rocks
28th Tiara Spectrus (5) Zac Slaugther (6) Impaled by rocks
27th Esca Runsia (1) Kokoro Hitogoroshi (4) Dagger into the heart
26th Halycon Theradras (10) Piper Quinn (13) Cranium smashed
25th Laurel Cinders (9) Cameron McClaine (1) Sliced by machete
24th Blaze Nether (8) Mistina Seabreeze (14) Stabbed in the stomach
23rd Jake Lawrence (11) Allegro Rush (2) Shot in the neck
22nd Specter Hellraiser (13) Pacster Chalmers (2) Crushed by stones
21st Sparkle Smith (C) Selena Quails (7) Axed in the neck
20th Mimic Slaugther (6) Panda mutt Torn apart
19th Beta Spring (12) Spider mutts Venom
18th Cameron McClaine (1) Kodai Hitogoroshi (4) Slit throath
17th Raven Banks (11) Zac Slaugther (6) Ripped chest
16th Piper Quinn (13) Pacster Chalmers (2) Spear through the head
15th Byron Lumber (7) Allegro Rush (2) Arrow through the head
14th Zac Slaugther (6) Gamemakers Electrocuted
13th Brock Steeltoe (14) Gamemakers Fell to his death
12th Wario Wade (3) Gamemakers Drowned
11th Pacster Chalmers (2) Gamemakers Gassed to death
10th Kokoro Hitogoroshi (4) Gamemakers Choked with gas
9th Mistina Seabreeze (14) Gamemakers Melted
8th Blaise End (8) Kodai Hitogoroshi (4) Stabbed in the stomach
7th Allegro Rush (2) Kodai Hitogoroshi (4) Stabbed in the chest
6th Selena Quails (7) --- Crushed
5th Ariellis Rhineheart (C) Bella Mustang (10) Arrow shot through forehead
4th Kodai Hitogoroshi (4) Menius Roceart (12) Burned to death
3rd Menius Roceart (12) Menius Roceart (12) Burned to death
2nd Ivy Silverdove (3) Ivy Silverdove (3) Cut wrists, blood loss
Victor Bella Mustang (10)

The Games

Day 1 - The Bloodbath

Beta Spring´s PoV - District 12

As the transportation tube arrives, I quickly notice that it´s completely dark, I can´t see a thing. I´m guessing it´s in the middle of the night, or this is some sinister trick from the Gamemakers. The air is cold and chill winds make the hair on my back stand up. Slowly my eyes begin to adjust to the darkness, and the first thing I notice is the other Tributes. We´re all positioned in a big ring, just like always. But the ground is made up of grey stone and shallow water. On the plates next to me I see the District 12 guy, and Selena, my ally. She nods at me, and I nod back. The whole alliance have been discussing this, we are to find eachother at soon as possible and move as a group, so we dont get singled out. The darkness becomes steadily less compressing for my vision, and I see a small building of sorts about 200 metres away. It´s certainly doesn´t look like a Cornucopia to me, but I can see it fills the same purpose. It´s filled with Hunger Games goodies, such as weapons, food, flashlights and all kinds of supplies. I turn around, and I see several narrow pathways going downwards. That´s when I realize, we´re all on top of a mountain of sorts, and judging by the howling wind, we´re far up as well. I try to locate my allies, but I can´t see far enough or maybe they´re behind the Cornucopia.


I snap out of my thougths and try to form a strategy. I know the safest thing to do would be to just run down one of the paths, but what if I only could get my hands on a weapon, then I would at least stand a chance! And I have allies, I can´t just leave them behind...

Wario Wade´s PoV - District 3


I can feel my whole body aching to just get it over with, why can´t the damned Games just start already? I´m shaking because of the wind and the mountain air, and the darkness is decreasing my vision by a lot. I can barely see the weird shrine-like building that holds all the supplies if I scuint, and I can only just see what Tributes I´m standing next to. I think they are the Career girl from 1 and the District 14 male, I don´t know their names. I have no idea where my allies or my District partner Ivy is either. Which can screw our plan of meeting up at once and go from there over, how are we supposed to see who are allies and who are enemies? I guess that´s what the Capitol is aiming for, but I can´t get that it´ll be a too entertaining Bloodbath, if the cameras can barely see the Tributes.


I start to panic now, and I´m normally pretty calm. In what direction should I run? Should I fight or just get supplies and get out? What if one of my allies die? What will I do if the Careers corner us from the start? What if I die? Will my family keep on living, will they mourn me?


Kokoro Hitogoroshi´s PoV - District 4

As the countdown for the Games go lower and lower, my smile becomes wider and wider. Only this annoying darkness makes so I don´t know where Kodai is. Oh well, we´ll meet up after the Bloodbath I guess. My mind is completely focused on the supplies in the center of the circle of Triubutes, there´s no place for anything else. I know I´m one of the fastest Tributes, one of the strongest and one of the most feared, this Bloodbath won´t be a problem. Most of the others either fear me... or fear me. Which will make it easy to get the best supplies for me and Kodai.


20 seconds left on the clock. Not much time. I brush my hair out of my face and steady myself to run. I can feel I´m nor nervous at all, I´m prepared and ready for anything. That´s when I finally see Kodai, he´s a few plates on the right side of me. I wave cheerfully to him, and he smiles at me. We´re both very relaxed and nonchalant, and why wouldn´t we be? We both got 11´s in training score, so the sponsors will be fighting for us. The only Tributes that can ever hope to match out skills are District 6 and the Careers, but out of the two, I think the Slaugther twins are the bigger threaths. They´ll make awesome thropies.


Sparkle Smith´s PoV - The Capitol

10 more seconds. They may be the last 10 seconds of my life. My breathing picks up in pace and I look around nervously. All the other Tributes start to get into position to run, either straight ahead or down the mountain. Where should I go? Even if I escape the Bloodbath with my life, it will be useless if I starve to death since I didn´t fight now. I can´t survive alone in the arena without anything. I don´have a choice; I have to go in. I try to balance my breathing.


Breathe in.


Breathe out.


Slowly now.


It´s time.






"Ladies and Gentlemen, let the Justice Games begin!"

Brock Steeltoe´s PoV - District 14

The gong sounds and I forget everything and leap off my plate. I hit the wet ground hard but I quickly get up and sprint towards the Cornucopia thing or whatever. I see Tributes all around me, but I can´t see their faces clearly through the darkness. Someone bumps into me, but I keep on track. Just a few more metres...


Something or someone crashes into my side and I fall down painfully. The impact knocks the breath out of me, and I just lie on the ground for several seconds trying to catch up to my heavy breathing. My ears are buzzing and my vision is even worse than before. My brain is confused and the ground is swirling under me.

"Come on! Get up!"

My eyes slowly focus on the face in front of me. It´s Simeon, my ally. I grab his hand and he pulls me up with surprising strength. He swings his arm around my shoulder and we run as fast as we can. He is holding a knife and a small bag, I have no clue what it contains. I wonder where Byron is, my second ally. We just keep running however, right now we have to get out of here. Fast. I hope he´s alright, I would be sad if he´d died in the Bloodbath.

Allegro Rush´s PoV - District 2

The action is thick now, I sit besides the Shrine with my bow close to my chest, looking for a target. The rest of the Careers are fighting with District 4 and 6 in an all-out brawl. I don´t think anyone has died yet, however, but we are more. That´s when I see two male Tributes struggling through the darkness. I´m used to the night, I can see farther than others. One of them is holding the other up. I smile with glee and load my bow, aiming for one of their backs. My arrows zooms off and with thock it sticks straigth into one of the boy´s neck. He falls down on top the other and the other one yells with pain as his dead ally pins him to the ground. I get up and sprint over to them, ready to finish off the other one too.

I load my bow once again and aim it directly at the boy. His eyes widen with fear and his breath almost stops. This is my favorite part of it all. He tries to get up but I kick him in the chest to force him down again. Now I recognize him as the District 14 male.

"Any last words from 14? Go on, spit it out!"

I laugh harshly and spit in his pathetic face. That´s when I hear a scream and I turn around to see that the 4 siblings have cornered Esca. I get ready to quickly finish off my prey but when I turn around again he´s running down one of the paths. Dammit!

Poppa Rocks´ PoV - District 5

The whole battle is a blur, small skirmishes break out all across the block. The night seems to get darker and darker, which is obviously something the Gamemakers have cooked up, it just isn´t natural. I fling a bag and pick up a knife before I take Tiara by the hand and sneak our way out of the Shrine that holds all the goodies. The Careers are fighting the Hitogoroshi siblings at the moment, and all the other Tributes are scattered all around the mountaintop. I pray to God that nobody sees us in the darkness, and we make our way to one of the pathways downwards.

"Poppa! Watch out!"

I duck just in time, the arrow whizzes straigth over my head and flies off into the distance. Allegro from 2 starts to load her bow again, and I know we have to run. I throw Tiara up on my back and I run in zigzag to avoid more arrows. But then I hear something heavier coming towards us through the air, and it´s already too late. The mace hits me in the side and I fall down. But I don´t fall and hit the stone. I fall down the mountain, to sharp rocks by the foot of it. The last thing I hear is a manical laugther and Tiara´s screams.

Kodai Hitogoroshi´s PoV - District 4

Me and Kokoro stand back to back, outnumbered two to five people. The 2 girl is out sniping other Tributes with her bow, apparently. I have a sword, while Kokoro is wielding a long dagger. Then the pretty girl from District 1 steps forward.

"We´re gonna make this simple: either you join the Careers or we kill you right now."

I snort. That´s a really bad deal, they´re gonna kill us after they´re done with us anyways. And even though we´re outnumbered, both me and Kokoro got freaking elevens in Score for fucks sake! I don´t think we´ll have a problem fighting the Careers, if they only could play by the rules. Cunts. I spit on the ground to demonstrate my displeasure of this offer.

"Excuse me? I´ve had better deals in my time, like the deal I made with your family to kill you so they won´t have to see your bitch-ass face ever again"

Kokoro snaps back at her.

"How dare you? You little..."

The 1 girl looses it and runs at Kokoro with her spear, but my sister is just a bad too fast for her. Before the spear is even close to Kokoro, she has already buried her dagger deep into the Careers fragile heart. She gives a last gasp before falling with Kokoro´s dagger still stuck in her chest. Before the rest of the Careers even have time to react, I leap up and jump over them, with Kokoro at my heels.

We run laughing away while the Careers shout curses at us.

Bella Mustang´s PoV - District 10

My hands fly around the supplies, picking out anything good they may find. A bowknife, dried fruit, a water bottle. I stuff it all in a medium sized backpack that Piper snuck away from the Careers while they were fighting the creeps from District 4. They just got away from them, and now the Careers will probably go back to killing the rest of us. We need to hurry. I nod to Piper, and takes my arm in a tight grip and we make a run for one of the paths.

"Not so fast!"

I squel as Halycon from 10 tackles me and slams me to the ground. He´s the guy that´s with the Careers. His breath is heaving as he pins my face down to the hard stone. He draws a knife and sticks it close to my throath. My eyes water from the pain. I can´t hear or see Piper anymore. Did she ditch me?

"Now, little girl. Just come with me, nice and easy, and nothing´s gonna happen to you."

Halycon says calmly as he lifts me up and I don´t resist. He has a knife against my throath, after all. The other Careers are busy at the moment, trying to round up the Tributes. Then the small boy from 1 turns and waves at my kidnapper to come over, and I know the Games are over for me if I don´t think of something fast.

That´s when I hear a bone-crunching slam behind me and the grips on me loosen. Piper lift me up from the ground and I see Halycon lying down with the back of his head open, brain matter spilling out and blood slowly dripping out. A large club is sticking into his head. I feel like screaming of the horror, instead I run away as fast as possible with Piper.

Ivy Silverdove´s PoV - District 3

The Careers are watching me and my allies with gleeful smiles. They all have great weapons, but they are two Tributes down. The girl from 1 and the 10 guy, I bet the Hitogoroshi siblings killed them for sure. They are outnumbered, but they are Careers after all. They are more skilled and have more experience with weapons and stuff like that. I tried to convince my alliance that it is best to just run away at once, but they voted me down to get some supplies at least. I bet they´re regretting that decition now. And just like that, the fight breaks out.

The small boy from District 1 lunges at me with a machete, and I just barely dodge it by ducking down. Instead of kicks me in the stomach and I stagger and lose my knife, my last lifeline. I cry for help but everyone else is busy fighting, Wario is sparring with the District 2 guy, Blaise and Blaze are taking on the 14 girl and Beta is battling the girl from 2. The little boy from 1 raises his machete and gets ready to slice my guts open with it. My last seconds seem to go in slow motion, as I watch the blade get closer and closer.

I close my eyes and hear a scream. It isn´t mine. It´s Laurel´s. I open my eyes and see her dead body over mine. She sacrificed her own life to save mine. The Career boy is still in shock apparently, but I won´t let him recover. I punch him in the jaw and take his machete. Then I run to my allies aid.

Blaze Nether´s PoV - District 8

I try to lunge in a punch at the young girl from District 14, but she dodges it fluidly and retaliates with a knife. It cuts into my arm and splatters the wet stone with blood. I gasp in pain, but I can´t falter. Blaise is behind her, trying to find an oportunity to strike her with her club. But the Career girl seems to have a eye in the neck, she mirrors Blaise´s assaults with pin-point accuracy. I can´t my sister´s eye and we make a plan together in our syncronized minds. With a roar, I throw myself into the air and get ready to take our opponent down. Blaise does the same behind her. Unfortuneately for us, 14 outsmarts us yet again. She grabs Blaise and uses my sister to shield herself from me. We fall down in a messy heap.

The girl laughs mockingly and raises her knife. I feel it stab into my stomach, and I scream in pain. Blaise is screaming too, but not out of pain. Well, not physical pain. Blood is flooding out of my wound, filling my mouth. I gag and gurgle on my own blood. Tears spill out of my eyes and my brain begins to go fuzzy. I can´t see what´s reality and what´s dreams. I hear Blaise´s voice distantly, like in a deep well. It´s no use, I slip into unconciousness and out of life.

Ariellis Rhineheart´s PoV - The Capitol

I breathe in quick, shallow hicks as I observe the Careers from inside the Shrine. They´re chasing after another alliance, they´ve already killed two of their members. But they´re making a mistake focusing down one alliance only, letting both the District 6 weirdoes and the 11 girl as well as the 13 boy escape. They all got away several minutes ago. I don´t know where my District partner or the 12 male is, but I´m guessing they´ve also got away. But I haven´t, I´m still stuck here. If I try to make a run for it, I´m scared that the Careers will see me. I shudder to think about what they would have done to me if that had happened.

