Welcome To The 100th Annual Hunger Games AKA. The Nightmare Games

Hey, everybody! Since I´m becoming pretty bored of writing just normal games I´ve decided to spice things up a bit. I tried and failed this with my Magic Games, so I really hope these will get up in the air! :D

So please be polite and have fun! >w<

How long can your tribute stay sane?

The Rules

1. It´s two tributes per user, I don´t accept wikia contributors and no reservations.

2. Don´t spam games here, I´m the only one to have that power. But you can send me a message asking me to spread your games.

3. I don´t do "on my profile." Either you post your tribute or a link to the tribute.

4. I will do reapings, chariot rides, training, training scores and interviews before the acual games. I will write the reapings in overview. The training will be seen from the POV of about fifteen different tributes. I will write the chariot rides in overview. And lastly the interviews will be written in simple interview form with only dialog showing. The Games will be written in POV perspective.

5. No cussing out or rage quitting at my games.

6. Don´t rage quit or cuss at other users as well, we´re all beautiful.

7. Use good and polite language. I won´t be following this rule, so I will be swearing a LOT. If you´re not okay with that, I expect you to leave. RIGHT NOW.

8. Above all, have fun roleplaying!

9. Submit a tribute! ^v^



Congratulations To This Years Brave Tributes

District Name Age Weapon District Name Age Weapon
D1 Raymond "Perfect" Glimmer 17 Sword, spear, bow D1 Laura Crossbane 18 Matchete, explosive traps
D2 George Gold 18 Throwing knives, spear, mace, sword, axe D2 Taylor White 14 Spear, bow and arrows
D3 Cander Lini 17 lolnope D3 Shamin Alexandra 12 Mace, traps
D4 River Blue 17 Trident, sword, net, knife, spear D4 Christina Mallera 16 Trident, net knives
D5 Ali Swintnose 15 Wire, sharp items D5 Christmas "Chris" Lights 14 Throwing axes, spear
D6 Revenus "Chase" Locke 17 Hooked sword, knives D6 Farrin Amity 14 Hand to hand combat
D7 Jericho Yunipé 17 Throwing knives, axe, hand to hand combat D7 Avelina Rose 15 Whip
D8 Rodolphus Spore 17

Throwing pugios, sword, hammer axe

D8 Apinya Wipada 14 Frying pan
D9 Lucas Sunsong 13 Blowgun, sickle D9 Bianca Summit 15 Axe
D10 Coal Black 15 Claws, teeth, sword, pickaxe D10 Luz Romer 17 Any blade
D11 Reginald Turner 16 Sythe, knife D11 Maya Kenneth 14 Bow and arrows, slingshot
D12 Alex Powers 16 Knives D12 Serina Frostswords 15 Crossbow, knife
D13 Ice Hunts 17 Sickle, war sythe, crossbow D13 Saidy Dauntless 17 Traps, knives, throwing knves
C Sean Reaper 16 Sythe C Carlene Dreger 15 Dagger, spear

The Twists

1. The tributes all start off at different locations in the arena at the beginning, so there is no bloodbath. Tributes can find random supplies around the mansion, everything from matches to a bow. Remember, the supplies are completely random, so you tribute may not get their weapon of choice at once. But you can always sponsor it of course.

2. Each day, at noon, one of the remaining tributes will be posessed by a demon. In this state the tribute will kill anyone they can lay their hands on, even their own allies. They cannot be killed by other tributes or gamemaker horrors, but some tributes can´t handle the demon and may commit suicide. Only specific days like the first day, the last day or days with feasts are an exception of this twist, those are days where no tributes will be posessed.

3. The general idea of The Nightmare Games. How long can your tribute stay sane and alive? Gruesome torturous sigths, random visions and an suffocating darkness are the tamest of horros found in the mansion, not incluidng phantoms and ghosts as well as devious traps around every corner. Tributes may have a hard time to try to figure out what´s real and what´s just illusions.

4. This year there will be three Victors.

The Arena

The arena is a huge, eerie mansion with four floors plus a huge basement, four wintergardens and the roof. There is also numerous balconies scattered around the house. It is buildt in a gothic style, with arched windows and the color scheme is black, red and purple. The arena is chuck-full of chosts and other horrors, tributes may get sudden visions about their future and the rooms change location every twelve hours.

The biggest room in the house is the great hall, and it´s the only room that never changes location. It is located at the first floor and it´s ten metres to the ceiling. Four giant chandeliers hang from the ceiling and at the end of the hall there´s a indoor balcony with two flights of stairs leading up to it. A total of tree tributes will start from here. Another notable room is the dining room, it is located behind the balcony in the great hall. It is the second biggest room, and it is filled with tree long tables to dine on. But the ghost of Ivory Anderson isn´t too happy for visitors... There is also the kitchens, which are located west of the dining hall. There´s even a door leading from the kitchens to the dining hall. The last room of interest is the library, which is located in the right hand corner of the first floor. It is very large and has nothing but books, giant shelves, dust and the librarians ghost.

The second floor is a collection of thin, dimly lit hallways that seem to never end. These hallways are one of the most dangerous places in the arena, and that is simply because of the darkness. The darkness is a mutt, a living, breathing thing that loves to digest and terrify tributes. It can morph into any shape and the only way to ward it off is to shine some kind of light at it. No light at the second floor means death. But if the darkness has already devoured a tribute in the time lapse of twelve hours then you´re safe, and sometimes it just wants to scare a tribute out of their wits instead of eating them.

The third floor is a basic floor consisting of two hallways with leading to five small rooms each, the music room, the grand balcony and the dance hall. The two hallways and their rooms are basic with some traps, but nothing spectacular or anything. The music room is filled with beautiful musical insttruments, but some keep some unpleasant surprises, making it one of the most dangerous room in the entire arena. The grand balcony is at the front of the house, and it´s made of marble. But not a single ghost is present, but its hard to keep hidden at the balcony as there is nothing on it. Also the floor is reflective, and it holds my favorite horror inside. Lastly there is the dance hall, which is almost as big as the dining hall. It is illuminated by four chandilies and it´s floor is see-through glass. This is the ghosts favorite place, and they often gather to dance and have fun. but they doesn´t like to have small humans ruining their good time.

The last floor is the fourth floor. It is the smallest floor, and is entirely made out of one attic. The attic is dusty, filthy and overrun by mice. But these mice aren´t the regular leave-us-alone-then-we´ll-leave-you-alone type. This The Hunger Games, and normal is frowned upon on anyone but the tributes. Other than mice there isn´t too much interesting in the attic. Tributes can find random boxes and crates around, some of them full of supplies while others are full of horrors. And even more terrifying than the mice, in the deepest and darkest corner of the attic rests something, something that will kill the tributes from the inside. A ruthless monster that takes pity in nobody. Looking at it for too long may result in getting frozen by the sheer frigthening look of this creature. If it looks back, then you´re in for throuble.

Lastly there is the basement. It can be reached from a secret passage in the kitchens in the first floor. The basement is a huge maze made up by about fourty rooms, all identical. Each room is simple, with four stone walls and six wooden doors, each one identical to the one next to it. It is almost impossible not to get lost here. The same mice from the attic also live in the basement, as well as numerous ghosts and the poltergeist of Raven Niall, which loves to kill and torture tributes in creative ways, it is a force to be reckoned with.

Tribute Gallery

Mayor Characters

Pomona Darkwater

Age : Unknown, though to be early twenties

District : The Capitol, rumored to have originated from District 12

Occupation : President of Panem

The current President of Panem, who´s methods of gaining her power is secured in the hearts of those who once knew, but who are now dead. She rules all by herself, nobody at her side but thousands of Avoxes to do her bidding. She is beautiful, with shiny, straight black hair and alluring dark eyes, but she´s still somewhat intimidating and haugthy-looking. She has no family or friends, she stands alone. She looks to be in her early twenties, but rumors have spread. Rumors that she´s a Victor from 12, who won a Hunger Games years ago.


Pomona Darkwater

Thistel Spirans

Age : 19

District : 1

Occupation : Victor

Thistel is a Victor from District 1, who won last years games, the 99th Hunger Games. She won with superior strength and skills, and dominated the games from the start. She was one of the most desireable Victors ever, and Pomona Darkwater got lots of money for her. She is well respected in District 1, but has problems and issues noboby else knows about, she has nobody to turn to.


Thistel Spirans

User Tribute 1# Money Tribute 2# Money
Angry bird12 River Blue 6300$ George Gold 5500$
Hybrid Shadow Ice Hunts 4200$ Sean Reaper 6000$
Happy Meadows Luz Romer 5000$ Laura Crossbane 5000$
District1 Obsessed Maya Kenneth 5000$ Christmas Lights 5000$
Misytmolla Saidy Dauntless 4950$ Farrin Amity 5150$
Beautiful Mistake Avelina Rose 5400$ Taylor White 5000$
Axedfox Apinya Wipada 5000$ Rodolphus Spore 5000$
Rainfacestar Christina Mallera 5500$
Frostsnake Carlene Dreger 5000$ Raymond Glimmer 5000$
Obnoxious Blue Unicorns Stole My Dignity! Bianca Summit 5000$ Shamin Alexandra 5000$
HungryTeen Ali Swintnose 5000$
Annamisasa Serina Frostswords 6000$ Lucas Sunsong 5000$
Beetee19 Reginald Turner 5000$
TehOnlyUmbreon Alex Powers 5000$ Coal Black 5000$
St.Berry4evers Jericho Yunipé 5900$ Cander Lini 5000$
Daniel17 Revenus "Chase" Locke 2250$


Sword - 1250$

Hook Sword - 1500$

Knife - 500$

Throwing knives (6) - 1150$

Thowing knives (12) - 2300$

Matchete - 1100$

Sythe - 1000$

Sickle - 800$

Whip - 700$

Bow - 2000$

Arrows (12) - 1200$

Bow and Arrows (12) - 3200$

Crossbow - 2300$

Slingshot - 350$

Trident - 3500$

Spear - 1000$

Mace - 1700$

Axe - 2500$

Awl - 700$

Blowgun - 1000$

Darts (12) - 600$

Poisoned Darts (12) - 1200$


Canteen (Empty) - 50$

Canteen (Water) - 100$

Canteen (Soup) - 400$

Sleeping Bag - 500$

Rope - 200$

Bag - 700$

Small Backpack - 500$

Big Backpack - 1000$

Night-Vision Sunglasses - 2000$

Burlap Bag of Apples (15) - 2000$

Packet of Beef Strips (5) - 800$

Pack of Dried Fruit - 300$

Large Pack of Dried Fruit - 600$

Slap of Cheese - 1000$

Loaf of Bread - 1100$

Poison - 1200$

Tent - 3000$

Iodine - 500$

Matches - 700$

Burn Medicine - 1500$

Band-Aids - 500$

Anti-Infection - 2700$

Camouflage Paint - 2400$


Mentor Letter - 100$

Family Letter - 350$

Map Of Arena - 4000$

Tribute Sensor - 3500$


Best Chariot Outfits - 500$

Second Best Chariot Outfits - 400$

Third Best Chariot Outfits - 250$

Top Training Score - 500$

Second Highest Training Score - 400$

Third Highest Training Score - 250$

Top Betting Odds - 500$

Second Highest Betting Odds - 400$

Third Highest Betting Odds - 250$

Kill a tribute with a training score 1 to 4 - 250$

Kill a tribute with a training score 5 to 8 - 500$

Kill a tribute with a training score 9 to 12 - 750$

Survive 1 day - 250$

Survive 2 days - 250$

Survive 3 days - 500$

Survive 4 days - 500$

Survive 5 days - 500$

Survive 7 days - 750$

Survive 10 days - 1000$

Survive a Feast - 500$

The Reapings

The Capitol : Sean Reaper, Carlene Dreger

The haunted, mysterious air of The Capitol hangs over the city like a curse, chilling wind currents dragging the coziness out of people, sapping them from happiness. Even they dread this day, the reaping day. The chilling morning air is whipping at the miserable faces of the people marching through the streets, towards the City Center. A place for excitement and wonderful nights before, but now the place is more tense and grim. Ever since The Capitol was also to be included in The Hunger Games, the citizens of the glorious city has had small stings of regret. They no longer love and look forward to the games as much, but instead dread to watch as their children, friends or lovers die on television. In all the time The Capitol has been included, they have had exactly zero Victors. Nobody makes it out alive.

While most of The Capitolians are walking in small groups, like they´re afraid of getting mugged if they walk alone, a figure in a long, black hood is walking fearlessly. A tuft of dark grey hair is gently swaying in the wind as he walks calm through the streets, past building painted in neon bright colors. The other people in the streets seem to avoid him, but if he has noticed he doesn´t seem to care. He looks out of place, the other capitolians are dressed in bright colors and have wierd skin tans. But this person seems unusually normal, which here is quite unusual. He suddenly breaks into a quick-paced run, and he flies like a blur past the others. The rest of the crowd is startled, and a small girl even screams at the sinister figure. They´re all thinking the same : Was that who I think it was?

The City Center is filled with people, both nervous and carefree citizens fill up the enormous place. In the center a huge, golden statue of the current President, Pomona Darkwater, stands surrounded by a beautiful fountain spraying out rainbow-colored currents of water into the air. President Darkwater is a cruel and vicious woman with dark hair and eyes. But her skin is as white as snow, giving her a intimidating and arrogant look. Just as all the people have found seating places, and all the children and teens have been shepherded in roped-off sections, a sudden fanfare booms over the expansive place. The sound of a thousand thrumpets, drums and orgels vibrate across the whole Capitol, not just the City Center. The people in their seats pretend to enjoy the anthem of Panem. Then, up on the balcony facing the whole population of The Capitol, a tall, dark woman rises from her trone. It´s Pomona Darkwater. She raises her arms, and everyone gives her a loud round of applause. Pomona smiles haugthily down at her people, her servants. "Welcome, welcome to The 100th Annual Hunger Games!" She shouts, and her cold voice can be heard from every little allyway in the city. The crowd gives another round of applause, but through gritted teeth. Pomona smiles, like she knows exactly what they´re thinking. "As this is a Quarter Quell, The Capitol have mixed together a special twist for this very special event!" She raises her arms, commanding them to give her applause. They obey quickly, no reason to get on her bad side. "This will be revealed on my speech at the Opening Ceremony, right after the chariot rides." She takes a small artistic puase, before continuing. "Now, lets begin, shall we?"

She claps her hands two times in a rapid pace, and suddenly a tall, young man with brown hair stands at her left side, almost like he appeared out of thin air. "Reap the girls." The President commands in her clear, cold voice to the young man. His face is a perfect mask, it´s impossible to see what´s going on in his head. He steps swiftly over to a glass bowl to the left of Pomona. He puts his elegant hand into the mass of paper slips, and rummages around. While he does, he opens his mouth. His tounge is clipped, and it´s lies uselessly in the corner of his mouth. He´s obviously an Avox. Then he finally takes a paper slip, opens it and gives the paper to Pomona in one quick movement. Then he slips into the shadows of the balcony again. The President clears her throath before reading the thin, elegant letter written. "Symphony Decibel.." But a cross and rough voice suddenly call at her. "I volunteer!" Pomona smirks as she spots the figure of a girl, the very same girl who just shouted. She is standing in the middle of the crowd, the people´s shocked faces looking puzzling at her. She gives a big cough before going on. "My name is Carlene Dreger, and I volunteer as tribute for The 100th Annual Hunger Games!" The president smiles her unpleasant smile at her, she can´t wait to sacrifice this idiotic girl. Who the hell volunteers for the games, anyway? Maybe the stupid, wannabee Capitolians from District 1, 2 and 4, but what motivation does a healthy and rich Capitol girl to die in the games? Pomona declares her surprise, a big, beautified lie it is. "Oh, a volunteer? Well, come up here, Carlene!" Carlene smirks back, acually challenging the President´s power. Pomona´s eyes darken to a heartless pitch-black. Little bitch, but she´ll get what she deserves soon enough. Carlene walks seemingly without a single care in the world through the crowd, and begin to climb the marble stairs to the balcony. When she arrives she looks directly into Pomona´s eyes, abnormally large disgust visible in them. Pomona flinches, how can this girl be so fearless? No matter, she´ll die anyways, it doesn´t matter if she´s scared or not. "Now for the boys!"

The same Avox appears besides her, this time at her right, and walks over to another bowl filled with paper slips. He takes less time now, just brushing agains some of the paper slips before snagging one. He hands it to Pomona soundlessly, and then dissapears as quickly as he appeared. Pomona reads the paper, and the crowd stops their breathing for a few seconds. "Sean Reaper." Even from the balcony one can see the mysterious-looking kid everyone avoided standing up, his mind impossible to read thanks to his hood shielding his face. Pomona smirks; thank god the boys went smoothly, and a boy that won´t cause any trouble will die. The hooded figure of Sean moves, like he´s floating above the ground, through the masses, while they move out of the way. You can see their fear emblazoned in their faces, unknown people are both dangerous and unnerving. But Sean doesn´t seem to mind the silent treatment, he climbs the stairs swiftly and silent. As he steps up to the balcony, Pomona tries to catch his eye, to show him that he doesn´t scare her. But he is purposedly shielding his eyes with his grey bangs. He takes his place besides Pomona, and the President comcludes the reaping day by congratulating The Capitol´s tributes and wish everyone happy Hunger Games.

She escorts her sacrifices inside her palace, where they will spend a few days waiting for the other tributes to arrive from the other districts. She wiskers them inside a small side chamber, with walls made of gold and luxurious furniture. Carlene walks off and sits down on a poufy couch in the corner of the room, while Sean sits besides Pomona at another couch. She takes her chance, she pulls off Sean´s hood in one swift movement. What she sees causes a scream to escape her mouth. Sean is staring back with those dark eyes, her dark eyes. She is sure they are identical. But surely it can´t be..? She pushes the horrible sight of Sean away from her, and runs back into the hallway, leaving the two kids looking puzzled. Pomona doesn´t stop running until she´s back in the President´s office. She sits down in her comfy chair, clutching her heart. How can it be? One last though strikes her before she faints. It´s him. Then she collapses with her head on her desk.

District 1 : Raymond "Perfect" Glimmer, Laura Crossbane

The sound of laughing children and gentle chatter of the people rise into the air, and join eachother to a loud, exited chorous. The air is electric, it always is in District 1 on reaping day. A family of four are walking over the asphalt, a middle-aged man holding hands with an equally old woman. The woman is carrying a small child, maybe ten years old, and a teenage girl with black hair is strolling causally behind them. She has a cold, dead look in her face and a small skull hairpiece is hanging in her hair. "Mom, do we have to do?" She says in a drooning, bored voice. The woman in front of her turns around and faces her. "Yes Laura, we have to." She says to Laura with a firm determination. Laura grunts and crosses her arms over her chest, but still begins to jog a bit to catch up with her parents.