I have everything I need of supplies, and now all I need is a way out of this death trap. The Careers have stopped chasing now, they´re coming back! They kick over bodies to check if they really are dead. Soon they´ll look over their supplies and find more than they bargined for. They´ll find me. Then I see something happen. The girl from District 2 screams and aims her bow at one of the bodies. Suddenly the corpse jumps up and breaks into a sprint. I can´t see who it is, but I think it´s a guy. His great escape comes to a close though, the 2 girl shoots him with a clean shot in the neck. Insteant death. I use this little distraction to get away, I slowly sneak my way down the mountain as all the Careers regroup.

Pacster Chalmers´ PoV - District 2

The Bloodbath is over, it seems. 8 Tributes died. All the other Tributes have ran away or died. I´m just annoyed that we didn´t kill neither of the Hitogoroshi´s, and we lost two allies! Both Halycon and Esca. Some of my allies have also suffered wounds in the fighting, Allegro has several scratches and bumps from wrestling with the 12 male and the damned 3 guy managed to cut my hand before he got away. I don´t see the Anti-Careers being a threath, but if we let them slip away they might become a problem later on. They´re weak, but many. Let´s just hope the wilderness gets them before it gets us. We have almost all the supplies in the Shrine, while they only got limited amounts.

I stand on the edge of the mountaintop, staring down at the forest. Cause now the darkness has lifted, and I can see what envirement we have to supress in these Games. Peaceful, blooming trees makes a huge forest around the mountain, with small rivers streaming across the roots. And in the distance, I see another type of forest, with huge, green bamboos towering several metres into the sky. There are so many places for the Tributes to hide, it´ll be hard to root them out and kill them all. And the nature has a lot of resources to use, both food and water are easily accesible.

Then I notice someone slowly moving down one of the paths down the mountain. A Tribute, I guess we missed him or her in our rounddown. The Tribute is running now, and in a few moments I won´t be able to see the little shit anymore. I kick the rocks in frustration, and they start crumbeling downwards. I hear a scream that gets drowned in the avalanche of stone. I smirk, and that makes 9 Tributes down.

Day 1 - After the Bloodbath

Byron Lumber´s Pov - District 7

Finally, after at least an hour of nothing but running, I sit down. I´m completely out of breath and tired as hell. I didn´t get much at the Bloodbath, just an empty water bottle and a few matches. Even worse, I lost both my allies in the chaos, I have no idea where Simeon and Brock are. They could both be dead for all I know. I need to find them as quickly as possible, or else I´ll die here alone or get hunted down by the Careers. Just then, the cannons begins to fire.


Nine cannons, nine dead Tributes. Simeon and Brock could be two of them. I shake that thougth away, I need to think positively or I´ll lose my sanity for sure. Suddenly I hear rapid footsteps and ragging breathing moving towards my direction. I jump up and grab my stuff, but before I start to run myself, a figure bursts out of the foliage and lands on me. I´m so dead, I don´t have any weapons, that´s my first thougth, But then I see who it is. It´s Brock.

"Oh geez, thank god it´s you and not the Careers!"

It´s all I say, but if I could put all my thougths into words I would kept talking for days. Brock is just heaving, trying to catch up with his breath.

"Where is Simeon?"

It takes a while before he answers, but after a few seconds he shakes his head and answers with a shaking voice.

"Dead. The Careers got him."

His words sinks into my brain and my shoulders fall down. Simeon was a good ally, really nice and all. I wish I could had saved him. Brock heaves a small bag down on the ground, and shows me what it contains. A knife, some bread and a few inches of rope. Not bad, at least we have food. Brock suggests that we rest in the cover of a very shallow pit filled with leaves, and I don´t object. Anything to escape this rotten day.

Piper Quinn´s PoV - District 13

Darkness starts to settle in the woods yet again, reminding me of the Bloodbath. Bella is already sound asleep, but she is muttering in her sleep. Things of blood, death and tears. She is a strong girl, but what she saw at the Shrine was something no human should ever see. She saw death in person, and that will probably leave a mark that will never go away. We´ve taken cover in a hollow tree, the trees here are as big as the flats back home. The air is slightly cold, but we´ll manage. We only got some minor stuff from the Bloodbath, a small knife, fruit and an empty bottle in a backpack. However, there is a small waterway right outside our tree, and I swear I saw some kind of small animal in the treetops. Hopefully we can survive, but defending ourselves will be harder. We only have a knife, and the Careers will have all the weapons they could ever want, and they´re just waiting to get to use them.

I sigh and try to curl myself into a comfortable position. Of course, it could be worse. I could be dead, or captured by the Careers or be alone with no allies. I can´t really complain. But fear of what tomorrow will bring, makes me want to scream. Because the truth is, I have no idea what might happen next. We´re the Capitol´s toys now, and the Gamemakers have to put on a show. Me and Bella sleeping is probably not good TV. And that´s what the Games are for the Capitol.

I close my eyes and try to force myself to think of happy things, and slowly, I drift into a clammy sleep filled with nightmares.

Mistina Seabreeze´s PoV - District 14

The night is closing in, but I´m quite warm thanks to the fire Pacster lit with our matches and now we´re all sitting around it, telling jokes and sharing our experiences in the Games so far. Allegro is boasting shamelessly about her two kills, and Cameron is telling us all how he allegedly cut the 9 girl in half. I snort, what a little prick. I saw him, he only killed her accidentally and he looked on the verge of tears afterwards. At least I killed someone who didn´t die on purpose. The Shrine looks eerie in the semi-darkness, and if I had been alone I would had been scared to death. The air is a bit chilly, but I´ve had worse nights in District 14. The food from the supplies is the worst, it tastes like canned dogshit. There´s nothing that can compare to my mother´s own cooking, and definitively not this garbage. I daydream back to mom´s mouthwatering dining, delicate chickenhearts in creamy sauce filled with fat...

My daydreams become real dreams and I slip into surrealism. I feel someone put a blanket on me while my brain starts to relive the memories of home. My mind grants me a wonderful dream where I have won, and I see mom´s proud face and I get to eat any food I want. I eat and eat and eat...

Selena Quails´ PoV - District 7

We´ve been running for as long as I can remember now, me, Blaise and Beta.  The Bloodbath is only a vague memory, but I remember Laurel and Blaze´s deaths a lot too vividly.  We have no idea where Wario and Ivy are, they could be dead or alive and we won´t know until mdnight. Which is soon. I heard nine cannons after the Bloodbath, and now the only question left is who are those nine. I´m satisfied with what I got from the Shrine, however, an axe is nothing to whine about. And I don´t recall seeing there were many axes at all. Beta is carrying the backpack we got, we haven´t checked what´s in it yet. But we´ll have to stop soon, it´s so dark I can hardly see two feet ahead of me. Then my foot jerks upwards and I´m all of a sudden hanging upside down! Blaise and Beta look befuddled up at me, I guess I stepped in some kind of trap. I swing back and forward helplessly, as the girls try to cut me down with a sharp rock, the axe is a bit dangerous to use in this situation.

As Blaise and Beta are busy with the rope keeping me up, I see something move behind them. And then, two bright green eyes coming nearer and nearer. I try to get the girls attention, but they´re so busy. If I scream now, there´s no telling what the shadowed figure will do in response. I have to keep cool. The green-eyed shadow is sticking his hand down our backpack, which is on the ground. He´s groping around, trying to find anything of use. Then his fingers emerge with a knife. At that exact moment, the rope snaps and I fall down with a thump. The shadow, which I am sure is a Tribute by now, tries to run away, but I grab my axe and hurl it at the thief´s back. It lands straigth in his neck and my heart skips a beat when a cannon is fired. BOOM.

"Come on, we have to move, before the cannon attracts other Tributes"

Beta says, and I agree with her. I take the knife away from the dead Tribute and join Beta and Blaise as we run blindly in the darkness.

Menius Roceart´s PoV - District 12

Just as I close my eyes to sleep, I hear a loud fanfare and the anthem of Panem starts playing. Fuck man, thanks a lot. I guess it´s time for the Capitol to show the Fallen. Since the Bloodbath I´ve heard ten cannons, with the last one either being delayed or the Tribute didn´t die at the Bloodbath. The large hologram of Panem´s seal flies in the sky like a phantom, and I look up grudgingly. I just hope some of the bigger threaths has died.

The first to be shown is the Capitol male. Nothing special, I´m surprised to see that his District partner survived however, didn´t expect her to live through the first day. Next is the best news of the day, the District 1 girl is shown. Then both of the 5 Tributes, weaklings if you ask me. Then the 8 male. I guess both the 4 and 6 pair, some of the biggest favorites to win, all survived. Not surprising, but certainly dissapointing. Following the 8 male is both of District 9´s Tributes. They always seem to die early.Then another Career Tribute, of sorts, the boy from District 10. He was with the Careers, but I could easily had broke his neck with my pinky finger.The final two are the males from 11 and 13.

I guess I´m satisfied that the 1 girl and the 10 male died, but the rest weren´t really top tier favorites. I have a lot of threaths to weed out before I can say I´m in the running to win. I´ll have to deal with the Hitogoroshi´s, the 6 creeps and the Careers. So I close my eyes yet again and focus on sleeping and the Games.

The Fallen - Day 1

  • Sparkle Smith - The Capitol
  • Esca Runsia - District 1
  • Tiara Spectrus - District 5
  • Poppa Rocks - District 5
  • Blaze Nether - District 8
  • Laurel Cinders - District 9
  • Simeon Gran - District 9
  • Halycon Theradras - District 10
  • Jake Lawrence - District 11
  • Specter Hellraiser - District 13

Day 2 - The Arena

Raven Banks´ PoV - District 11

When I open my eyes, the bright sunlight dazzles me briefly. I look around and see sturdy, wet rock walls all around me. The light is coming from an opening to my left, I guess I fell asleep in a cave yesterday. My memory of the Bloodbath is meek, it´s all a blur. But I remember the screams of pain and all that blood. And the darkness. I don´t think I´ll ever forget it. I carefully lift myself up and open my bag, I can´t even remember what it contains. A rope, an empty water canteen, a blanket and a matchbox with no matches. Great, just what I needed to make the Games even more impossible for me. I smile bitterly and throw the bag over my shoulders and tie the straps to my back tigthly. I then slowly make my way outside my cavern.

The sun scorches my eyes until I get used to the brightness. The cavern is at the foot of a mountain, and a quick look upwards confirms my worst suspicions. I´m underneath the mountain where the Games started, where the Bloodbath was. And that´s definitively where the Careers are right now, in every Game the remaining Careers that survived the Bloodbath camp out by the Cornucopia, so they have easy acces to all the weapons and supplies. And just my luck, I´m so close to them that I will probably be their first victim if I don´t get myself out of here. I start to sprint, accelarating until I go as fast as I can. My legs carry me inside the thick, green woods filled with unknown threaths. Mutts and Tributes could be hiding at every corner. I´ve never felt so trapped as I am now, even though the wilderness seems endless. Things can only get worse.

Wario Wade´s PoV - District 3

We, me and Ivy, are slowly trekking through the thicker part of the forest, we constantly have to chop off bits and pieces of the foilage to keep moving with Ivy´s machete. The threes are so large they´re blocking the sky, so the gloomy darkness is trapping us like a cage. But we have no choice but to keep moving, we have to find the others. We have no idea where Beta, Blaise and Selena are, and me and Ivy won´t last long just the two of us. Last night we saw in the sky that Blaze and Laurel had died. Ivy cried, I was close to. They were just as us, innocent kids trying to survive. I think Ivy is taking the death of Laurel exspecially hard on herself, but I don´t know why. The Bloodbath was a hard blow for my alliance, not only are we split up and lost two members, but we also don´t have much supplies. I can´t imagine Selena, Beta and Blaise picking up too much either. We don´t have anything of supplies expect the machete, so we´re pretty much free kills if someone were to stumble upon us.

Just then, I swing the machete to clear us a path through some paticular annoying vines, and just as the steel slices them through, my brain explodes with panic. We´ve reached the end of the thick woods, and the bamboo forest I saw from the Bloodbath mountain begins here. But that´s not what´s setting all my nerves in high gear, two figures are sitting besides a dying fire, two figures I recognize at once and hoped I would never see again. The Slaugther twins from District 6. I watch in horror as they slowly turn and see us, and their faces split into identical malevolent grins. The male twin has a huge battleaxe in both of his hands, the female has daggers that look like they could slice my legs in two at once.

"Ivy run! RUN!"

I grab her arm and tear her with me as I run desperately from the laugther of the Slaugther twins, they´re right on our heels. I cut and slash my way through the forest, and I hear our pursuers gaining on us steadily. We can´t outrun them.

"We´re gonna catch you! Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide!"

I hear Mimic Slaugther saying loudly in a sing-song voice, like a twisted nursery rhyme. Their laugther is ringing in my ears, and Ivy is crying on my shoulder and screaming for help. But of course, there is no help to be found. I bet the people of the Capitol are all glued to their TV´s now, cheering them on. They´re looking forward to bloodshed. Quite suddenly, a scream pierces the humid air around us as well as a horrible, ear-spllitting roar. Then a thump of someone dropping to the ground, and a cannon. BOOM. My heart stops, I look over at Ivy but she´s fine, she looks just as confused as me. I turn around and see Zac Slaugther crouching down to his sister, screaming at her with tears pouring down his face. He has given up or forgotten about us in his grief. I still have no idea how the hell she died. My brain is still working on what killed her when Ivy´s voice wakes me up.

"Come on! Before he´ll come after us!"

She helps me up and we escape out of the woods. I can see a hovercraft in the sky, closing in on Mimic´s body.

Bella Mustang´s PoV - District 10

The sound of a cannon is still chiming in my ears as I watch a hovercraft slowly dissapear into thin air over the arena. I´m perched high up in a tree, the wind is soothing to my sore skin and calms me. Bounties of soft fruit that me and Piper discovered are hanging in the treetops, just waiting to be harvested. I knew the Gamemakers didn´t want us to starve, watching the Tributes slowly turn into skin and bone isn´t that popular in the Capitol, they want action. They want to see figthing and gore, and I believe they got it. I overheard screams before the cannon boomed, so I guess something happened. I just hope that it was a Career or something who died, or else it won´t really do me any good. But I can´t stop thinking; Ten down, twenty left.

I´m lost so deep into the inner parts of my mind, so absorbed in my thougths that I don´t see the parachute that´s stuck in a branch at first. Then I notice it, and my eyes practically bulge out of my skull. A sponsor gift, for me? It has to be for me, there´s nobody else here. I reach out for the silver parachute and snatch it before it sails further down the tree. I carefully open the lid and almost cut my fingers on the sharp blade inside. A short, dangerously sharp sword. Guess I´m not alone with the thougth that the Capitol wants blood. And that I better be prepared for it.