Meanwhile, at a small, dimly lit room hastily build behind the glorious stage, a most unusual girl stands. She´s very young, probably around nineteen or something. She has long, dirty-blonde hair set up in two elegant braids, and her perfect white teeth gleam as she smiles nervously. She is wearing a simple white dress of silk, which help enchant her natural beauty. She is breathing hard and fast, and is completely alone in the room. She begins to claw and scratch at a small lump in her arm, the skin around it already coverd in scarlet blood. She is nervous, she recognizes the feeling of gruesome anticipating. Just like when she was about to be raised into the arena last year. This girl´s name is Thistel Spirans. She´s from District 1. She survived The Hunger Games. She is still tormented by the memories, she still wakes up from the nightmares, she is still terrorized by the faces of the other tributes, many whom she claimed the life of. She can hear the roar of the crowd, she can´t postpone it anymore. She takes a deep breath, and walks bravely to the stage.

She is greeted with more roars and screams of joy from the people of District 1, everyone is happy to see her. They´re all so proud of their newest Victor, so proud of their celebrity murderer. Thistel smiles half-heartedly and waves with her left hand, and the crowd goes berserk. They throw boxes of chocolate and jewlery and roses at her, but Thistel just sidesteps lightly to avoid being hit across the face by an incoming 50 carat diamond. She looks swiftly over at the others on the stage, the District 1 escort and they mayor. The escort is looking steadily at her feet, while the mayor´s gaze is fixed on some distant point in the air. Thistel undestands, she is alone now. "Thank you all." She mutters quietly, but the crowd isn´t turned off by her lack of exitement, they roar even higher now. Thistel backs away, and the escort gives a huge, fake cough. The crowd fixes it´s attention to her, but they are still looking beadily at Thistel. She quicky looks down at the ground, just as the escort takes the word. "Now, let´s get the show on the road!"

"Laura Crossbane." The escort woman says in her overly preppy voice and gives the crowd a sickeningly sweet smile that looks more like a taunting leer. In the crowd the girl with the skull hairpiece steps forward, arms crosses, looking slightly annoyed. Suddenly there´s a desparate cry from behind Laura. "I volunteer!" Laura turns around, a look on her face plainly saying : I will slice open your guts and rip off your arms. "Who dares cross me?" Her voice doesn´t sound angry though, it sounds a bit sad, like Laura is speaking to a person on their deathbed. "I do." A girl with sleek, platina blonde hair steps forward, surrounded by a gang of other girls, all looking haugtily at Laura and giggeling. "What´s your name?" Laura says in her cool, calm voice. The other girl tosses her head back and laugh a soft laugher before replying. "I´m District 1´s female tribute this year, and my name´s Saffron Starr." The other girls begin to giggle uncontrollably, like Saffron just told the funniest joke in the world. Laura sighs, and looks sternly at Saffron, her dead grey eyes full of false regret. Then, without warning, Laura lungers forward and punches Saffron clean in the face. Saffron screechs as she staggers backwards, blood oozing from her nose and splattering her blonde hair with red. She removes her hand, and one can see that her nose is comically bent to the right, it´s clearly broken. The others girls cover Saffron to bear her the shame, while shooting Laura dirty looks. But Laura just ignores it. Moments later Laura is standing calmly at the stage, almost looking bored. In the distance she can see Saffron being carried away on a white field bed, screaming her head off in a rage fit. Laura smiles slightly, but the smile dissapears as the escort turns her attention to her. "So, Laura, how are you feeling?" Laura simply looks coldly at her, which causes the escort to quickly change the focus. "Nevermind, it´s time for the boys!" She mutters, glancing apprahensively at Laura.

She nearly jumps up at the other reaping bowl, and swiftly snags a paper slip. "Twix Yade.." She says firmly, but her voice is drowned by at least ten shouts from the crowd, all young teenage boys at the edge of the stage. Here it seems, the traditions are a tab bit different from District 2´s. The escort looks thrilled at the prospect of so many volunteers, she looks from one of the boys to another, before finally pointing her finger at the one closest to the stage. "You there, you you!" The boy´s face lightens up, and he runs eagerly to the stage, while the other boys that didn´t get picked hiss and spit at him. The escort asks him exitedly with sheer hunger and lust in her eyes. "What is your name, handsome?" She purrs, and the volunteer replies happily, while looking arrogantly down at the dissapointed boys. "Raymond Glimmer, but you can just call me Perfect!" The crowd cheers, th escort congratulates the two "lucky tributes" and hastily scurries them inside the towering Justice Building.

Thistle Spirans is sitting once again backstage, relieved to finally have finished the day she has dreaded for so long. She is feeling quite bad for Laura and Raymond, she knows that only one of them can return, and it´s possible that none of them will come back. She takes a big bucket filled with water and hurls the water in her face, wanting to wash all the make-up away, all the fakeness. She digs her nails underneath the dress and rips it apart in one swift movement. She tosses the sad remains at the floor, and rip off her small hairpieces and uncurl her braids, letting her hair fall down loosely. She is sick of it all, this horrible and delusional world she lives in. But she has to hold on, for the people she loves. She looks around as to check if the coast´s clear. It is, so she removes a tile in the floor to uncover a small, hidden room. It it empty, except for a small, thin package wrapped in brown paper. Thistle carefully hoists the package up, and rips the paper off. She finds a small, pitch-black computer, as she always does. She presses the power button down and writes down the passowrd, careful to shield her fingers in case someone is spying on her. She click on a small folder, and begins to search. Finally she sees the familiar icon, and clicks on the small, blue cloud. The happy face of a man appears at once, and they both sigh in relief. The man has black hair and big, horn-rimmed glasses over his dark eyes. "Is the plan in motion?" The mans thin lips move, and Thistle nods her answer. The man has just opened his mouth when Thistle hears the sound of someone trying to open the locked door. She gives a soft scream and chucks the computer down in the secret room again, and slams the tile back on. She has just thrown the rug in place when the escort entres the room, her keys dangeling from her hand. "Ready to go?" Thistel simply nods, and allows the escort to take her hand and drag her out the door.

District 2 : George Gold, Taylor White

Just as the first rays of sun shoots over the huge mountains of District 2, a small bird gets caught in the wind. I flails desperatly around in the cool air for a few seconds, before yet again balancing on the strong wind currents. It´s a mockingjay, beautiful with it´s black and white plumage shining in the sun. It sails peacefully over the shining marble Justice Buliding of 2, over countless houses and over the heads of exited people. The people are filing in, heading to the square, and it´s obvious what has exited them. Even from the mockingjay´s height you can still see clusters of extatic boys and girls, discussing the upcoming event. Words like "volunteer", "pride" and "Victor" can be heard, and phrases such as "May the odds be ever in your favor", "I´ve trained all my life" and "This is my year" are also shouted carelessly. Though the mockingjay doesn´t seem to care, instead it drops a douche and flies over to the Justice Buliding again.

The mockingjay lands elegantly at the top of the Justic Building, and looks down at the crowd, like it expects applause. Then suddenly the crowd does break into applause, and the mockingjay scruffs it´s feathers importantly. But down on the ground the situation is very different. Everyone is clapping and whisteling at an alarmingly white figure on a stage. It´s a woman, but it´s remarkabe how much she doesn´t look like one. She doesn´t even look much like a human at all. Where do humans have completely white skin, silver hair and pitch-black eyes? But the crowd doesn´t seem alarmed or scared at all by this creature, but instead they give the vampire lady another round of applause. Then the monster raised her hand dramaticly, and everyone fall silent at once. "Welcome, welcome!" She says in a horrible screech of a voice with a very odd accent.  But the crowd doesn´t really seem to mind it, even so, they are cheering more now. "Are you ready for the 100th Annual Hunger Games!?" She screams to the crowd, and reaches out her microphone to the people. The reaction is immediate. Everyone screams and shouts, and the racket causes the mockingjay to take off, annoyed that they didn´t warn him before shouting their heads off.

The vampire/human stand up from her chair, and announches exitedly. "Time for the action to start! The girls first!" This is answered by shouts and screams, particualary from a cluster of girls standing closest to the stage. They are all in their late teens and seem to be having a contest - Who Can Scram The Loudest? This is to great annoyance to a few other clusters of girls, all younger and more nervous looking. But one of the girls in one of the clusters, with a huge sign over her reading "14-year olds", isn´t shaking or twitching nervously. She is looking with sheer determination at the monster lady, as tears begin to swim in her eyes. The tears of the lost loved ones, who stood where she stood, but isn´t here anymore. Her eyes have a burning fire not present in the exited-looking girls. It´s a fire that will burn for her passions and loves, a fire that will never cease to exist.

The small slip of paper, containing the possible fate of oh so many lives, gets roughly snagged away from it´s siblings. The white hand closes around it, and then stretches it out to it´s full extend. The same shrilly voice belonging to the vampire woman calls out a name. "Lillith Anbitres" But her voice gets drowned by the booming sound of at least twenty shouts from the exited girls. But an even louder shout has already reached the white lady on the stage. That who belonged to the small girl with fire in her eyes. The little girl smiles, and ignoring the shocked looks from everyone around her, walks calmly through the crowd. The mass of people automaticly move away from her, allowing her the space she needs. As she passes the older girls, those who were so extatic just a few seonds ago, she give them a thriumphant smile. It says : I won, you lost.