Kokoro Hitogoroshi´s PoV - District 4

"So, should we get to hunting soon? But judging by that cannon, the Tributes seems to be killing eachother already"

I hear the disgusting voice of Pacster from 2, and his District partner Allegro´s annoying, fake laugther. The Careers seems to be taking the Games like a joke, they have been just chilling by the Cornucopia the whole day. Arrogant little shits, we´ll see how funny they think the Games are when I plant my sword in their stupid little faces. They´re so oblivious and overconfident, they haven´t even checked if they are alone on the Cornucopia mountain, I´ve been here since daybreak, waiting for one of them to walk close enough. I want to give the Capitol a real show, and Kodai is waiting at our camp with the equipment. Now I just need a victim...

Finally, I see the small District 1 boy walk away from the group and towards me. Perfect, he´s just what I need! Just as me passes the rock I´m hiding behind, my hands fly out and grab his vurnerable litle neck. He´s about to scream when I bop him on the head with my sword sheat, he falls silent and goes still. He´s not dead, he´s just unconsious. I know exactly where to strike someone to knock them out for some precious thirty minutes. I carefully drag his limp form with me down one of the pathways down the mountain. I smirk at the cameras and wink to the Capitol audience. I bet they´re dying to see what plans me and Kodai have for this little guy. I can´t wait either.

Beta Spring´s PoV - District 12

Darkness is starting to come, and I estimate that it´s almost evening. The trees are staring to get higher and thicker in this part of the arena, they seem to slowly close out the sky over us. It doesn´t take long before it´s impossible to see anything, but at least I know where Blaise and Selena are, since our hands are connected. My breath is ragged and sweat is starting to pur down from my forehead. We need to get out of this zone, and fast, we don´t have any idea where we are and what lives here. Tributes probably, but muttations too. There´s no way this sinister place is harmless. Just then, I feel a sharp and sudden pain at my hand. I scream as I see what it is. A huge, pitch-black spider is crawling along my arm, and the bite from it is making my head spin. Green goo starts to drip out of the bite, just as I hear the screams of Selena and Blaise as well. Then, I feel the bites again, at my feet. I look down and almost faint of what I see. Dousins upon dousins of spiders are slowly crawling up my legs and biting them, soon both my legs are dripping of the green spider goo. I scream and shake them off, but they keep climbing up. I grab Selena and Blaise´s hands are run as fast as my damaged legs can carry me. I see they have loads of bites as well from the spiders.

The compressing gloom of the night is starting to get overwhelming, or is it just me? Bright lights in all colors and shapes pop up in front of my eyes, and my legs give away. The spiders are back, they´re all over me now. Selena and Blaise try to drag me with them, but I know it´s no use. I´m dead anyways, and the least thing I can do is spare them.


I´m shocked to hear how raspy my voice sounds, and for a second I´m scared that they didn´t hear me. I can´t move a muschle anymore, the spiders are all over me now and my face is covered in bites. But at least I can´t feel the pain anymore, I just feel a slight prickling. I use my last energy to speak to my allies.

"Get out..."

They are crying, both of them. But they get the message, and I watch them run away from me as the spider´s venom finally finishes me off. I smile, the relief is great. BOOM.

Pacster Chalmer´s PoV - District 2

The ground seems to be shaking as I run in the front, with Mistina and Allegro at the back. We have to find Cameron, we can´t afford to lose any more members than we already have. I don´t know who took him, or if he is even alive. The cannon fired just now could have been anyone. I just hope it wasn´t Cameron´s. We´ll find him and whoever is responsible for his dissapearance, and make them pay. In blood. The pebbled ground crunches under my feet as I pick up speed and zoom down the mounatin like a jet stream. Mistina and Allegro are still keeping up, though, just as motivated to find Cameron as I am. I took my best weapon with me, a double-edge sword that will serve me well. Allegro has her bow, the only bow in the Games that I know of, and MIstina has two tridents, one in each hand. This won´t be settled peacefully.

We arrive down at bottom level, and we immediately run straight into the woods. The trees are far apart and the wilderness scarse here, but I know that the forest only gets more unknown the deeper we go in. Peaceful streams of water chuckle at us as we run, and the arena is filled to the brim with animalistic sounds, hopefully not muttations. I hear a sudden scream, and I recognize it at once. It´s Cameron´s voice. My mind explodes with anger and panic, and I run even faster in the direction of the screams. I rush past a clump of bushes, and watch in horror as I see two pairs of hands drag Cameron´s lifeless body into a hole in the ground.

"We should go back, it´s useless.."

Mistina´s doubting voice says weakly behind me, but I don´t care what it takes. I will find the little guy. And with that in mind, I jump into the dug hole. The hole drops for about two metres before I lget dropped into complete darkness. Mistina and Allegro jump down too, and Mistina lights a torch. My heart sinks as I see at least eight different passageways leading all different ways. There´s no way we´ll catch the kidnappers.

"Pac, look!"

Allegro says excitedly and points down at the mouldy ground. There´s letters written roughly with a stick or something. Thanks for the goods, sucker! I wonder how long he will last before he finally cracks. I know who this is, there can be no mistaking who could had done this. This is those damned Hitogoroshi´s. I hear Allegro´s weeping at my side. I can´t let them do this. We have to save Cameron.

Brock Steeltoe´s PoV - District 14

I feel my body stiffen as I slowly progress closer and closer to the creature. It´s a bird, a beatiful, maginificent bird with golden feathers and red plume. It´s perched peacefully on a high branch, sleeping soundly.I´m trying to control my breath, so it´s almost impossible to hear my precence, my hands are holding a wooden spear, that I made of some fo the branches around here. I´m so close I can could how many rings on the bird´s beak now, and just as it begins to wake up, I thrust my wooden spear straigth through it´s fragile body. My heart breaks as it screech fills my ears, the sound is so gruesome and tragic that I feel like I could kill myself right now from the grief. But I shake the feeling off, and slowly lower the spear with the dead bird impaled on it, and steadily climb down the tree. I land on the soft ground with a thud, and meet up with Byron again.

"Geez, you got that bird thing, and I got nothing"

He laughs and shows me his empty bag and his unused knife. I grin at him, he´s really a cool guy.

"Come on, let´s get back to camp"

I say and he nods, we sprint back to our small basecamp, which consists of a lit fire, some minor foods and leaves to sleep on. We dump ourselves down by the fire and I start to pluck the feathers off the bird. After I´m done, I´m dissapointed to see that the bird isn´t nearly as big as it was with all the feathers, but it´s still a nice meal I guess. I carefully cut off the wings and legs, they´ll make a nice appetiser. The head gets thrown away. Byron takes the role as makeshift cook, and he puts the body, wings and legs of the bird ontop of some wood and puts the whole thing in the fire. We watch for what seems like decades, with hunger tearing at our insides. Finally, Byron says that it´s safe to eat and we both gorge down the meat. It doesn´t taste much, but the relief of finally being full is so great that I don´t care. I don´t even remember falling asleep, but suddenly I feel my muscles soften up and my mind drifts into dreams and nightmares about the Games ahead.

Ariells Rhineheart´s PoV - The Capitol

The air is starting to freeze me down to the bone, and I try to tuck myself in the blanket I got at the Bloodbath. No use, the cold is still eating me away from the inside, my fingernails hurt so bad I want to scream with pain. I got enough water for as long as I can imagine the Games are gonna last, I´ve made my shelter next to a small stream. Food is scarce, except for the bountiful of plants around here. I used all my three days of training before the Games to learn all about edible plants, and now I can see that it was a good investment, the plants will keep me alive. They taste like total crap, but they´ll keep me alive, that´s what important. I try to distract myself from the biting cold by chewing on some dark purple leaves that grows along the waterway. Just as I finish the disgusting thing, the sky lights up and I know it must be time for the Fallen. I look up and wait for the anthem to end.

After the last fanfare cuts short, a pleasant surprise greets me. Mimic Slaugther of District 6 is shown to have died sometime today. I can´t help but smile, glad to have that psycho out of the Games. But her brother Zac is still in this, I need to be careful around him. Maybe they and the Careers had a huge fight today or something, and the Slaugther twins lost hard, no Careers are dead it seems. The second Tribute to be shown is the scrawny 12 girl. Nothing too shocking, she would probably had died sooner or later anyways. And that means there are hardly any Anti-Careers left. Their advantage over the Careers in numbers are gone now. When the image of the girl from 12 fades, there is nothing more. A pretty normal second day of the Games, I think. Not that many deaths, but still enough action to excite the Capitol. Just the way we like it back home. And the way I used to like it myself. Then I feel the cold again, I must have forgotten how much I´m freezing with the Fallen and whatnot. I desperately try to fall asleep under my blanket.

The Fallen - Day 2

  • Mimic Slaugther - District 6
  • Beta Spring - District 12

Day 3 - The Feast

Kodai Hitogoroshi´s PoV - District 4

"Let me go! Please!"

The pathetic whines of the District 1 boy amuses me, his face is stained with salty tears as he trashes around and tries to break free from the rope. He is tied up to the cavern wall with some handy vines Kokoro got from the trees. I smirk as the little boy tries yet again and break free, his screams echo off the walls around us. I´m sitting calmly down, sharpening my knives, getting ready for the show. Kokoro is just outside in the passageways, making sure none of the Careers are on our trail. She walks into our cave again and her look harden as she watches the Career struggle against his bonds. I can fell the anger oozing our of her, I know why she is so angry. Kokoro always hated kids.

"Will you shut the hell up? Do you really think screaming and crying will make us let you go? None of your stupid Career pals can hear you down here. You´re alone!

Kokoro´s brisk voice makes him go quiet, but the little shit is still crying. I get up and slap him across the face, before I nod to my sister and draw my knives out. Time for the Capitol to get some real quality entertainment. I stuff some cotton into the 1 kid´s mouth so he can´t cry and whine, and then I grab his arm and pull it towards me. I make sure to look straight into the cameras as I slowly draw my knives over the little kid´s tender flesh. The cotton muffles his screams, but his tears still make my hair wet. I roar with rage and start to fillet the skin on his hands, until I can easily peel it off. He starts to kick and flail desperately now. I ignore it. I take my smallest knife and slowly file it under his fingernails, then I quickly rip them out, one by one. Soon his hands are no longer visible under all the blood, I get annoyed with all the stuff on me.

"Kokoro, could you take over? I´m getting messy, I need to look my best ya know"

She snorts with laugther and pushes me aside.

"Alright sweetie, how are you?"

She asks our victim in a mocking sweet, motherly voice as she starts working on his face. I know what Kokoro likes to start with, always the eyes. She likes the added panic it gives the victims, when they can´t see what were about to do to them. Just as I predicted, Kokoro impales his eyeballs with a dagger in each, before ripping them out quickly and disposing of his eyes. He´s shaking badly now, but at least he isn´t struggling. He knows it´s over, but we´re gonna have our fun first. And the Capitol as well.

"Cameron? Cameron? Where are you?"

I freeze as I hear the voice of the Careers calling out for the boy, apparently his name is Cameron. This is bad, really bad. Me and Kokoro are outnumbered, if I remember correct they are three. We might have better training scores than those guys, but the rest of our weapons are hidding deeper into the caverns. Kokoro has her daggers, but I´m not the best fighter with knives, and knives aren´t really that good weapons at all. And when Cameron´s allies see him, and knows he´s beyond saving... I don´t underestimate the power of sheer rage and vengeance. I quickly slith Cameron´s throath with my knife, and shout at Kokoro to follow, before running into a passageway leading up to the arena. BOOM. I can hear the Careers outcries as they discover their allies body. I don´t even dare to look back.

Mistina Seabreeze´s PoV - District 14

My hear swirls and spins around, my eyes are locked onto the grotesque form of Cameron´s body, but I can´t seem to take it in over me. My tears are stuck in my throath, nothing that my confused brain tries helps at all. I tear my eyes away from Cameron and looks at Pacster and Allegro. Their faces look like water under all the tears, and Allegro is making low, pitiful sounds. Cameron´s eyes are on the ground, leaking blood on the hard stone floor. His hands have fallen off now, and I can hardly keep myself on my legs in the slippery pool of blood. Then finally the tears come pouring down my face, and my throath loosens up. I scream and almost rip my hair out. Cameron was acually not one of the normal District 1 snobs, he was nice, cheery and uplifting. He had confidence he would make it far, and all for nothing. He had been tortured to death, the fucking Hitogoroshi´s had shown no mercy. But what´s bothering me even more is that the Capitol won´t be talking about how horrible Cameron´s death was, they will be talking about what splendid entertainment it was. Nothing more but soft ooh´s and aah´s at the coffee table. Finally I remember what I really am. I´m not a normal girl, I´m not a Tribute either. I´m a sacrifice.

"Come, on. We need to get his body out of here so they can pick him up."

I don´t understand who talked at first, but then Pacster looks at me sternly, as brave as he can afford to look with his face wet with tears. I know he´s right, I want Cameron to come back to his District rather than rot down in this rathole. I nod at Pac, and with grim determination we walk cautiously up to Cameron. Allegro is lost to us, she is still on the floor crying her eyes out. Pac carefully cut the ropes away with his sword, and the body flops pathetically to the ground like a great ragdoll. The blood is starting to coagulate, but the ghastly blood is all over me and I gag. I puke out everything in my stomach until there´s nothing left. I feel like I could barf up my lungs. I get myself together again and grabs Cameron uner his arms and hoist him up. His body is light and fragile. Pacster lifts him up by his legs, and together we hoist him out of the cave, with Allegro skittering behind us, weeping.

Zac Slaugther´s PoV - District 6

The grass moves slowly and soothingly under my feet, and the wind is lightly brushing my hair out of my eyes. My battle axe lies forgotten on the ground, I can´t remember where I got it and what I used it for. But I remember Mimic´s screams and all the blood, and then the final cannon to smear it all in my face. That Mimic had gone, the only person in the whole wide world that truly understood me, was gone. Every time I think about the scene, all I feel is grief. Grief and anger. I´m angry at myself for not being able to save Mimic, and I´m angry at the District 3 Tributes. The ones who killed my twin, my mirror image. I swear on my sister´s soul, if it is the last thing I´ll do, I´ll make sure the 3 Tributes are shown the same fate as Mimic. Dead by my hands. I scream into the air, a raw scream that makes the bird that were resting in the trees around me lift their wings and fly away. God, I wished I could just fly away right now. But I have a job to do, I have to find the District 3´s and kill them, slowly and agonizing, until their last droplet of blood seeps out.

"Greetings remaining Tributes of the Justice Games! I have exciting news for you all, it is set up a brilliant Feast for you all at the Cornucopia mountain at dusk today. The rewards will be everything you could ever dream of, weapons, food anything! May the odds be ever in your favour, Tributes!"

My face splits into a gleeful smile. A Feast, with rewards and supplies beyond any Tributes´ wildest dreams. I bet most of the others will be there, the Careers included. And of course, District 3. I couldn´t care less for the rewards, the true reward for me is the blissful thougth of ending my sister´s killers life. And that is what makes me look towards the well-known mountain in the distance with a smile on my face. They won´t live to see another day, not when I´m on my way. This will be a real slaugther.