Moments the strong-willed little girl is standing next to the monster woman at the stage, looking down haugthily at the others, like they doesn´t mean anything to her. The monster nearly shoves her microphone into the girl´s nose as she asks. "And what´s you name, dear?" The little girl takes her time before answering, but when she does she do in a very controlled and determined voice. "Taylor White". The monster lady asks for a round of applause for Taylor, and she do get one. But it´s a little half-hearted, the crowd is still pretty shocked. Taylor ignores the muffled applause, and the monster woman tries to get things on track again. "Now for the boys!" Her shrilly voice says, and the echo of it joins the sound of her heels clatting agains the stage floor in a gruesome chorous. She digs her hand down in the other bowl, identical to the other. She takes out a paper slip, and then reads from it hastily. "Alder Johnathan Webb". Mayhem breaks out.

About half of all the underage boys in the crowd all scream and shout at once the name gets called. The monster on stage looks rather annoyed, like this is something that happens every time. Now that everyone is done shouting, they begin to fight. Boys down to the age of fifteen gets brutally beaten down and throw around by older, and older boys gets wrested to the ground by groups of youger. But the crowd doesn´t scream, or go in to stop the brawl. Instead they shout encouragements and chant "Fight fight fight!" Even some seniors are prodding the boys on, but there´s one they don´t reach out to. He´s headed for the stage, and with everybody engrossed in the fights, doesn´t stop or notice him. It isn´t until he´s well on the stage, when some of the boys understand that they have been beaten to the spot. They groan and shout rude cursewords at the boy on stage, but he just smiles unpleasantly at them. Before the monster lady on stage can ask him his name, he takes the microphone from her. "George Gold!" he shouts happily. He then takes his place next to Taylor, who didn´t encourage or chant at all at the fight moments ago. George looks over at her with disgust in his eyes, he must hold some grudge agains her. But she just smiles at him. He looks quickly away, like she is unworthy of his attention.

Taylor is sitting at a red velvet couch in the Justice Building, seemingly relaxing completely. But she quickly drops the mask as her first visitor arrives. A small girl, she can´t be any older than seven, with the same dark eyes as Taylor runs in and jumps at her. Taylor´s little sister hugs her tightly, while Taylor cries on her sister´s shoulder. Wet tears dot the little girl´s blouse, but she just keeps patting Taylor´s back fondly. She hasn´t shed a tear. The strong girl wipes Taylor´s tears away with a single swipe, and looks deep into the other pair of eyes so similar to hers. "You have to win." Her voice is firm and steady, she is serious about what she´s talking about. Taylor grasps her little sister´s hand in hers, and looks back, no tears in her eyes any more. "I will." The little girl hugs Tayor again, and for some happy moments they sit like this, locked together, forever together. But then the moments are over, peacekeepers come in and pull Taylor´s sister away from her. The brave little girl screams and flails as the men carry her from the room, leaving Taylor with tears in her eyes yet again. What if that was the last happy moment she would share with her beloved little sister? She can´t even think about it.

Meanwhile, George is being given last minute advice from his father. His father is a big, burly man with little to no neck and the same blonde hair as George. George just sits there, drinking in every word of advice his father has for him. He recieves encoragements, how he will win and return to them, his family he loves so dearly. While his father praises him, George is battling an emotional war inside himself. Is it regret, is that what he´s feeling? Is he already regretting the decicion of volunteering? Has he lost faith in himself? Deep down, the answer is yes, but can he say that to his father? He wants to make him proud, and won´t winning do so? Yes, surly it would, but for what cost? George doesn´want to die, but he knows that it´s better to die fighting that to slowly pass away in your sleep. I looks into the eyes of his father, and he knows what he must do. He must win The Hunger Games, and claim countless lives as he does. There´s no way out of it. He has to win.

District 3 : Cander Lini, Shamin Alexandra

The Mayor of District 3 was a pretty normal man, who lived in a pretty normal house. He had pretty normal work, for a mayor, and dressed in pretty normal clothes. He had normal, whispy white hair and a big, fluffy white beard. He had normal round glasses which was held together with duch-tape and normal, dull eyes. He was looking forward to retireing, as he felt that he was way too old for his line of work. What he didn´t know as he got dressed for the day, however, was that he would be retireing sooner than expected. Even this very day, to be exsact. He picked his most boring tie for the special event, and propped his feet into a pair of spotless black shoes. It´s reapings day today, a day he always celebrated highly, he is one of the few Mayors of the twelve districts of Panem to be supportive to The President. Which in his case could prove to be a fatal mistake.

Just as he steps out of the door, unnoticed by himself, a small, red dot appears on his temple. It´s slightly flickering in the bright sunshine, but it has latched itself onto The Mayor like a tick greedy for blood. Which this red dot is also. Down the street to the mayor´s house, at the roof of the local butcher, a woman in a tigth black uniform lies waiting for the right moment to pull the trigger on her jet-black sniper rifle. Her brown hair is set up in a tigth bun, and she is wearing a mask to cover her face. The mask is completely white with the letter M emblazoned on in black. Her fingers are steady on her rifle, and then they move to the trigger. A small bang sounds as she presses it down and down the street the Mayor falls down at once, blood flowing from his head. The scarlet blood cascating down his beard, while the woman on the roof nods approvingly to herself. Then the screams begin, the other residents have spotted the body. But before anyone can see her, the mysterious assassin at the butcher´s is gone.

Meanwhile, on a stage at the town square, a ghostly white man with a neon blue tophat is sitting at an empty chair, next to an old, frail-looking man with round glasses. The ghost man is looking wairily around, like he´s detecting danger, while the bespeceled man is gently smiling to himself. Like he knows something the ghost doesn´t know. "Alrighty, lets just get started, shall we?" The ghost man raises himself, like a snake out of a basket, and walks frimly towards a big glass bowl. He plunges his hand down in a sea of paper slips, and drags up one, the lone victor. Or in this scenario, the one loser. "Shamin Alexandra". Just as he says the words, a sharp scream echos from a section in the crowd labeld "12-year olds". A small girl with spiky brown hair steps away from the crowd, tears rolling down her face and her lip trembeling. The same reaction can be seem on the faces of two people at the edge of the square, obviously Shamin´s parents. They both look thunderstruck, one little slip of paper was in her odds. But one little slip of paper was all it took. All it took to murder her, the innocent little girl who has done no harm to anyone, now to be sacrificed. She steps from the rest of the crowd, sobbing hysterically, and walks with shaky steps up to the stage. Walking in goose trail up to her demise.

"Cander Lini!" When the ghost man utters those simple words, a grey-haired boy steps forward at once, not a single teat visible on his white face. He walks with firm steps towards the stage, while taunts and teases of "fag" and "old man" can be heard from other boys his age. However, he ignores them, and continues on as though they didn´t excist. This seems to annoy the boys, and they slip into the crowd once again. Moments later Cander is standing next to Shamin, who is still crying and looking around desperately, hoping to see someone stepping out and volunteering for her place. Cander is doing the exsact opposite, a perfect poker face smeared on and his eyes refusing to look at the crowd or the ghost man.

Suddenly a peacekeeper jumps on stage and runs over to the ghost man. The peacekeeper then lean forward and whispers something franticly into the ghost´s ears. The ghost man eyes widen with shock and he quickly steers Cander and Shamin into the Justice Building, leaving the crowd confused on what´s happening. Peacekeepers surround Cander and Shamin, and then push them each into an empty room for their own before rushing past, arguing in loud voices.They run down the hallway until they meet up with the ghost man again. The tallest peacekeeper steps forward. "What´s going on?" He looks menacingly down at the ghost, while speaking in a gravely voice that sounds like he hasn´t used it in a century. The ghost man´s eyes quickly flit to the door and back, and he gives a small nervous squeal. The peacekeepers eyes are boring into him, reading his mind like a book. Then the ghost man suddenly panics and screams. "I had nothing to do with it, you can´t do this!" He is screaming his lungs off, but he stops quickly enough as the burly peacekeeper´s bullet flies through his eye with pin-point precicion. He drops dead at once, splattering the stern-looking peacekeepers with the scarlet liquid. The peacekeeper who fired nods approvingly to himself, before ordering two other to pick up the body. They exit the Justic Buliding, and head for the peacekeeper barracks. To dump the body. Shamin and Cander are still sitting in their rooms, wondering where their escort went and why the peacekepeers ran off. Shamin is still crying, while Cander has strapped on his poker face again. Any second their loves ones will enter the room to say their goodbyes, thay may just be their final, too. But Cander doesn´t want to cry, looking weak isn´t going to be the best way to attract sponsors. In the other room, though, Shamin doesn´t care anymore, she knows she is on her way to the afterlife already. On her way beyond, away from the hauntings of her life.

District 4 : River Blue, Christina Mallera

A small, green-tinged fish swims peacefully through the water, surrounded by other fish in a gentle flow. The greenish blue water moving in small waves around, whipping the fish in new directions. A boat floats over the surface, creating more waves that carry the fish to unknown and thrilling sights down in the marine world. The boat floats around, while sailors in white outfits on deck are shouting at eachother and running around. Purple starfishes are clinging on to the rim of the boat, while the sail is flowing gently in the light breeze. Inside the boat house a thin, old man is standing twisting the steering wheel in a carefree way, while whisteling a drinking song. He is looking firmly with his pair of beady eyes at a distant harbor, filled with other boats identical to his. He can´t wait to get home, and neither can the others on the boat.

A girl with dark brown hair in a bun and green-bluish eyes walks through the buzzing crowd, a scowl on her face. She is wearing a flowing, almost see-through blue dress, but her beauty is slightly put down with her expression of outmost disgust. The other people moving through the streets are in small groups, either of beaming teenagers or nervous-looking families. But this girl is completely alone, and doesn´t seem to acknowledge the world around her. Suddenly someone bumps into her from behind. "What the fuck did you do that for!?" She turns and locks eyes with a small girl, can´t be any older than ten. The little child looks terrified up at her, trembeling from head to feet. "Sorry, lady.." She mutters, but the other girl doesn´t seem to have heard her. Instead of answering she lunges her fist forward and punches the little girl in the stomach before smashing her elbow in her face. The child falls down crying, and then the other girl bows down to her level. "Don´t you ever disrespect Christina Mallera again, or I´ll find you and break every bone in your pathetic little body." Then Christina walks off, leaving the little girl whipering in pain on the asphalt. "Welcome, welcome everyone!"

A short man with jet-black hair jumps onto the stage, which he recieves booming hurrays and cheers for. He raises his arms and pretend to blush, and the crowd gives a soft wave of laugther. The man looks quite bizarre, orange skin and cat ears with black fur on his head. He is wearing a long, red coat with black dots on and a big, red top hat. He bows dramaticly before aquiering a serious, buissness-like tone to his voice, and the crowd instantly hush their voices. "Time to select one brave young man and woman to bring glory and honor to District 4!" He says, and the people whistle and scream their excitement at him. In the front of the crowd, one particular boy shows such excitement, he seems to faintly glow in the sun. His midnight-blue eyes are on fire, and one gets the feeling that fire will never cease to excist. It will burn, always, etherreal, never dissapearing. The boy brushes his blond bangs out of his face and bite his lips nervously. He is ready, ready for The Hunger Games. Ready to kill.

"Cassan-" The man with the car ears begin, but at least twenty teenage girls finish his sentence with desperate screams. But one of the sticks out to the cat man, the one who is standing next to him on stage right now. The man screams of surprise and begins to yell at the girl. "Where did you come from!?" The girl, the very same who beat up the little girl, looks coldly over at the cat man and raises her eyebrows. "From the stairs?" Another wave of laugther ripples through the crowd, but a little uncertain. They all know who this girl is and none of them are liking this. An extremely akward silence follows before the cat man tries to shift the focus and get back on track. "Ahem, now time to reap the male!" He shouts with an extravagant accent, but the people´s eyes are still fixed beadily at Christina, trying to understand what´s going through her twisted mind. But Christina doesn´t let them, no expressions are showing in her pale face and she looks straight forward, not meeting the thousands of eyes underneath her.

The cat man draws breath to shout out the name on his little, crumbled slip of paper. But his voice gets drowned down in the sea of other voices, all desperate and tingeling with anticapation. The cat man looks a bit irritated, but looks down at the many hopeful teenage boys. Now it´s their turn to hold their breathing, the cat man closes his eyes like in a prayer. Suddenly his finger lashes out in the air and points out a startled-looking eightteen-year old boy in the crowd. But after just a few seconds his surprise is replaced by joy and glee. He smirks from ear to ear as he climbs the stairs, while the other boys shoot him filthy looks and flip him the bird. But the boy ignores them, and walks up to the escort like he has been elected king of the hills. The cat man asks him his name, while staring intensely at the boy´s crotch. He is already thinking how much this boy will be worth if he wins, he needs that flawless body for himself. The boy almosy shines as he calls his name into the microphone. "River Blue!"

"Well, handsome River, are you ready for The Hunger Games!" The escort says with a smirk and a visible bulge in his pants, but River doesn´t notice, he is too busy staring down Christina´s boobs. Christina is oblivious, as she tries to ignore everyone, but one movement from River brings her back. A hard slap on her butt. River licks his lips teasingly to Christina, who is blushing like crazy, her cheeks seems to be on fire. Then she does something that everyone, including Blue, didn´t expected. She raises her fist and slams it clean into Blue´s face. The boy screams as he gets thrown backwards from the force in the punch, blood streaming from his mouth and right eye. He lands on his back with a sickening crunch, and moves no more. But his chest is still elevating and re-elevanting with regularity, so he isn´t dead. Christina grins, a terrible, bone-chilling smile that stops the hearts of everyone at the square of District 4. Peacekeepers suddenly stream out of the Justice Buliding and surrounds Blue´s unconsious body. They lift it carefully onto a stretcher and push it back into the Justice Bulding. Christina is happy, it´s always good to make an impression, and knocking your District partner out cold is very impressive from the sponsor´s eyes.

District 5 : Ali Swintnose, Christmas Lights


District 6 : Revenus "Chase" Locke, Farrin Amity


District 7 : Jericho Yunipé, Avelina Rose


District 8 : Rodolphus Spore, Apinya Wipada


District 9 : Lucas Sunsong, Biance Summit


District 10 : Coal Black, Luz Romer


District 11 : Reginald Turner, Maya Kenneth


District 12 : Alex Powers, Serina Frostswords


District 13 : Ice Hunts, Saidy Dauntless

"Everyone, assemble in The Mess Hall." A cold, stern female voice rings out from the speakers. In every nook and cranny in District 13, people automaticly stop what they were doing and go obidiently out of their comparments. They walk in goose trails in the hallways, parents clutching their young ones and teenage couples holding hands, palms sweating. One of these nervous couples is a girl with yellowish hair and a tall boy with blue and white hair. The pair is walking through the halls, in the middle of all the tense and nervous people. For everyone in District 13 they´re just two faces in the crowd, but they don´t know that they will be very important in the next few hours. The girl is looking firmly at some point in the distance, while the boy´s eyes are constantly flitting over at the girl, like he wants to make sure she´s not an illusion. After at least an hour the mass of people reach a huge metal door. It towers above them, while the people cower under it, like it could come crashing down at any time. And they wait. And wait.

In the middle of the masses, a young woman with a whispy look holding a baby is staring into her the babies face. The child doesn´t look like it´s even passes a year in the game of life, but it doesn´t cry or complain at all. It´s lack of reaction to the procedure is scary, unnerving even. The woman looks sad, she knows that her little child will have difficult years in the future. First the terror and nightmares of upcoming games, then the tension and fear of death at this day, maybe this innocent baby will face death himself in the games. The mothers eyes begin to water, just as the metal door slowly opens with a loud, uneasy creak. The crowd then files slowly into the expansive mess hall.

The mess hall is the biggest single room in District 13, it´s about the size of a hovercraft´s cargo room. And with about the same uses, the place is just used to hold equipment in place. But in District 13, the mess hall is used to hold the people in place. Just as the last citizen, a small toddler boy, enters, the metal door close with a booming clunk. The sound revibrates around the room, and all the people´s faces goes tense and blunt. They know what´s coming. In the middle of the hall a mis-matched stage has been erected, and three chairs are visible on it. Everyone in the hall seems to be holding their breath, the atmosphere couldn´t be more stiffned. Then a figure walks slowly to the middle of the stage. A man with orange skin and long, red hair shouts into a microphone. "Welcome, people of District 13." Complete silence. The odd man stands akwardly at the stage, unsure about what to do. He gives a weak smile and tries to get back on track. "The ladies first!" The crowd is as mute and deaf as ever, ignoring the man. He sighs, like this is normal behaviour, he knows he´s being laughed at in every home in The Capitol. He walks uncertantly over at a glass bowl that wasn´t there a few seconds ago.

As his hand begin to rummage around in the bowl, every person in the mess hall falls silent. They´re holding their breath yet again, while parents are holding on to their children for dear life. Knowing that a slip of paper is all it takes. All it takes for their children to be sent for slaugther, theri families to get ripped apart. The orange man finally decides on a particularly crumpled paper, folds it and reads the name scribbled in slanting letters. "Saidy Dauntless." Most of the parents and children who were so tense gives a huge sigh of relief. But one girl with yellowish hair, the one who was with the blue-haired kid a while ago, is shocked. Saidy´s mouth open in a perfectly round "O" and she looks up at the man on the stage with disbelief in her eyes. But then her eyes return to normal, she isn´t having a nighmare. She looks to her right, and sees the startled face of Ice, her boyfriend. His face is riddled with sadness, he´s on the verge of tears. But Saidy isn´t going to cry, no matter how much she is tempted. She straps on a mask, a poker face. She parts from the crowd and walks determined to the stage, and her doom.

Moments later, Saidy is standing next to the orange man, who is shoving his microphone in her face. He wants Saidy to tell him and the crowd more about herself, but she is as mute and cold as the crowd was. Her eyes as fixed at some point in the distance, but they occationally flick over at Ice, his face wet with the fresh tears leaking from his face. She can see her parents too, hugging eachother and crying on eachothers shoulders. It takes all the willpower Saidy can muster not to cry, but she knows that by crying she is screaming "Come and kill me!" to her fellow tributes. She can´t look weak. Saidy is acually thankful when the orange man takes the attention from her. "Now for the gentlemen!" He shouts at the crowd exitedly, but gets hit with a wall of deafness. Everyone turn their back agains him, and the message is simple. We don´t accept this. Mr. Orange´s cheeks flush to an ugly shade of scarlet, he rushes to the boys bowl without saying another word. He reads out a name, but to everyone´s amazement, he gets interupted by a voice. "I volunteer!" Saidy´s stomach does a horrible summersault. She knows that voice. It belongs to Ice.