Menius Roceart´s PoV - District 12

The chilling afternoon air sweeps through me, freezing me to the bone. It seems ot get colder and colder for each day in the Arena, I guess that is the Gamemakers vision of an internesting season of the Hunger Games. The wind blows exspecially harsh up here, at the top of the mountain that holds the Cornucopia. I had expected the Careers to be at their camp, but it´s empty. I suspect a trap, there´s no way they would just move camp when they have claimed the most strategically appealing location in the Arena. From here, you can see anyone or anything trying to sneak up the mountain from miles away, and a great view of the whole Arena as well. Something must have happened, and I did hear a cannon today. My guess is that they were out hunting Tributes. Dusk starts to approach rapidly, the air isn´t just getting colder but also darker. It can´t be long until the other Tributes will arrive now, and the Feast to start. But even if they came now, they wouldn´t see me when they arrive. I`m consealed behind a ledge in the mountain, with an excellent view of the ways leading up to the Cornucopia but no eyes looking at me in the process. I drag my jacket tighter around me, they have to come soon or else I´m gonna freeze my balls off for nothing. And just as I close my eyes to try to get some rest, I hear scuffling sounds and several footsteps moving towards the Cornucopia. I open my eyes and see the psyco from District 6, Zac or whatever he was called. His sister died yesterday, and I can see that he has been crying. He looks slightly.... wrong as well, but I can´t pinpoint what exactly it is. He smirks and crawls inside the Cornucopia. Not long after, I hear more footsteps and the Careers arrive. The 2 pair and the District 14 girl are there, no sign of the 1 guy, but I swear he should be alive...

The Careers haven´t noticed neither me nor Zac from 6 yet, they also seem slightly off as well. Even from all over here, I can see that they´ve been crying. Weak, spoiled little brats. The Careers go back to their camp, with the food and extra weapons and all that. They lit a fire, and we wait. And wait. Finally, as my legs start to hurt badly from my awkward position, a sound like a rusty crank can be heard and a table acends up from the middle of the flat mountaintop. The table is stacked with food from the Capitol, and my animalistic instincts almost make me run for the bountiful of food. But my intellect tells me no, wait for it. Food is gonna come, just be patient Menius. It will come. The Careers get up from their fire and start to check the table for any traps. Smart, even for the Capitol´s favorites, the Gamemakers may have some surprises hidden. It seems to be clear, and they start to go through it all. Just then, so fast that my eyes barely see it, a shadow darts out from under a rock and hits the burly 2 boy hard in the head and quickly grabs some of the supplies. The figure starts to make it´s escape in the semi-darkness, but passes a bit too close to the Cornucopia. Zac from 6 roars as he jumps out of the horn and the shadow stops with fear. Now I can see that it´s a girl with black hair and horror in her eyes. Only for a split second though, before Zac´s heavy battleaxe buries its head in her fragile chest. Then he rips it out again, spilling the girl´s guts all over the rocky floor. BOOM. For some reason, Zac´s face shows dissapointment, not deligth. The girl´s body falls down and he kicks it aside. The Careers have caugth up with the action now, and are running for Zac. But he´s already gone now. And the Feast has begun for real.

Piper Quinn´s PoV - District 13

The world around me is spinning and swirling, it´s hard to keep myself up and running. Shouts and screams mix with the dark night into a gruesome nightmare where everything seems out of control and wild. The one thing I can consentrate on is Bella running next to me, and the Feast table, our goal. There seems to be millions of Tributes around us, but of course, that´s just my brain playing tricks with me. The Careers are out of the picture right now, they´re chasing off after the maniac 6 dude that took off with some of their weapons, but he´s getting away as he is way too fast for the Careers to handle. We have to act fast and scavenge as much as we can from the Feast before we´re in danger. The 11 girl tried already, but she got bludgeoned by the 6 boy as she ran away. A little girl with bright blue hair is running at the table a few metres away from us, and the 12 and 14 boys are fighting at the Cornucopia. We reach the table, out of breath, but safe for now. Bella flings her backpack off her and starts to stuff random supplies into it. I help, I grab anything at an arms length, not caring what we get as long as it ´s helpful in one way or another. The darkness is starting to become a more pressing issue than before, I can barely glimse Bella in the gloom. We can´t stay here, panic like no other panic grasps me and makes me scream at Bella.

"We have to go! Now! We can´t stay here any longer!"

Bella nods in agreement, even though we could have fit more supplies into our backpack, the risk is too great. I pull her with me by the hand and storm towards the pathway we came up. Suddenly, my foot catches something with it´s heel and I tumble forward on all fours. The rocks and pebbles scratch my arms and legs painfully, and I hear Bella softly whimper in the darkness somewhere near me. I look up and see the sharp point of a spear directed right in my face. I freeze immediately.

"So where do you think you´re going, District 13?"

I hear a mocking, deep voice. I´m almost certain it´s male. I gulp down and try to keep my head calm. Where did Bella do? Who is it that´s got a spear ready to kill me in seconds? The paniced feeling from before kicks in again, but I can´t make a sound. The tears start pressing on my eyes, even though I try not to cry. I hear the male Tribute´s laugther as he sees that I´m crying, and I hide my face in the ground.

"Oooh, little crybaby girl weeping for her parents? Too bad you won´t see them again!"

I don´t even get time to digest what he said, before a great pain, like my nerves are on fire, embrace me and I scream. Blood is pouring from my forehead, the last thing I feel is the gentle drip of it down my face.


Blaise End´s PoV - District 8

The Careers are back, and we´re in big trouble. The relief of being reunited with Wario and Ivy is fading away, as the pair from District 2 and the girl from 14 blocks our escape with smirks on their faces. They know we´re trapped, and they won´t let us get away easily. All the other Tributes have dissapeared down the pathways with some part of the Feasts´ bounty. The only exception is the alliance between the 14 and 7 boys, they´re ransacking the table, not caring about us. I grip tigther around the rock in my palm, the only weapon I have against the Careers. Ivy has a machete, Wario has a small knife and Selena has her axe. Once the fight breaks out, I´m gonna be the easiest kill ever. They can literally just walk up to me and kill me, and I can´t say anything to that. But I have my allies, at the very least. Then the slender, red-haired girl from 2 stends forward.

"Alright, you four. We´ll cut you a deal, or we´ll cut you. If you agree to hand over your weapons and all your supplies, we won´t harm you and let everyone go free from here. If you choose to fight, we´ll make sure each of your deaths are as long and painfully as possible. Got it?"

Selena doesn´t even hesitate before she answers.

"Your deals aren´t worth spit, Allegro. We´ll just see how agonizing I´ll make your death, ginger."

Allegro growls deep in her throath and springs her bow, an arrow instinctly ready to fire. She tilts her head to the side and smiles arrogantly.

"Oh really, Selena? So you wanna play games huh? Then get ready to die, bitch!"

And with that, Allegro fires her bow directly towards Selena´s chest. Selena dodges fluidly and draws her axe up, both of her hands holding firmly at the hilt.


"What the fuck!?"

I turn towards Wario and Ivy, expecting them to lie on the ground dead, but instead the 14 girl points at the Feast table. To my surprise, one of the boys is lying still on the ground, an arrow stuck through his head. Allegro´s missed shot didn´t really miss I guess. Then the shocked air leaves my alliance and the Careers, but just as the fight breaks out again, another distracting kicks in.

"Congratulations to the final 14 of this years Tributes! You have all survived 3 days of intense action and struggling to survive in the Arena, and the Capitol has a very special surprise for you all! It is time, for the Maven´s Test! 14 Tributes enter the challanges, but only 7 come out again!"

When the announcement is finished, everything becomes darker and my eyes close.

The Fallen - Day 3

  • Cameron McClaine - District 1
  • Byron Lumber - District 7
  • Raven Banks - District 11
  • Piper Quinn - District 13

Day 4 - The Maven´s Tests

Zac Slaugther´s PoV - District 6

"Greetings, Zac Slaugther of District 6 and Menius Roceart of District 12, and welcome to Maven Syndra´s test! For this challenge, she´ll test who of you has enough daring, bravery and ambition to reach your goals. You are placed in a room of your own, in front of you both is a staircase, which leads up to a key that can unlock the collar around your necks. But each time you climb a step up the stairs, the collar will send a electrical surge through your bodies. The moment one of you unlock your collar with the key, the other collar will automatically execute its bearer. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!"

My heart starts to beat faster and faster as I understand what I´ll have to do. I eye the pure metal staircas ein front of me with extreme causion, but I can´t just stay here all day. I have to get a move on, there´s no telling if Menius has started the journey up the stairs already. Suddenly, a slightly muffled, ear-wrenching scream penetrated the air. Shit, he´s already started! So without a second´s thougth, I put my foot on the first landing.

Pain as I´ve never felt before shoots through my body the moment it touches the stairs, I can´t hear my scream, my mind is enfulged in the protest my body makes. My muchles starts twitching uncontrollably, my arms fly around and I collapse on all fours. The contains of my insides slop up and cover the floor and sticks to my shirt. I can´t stop my tears from leaking out, I don´t think I´ve ever cried in my life. Except when Mimic died. And that´s what makes me rise up and wipe away the tears and pain. I feel ashamed when I think of what Mimic must think of me right now. Lying here, screaming and crying like a child. I can´t give up, and I hear another scream from Menius. I can´t let District 3 walk free from what they have done. I channel the face of Mimic in front of me and focuses on her proud face as she sees that I won the Games, for her.

So I move mechanically like this, one foot at a time, up the torturous staircase. I don´t think of anything anymore, all my thougths and mind is filled up with memories of Mimic. Her laugther, her smile, her love to me and my love to her. I ignore the pain, ignore Menius´ screams and don´t even think about how tense it is in the Capitol now. And so i ascend the final step and get up on the top floor. That´s when Mimic suddenly gets wiped out of my mind as I see Menius reaching for the key hanging from the ceiling.


All my caution gets thrown out in the wind as I scream and run at Menius, trying to desperately stop him. But I´m not fast enough, he glances at me before he clicks the key in place in his collar. Mimic smiles at me from across the room. It´s not all a loss, we can finally be together again. Inseparable.

Brock Steeltoe - District 14

"Greetings Brock Steeltoe of District 14 and Ariellis Rhineheart of the Capitol, and welcome to Maven Karma´s test! This challenge will test how well you handle under immence pressure. Each of you stand on a thin pillar, and below you lies certain death. You have binds in front of your eyes, and in both of your hands lies some coal. When the gong sounds, the coals will begin to burn and the pillar will start to shake slightly. This is a last stand, quite literally! Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!"

Just as the announcher said, the moment I eat his words my vision gets obscured, I can´t see anything. But I feel my feet standing firmly. The coal in my hands feel rough against the sensitive skin on my palms, and I start to dread the sound my the gong. Across what I expect is some sort of room, I hear another sound breathing but mine, I´m guessing that is my opponent´s, Ariellis. I remember her from my time in the Capitol, the quiet, nervous kind of girl who didn´t say much at all. She´s only 13 years old. But it´s either her or me, and I much prefer it to be me who survives this test. Then the sound of the gong washes always all my thougths.

The first thing that shakes me is the gruesome pain that strikes my hands, and I scream of pain. From across the room I can hear Ariellis´ screams too. Suddenly, the ground underneath me shakes to the left, and I almost lose my balance and fall off. But in the last second I steady myself. My breathing seems to get louder and louder, my palm´s scorching pain almost gets the better of me and I´m about to throw the coal away, but I cleanse my mind and consentrate. I don´t think throwing away the coals will make the Gamemakers too happy, it´ll probably get me killed quicker.

As time goes on, my hope starts to flicker away. I lose any control on how long I have been standing here. Ten minutes? 30? An hour? I don´t know, but I do know that this has to end soon, I can´t take it anymore. When suddenly, my right leg jerks out and I start to swing my arms around to regain balance. I shout and scream and I hear Ariellis´ crying. Why is she crying? Because she knows I´m dead? All the confusion, pain and noise gets the better of me, and I lose my balance. For good.

Ivy Silverdove´s PoV - District 3

"Greetings Wario Wade and Ivy Silverdove of District 3, and welcome to Maven Irelia´s test! You may have been allies for all of the Games´ four days, but that is all to be changed here! Two allies, but only one survivor. Now I will explain the test; you are both placed in identical glass cubes. In front of you are two identical cranks, which will be the key to surviving. When the gong sounds, water will start to flow into one of the cubes. However, by pressing the crank to the right, the water will start to flow into the other´s cube. Who has the strongest will to cheat death? Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!"

I close my eyes hard to stop myself from crying. Before, I was dead scared I´d be faced with a Career Tribute, someone who would probably beat me in the tests. But now I realize that this was the real challenge, the one the Gamemakers were sure would cause the maximum drama. Because I love Wario. I wasn´t certain before, but now I am. He comforted me on the train to the Capitol, encouraged me at the training centre, helped me through the Bloodbath. He saved me from the wrath of Mimic and Zac Slaugther on the second day, and all throughout the Feast he made sure nobody would hurt me. I recall that when it was announced the so-called Maven´s tests, he had just enough time to kiss me before we all blacked out. The memories are too strong for me, I scream and wail, kick and punch the glass. From across the room I can see him, inside his own cube. He´s crying too, his mouth opens but I can´t hear what he´s saying.

How can I kill him? How can I save myself and let him die? The answer is, I can´t. I look over at him again. His face is covered with tears, his green eyes are all washed out. The gong will mark the start of the test any second now. My pulse is rising, the beating of it hurts like hell. Then Wario opens his mouth and breathes at the glass it seems, his breath makes the glass white. He starts writing in the mist, his hands are shaking, it makes it hard to make out what it says.


His face is riddled with sadness, he wants to accept his fate and die. And I finally understand. Nothing that I would say will change his decition, there´s nothing I can do anymore. His look is pleading, I can´t take it anymore. The gong sounds and the water starts flowing into my cube. For a second, his face looks worried, maybe he´s thinking that I won´t let him die. I gulp down and place my hands on the crank, I can´t let him down now. After all we´ve been through together, he deserves to decide his own fate. I turn the crank slowly and carefully around, and I try my best to look the other way. The water stops in my cube, but I know that it has just started in his. I don´t want to see. But in the reflection in the glass, I see him, about half-way submerged in water. He´s writing on the glass again.


Selena Quails´ PoV - District 7

"Greetings Pacster Chalmers of District 2 and Selena Quails of District 7, and welcome to Maven Kayle´s test! This challenge will put your sense of remorse and humanity to the test, who is able to see back and truly be sorry for what they have done? How much pain does this take? Selena, you murdered Sparkle Smith from the Capitol on the night of the first day in cold blood, while you Pacster, killed both Tributes from District 13, Specter Hellraiser and Piper Quinn. Now, when the sound og the gong starts the test, the mirages of these Tributes will return to inflict their last revenges on you two. The first to give in to the pain is the first to die. Once you give in, venomous gasses will lull you into your deaths instantly. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!"