When Ice entres the stage, Saidy can´t hold back the tears any more. They flow down her face in gentle streams as she ignores the orange man´s yelling at her and runs towards Ice. Ice tosses his arms out, and run take her into his embrace. They stand like this, two humans in one being, for many minutes. Then Ice pulls away and looks deeply into Saidy´s eyes. His black eyes meet Saidy´s blue ones, and he speaks. "I will protect you." His voice is somewhat firm, but Saidy can hear it´s cracking by the seams. She doesn´t say anything, she just looks deeply into the pair of eyes she is so fond of, the windows to the soul of the person she loves so much. The crowd is speechless, and so is Mr. Orange. His mouth keeps opening and closing, like some bizarre underwater fish, and his eyes are as big as dinner plates. Or perhaps tribute plates.

Saidy and Ice are sitting in their own seperate rooms, held away from eachother by a sturdy wall. They press themselves against the wall, knowing their loved one is just a few feet away from them. Saidy wants to crush the wall, this barricade of wood that separates them. In the other districts, the tributes take the train together to The Captiol. But there is no train tracks going from District 13, they will be traveling by hovercraft. Saidy in one, Ice in another. They begin to have a whispered conversation in hushed voices. Ai kotoba, smalltalk, and telling eachother that everything is going to be fine. But it´s not. There´s twentyeight tributes, and only one can come out alive. Odds are that it´s neither of them.

Chariot Rides

The Capitol :

The first Chariot rolls out into the streets, and The Capitol is dissapointed about their local stars. They had hoped for better. The Chariot is made of shiny metal which is about as dull it can get. But the vibrant colored paint splattered on it at random kind of makes up for it. The whole rainbow seems to have thrown a party on The Capitol´s chariot. Red, green, blue, pink and everything else in between. It looks a bit stylish, but also messy and random, which doesn´t get many positive retrots from the crowd. The costumes can be described with two words; Childish and odd. Carlene is wearing a mismatch dress which another rainbow has puked on, a fancy hat with a vibrantly purple feather in and sturdy bottle-green leather boots. She looks like she would like to die right here and now from shame, but her blush is hard to spot under the tonn of make-up on her face. The stylist can´t have been completely sober, Carlene´s face looks like a grotesque clown´s mask, her face white as chalk and colors everywhere. Sean´s costume is no better. He is wearing a equally colorful suit with frills at the rims and the same bottle-green leather boots as Carlene. They didn´t go completely to town on Sean´s make-up, but he still looks like he belongs in the carnival. He isn´t embarrased like Carlene, though, he shows absolutely no emotions, his face is a flawless mask which nobody can peer into. The crowd doesn´t really pay too much attention to this Chariot, as they quickly shift their focus when the next one comes. The Capitol´s Chariot may be dissapointing and dumb, but that doesn´t mean that this is over. Hope isn´t lost just yet.

District 1 :

Now this is what The Capitol has been looking forward to, District 1! The Chariot is smithed out of pure gold, with small implanted diamonds in vibrant colors emblazoned on it. The diamonds shimmer and catch the light from the city around it, and reflects it in a shower of colorful rays of light. The Capitol citizens are going crazy about the chariot, but it´s the costumes that makes it legendary. Laura is wearing a flowing dress which appears to be made of hot, melting gold. It cascades in waves down her body and ripples in the darkness, which sends golden light shows over the crowd´s faces. Laura´s dramatic and dark make-up and unsmiling face makes her look almost non-human, a golden angel sent to punish the sinners that walk this earth. She looks menacing and alluring at the same time, which represents District 1´s tough culture and luxury at a fantastic level. Next to Laura stands Raymond, no smile showing on his face too, with the same dramatic make-up. He is wearing a beautiful toga which seems to be made of the same fabric as Laura´s dress, making it appear like alive, white-hot gold. He looks straight forward, showing no affection or excitement to the crowd of admirerers, both he and Laura are ignoring them completely. The commentators are praising the stylists to the sky and so is the whole of The Capitol and District 1. This gives Raymond and Laura a head start over the other tributes, it can be difficult to top this.

District 2 :

One word to describe the District 2 Chariot : Amazing. The crowd roars thriumpantly at the sight of George and Taylor, riding a magnifisent Chariot. It is designed as a roman-styled Chariot, with a huge metal spear at the front piercing the air in two. It is covered in beautiful tough roman armor and a huge scar flares across the right side, giving the impression that Taylor and George just came back from a huge battle. When it comes to the tributes themselves they are as breath-taking as the Chariot. Taylor´s upper body is covered in the same sturdy and gorgeous armor as the Chariot, but from the stomach and down a blood-red silk dress flies down. It is torn and ripped in places and small pieces of it flies off and gets snatched from the air by the Capitolians, all wanting to have a token from this event. Taylor has minimum with make-up on, just some black eyeliner to make her dark eyes seem even darker and some light lipstick which makes her look even more battle-worn. George is also dressed in roman armor, with his huge helmet under his arm and a huge scar across the chest armor. He doesn´t have any make-up on, but that just makes him look even more fierce and dangerous. Both Taylor and George are waving at the crowd, acting like they just won a great battle and pretending to wince as they make sharp movements. One can also spot a small trickle of blood from their mouths. This has almost knocked down District 1, but they are about equal in appeal now.

District 3 :

The District 3 Chariot comes hurteling after District 2´s, and yet again the technology District come out in a bad light. The Chariot is made of steel plates with wires coiling around the sides like snakes and shockingly blue neon lightning patterns emblazoned on the metal. The neon shimmers slightly in the dusk, and sends flickering shadows onto Shamin and Cander´s faces. The crowd quickly shifts attention, though, and Shamin looks like she´s on the verge of tears when she sees the uninterest in their faces. She is wearing a smiple metal suit with wires coming out of her shoulders and flowing down her back like some kind of bizarre cape. Cander is dressed identically, and none of them has any make-up, which makes Cander´s zits stick out even more prominently in the darkness. Both Shamin and Cander are trying to ignore the crowd´s unsmiling persona facing them with sour expressions; they had expected better than this. Last year District 3 was spectacular, but now they´re below medioce. Shamin can´t take it anymore, and the tears finally break free and flow down her pale face. They hit the Chariot floor, but the crowd doesn´t pity her. All they see is a weakling who won´t even try to participate.

District 4 :

At the sight of the District 4 Chariot, almost every pair of eyes in the crowd gets draw towards it, like the tributes themselves are electromagnets. Especially the guys eyes are now filled to the brim of lust, at the sight of Christina, but also the women are looking at River with immence satisfaction. The Chariot itself is made of glass, and aquatic fish is swimming around inside it. Beautiful ornamental urnes and vases decorate the moving fish tank that is teh District 4 Chariot. The fish seem to glow themselves with neon lights, flashing dazzeling neon colors across the streets of The Capitol, which recieves joyful cheers and shouts from The Capitolians. And together with the glorious costumes this Chariot will be remembered for years to come. Christina is dressed in a tight sailors attire, with maximum skin showing and a large rescue flotation ring around her left arm. Her sailor´s jacket is unbuttoned, and the frills of her bra is flowing in the air currents made by the moving Chariot. She has no shoes on and instead she is barefoot and slightly glittering in the dusk, thanks to her skin being covered in some kind of wierd powder. Her make-up is fantastic, glittering eyeliner put on with a light hand and torquise lipstick. This color sheme goes surprisingly well with District 4 too. River is wearing the same outfit as Christina, well except the bra. His jacket is unbuttoned too, and his sleek abs are shining with sweat, earning him hungry looks from the women in the crowd. He has also an inflatable rescue tube around his arm, and this represents the sea and District 4 almost too well. Looks like both District 1 and 2 have been defeated, this is definitively the best just yet.

District 5 :

Wow, looks like District 5 has yet again destroyed all expectations. In a bad, very bad way. The Chariot is just a basic Chariot, but christmas lights are illuminating the darkness around in a shower of bright green and red. This has nothing about District 5, but maybe they´re playing on Christmas´s name, who seems to be beyond embarrasment. The Chariot is bad enough, but they could at least made the costumes decent. There is hardly any costumes though, both Chris and Ali are completely naked. The only thing that covers a bit is straps of the same cheery christmas lights, which covers up their more private areas. This Chariot is even worse than District 3´s one, and possibly the worst of the night. But anything can happen, so nothing is pre-decided.

District 6 :

And knocking the wind out of everyone in Panem, whenether they´re watching from their TV´s in the Districts or chanting from the streets, comes District 6 rolling out of the gates. This is definitively the best anyone have been of District 6 for at least twenty years, as the transportation District often get neglected by their stylist. But the new stylist, Siltori Mercedes, has obviously good ideas and hasn´t given up on granting District 6 victors. The Chariot itself is designed to look like a high-tech, streamlined plane, with lights flashing at the sides. The crowd is going crazy, the Chariot and Farrin and Chase´s costumes turns District 6 from the weakest to fantastic in seconds. Farrin is wearing a tight uniform used by astronauts, with glowing and pulsating ornamental blue rings levitating around her limbs using electromagetism. She is wearing an astronaut´s helmet, but without the face mask so one can gaze at her masterfully done make-up. Just the right shade of grey around her eyes to make her appear almost as a robot, a mirage from the future beyond. The same can be said for Chase too, he is wearing matching outfit for Farrin, but his rings are blood-red and he has his helmet under his arm, like he just returned to earth from some heroic space mission. None of the tributes are smiling, they are serious and determined to death. Nothing will stop them from winning glory, fame and most importantly, their futures. The crowd is more than pleased, and hopes that District 6 will be just as good next year. Now District 6 has clearly knocked down District 1 and 2, and is tailing behind District 4. But everyone knows that nothing is truly decided, there are still seven Chariots left.

District 7 :

After the unexpectedly spectacular District 6 comes District 7, who has definitively improved from last year, and by a long shot too. There are no three costumes here, but the substitute for the classic and boring tradition is so gorgeous that nobody really minds. The Chariot is covered almost entirely of lushious, sparkeling leaves in green, magenta, emerald, midnight-blue and many other colors. The leaves gently rustle, and for many minutes the sound of the leaves drops a hush over the streets, silencing The Capitolians and the people of the Districts with awe and marvel. Avelina has a beautiful leaf crown in her hair, which is flowing down her back in a gentle black river. She is wearing a flowing emerald-green dress made of the same leaves of the Chariot, but larger and darker so she doesn´t blend completely with the Chariot. Her make-up doesn´t care for simple and recognizable, but legendary and extravagant. Sparkeling green eyeliner which brings out the tiny flecks of green in her dark brown eyes and bright forest green lipgloss to enchant her prominent and lushious facial features. Jericho is dressed in a ankle-high toga made of the beautiful leaves, but also colors like black and blood-red are added to enhance his masculinity. He isn`t wearing any make-up at all, but that doesn´t put a dampen to his looks. It makes him even more attractive, appearing like an all natural beauty. Both Avelina and Jericho are waving confidently at the crowd, who seems to be beyond excitement of the tributes. Both strong and talented. And an excellent Chariot knocking District 6 down to 3rd place.

District 8 :

After the glorious District 7 the next District, District 8, is a bit of a let down. They are usually the outlying District with best Chariots and costumes, so the tributes of District 8 almost always gets showered in sponsors. But not this year, this get-up is average at best. The Chariot is barely visible, it´s mostly just a blur of animal patterns and colors, which represents District 10 more than 8. Frilly ribbons in every color imaginable fly along in the winds of the Chariot, and sleek, vibrantly colored leopard and tiger patterns cover the sides. This Chariot reminds The Capitol a bit too much about their own Chariot, and since that was not that sucsesfull things are not looking too good. The costumes themselves are also a bit too similar of The Capitol Chariot, but the stylist seems to have taken random and dumb to a whole new level. Not as bad as District 5, but still, what a waste of tribute potensial. Apinya is wearing a golden toga with leopard and tiger patterns on, which seems like a strange hybrid of District 1 and 10. Her sleek black hair is set up in two long ponytails, which makes her appear like an old fashioned doll. She is wearing a lot of make-up, and it´s way over acceptable, she looks more freakish than beautiful. The same can go for Rodolphus, who is wearing completely a completely matching outfit, no difference at all. He is also apparently in clown mode, with white powder all over his face and bright red lipstick. They are both waving and blowing kisses at the crowd, but with those udderly horrible costumes it doesn´t help too much acting confident. This was truly horrendous, looks like these two will have a hard time attracting the sponsors.

District 9 :

The gruesome and dissapointing District 8 kind of put a damper on the glorious night, but then District 9 comes out of the gates, and they are acually surprisingly good. Grain has to be a very hard thing to represent, but this year´s stylist, another new one, has done a pretty good job. The Chariot is designed as a wheat field, with real rolling wheat growing on the Chariot and small artificial ladybugs sleeping lazily on the moving straws. This leaves the crowd dumbfunded of the time that went by to design this Chariot, growing real wheat and crafting artificial ladybugs isn´t cheap or done in a flash. The costumes are also, like the Chariot, smoothly presented and nicely crafted. Bianca is draped in silver shawls that cover her entire body, expect her face and hair, which is set up in a simple bun held together with a braid made of wheat. The shalws seem to slightly shine with a silver light, and they are slightly transparent. Lucas is dressed identically, same silver shawls and his hair put up in spikes with wheat twirled around the sides. Both of the tributes are waving and smiling, none of them seem nervous at all, they both seem confident in their abilites to win and to survive. The Chariot is good, but not great, and silver shawls doesn´t go too good with grain. But it is such an improvement from last year when they were just covered in grain and nothing more. And this improvement scores Lucas and Bianca at least 5th, and maybe even a good sponsor.

District 10 :

And here comes District 10, but after just a couple of seconds the crowd is already dissapointed and disgusted. Yeah, District 10 isn´t normally the strongest at Chariots, but they can sometimes come out decently. But not this year, very far from good too. The Chariot resembels District 8 in the way it has been covered in animal patterns, but these pattersn are completely pitch-black, which makes the Chariots appear almost like a phantom. But the costumes are not much better. Luz is wearing a long dress made by leopard fur, with an flint headpiece and flint shoulder armor. Her leopard dress gently ripples in the wind currents, and she is wearing fake teeth that gives her an enormous underbite. Coal is dressed in a similar attire, except a lioncloth instead of a dress and even larger underbite. The crowd barely manages to contain their dissapointment and disapproval, while Luz and Coal try to shield their faces and fake fangs. They look horrible, sinister even, without any make-up at all. This design is one everyone is hoping for won´t make a reappearance. Ever. Congratulations, District 10 stylists. Way to ruin your tributes chances, way to kill two innocent kids. That´s what everyone in Panem is thinking right now. This will definitively guaranteed Luz and Coal a low placing at the Chariots and maybe even not a single sponsor.

District 11 :

District 11 has been and always will be a weak District at the Chariots, and this year isn´t too much of an drastic chance, but it´s better than District 5, 8 and 10 at the very least. The Chariot is tangled up in vibrantly colored green vines, with grapes growing on them in small clusters and lush leaves sprouting out here and there. The vines seem to glow in the night with a faint shine, and they almost stretch out to the crowd. The vines doesn´t leave a huge impression on the crowd, though, but at least they´re decent. But the costumes is what really puts an dampen on the festive excitement. Maya is dressed in a simple, plain white silk dress with small frills at the rim which swish around in the air peacefully. She has a small, white dove perched on her shoulder and a olive crown on her head, representing peace and happiness, which is ironic, this is after all District 11, a place where peace has been crushed by The Capitol. The Capitolians doesn´t think about this as they doesn´t really know anything about life in the outlying Districts, but they all think that this design is too plain. Reginald is wearing a plain white suit and another dove on his shoulder, plus an even larger olive crown on his head. Both are waving nervously and their smiles feel a bit forced. The design is nice and cute, but maybe a bit too plain and uninspired. No matter, it still isn´t as bad as 5, 8 and 10, which are at the bottom, and District 11 is just able to hold their head out of the water.

District 12 :

Just as the second final Chariot, District 12, rolls out, a huge groan of frustration escapes the cheering crowd. Looks like the District 12 stylist has yet again smouldered two kids chances completely. It´s a shame, because a lot of sponsors had their eye on Serina, she seemed like a real fighter and a maybe even a Victor. But now, in this get-up, she will attract about as many sponsors as a pebble. The Chariot has been covered with coal dust which fly into the air and sends a wave of coffs across the crowd of annoyed Capitolians. Most of them turn away from the awful sight. Serina and Alex are both stark naked, with another thin layer of coal dust on them which also float over to the crowd, who try to shield their noses and mouths. The tributes are waving burning pickaxes around in the air weakly, while hiding their faces and their more delecate parts from the whole of Panem. Thsi stylist deseves a hard kick in the butt and District 12 a new stylist, seriously.

District 13 :

The last Chariot of the night is as always District 13, and as always it isn´t too spectacular. Everyone in both the Districts and The Capitol hates District 13 fiercely, because of their actions of defying The Capitol and ignoring the abuse against the Districts. This gives the District 13 tributes a disadvantage that return for them every year, in that The Gamemakers almost always try to get them killed as early on in the Games and as gruesome as possible. District 13 have had absoluetly no Victors in 25 years, from the time when The Mockingjay Revolution was killed for good. The Chariot is presented as a huge automic bomb, with metal plates sheilding it from the cold, bitter air around it. Pulsating wires scoot across it, creating complex spider web patterns illuminating the night atmosphere. The costumes are also good, but not anything too drastic or legendary. Saidy is dressed in a pitch-black overall with a huge "HAZARDOUS" sign emblazoned upon it and a dark-green gas mask in her right hand. The only thing that´s not covered is her face and her blonde hair, which is set up in a strict ponytail. She is wearing minimum with make-up, but that just makes her appear even more toxic and dangerous. Ice is wearing the same outfit, excluding the make-up, but that has the same effect as on Saidy, he appear as a even bigger threath than before. They are holding hands, just like back at the Reaping in District 13, they are in this together. This is a fairly impressive Chariot, and their romanic relationship will with no doubt pull them in the sponsors, but it´s not the best of the night. But sponsors have their eyes on the pair from District 13.

The President´s Speech

Pomona Darkwater arises from her throne at the high balcony of The President´s Palace, and everyone in The City Centre, from the anoxious-looking tributes to the cheering crowd gets silenced by The President´s looming presence. Pomona´s dark eyes glace over the row of Chariots, taking in her beloved sacrifices. But they flick onto Sean at the farthest right corner for a few seconds, as well as the confident-looking Carlene next to him. Pomona´s eyes narrow in disgust, and is it possible? Fear?

The President clears her throath with a huge, pretended cough, and reads off a small, yellow letter. Her eyebrows fly up in pretended surprise, and she reads what´s written in her clear, cold voice which rings out over the whole nation of Panem. Everyone is holding their breaths, bracing themselves for the impact. The impact of death.