I can´t see anything, even when I open my eyes. They must have put blindfolds on us or something. I can´t move my hands nor my feet. I suspect I´m stuck in some sort contraption. My sense of panic increases. Mirages? I recall back to that time, after the bloodbath, when me, Beta and Blaise were escaping through the woods. The Tribute I killed had tried to steal from my bag while I was stuck in some sort of trap. Beta and Blaise managed to cut me down, and I digged my axe deep into Sparkle´s back. I never acually knew what his name was, until now. It makes me feel terrible over what I´ve done, I killed a boy without even knowing his story or his name. And now he´s back. I´ll just have to hope that since Pacster had to handle two Tributes´ revenges he´ll have an harder time than me.

I feel a cold hand graze over my face, before pulling off my blindfolds. I can´t help but gasp. There he is, the boy I murdered. He has green eyes and shiny blonde hair. His skin is awfully pale, almost unnaturally. When I look at him harder, I notice that his skin seems to shimmer slightly, and his eyes have a small red dot in them, that I awfully enough suspect are camera lenses. What have the Capitol done to this boy? And even worse, what will they make this boy do to me?

"Hello, Selena."

He speaks, and his voice sends a shiver down my spine. His voice isn´t normal, it´s cold and hard as ice, machiene-like. I didn´t know the real Sparkle, but this is definitively not him. His eyes look down on me hardly.

"You know, once I managed to get out of the Bloodbath alive, I acually started to hope. To hope of home, and seeing my family again. But you destroyed it, and my parents cried their loving tears as they watched me die there in the forest. With my blood on your hands."

His icy voice cuts through me, worse than any torture. He´s smiling down at me, looking forward to what he will get to do with me. Now that he has complete control over me. He doesn´t say anything more however, instead he stretches his hand towards a small metal table. His fingers close in on a knife. I scream and beg him to stop, to not do it. He just laughs at me. I start to cry.

"Please! I-I didn´t mean to... I mean.... what was I supposed to do!? Please don´t do this!"

He just laughs as the knife starts to seamlessly cut through my flesh like it was water. Blood spews out and I scream louder and louder. I toss my head back and forth and try to break free of my restrains. I can see the camera lenses inside Sparkle´s eyes zoom in. This is prime entertainment in the Capitol for sure. My pain, their pleasure. I start to twitch and shake uncontrollable, tears mix with blood and Sparkle´s laugther swims through my head. But inside my confused mind is still the thougth: I can´t give up. I have to come through this and win for Dominica.

After what seems like centuries with pain, screams and blood, Sparkle suddenly looks sad. His eyes go dead and I know the cameras have stopped rolling. He drops the knife with a clank to the floor.

"I couldn´t get you to crack...Why didn´t you crack...?"

Then he dissapears into nothingness.

Kokoro Hitogoroshi´s PoV - District 4"

"Greetings Kokoro Hitogoroshi of District 4 and Allegro Rush of District 2, and welcome to Maven Sona´s test! Are you one to get easily manipulated by what you see before your very eyes? Then this challenge will not be for you, as your eyes can get tricked by what you fear the most! Silence is gold here, Allegro and Kokoro. When the gong rings, a nerve gas that causes illuions in your minds, and can create a reality very different and scary than what is acually the here and now. But no matter what you see, you cannot make a single sound. One scream, one gasp, and the gas will seep into your lungs and choke you. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!"

My eyes widen as I see the red-haired Allegro across the room of me. What the hell? This is too easy, I can just ignore the challenge and kill her right now! I don´t have any problems with not having any weapons to use, my bare hands has ended the lives of countless humans already, she won´t be any different. I can tell she is thinking the same thougth as I am, and almost at the same second, we charge at eachother. I roar a war cry, and raise my fists, ready to bring them down on her pretty little face. She looks just as determined to kill me before the test can begin. But right as I´m almost at her, my fists almost sinking into her stomach and chest, a strong force pushes me back, and I crumple down to the ground. What the fuck!? I guess they had to have some sort of barrier or something around us to prevent us to hurt eachother. Smart, I have to say. I breathe in hard as the gong rings across the metal walls.

I hear the nerve gas seeping in into the room, I can even see it. It´s lightly purple and it´s gliding through two ventilation tubes in the ceiling. The gas looks thick, but when I try to touch it slips through my fingers like smoke. Well it is gas anyways, don´t know what I was expecting. And according to the Announcher, it isn´t exactly fairy dust either. Allegro looks at me hardly, but then her eyes suddenly go completely black and she flinches. She shuts her eyes and sticks her arms out in front of her, and starts to fumble towards me. I snort at her foolishness, doesn´t she remember the barrier around us two? Is she really that stupid? She fumbles closer and closer to me. She is starting to freak me out a bit, and that is before she opens her eyes again. They´re gone. Only bloody holes left, staring me down and Allegro is coming closer and closer, she is starting to growl deep in her throath. I clapse my hand in front of my mouth to keep my voice in. I have to tell myself; It´s just the gas, this isn´t real, I need to keep focused...

Allegro is right up in my face now, and her fingertips slowly touch my face. At that moment her body dissolves and turns into a torret of blood spewing over me. I´m paralyzed, not able to move anymore. But I musn´t scream, I have to live for Kodai...

As the thougth swims through my brain, the blood flows down me and I´m instantly sparkling clean. The blood seeps into the ground, before shooting back up like a fountain arrangement. The crimson liquid forms itself as a small, limp form on the ground. What is it? It surely can´t be... No, no, no no! It musn´t be... But it is. The blue hair, the handsome face I love so dearly, the blue and black eyes, but they look oddly dead now... It is Kodai, my brother who is the only one out there who truly can love me and care for me. I remember his sweet lips to me, his grazing touch over my willing, naked body...


I realize it a second before it happens. Kodai´s dead body just sealed my fate. I only wanted to feel his touch one last time...

Bella Mustang´s PoV - District 10

"Greetings Bella Mustang of District 10 and Mistina Seabreeze of District 14, and welcome to Maven Ahri´s test! Ahri, the Maven of love, lust and affection will test your power of mind in this challenge. How far are your deep, inner desires going to lure you into danger? What does it take to dismay all the lures of fate? When the gong sounds, images of your deepest longings and lusts will haunt you and try to lure you into their world. Is your heart and mind strong enough to withstand it? Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!"

You´ve got to be kidding with me. Sexual visions of lust and love? Great now I´m gonna make a fool of myself in front of the entire Panem, and of course there´s the 50/50 chance I´ll also die. I can see Mistina, behind a glass wall, glaring fixated at me. I haven´t seen her since the Bloodbath, the young Career girl from the far-off District 14. To be honest, I thougth she was dead until I glimpsed her at the Feast. But half the time in the Games I thougth I was gonna die any second. Like Piper. It pains me to relive the memory of her body on the ground, a great spear sticking straight into her skull and blood spilling out. Piper who promised me she would get me through the Games when we allied in the Capitol. The caring and tough girl whom I knew as Piper laid on the floor at my feet, dead. And the hovercraft that was gonna transport her home was already scooping her up, snatching the only person who had my back in the Arena. A true ally. The gong sounds just as my tears fall.

First there´s nothing. I stand, puzzled, for a while in the middle of the room. Shouldn´t something had happened by now? I freeze in position, ready for anything and anyone. I start to blush, the Capitol douchebags must be having a real laugh at this. But my mind gets totally blanked when he appears. I can´t help but gasp. He´s everything I would ever dream of. Soft, firm lips with a smile, eyes like a sparkling lake with small flicks of green in them, high cheekbones. I´ve never thougth I´d say this, but I think I´m in love. I can´t help it. He looks so... perfect. He´s wearing a simple black shirt and white pants. But I don´t really care what he´s wearing, as long as he takes them off soon. It´s like he reads my mind, he laughs and starts stripping off.

"Naugthy little girl, aren´t you?"

He smiles and winks at me, and I feel myself melt under his eyes. He strips down until he only has his underwear left. He has perfect arms, perfect chest, perfect back, perfect everything. I start to emit a soft moaning sound, I can´t help myself. How can I stop myself from ripping off my clothes until I stand there naked with him? He admires my body for a while, and I suddenly get the urge to cover myself up again. My appearance puts his looks to shame, I´m ugly, hideous, a monster. He teases the brim of his underwear with his fingers, and I can´t stand it. I scream and run towards him, into his open arms.

"Take me, please! I beg you!"

He looks down on me, and laughs.

"As you wish my lady"

But somewhere, deep into the inner workings of my mind, I remember the cold, bloody corpse of Piper and flinch at his touch. This isn´t the man of my dreams, this is a representation of my desires and lust. he is made by the same people who killed Piper. That is what makes me scream and push him away from me. The humorous and sexy look in his eyes dissapear, and he suddenly looks grim and menacing. I begin to hyperventilate, what is he gonna do to me now? I´m a vurnerable, naked little girl in a room filled with cameras, the men watching is probably oogling my body right now. He starts to walk firmly towards me, and I panic and fall to the ground. He reaches out a hand and grabs my right arm in a hard grip. I scream and try to shake him off, but he doesn´t falter at all. He pins me to the ground and slowly but surely removes his underwear. Screams pierces the air. But it isn´t my screams. I look up, the image is gone. My eyes travel to the left, and through the glass wall I see Peacekeepers storming into the other room to pick up Mistina´s body. Her face has been melted straight off, and so has the skin all across her naked body.

Blaise End´s PoV - District 8

"Welcome Kodai Hitogoroshi of District 4 and Blaise End of District 8, and welcome to Maven Soraka´s test! You are both here at the premises of a challenge to survive, and the other to die. But, what if, that to survive you will have to save the other? Give your enemy salvation, and thereby give yourself a chance to live through the Games and be crowned victorious! When the gong rings and starts the test, the sawblades around your necks will start to slowly move inwards and threathen to cut your throaths up. Work together for your own survival, or die by your own hands. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!"

Instantly when the Announcher finishes, I clapse my hands around the contraption around my neck and try to break it loose. I feel my fingers ripse across the sharp blades, my tears are stuck behind my eyes, the sense of dread is too huge to cry. I flinch at the sight of Kodai across the room of me, he doesn´t look terrified like me however. He looks determined but also somewhat angry. So long as he doesn´t hurt me.

"So, we´re teamworking for now?"

His rough, battered voice gives me goosebumps, he eyes me reproachfully crowching on the floor. It´s plain and simple that he didn´t have this thougth out at all, that he has to work together with me to survive. I know that if the circumstances were different, he would have already killed me by now. I´m not his friend, nor am I his ally. I´m merely his only way to win the Games right now. For a second I feel like refusing to help him, so we´ll both die. I have felt this for the longest time, for my whole life it seems. But in reality it hasn´t been more than three days since Blaze died. I remember I fougth with him and I always shouted at him and cried when he wouldn´t listen to me. But now I realize, I acually did care for him in the end. His death has shattered me, like a window and I can never be whole again. So why not drag crude, disgusting Kodai with me into death?


I´m shocked to hear how small my voice has become, I can barely hear it myself. His look softens, a look I never thougth an evil cunt like him could have. He even smiles, and it acually soothes me. He cares, or at least, he has to care, or he´ll die. Then he does something I certainly did not expect. He crouches down and hugs me. His arms hold me tightly, and for some stupid reason, I feel safe. And then it all comes at once. I start to sob hyserically into his arms and tell him everything. How I ridiculed, screamed at and made him cry. My brother, Blaze. And then he died, and I couldn´t do anything to stop the bleeding, and I left his body there at the Cornucopia. I did love him, even though I never showed it. I was just scared he would understand that I wasn´t worth his time and stop calling for my attention. I was scared to death he would get that I was a horrible person and I wasn´t worthy for someone as kind, genorous and sweet as him. Even though I treated him like shit, he still called me sister and he loved me.

Kodai seemes to sympatize with me, he pats my head and holds me closer to him. I scream and shout that I want it to end, that I want to give Blaze some sort of revenge for every single thing I did wrong. He encourages me, says that if I really want to, that if it really gives me salvation. I beg him to, and he agrees. A knife and ten seconds of intense pain is all it takes before I slip into unconcousness. I feel myself dying, life is flowing out of me like the blood coloring the floor. Where is Kodai going? My mind snaps back again. He did what he needed, give me salvation. He was never kind or understanding. He was a survivor.

That bastard...

The Fallen - Day 4

  • Pacster Chalmers - District 2
  • Wario Wade - District 3
  • Kokoro Hitogoroshi - District 4
  • Zac Slaugther - District 6
  • Blaise End - District 8
  • Brock Steeltoe - District 14
  • Mistina Seabreeze - District 14

The Final Seven

Tribute Training Score Odds
Ariellis Rhineheart (C) --- ---
Allegro Rush (2) --- ---
Ivy Silverdove (3) 5 42-1
Kodai Hitogoroshi (4) 11 3-1
Selena Quails (7) --- ---
Bella Mustang (10) 6 38-1
Menius Roceart (12) 8 20-1

Red: Bad Odds of winning

Orange: Average Odds of winning

Green: Good Odds of winning

Day 5 - We are Gladiators

Allegro Rush´s PoV - District 2

I feel the floor softly shake with the movement, I look outside the window and see the wild outdoors fly past the train in heart-wrinching speed. The air inside the train smells heavily of perfume and mouth-watering food. I try to steady my breathing and the excitement I feel boiling inside me. Only seven of us left now! I can even imagine mom and dad giving interview to the hungry Capitolians, they want to know everything about us all now. What we do with our spare time, friends, boyfriends or girlfriends, anything they can get their hands on. And I´m sure I´m one of the favories to win, exspecially when I look at the lowly bunch around me. Next to me sits the girl from District 3, Ivy, who has been crying for the whole train ride. I thought you´d be happy to be in the running to win the whole shit? I guess not, she has done nothing but sitting in her room, crying her eyes out. Oh well, not my problem who she would destroy her low odds even more by acting like a little bitch. Then there´s Bella from 10 and Selena from 7. They´re not much better than poor little Ivy the crybaby, even thought I have to admire Selena´s guts. She managed to outlast Pacster, a trained Career, under extreme torture. But even so, Pacster did have two past Tributes cutting him up while she only had one. That Menius from 12 is one hell of a nutjob. Decent score at the pre-Games, and he did some mightly impressive stuff in training. Too bad he declined to join the Career alliance. But in the Games I haven´t even heard from him once, he ran away at once at the Bloodbath and kept himself away from everyone. Then there´s little Ariellis, the Capitol´s own little angel. Worst score in the Games, has done nothing but run away and hide from the others. Beats me how she has survived without bowing down to starvation, but maybe she´s not as dumb as she looks.

And of course, the main event, Kodai. I should have knew from the get-go that he would become the biggest threath in the Games. Both him and his sister got 11´s by the Gamemakers. They broke away from our alliance, and has killed both Esca and Cameron from District 1. And if there´s one thing that dear old Kodai will pay for, it´s Cameron´s life. Esca can go to hell, I never liked her anyways. But Cameron was different. He was kind, gentle, not the usual Career type. Like I am. He was selfless, and he died by the Hitogoroshi´s hands, brutally tortured to death. Kodai catches my eye and smiles at me. If only I could choke him until he turns blue right here right now! But the Peacekeepers who are on here with us carefully stated that if we crum a single hair on eachothers heads, we´ll be immediately excecuted on the spot. But I swear to God, when we´re in the new Arena, the first thing I´ll do is track him down and make him pay in blood for Cameron.

"Tributes, return to your rooms, arrival in three minutes."

Menius Roceart´s PoV - District 12

The heavy metal door sweeps away, and reveales a heavily-lit launcher room. This one has more detail than the last one however, with grand, ancient-looking metal shields adorning the walls and lush, beautiful plants around every corner. The audience must really care for everyone of the few of us who are left, if they´re gonna be this genorous with a mere laucher room. I sit down on a soft couch with with silken seats, and wait for my stylist to appear with my new Arena wear. My thougths start to wander as well, to what the Arena will be like. The last one was pretty okay, even thought it was really cold at night and I was near being slaugthered by some freaky mutts chasing me in the woods. That Arena was ginantic, which makes me think that the new one will probably be a lot smaller, since we´re only seven Tributes left anyways. Only seven of us left, and the only real threaths are Allegro from 1 and Kodai from 4! I don´t really care for Bella, Selena and Ivy, I don´t think they have much of a chance anymore. But I´m more careful around Ariellis, a little girl from the Capitol managing to survive for this long, that´s a little unnerving. And that low training score of hers might just have been a ruse to make everyone ridicule her and ignore her to die of starvation. My own chances at this point, while Kodai and Allegro is still alive, are pretty slim, but if they are out of the picture, then I can win. For a mad split second, I imagine myself back home in District 12, in a house in the Victors´ Village. Then my thougths get interrupted by the door opening again. I close my eyes and try to sink into my own thougths and ignore the stylist.


The familiar male voice of someone I forgot a long time ago hits me in the stomach like a mallet, knocking the breath out of me. I bury my head in my lap and try to hide the tears in my eyes. I thougth I´d never hear his voice again, I thougth that he would never find me again. I almost hoped he wouldn´t, even. I feel a hand on my shoulder, and the familiar touch of my father makes the tears fall. He takes my face in his hands and looks me in the eyes. They are just like mine, dark blue, almost black like the night sky.

"Menius, it´s alright, you´ll be ok.."

He draws me into a warming hug, and I can´t help but weep into his chest. I thougth he had forgotten me, my old man. But he´s too late, I´m already in the Games. He can´t save me anymore. I clear my throath, and I´m shocked to hear how rusty my voice sounds.

"Dad, where is Mom?"

"Back home, but don´t worry. She wanted to come with me, but she can´t. I work as a Gamemaker now, and your stylist turned in sick, so I asked if I could present to you your Arena wear personally.

I drink in his words, thirsty for any information that he gives me, I just can´t fanthom that my parents acually cared for me. They never truly forgot me, even though I ran away and left them. Through all these years, without knowing where I was or whether I was alive, they still loved me. Now I can finally get who I heard crying at my Reaping. It was my mother, and Dad probably knew just as it happened, him being a Gamemaker and all that. He wipes away my tears and pats me on the back, before helping me get into the new Arena wear. It is a heavy bronze armor, but not so massive that it hinders movement. I don´t get a helmet however, but for some weird reason I get equiped with a club, my best weapon. The Capitol wants this to be a bloody end-Games for sure. As a final touch, Dad puts a small, rusty pin the shape of a bird, a mockingjay. I recognize it as the token and symbol of Katniss Everdeen, the leader of the Second Rebellion. Dad winks at me. I knew he would never join the Capitol for money.

"The pin is rigged self detonate after five seconds, when the trigger words are registred by the tiny voice modulator."

"What are the words?"

"I love you"

Then he hugs me one final time, before I get ushered into the transportation tube by a voice coming from nowhere. He waves goodbye at me before the tube start to move and I lose sight of him.

Ariellis Rhineheart´s PoV - The Capitol

"Welcome, final seven Tributes of the Justice Games, to the Second Arena! In 30 seconds, the gong will ring and the Games will start in this new Arena. You have all been equiped with your weapon of choice, and body armor. These games are hurteling towards the finale, so good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!"

The transportation tube clicks in place, and I feel hot, humid air careressing my face. I look around me, and see the others standing on pedetals as well, in a circle, just like at the Bloodbath. That seems like an eternity ago now that the Games have come so far. I´m standing next to Menius from 12 and Selena from 7, but what gets me is that there is no supplies or Cornucopia in the middle. But this will still be a bloodbath, there is no way someone won´t die here. I see that we´re in the middle of an old roman colluseum, with rows and rows of benches towards the sky, everything made from stone. There are several pathways out of the colluseum, just like the original Cornucopia Bloodbath. I look around me nervously, hopefully the fact that I´m seen as the weakest link will protect me from the others will to survive. I just have to outlast them and outsmart them, I can´t beat any of them in direct combat. I can almost feel my family watching over me just as the countdown comes down to the last five seconds.







Kodai Hitogoroshi´s PoV - District 4

I don´t even think before I leap off my pedestal. I look around quickly for a target and I spot Allegro at the other end of the circle, walking towards me. She stares at me, and smile curved around her mouth. She is waiting for me. I smirk and draw my daggers up, ready to fight. She has a curved, sharp sword in her right hand, she swings it around a bit before bringing it down in front of her, slicing the air. I feel her eyes burn with anger at me, and I return the look. I know how Kokoro died, as we were able to see the tapes of the Maven´s tests at the train. Allegro is to blame that my dearest Kokoro died, there, and I won´t let her win with my sisters death on her conciousness. It´s like Allegro reads my mind.

"Kodai, do you know how she died?"

"She was gassed to death when she lost the test to you"

I am surprised to see Allegro lean back and throw her head back, laughing hysterically. My smile dissapears, and I feel doubt boil in my chest. We are now no more than four metres away from eachother.

"Oh poor Kodai, don´t even know. See, when Kokoro screamed and effectively killed herself, she started to whine about you, that you couldn´t be dead. I think the gas made her see your body, dead. I didn´t kill your sister, you did."

Her words cut through me like a ice-cold blade, and I fall down on my knees, with my head in my hands. It can´t be true, that I was the one who killed Kokoro. I would never hurt her, so why did I kill her then? My head starts to spin and throb with pain. Deep down, however, another thougth swirls. That Kokoro would not want me to sit and cry about her death, no matter who killed her, she would want me to win and come home. She would want pride and fear for the Hitogoroshi name. I hear Allegro´s sword moving through the air, but when it´s centimetres away, I parry it with my daggers. Then I punch her in the gut, before elbowing her in the back of her head.

She screams before toppling down and falling on her back. I trap her by sitting on her legs before leaning in, my dagger ready to strike. Allegro has lost her slick, flirty voice and understands that she´s trapped. She starts kicking and screaming.

"Help! HELP!!"

But of course, there is nobody who can help her. And I stab her in the chest, and she starts weeping. But she is still smiling at me, and I don´t understand. Why is this bitch smiling when she is seconds away from dying just like all her pathetic allies before her?

"Why the fuck are you smiling, huh? You wanna have a "nice" death, a "honorable" one? Do you wanna smile to death when he comes for you, huh, is that it? Well let me tell you, death is never nice, or honorable. When you die, you are gone for good. Just another cold body in a graveyard."

Then she does something I´d never expect she would, she starts laughing and I start to punch her in the face, hoping to knock her out for good. She is gurgeling on her own blood.

"Burn in hell Kodai Hitogoroshi."

And with that, she slices at my left hand and cuts it clean off, before her eyes close for good.


Ivy Silverdove´s PoV - District 3

I stand at the edge of the colluseum center, staring transfixated at Kodai from 4 as he screams in agony, his cut off hand twitching in the sand. The stump after Allegro´s sword is spweing out blood, I can see the bones and arteries inside it. But I know the distraction from his pain will not last long, and I have to get the hell out of here before he recovers. Ariellis, Bella and Menius has already ran away, it was the first thing they did when they arrived in the new Arena. But me and Selena are still here, watching Kodai squirm with pain on the ground. It gives me a sense of satisfaction, the cruel monsterous Kodai Hitogoroshi paying for all the lives he´s claimed. The little boy from District 1. Blaise. And now Allegro, his biggest opponent. He deserves every single drip of blood out of his hands, I just wish I could give him more. But he is way stronger than both me and Selena combined, and he would kill us both no problem if we stayed to fight.

"Come on, Ivy, let´s go. I don´t wanna watch this anymore"

How can she say that? Doesn´t she get that this is the least of what he deserves? A transaction of three lives for a hand is pathetic. I don´t feel like going anymore, but Selena grabs my arm and forces me to run away from here, out of a long, narrow corridor. I don´t like it here, it is completely dark and the light of the sunlight coming into the colluseum on the other end gets worse and worse until we´re both succumbed in total darkness. I don´t like the dark, and I certainly don´t like narrow passageways, but I don´t say anything, and gradually, my eyes start to get used to the gloom of the tunnel. I can see Selena´s white hair and her hand with a strong grip on my arm, pulling me forward. I´m glad I have her as an ally, she has been my lifesaver so many times. My thougths go to all my allies, whom I´ve watched die. Laurel jumping in front of the 1 boy´s machete for me, saving me but killing her. Blaze who´s blooded corpse still burns into my eyelids at night. And of course, Wario, who I watched drown to death in the Maven´s test.

When Wario crosses my mind, I can´t hold back the tears. Why didn´t I let myself drown so he could live. He said he wanted to die, but I didn´t have to take his order. I should have died for him, but instead I watched the air flow out of him and the water crush his life. He´s gone now, I remind myself, and instead of hanging back in the past I have to cherish all the memories I have of him. His comforting hug at the Reaping. His tutoring at the Training Centre made me feel confident with myself. His loving advice for my interview. I remember all too clearly how he saved me from the wrath of the Slaugther twins on the second day. How he made sure nobody would hurt me at the Feast. But then the unthinkable happened, we were faced against eachother in the Tests. Of course, just another cruel twist on the Gamemaker´s side, they were just making sure the maximum amount of drama and suspense would thrill those horrible Capitol dogs. But then all of a sudden, I hear a loud crash behind me.

I scream as I realize the tunnel is collapsing over our heads, the whole thing is about to come down on us.


I scream and yell to my ally, but instead of running faster she stops, and the passageway is so narrow I can´t run past her. What the fuck is she doing? Is she gonna leave me here to die?

"Selena, what are you doing!? Move, please!"

The tears spill over again, but Selena keeps standing there, frozen. She has a calm, knowing smile on her lips, and then leans in to hug me. She is crying too.

"Ivy, run. Get out of here, only one of us can make it. I want you to win, and if you do, please tell Dominica that I´m sorry. And that I love her"

And then without warning, Selena lifts me over her head and pushes me the other way, away from her and the crash of faling rubble. I try to run back to her, but she just pushes me away. I cry and scream, but to no use. Selena is focused on dying for my well-being. And I once again, let my allies die. I run for the exit, and the lonely boom of Selena´s cannon is barely audible over the tunnel breaking down. I see the light, finally, and I just barely manage to throw myself out of the tunnel before it all comes crashing down in a loud bang. I can´t see anything through the dustclouds forming, and I black out fo fatigue.

Bella Mustang´s PoV - District 10

The distant rumble of the colluseum´s sad demise shakes through my body and almost makes me lose my balance, but my feet keep their usual fast-paced desperate run. I know I have to put as much distance between me and the other Tributes and fast too, or the bigger threaths can hunt me down and kill me in seconds. This new Arena is very beutiful, but not very big. There´s the colluseum in the distance, and then great stone building circeling it, like ripped straight out of the legends of Ancient Rome. I knew from the second I ascended into this new Arena that I had to run away, as the combined threath of Kodai from District 4 and Allegro from 2 was too great. They would have cut me down before I would even know what was happening. I know I did the best choice with running away, because even if Kodai and Allegro somehow died, there are still Tributes stronger than me left. Namely Selena from District 7 and Menius from 12, the risk just wasn´t worth it. But I know form a fact that I heard at least two cannons today, one before the colluseum collapsed, and one as it was crashing downwards. Two cannons sounded, which means that there´s still four other kids out there who want nothing more than kill me to heighten their chances to win. The good thing about this new Arena is that I got this great bow, and all these arrows. The bow is a sleek, dark grey metal bow with excellent flow in it´s shooting, I tried it on a wall a few times. But all the other Tributes also got their signature weapons, so there´s nobody out there who won´t attack on sight. Allies will turn on eachother, rivalries will be ever stronger, it´s every Tribute for themselves at this point now.

I keep up a relatvitely speedy sprint for at least ten more minutes before I fall down, sitting up one of the walls of a stone building, trying to catch my breath. I think I have managed to get far away enough now, hopefully Kodai and Allegro won´t be able to catch me anymore. The bad thing though, is that there was no supplies at all at the Bloodbath, and we didn´t get back any of our old stuff after the Maven´s Tests ended. Which means I only have this last bow and a quiver of fifteen arrows to spare. The Gamemakers want these Games to end soon, I can tell. There is no resources here, no food or shelter, only a few small fountains of water scattered around. Forcing us to fight more bloody than ever, while still ensuring that we won´t perish from dehydration any time soon. Which also leaves the survivalist strategy of outlasting everyone totally useless, like the Capitol girl is obviously trying. But she can´t do that anymore, as she´ll probably die faster than me and the other ones, as she had had luxury on a silver platter her whole life. She won´t last long in this Arena.

That´s when I see something that sticks very far out from this dusty, stone landscape. Something vibrantly light blue, on the rooftop of the building next to me. I look up and see the little girl from the Capitol who my thougths have been concerning for the last five minutes up there, silently watching me. Then she notices that I´m watching her, and she quickly starts running over the roof and out of sight. But I don´t let her get away, she has to die for me to win, right? I start running the direction she took on the roof, and soon I have her in my sight. I climb the building slowly and hook myself up on the building. There she is, cornered with nowhere to jump to without falling to her death. She turns my way, and for some reason she´s crying. She is weeping at me, walking back and forth trying to find a way out of the mess she´s landed herself in. She turns to me again and speaks.

"Please don´t do it. I-I don´t want to die!"

She almost gets me with her cowardly, pityful act. But I know better. And before she gets to open her mouth anymore, I aim my bow at her heart and sends an arrow at her. But she is too fast, she swipes her steel claws and cuts my arrow plain in two. Now she´s running at me, at a sharp pace. I knew it, the moment the innocent crying girl facade failed, she would not hesitate to kill me. I desperately try to nail her with my arrows, but she just sidesteps them and comes closer and closer. In a few seconds she´ll be on me, and her claws will be much more useful in close combat than my bow. I give myself one last arrow to kill her, my last resort. I know she´ll try to sidestep it, or counter it with her claws, I have to think one step more than this girl. That´s why I start to aim for her stomach, a bit to the left of her. She starts to get ready to parry the shot, but at the last second I redial and send the arrow flying for her skull. She has nothing she could say to that, and the arrow digs deep into her forehead. She falls over at once, less than three metres away from me. BOOM!

I fall down as well though, the effort of running across the whole Arena in a day and then having to duel with the sneakiest Tribute in the Games has completely exacusted me. Oh what an easy target I am now! If a Tribute would find me now, they could just push me off the roof and I would die. But of course, with three deaths today, there is only four of us left. Only four left... That thougth causes some confusing for me, I never thougth I´d make it this far. I grasp my pendant in my palms and told it with all my strength. As the rush of emtions connected to the pendant flies through me, it feels like it´s almost giving me strength. Enough strength so I can rise up from the roof and watch as the sun descends the sky. I can feel my family watching me right now, their gazes hopeful. Dad, mom. Reece, Alida, Leonie, Tiegan, Seb. I have given them hope that I will return home. I can´t let them down now.

Menius Roceart´s PoV - District 12

"The pin is rigged self detonate after five seconds, when the trigger words are registred by the tiny voice modulator."

"What are the words?"

"I love you"

My father´s last words before I got launched into the Games again still ring throughout my head, haunting me with the simplicity. I have the ultimate weapon to win the Games, and come back to mom and dad. They are both in the rebellion against the Capitol however, so using the pin might not be as easy as it seems. Detonating it to win the Games may even get me killed by the Gamemakers for rebelling, but they have to have a Victor right? They can´t just have the Games end with no Victor, that will cause a riot in the Capitol. The Games are entertainment, after all, and they can´t let the crowd down. But letting me use an over a hundred years old symbol of rebellion to cheat my way to victory might not be too popular. But I know that I have to keep hold of the pin, like it or not, it will undoubtably be useful sometime in the near future.

All around me the night is closing in on the Arena, plunging me and my surroundings into almost total darkness. Only the night moon lights up the darkness world slightly, but except for that I can hardly see ahead of my hand. This Arena won´t make any of us last very long, it´s warm, with no food and very little space to go on. The Gamemakers want the Games to end soon enough, and with only four Tributes left uncluding me, they will for sure be done in a few days time. I drag my tired, sore feet across the roman streets, holding my club high over my head in case something jumps at me. I except Kodai to jump at me at any given time, but nothing comes and I keep trekking through the suffocating darkness. My senses have never been this twitchy or nervous, since I know that I can die in a second. The 10 girl, Bella, can nail me with a hail or arrows from the rooftops, Allegro from 2 can appear out of the dark corners and spear my guts. The possiblities with such a small Arena is endless, and I can never be careful or scared enough. Well, I guess scared isn´t really the right word, I know I have a good shot at this. I tick off the Tributes who are still alive, but I take into consideration three cannons have been shot. The tiny Capitol girl with the blue hair and steel claws. Allegro from 2, the only Career pack member left in the Games. The weak, lovesick girl from District 3, Ivy or whatever. Kodai Hitogoroshi, the clear alpha Tribute. Selena from 7, the surprisingly strong girl with some backbone. The girl with the bow and arrows who I haven´t really heard much from, Bella. And last but not least, me. But three of my competitors are dead, though. I just hope the fatalities include Kodai or Allegro or both.

Just as I cross the street to a new clump of buildings, the anthem of Panem rings out over all the Arena and I look up, crossing my fingers for the last remaining Careers to be dead. The first dead Tribute shown is a dissapointment, but not surprising at all, it´s the girl from the Capitol. Her round, innocent face shines down on me for a few seconds, before it dissapears for good, just like her life. Next is the best thing that has ever happened to me this day, Allegro from 2 is shown. Her smirking, confident face smiles down at me, unknowing that she is dead and well on her way home to District 2. Before the last death is shown, I pray with all my spirit for it to be Kodai, please be Kodai, please be Kodai...

And it´s not, it´s Selena from District 7 instead. My shoulders sink as the whole punch of my situation hits me like a sledgehammer. Four of us left, the whiny girl from District 3, Bella, me, and of course, Kodai. The Games might as well be over by now, he didn´t get an 11 in training for nothing and the rest of us are all hopeless underdogs. I feel the tears pressing on, but I don´t allow myself to show emotion. Sponsors can be very crutial, and I can´t count myself out of the running just yet. I have to try at least, for my parents and the Rebellion. It´s not in my blood to give up.

I poke around the buildings a bit more before I find a decent hiding place. A very narrow street in between two houses which gives me concealment from anyone who might pass through this part of the Arena but allows me to peek outside and see. I squeeze inside it and try to make myself as comfortable as I can be. My shoulderblade is jammed a bit, so it´ll be hard to get out of this place fast, but as long as I´m not found I should be fine to sleep here. I know the cameras can´t get a good shot of me crammed in here, so I can finally let all the tears fall. It´s refreshing to finally be able to let it go, all this frustration and tension I´ve been building up for many days. I slowly but surely cry myself to sleep.

The Fallen - Day 5

  • Ariellis Rhineheart - The Capitol
  • Allegro Rush - District 2
  • Selena Quails - District 7

The Final Four

Tribute Training Score Odds
Ivy Silverdove (3) 5 60-1
Kodai Hitogoroshi (4) 11 2-1
Bella Mustang (10) 6 50-1
Menius Roceart (12) 8 33-1

Day 6 - The Beginning of The End

Ivy Silverdove´s PoV - District 3

I am awakened by the golden morning light from the mist of my dreams. I sigh, it was such a great dream and I already miss it. In the dream, nothing of this had ever happened. I was eating breakfast with my family, mom and dad. And Iris, my best friend. She was just like I remembered her, smiling and laughing. In the dream, she was never reaped for the Hunger Games, she never died by the hands of a raving maniac in the Games´ second to last day. Wario was in the dream, too. Unharmed, unscaved and with no sign of trauma, and he kissed me just like he kissed me here in the Arena. My parents accepted him and loved him like he was their own son. Everything was perfect. But now I´m tossed back into reality, back into the Arena where I´m all alone, except for three other people who all wish to end my life. The more I think about my competition, the more the little courage I had fades away. How am I supposed to kill them? They have all showed themselves capable to win, as they have all survived this torturous nightmare by themselves. But I have never been alone, there has always been someone to protect me. Laurel, who shielded my body with her own, and paid in blood. Wario, who drowned in the Maven´s test so I could survive. And now Selena, who pushed me out of the colluseum, knowing full well that she would die for it. What a coward I am. I have done nothing but run and hide behind my allies, my friends, throughout the Games. I can never even phantom the thougth of killing another person, but I know I have to. I can´t make all my allies´ sacrifice have been for nothing. Wario, Selena, Blaze and Blaise, Laurel and Beta. All dead, but I am still here.

Then, so low that I can hardly hear it, a faint beeping noise reaches my ears. I jerk up and quickly look around me, but I don´t see anyone. I fell asleep at some sort of square, with flower arrangements and a fountain in the middle, on the ground. It´s a miracle nobody has found me and killed me during the night, and I praise the skies for that miracle. I can hear the beeping sound increaing, but I can´t pin-point where it´s coming from. Until I look directly up and see a shining silver parachute sailing down in the sunlight. A sponsor! I quickly rise up and snatch the parachute into my hands. It´s quite large, and my arms weakned from exaution drops to the ground from the sheer weight. I open it with shaking fingers and see a large basket filled to the brim with food. Apples, rich cheese, a whole gallon of milk, white bread, tons of vegetables still hot. I can barely contain my mouth and I waffle it down. But I´m careful to not eat too quickly, or I´ll probably just throw it all up again. And I don´t want to waste this food. I get bits of baked potato and some milk onto my body armor, but I couldn´t care less. At the bottom of the basket lies a note and a cleaver, the cleaver I´m guessing is some sort of weapon, but I´d never use it. The note intriques me, I pick it up and read it to myself.

I made it myself, Ivy, I hope you like it. Please don´t give up, we believe in you. All of District 3 believes in you, Ivy, so don´t give up hope. This is all the help we could afford to give you, I just hope it´s enough. Your father and I love you so very much, and we can´t afford the thougth of losing you. Good luck.

I stop eating as I analyse the note. From my parents, packed with the whole of District 3´s belief that I can win. And now, with all my allies´ lives in my consiousness and with all of District 3 behind me and praying for me, I won´t give up. I want to win, to become a Victor and survive all of this. I want to come back to my parents again, and host proper funerals for Wario and all the others I´m responsible for. I know the Games will be tough, with the likes of Kodai, Menius and Bella still out there. But I have hope now, and that´s something they can never take away from me.

Kodai Hitogoroshi´s PoV - District 4

The white, soft bandages gently wrap around the stump where my hand should have been. I curse Allegro´s name under my breath as I try to hold the bandages in place with my index finger while rummaging my backpack for some duct tape or something. I was fortunate that some rich bastards in the Capitol sent me a full-loaded backpack of supplies after my battle with Allegro, or else I could easily had died from blood loss. I know betting has to be hot on me if someone is willing to spend so much money, the pack had to had cost more than half the boats in District 4 since it´s so late into the Games. Sponor items are now at ginormous prices, and only the Capitol people would ever be albe to afford it. I´m very thankful for the gift, because even though I migth had been able to survive the loss of my hand, I don´t think I would be in the running for winning anymore. But of course, I can´t give all the credit for my survival to my sponsors. When the colluseum started collapsing over my head, I only had about five seconds to act or die. I ran for a pathway and managed to scarely make it out alive. But somehow, I don´t think the Gamemakers would had let me die in there, I saw how the people of the Capitol cheered for me when the train to the new Arena left. They are rooting for me, I´m basicly a celebrity in the Capitol right now. I can only dream of what richest I will be granted once I win. I will have unlimited power and control. And hopefully Kokoro will be happy that I have brougth fame and honor to our name, forever.

I put a tape on my bandages and softly shake my arm up and down to test the durability of it. It doesn´t fall off, good. I will have to change it regularily, the backpack didn´t have any kinds of medicine or pills to fight off an infection. I stand up and shake off the dust that had settled on me during the night. The dull morning light is coming through the window to my left, blinding me for a bit. I am where I set up camp yesterday, in one of the many ancient buildings around the colluseum. From the window I can acually still see the remains, like a hollow skeleton. I tuck my sleeping bag into my pack and sling it onto my back. I am careful not to make any sounds as I carefully descend down the staircase. The only sounds I hear is the shuffeling of my steps and my own ragged breathing. It´s time to get out there, and hunt for the remaining contestants. I have a spear in my right hand, but I also have at least a dousin daggers in my backpack should I need them. But I think the spears long range will be a lot more helpful against the other Tributes. As far as I know, only one of them, the girl from District 10, has a ranged weapon. She has a bow, but she only got a 6 in training, so I trust in my ability to dodge and deflect. The other two are the 3 girl and boy from District 12. Out of them all, my biggest concern in the 12 dude. He did get an 8, which is not bad for a runt from 12, and he´s not to be underestimated.

I carefully slide through the broad door opening and pause to take in the cold, fresh air. What a great day for slaugther! Today, I´m merely gonna roam around the Arena and kill anyone I find. I estimate that I will use about three hours to cover the entire Arena, so I´ll also get loads of time off. If any of the weaklings try to assault me, I´ll just kill them. As long as I play my cards right, they have no chance. And with that, I start to whistle and begin my round across the Arena.

Bella Mustang´s PoV - District 10

I can hardly believe what my eyes are telling me, it takes a lot of me to not scream as I watch the bulking, blue-haired figure of Kodai casually stroll around, right outside my hiding place. He is holding a sharp-looking spear in his right hand, while his left is nothing but a bloody stump covered in bandages. What are the odds for him showing up here? Right outside my camp. I had pitched up inside one of the smaller buildings, in the basement. I was just going outside to scan the field and get some fresh air. And I´m greeted with what might very well be the person to kill me. My breathing is heavy, but I cover my mouth and try not to breathe too loudly. Any unnatural sound, anything out of the ordinary might reveal my location and I know the moment Kodai reallizes that there´s a free kill just sitting a fwe metres away from him, I´m dead meat. I´m just behind the door into my building, and as he slowly walks by, I pray that he won´t check in here, please don´t check in here...

But as always, my odds are shit, and he turns around and sees the door half-open. First he looks puzzled, but then his face splits into a bone-chilling grin. Doors don´t open all on their own. I realize I´m busted, and I scamper. I run like hell for the staircase leading up to the second floor, all discreetless thrown to the wind. I hear his manical cackle as I scream and run up the stone steps. I have to get away, but where? I arrive at the second floor and instantly run for the windows. I can hear his slow steps up the stairs, he´s enjoying playing with me. Watching me squirm and try to run away, like a wounded animal. The sick bastard. I know my only chance to get away from him is through the windows now, but it is at least six metres down. Even if I muster up enough courage to jump out, there is no telling if I´ll be horribly in shambles when I land. What if I break my legs and can´t move. Then he´ll surely make my death even more agonizing. I can stay here and try to shoot him as he arrives, but my bow is in my bag, useless as its on the first floor. I curse myself for being so stupid as to leave it there. The sound of is feet draws nearer and nearer, and I know my window of time is closing. So I take a deep breath, close my eyes and toss myself out of the window.

I know from the moment my body crashes to the ground that to do this was a huge and potentionally fatal mistake. I yell in pain and roll further down the paved streets, before finally coming to a halt, shaking from all the pain. The pain in my legs are so intense I can hardly tell that I have legs, and gentle streams of blood is pourings from wounds all across my body. I want to scream and shout to myself, how bad of an idea to jump out of the window was. I should probably just had stood and tried to overpower him, then I would had at least stood a chance. Miniscule odds, but odds still. Now, I´m left to lie here until Kodai comes back down and finishes me off. I told back my tears the bast I can when I see him walking out of the floor towards me. He is completely calm, but with a winning smile on his lips. My scream is stuck in my throath, but who would come and help me anyways. Not my fellow Tributes that´s for sure. I bet some of them are even watching from a distance right now, as I´m about to be slaugthered by this maniac. In that case they´re not any better than him. As Kodai leans over my broken body, I make one last attempt to fight back. I try to punch his ugly mug, but my arm is so weak I can´t even lift it. His wild laugther fills my ears.

"Oooh, silly little girl. Thougth you could sprout wings and fly?"

He says and breaks into more fits of uncontrollable laugther. I bet the Capitol is laughing with him. I think of my family and that they are probably watching me shaking on the ground like a cornered bug. I don´t want my family to see this, but of course, I´m probably filling up every single television screen in Panem. This is the best part of the Games entertainment wise.

"Come on, Kodai. Make it quick."

I almost beg him, but he only smiles more broadly and chuckles. His voice is like an ice-cold blade slicing over my spine.

"No, little girl. I think we two need some quality alone time together."

Menius Roceart´s PoV - District 12

The ground under my feet shifts and flies past me as I run towards the two figures on the ground at the other end of the street. I am full aware of what I´m doing, yet I´m still not running away and saving myself. I am done hiding from Kodai, and I won´t let him hurt another person ever again. I know my parents wanted me to win, and that I also had great motivation to win for myself. The rebellion from the rule of the Capitol will be done, no matter what the cost. I know exactly how I´m gonna use my secret weapon in the Games, my pin. My pin which is rigged to self-detonate at will. My mind is completely blank like a paper as I thunder towards Kodai and Bella. I don´t know where Ivy is, and neither do I care, as long as she is long away from here. I don´t care who the fuck wins, as long as it´s not Kodai. As long as the rebellion lives on without me. I´m drawing closer and closer to the stuggling figures on the ground, and I see that Kodai is about to pull down Bella´s trousers. She is screaming and pleading him to stop, but he just laughs. He is so preoccupied with Bella that he doesn´t even notice that I´m running towards him. When I´m only four metres away, he looks up and sees me. But a bit too late. I kick him in the face and send him flying backwards.

"Get the fuck away from her."

I spit out the words, before hoisiting Bella up from the ground. She is crying and is obviously still in shock. Kodai is down for the moment, but he won´t be for too long. I have to act quick. I help Bella get her trousers back on and try to get her to run before I realize she doesn´t have the energy to. She can hardly stand and she is shaking like a leaf in the wind. Her face is wet from all her tears and she is talking to me in a hushed voice.

"Why did you do that? You could had... left me.. now we´re both gonna die!"

She is crying again. I know she is right, Kodai won´t give up until he has killed me now. I flinch as I hear shuffeling behind me, I turn and see Kodai slowly rising to his feet, blood pouring out of his nose, which is bent painfully to the right. Ouch, that´s gotta hurt. Not anything compared to the world of pain he´s about to put me through however. I get a sudden rush of bravery, and I start shouting at Kodai.

"Why not pick a fair fight, you pussy? Come at me!"

Bella looks at me with saddened eyes, and I push her away. She has to get out, or she´ll get caugth in the crossfire. Only Kodai had to die. She takes the hint, and starts to slowly halt her way away, I watch her until she hobbles out of sight beyond a few buildings. I turn towards Kodai again, with newfound strength. To say that he looks anrgy would be an understatement. He looks like he just escaped from the depths of hell. His pupils miniscule and pitch-black. His bandages ripped off and blood dripping out of his stump of a left hand. He grabs his spear with his hand and roar as he runs me down. In the last second, with his breath in my face, I knock his spear away with my club. It flies off and out of sight. I sigh in relief, I did not think that would work acually. But then he starts to pull out sharp, silver knives from his backpack, and I know he´s screwed. Any other hope I ever had is gone, and I have to stick to my original plan. But just as I clip my pin off my shirt, a sharp pain embraces me and I see that a knife is sticking straight out of my chest. I see Kodai´s smirking face before I fall off of my feet.

But I won´t die without pulling him with me into his death. And with my father´s smiling face before me, I unlock the pin and throw it straight ahead of me, where I know Kodai stands.

"I love you"

I say the wods my father told me in the launch room, count five seconds and feel myself losing conciousness as torrents of fire and smoke fill the world around me.

Ivy Silverdove´s PoV - District 3

An explosion like no other I´ve ever heard in my life shakes throughout the air around me and knocks me to the ground. My head is spinning around and my vision goes foggy by the sheer force of the blow. I hear a faint sound, like a wind, but it´s coming from inside my ears. I have heard and even ben witness to explosions before back home in District 3, they are an almost daily affair in the many factories, either accidental or made to test the bombs made there. But never have I experienced this kind of explosion, my whole body is shaking where I lie down on the ground. Bits of rubble and stone hail down on me, one hits me hard in the head but I´m too shaken to move right now. The smoke is so thick I can barely see my hands in front of me, and I hear the crackeling of multible flames somewhere. What happened? Could the Gamemakers had concluded that the Games were moving too slowly and they had to spice things up? I don´t know if anyone died, however, and neither do I try to, since my hearing is pretty much nonexcistent. After lying like this, immobile and unable to recognize real from imaginary, for what seems like forever, I slowly pull myself up and scan the area around me.

I see the signature gigantic pile of rubble after the Colluseum in front of me, it´s recognizeable from the rest because it´s a lot bigger than the other buildings. The rubble has caugth fire and the intimidating form of it shakes the very core of me. I know where the Gamemakers want the Games to end now, in the middle of the most dramatic scenery in any Games ever. A demolished ancient city. I bet the Capitol is already looking forward to it. But where are the other Tributes? I can´t know if they´re dead or alive, and for a few seconds I think that maybe they all perished in the explosion and I´m the Victor. But I know that´s false, cause if that was the case then I´d already be inside a Hovercraft by now, on my way to the safety of the Capitol. There has to be at least one Tribute left then, and I can hardly think that not a single life was lost in the explosion. Somewhere in this Arena is another soul, the last Tribute between me and the Victor´s crown. But where? And who is it? I know that if Menius or Kodai or both of them are still alive, then I´m a goner. But if both of them are dead, and it´s only Bella from District 10 left, then I might stand a chance.

Slowly, but surely, I make my way towards where I spent last night, and I am pleasantly surprised to see that the house I took refugee in hasn´t been blown to bits. I climb through the completely destroyed entrance, but I don´t really care that I´m in full sight anymore. If anyone wants to kill me, they´ll have to fight me first. And I´ll make sure they will regret their decition. I am done hiding behind others and running away. I am determined to win, and neither Kodai, Bella or Menius can change that. I sit down and lean on the sturdy stone wall as the seal of Panem appears in the sky, visible from the window. I take in each and every symphony of the anthem as the Fallen are shown. The first casualty of the day manages to knock the breath straight out of me. It´s Kodai. I´m guessing he died in the explosion, but I still find it hard to understand that he´s really dead, even though the proof shines brightly in front of my eyes. Kodai, with more blood on his hands than you can imagine, with an 11 in training, the one who was pointed out all from the start to be the biggest competitor, dead. I soon find myself laughing, a raspy, sore laugther which doesn´t have anything with humour to do. I am simply so awestruck that Kodai is finally dead. I am laughing of fear, because now that he is gone, the other Tributes will be shifting their focus on someone else, perhaps a weak loner girl who has no paticular talents? The next death is also quite a shock, it´s Menius, though I´m not exactly sad to see him dead. And that leaves me and Bella, the weak girls from the outsider Districts. Somehow I feel a storng connection to Bella, we are very alike. But she has to die for me to survive. The thougth soon turns into a vivid image of myself holding the victor´s crown over my head, smiling brightly and reuniting with my family. And the image turns into dreams and before I know it I´m deep asleep.

The Fallen - Day 6

  • Kodai Hitogoroshi - District 4
  • Menius Roceart - District 12

Day 7 - Final Spark

Bella Mustang´s PoV - District 10

"Congratulations to Ivy Silverdove of District 3 and Bella Mustang of District 10, for being the final two Tributes left alive! All of your previous competitors are now long gone and dead, but you two have been able to survive six intense days in the Hunger Games. For that, we congratulate you both and honor your courage. But as you know, only one may win. Thereby we invite you both to come to the Colluseum ruins today, and see the end of these Games. May the odds be ever in your favor!"

I drink in the announcher´s words as the gentle rays of sunlight pours across my face and obscures my vision. Only Ivy and me left now, we´re probably the most unlikely finalists the Capitol could ever think of. I wonder if a sponsor is already banging his fist into the table, angry and humiliated that he put all his money on a Tribute who ended up on losing. I bet the people who sponsored Career Tributes feel pretty annoyed by this point, as all of them are dead, none of them present in the final day. Speaking of sponsors, I suddenly hear the familiar beep of the silver parachute that means someone has faith in me. I look up and watch a sponsor gift slowly sail through the open window and land softly in my lap. The image of the little parachute lying in front of me brings me memories of the second day, in the first Arena. I got a sponsor gift, a small sword, and I remember my amazement. How someone acually had hopes that I would win. With countless other Tributes left, with higher training scores than me and more kills, someone had faith in me. And I guess they weren´t wrong, I have managed to survive for this long. But my family has always had faith in me. I remember their hopeless, grieving looks when I Volunteered for Tiegan. My sweet twin Tiegan, who never was quite the same after she saw that man die and who was oh so reluctant towards learning how to shoot at first. As I sit here, drinking in all my memories of Tiegan, I know for sure I made the right choice by Volunteering. I could never had left her to die in the Games. And if I win, I don´t need to hunt to help all my relatives, there will be enough riches and food for everyone. They don´t have to live like that anymore, even if they don´t want to live in the Victors´ Village. But I also know that to win, I have to kill Ivy. But what is one mere human life to save all my family? I have to trade an eye for a heart, a worthy sacrifice. I snap back to reality and rip open the lid of the parachute and find that it contains a spear and some peculiar yellowish brown strands of hair. But then I smell it and realize it´s hair from Cerelia, and I smile. My family has sent this, not only the spear but also the pleasant feel of Cerelia, even though she is home in District 10, she is still with me. I grab the spear and carefully crawl out of my camp, heading for the Colluseum.

I know she´ll be heading for it too, and I make sure I have my bow at my side, loaded and ready to bring death to my enemy. I move slow, but with determination, and I keep an hawk-eye over my surroundings so I won´t fall into a trap of some sorts. I don´t remember what kind of weapon Ivy has, hopefully not some kind of ranged weapon, because if so she could snipe me from the rooftops if I´m not careful. My ears are sharp as nails, but there is nothing to pick up, it seems like theArena is set on some sort of pause. I don´t hear a single sound and I don´t feel any wind in the air, or movement at all. This is starting to creep me out, but I brush it off and keep trekking towards my goal. I finally arrive at the crumbeling remains, black with soot from the explosion yesterday. There´s dried blood everywhere, and I try not to think that that might be Menius´ blood, and it should have been mine. But that wasn´t in his plans. I start to climb up on the pile of rubble, and scout around the area. Nothing of interest, no movement, no nothing. I am just about to go down again so I can have a poke around the edges when I suddenly hear a sound, the only sound I´ve heard all day except from my parachute. The sharp swish of a blade moving through air. I have just enough time to duck and feel the knife cut straight through my hair. Without thinking, I raise my spear and throw it at her, but she throws herself to the left. Ivy. There she is. The final spark of life left in this damned hell of a Games. Her hair is wild and frizzy, some of it has burned off. Her armor is stained and dirty, but I´m sure mine is too. She has a wild, ferocious look on her face. She is different than the crying girl on the train. She is dangerous, and she wants more than nothing to kill me. But I won´t let her. I will return to my family.

Ivy Silverdove´s PoV - District 3

"Come on, let´s end this." Bella´s calm, but firm voice rings across the rubble and soot. It´s like the Arena is holding it´s breath, waiting for us to do the first move. Bella stands before me, only a few metres separating us. She shows no emotion in her pale, freckled face, but I know she is just as ready to draw blood as I am. It´s like we´ve come to a temporary truce, both of us are just standing here, staring the other down. And waiting, waiting for the other to attack. My muschles tensen up, my palms are sweating and my cleaver is slippery with sweat. I focus and try to notice every single little detail about the girl in front of me. Her quiver, filled with eight maybe nine arrows, ready to shoot and kill me. Her spear, with a very sharp point and poised to lunge at me. Her eyes switch all around the battlefield, her expressions twitchy. I know I can´t postpone the inevitable anymore, or else the Gamemakers will full another sick twist on us to force us to fight. So I run at Bella and swing my cleaver at her head, hoping to end this fast. However, she quickly ducks and retaliates by throwing her spear. It flies through the air and almost impales me, but I jump backwards and watch it bore into the rocks. I look around, and see Bella is running away. Why is she running? She knows we have to finish this now, or it will be worse for both of us. Then I get it, she is lining up the perfect shot. She loads an arrow into her bow and fires. I scream and lift my arm to fend it off. Another scream escapes my lips as the arrow´s head digs deep into my arm, I can almost feel it scraping against the bone. But at least I have the sense to rip it out before it causes any more damage. Bella is loading another shot, I have to get to her and stop her from shooting me. I hold my injured arm into my body and start running at her, sprinting across the rubble. Arrow after arrow swoop past me, but I am moving too fast for her, and the rocks and smoke makes me an even harder target to hit. I can see that she´s started panicing, fireing more and more arrows with worse and worse aim. I am ontop of her before she has time to scream, and I raise my cleaver.

But the person under me is no longer Bella, my lone surviving opponent. It´s Iris. She is screaming and pleading me to not kill her, to show mercy. Her auburn hair flowing acorss the stone underneath and her eyes wide and terrified. I´m not Ivy anymore, I´m the raving maniac who killed Iris and ended up winning the Games. What is happening? Am I going insane? At any time, I can´t kill Iris, my best friend... I accept defeat and rise up and walk away from the girl on the ground. She´s turned back into Bella again, and she is looking at me confused and slightly worried. "Aren´t you gonna kill me? I can´t fight anymore, with no weapons. Yet you did not kill me."

I turn and smile at her, with tears in my eyes.

"I´ve never been much of a killer anyways."

Now she looks more confused than ever, before I pull out my cleaver again. I slowly slide it across my wrists, but I hold back my screams. I want to perserve my dignity at least, that´s the final luxury I can afford to give myself. I´m not hiding behind others anymore, and I´m not killing either. Maybe this is the bravest decition I could have done. The blood is pouring out of my open wounds, and I know my time has come. I know I don´t have many seconds left, so I wanna make them count.

"Bella, promise me. When you win, promise me that you will let my family know that this was my choice, that I wanted this fullheartedly, and that I could never had killed you anyways. And, when you win, don´t let anymore starve? Can you promise me this?"

The whispers escape my mouth, the pain of my wrists are finally starting to bother me. For a while, I am scared she won´t answer me and leave me to die without my final wishes complete. But then, her quiet, teary voice whispers back.

"I promise Ivy, you won´t have died in vain."

I smile. I can finally close my eyes and lie down.

The Victor´s Interview


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