"As a reminder of The Capitol´s kindness and love for the Districts who deseve no such thing, this year there will be three Victors and all the tributes will start off at different locations in the Arena."

The crowd is dumbfunded, silenced yet again by this outstanding Quell. A multi-Victor Hunger Games hasn´t happened since the 74th, when Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark threathened The Gamemakers with suicide to win, which has now become a taboo subject across Panem after the failed Mockingjay Revolution.

All the tributes use a few seconds to figure out what this means. Then they unlock the jig-saw. Higher chance for survival than ever before, their faces begin to glow with the prospect of maybe even coming home. But two faces in the District 13 Chariot show other feelings. Saidy and Ice embrace eachother, overcome with joy with the idea that both of them can win and survive together.

Pomona smiles and concludes the program, the cameras gets turned off and the tributes get shepherded into the Training Centre.

Time for the action to begin.

Chariot Rides Placings

Chariot Rides Placeings
District Tributes Placeing
District 1 - Luxury Laura Crossbane & Raymond Glimmer 4rd
District 2 - Masonry Taylor White & George Gold 4rd
District 3 - Technology Shamin Alexandra & Cander Lini 8th
District 4 - Fishing Christina Mallera & River Blue 1st
District 5 - Power Christmas Lights & Ali Swintnose 12th
District 6 - Transportation Farrin Amity & Revenus Locke 3rd
District 7 - Lumber Avelina Rose & Jericho Yunipé 2nd
District 8 - Textiles Apinya Vipada & Rodolphus Spore 11th
District 9 - Grain Bianca Summit & Lucas Sunsong 5th
District 10 - Livestock Luz Romer & Coal Black 10th
District 11 - Agriculture Maya Kenneth & Reginald Turner 9th
District 12 - Mining Serina Frostswords & Alex Powers 13th
District 13 - Graphite & Nuclear Saidy Dauntless & Ice Hunts 7th
The Capitol Carlene Dreger & Sean Reaper 6th


The Careers :

Laura Crossbane (1), Raymond Glimmer (1), Taylor White (2), George Gold (2), Christina Mallera (4), River Blue (4) and Avelina Rose (7)

District 13 :

Ice Hunts (13) and Saidy Dauntless (13)

Anti-Careers :

Revenus Locke (6), Farrin Amity (6), Luz Romer (10), Reginald Turner (11) and Maya Kenneth (11)

District 5 and 7 :

Christmas Lights (5) and Jericho Yunipé (7)

District 3 and 9 :

Shamin Alexandra (3) and Lucas Sunsong (9)

Loners :

Sean Reaper (C), Carlene Dreger (C), Cander Lini (3), Ali Swintnose (5), Rodolphus Spore (8), Apinya Vipada (8), Bianca Summit (9), Coal Black (10), Alex Powers (12) and Serina Frostswords (12),

Bold : Leader

Italics : Pending

Training - Day One

District 5 : Christmas "Chris" Light´s POV

My eyes snap open to the sound of a sharp knocking on the door to my room. I bury my head into my pillow in annoyance, while mine and Ali´s escort, Silviana Knox calls out to me with her overly-shrill voice. "Wake, wake, sleepyhead!" Her voice sounds too sickeningly sweet, so I don´t answer. I can hear the knocking getting louder and faster. "Chris! Training has already begun!" My eyes snap open yet again, but now I feel dread. Oh shit. I jump out of bed and throw the door open, and I´m greeted to Silviana´s tall figure. Her short, scruffy green hair is rolled up and she is coating her lips in her neon-like red lipstick. She opens her mouth to speak, but I just push her aside and run past her.

Moments later I´m running for the elevator at level five in The Training Centre, a half-eaten piece of toast in my hand and sweet orange juice in my throath, warming it up from the inside. There was no time to eat. I run like the wind itself, as Silviana has reminded me of training started ten minutes ago. Thypical me to oversleep on such an important as first day of training. I fly into the glass elevator and punch the button labeled "Gym". The elevator beings to plummet downwards at once, and I look out to see a chilly morning Capitol. Most of the people here are still sleeping, it is apparently seem as a crime to wake up before noon. Lazy bastards.

I rush out of the elevator and march over to the ring of other tributes, all staring at me. They are standing almost in formation around a small platform where a short man with flaming red hair and stubby legs stand. I´m guessing he´s the head trainer. He glares at me before pronounching that we may begin to train now. I didn´t even get to hear his speech, it could have proven to be useful! Just because I was late! I grunt in frustration as I walk uncertainly over to the fire-starting station. I don´t even know why I went here, but well, here I am. I sit down next to the trainer and he begins to eagerly show me how to start a fire, but I´m just half-way focusing on him. Instead I scan the gym, observing the other tributes. AKA my competition to be one of the three Victors.

I watch the girl from District 7 for a while, Avelina I think her name was. The one who was lucky with her stylist, while I got that dumb drunkard who dressed me completely naked and made fun of my name. Anyway, I simply observe Avelina at the hand to hand-combat station, as she practices on a pair of trainers. She has her shiny black hair in a bun, so none of the trainers can pull on it. Her fists move in a flurry through the air and strikes with sheer force at one of the trainers, sending him sliding across the floor. The other one tries to grab her from behind, but she sees it coming and jumps out of the way. Then she sends the other trainer to the floor too with a well-aimed kick to the head. Her movements remind me of a cat, swift but still powerful. Proven by the two unconsious trainer on the floor. Then she suddenly catches my eye and waves friendly at me. I smile back nervously, and she walks over to me.

"Hi! Avelina Rose, District 7." She reaches out her hand for me to shake. I hesitate for a second, thinking about the humiliated trainers probably on stretcers by now. But I decide to take her friendly gesture as a good sign. I grasp her hand and introduces myself.

"Chris Lights, District 5." Her face slips into a grin and she nods approvingly. I feel a bit confused, but then she explains.

"You volunteered too? Good that we have at least some tough people, just look at all these weaklings!" She points out the girl from District 8, who is currently bitching a trainer out for not having frying pans in the weapons section, and a small boy I think is from District 9, who is shaking so much he drops the knife he was holding. I have to admit those are pretty pathetic, and will probably die quickly.

Me and Avelina sit at the fire-making station for at least an hour, practicing lighting basic fires while talking to eachother. Even though me and Avelina are very similar and she is very nice to me, there is something about her that puts me on edge. Like how she avoids all questions about her family and life, she keeps sending the Careers glances and she just seems too nice to not be hiding something. In the end I make up an excuse that I have to go ask the trainer about something at the archery station, she tries to come with me but I just brush her off.

I don´t trust her longer than I can throw her.

I strategicly sneak over to the rows and rows of bows and crouch under the one nearest the rope course, which is empty, so nobody can see me. I peer under the shelves of bows and she the sturdy figure of Avelina walking over to another group of tributes I recognize as the Careers, compulsary in every Hunger Games. She talks to them, but I´m too far away to hear her. One of the Careers, a huge, burly boy with blonde hair, steps forward and shakes her hand while saying some words I can´t pick up. Then I see the lot of them leaving for the sword station, with Avelina trailing behind.

That bitch!

District 1 : Raymond "Perfect" Glimmer´s POV

My sword scoots through the air, the force of the blow cutting the air in two around it. I have eyes only for the opponent in front of me, who will very soon fall to the ground, blood oozing from the wound in his stomach. The tip of the sword makes contact, but I don´t stop there. I plunge it deep into his chest and straight through his body. Then I rip it out with all the power I can muster, leaving him chalk-white in the face, all his blood leaving his body for good. He lies on the ground yelling of the extreme pain and agony, but I ignore his death cramps. More bloodshed is needed. I need more.

This is going through my head as I observe the boy from District 5 shakily throwing a spear, which lands way off it´s mark. His oddly colored eyes are flitting around the gym nervously, then he catches my gaze. He gives a soft scream, the very same he will scream when I kill him with cold blood. He flnches of my bloodthirsty look, and almost runs over to the climbing course, on the other side of the gym. Coward, if he had a bit of backbone he may had stood a chance at The Games. But cowards never last long, maybe he is planning on using the same strategy as that 5 girl in the legendary rebel Everdeen´s first Games. I remember those games, the 5 girl, she was called Finch I think, stayed out of the limelight and stole from the others. But the 5 boy won´t be able to pull that off, he is both clumsy and dumb. And when I pick out a victim I will go to the end of the world in making sure that person will be dead before sunrise.

"Raymond, you´re coming? We´re going to the bow station." I see my District partner, Laura suddenly standing next to me, with her normal cold, dead look on her face, her black hair in two braids down her back. I´m slightly annoyed because she won´t use my chosen nickname, Perfect, which I think is way better. All of the Careers, even our new recruit Avelina from District 7, uses it. But not Laura, she never lets anyone push her around. Which I kind of like.

"Nah, I want to check out something at the rope course first, you guys can go ahead." She shrugs her shoulders and walks off towards the other Careers, and begins to chat with Taylor. I stroll of casually to the rope course, where the pathetic 5 boy is still struggeling with keeping himself in the air. I laugh as I see him wiggle and flail to try to regain his footing. What an idiot! I gently hoist myself up and begin to climb up to him, but he is too busy with not falling to notice me. I gently tap him on the shoulder and whisper into his ear.

"Hello there"

His reaction is hilarious, he screams and begins to climb away. But he looses his grip and tumbles to the ground, where he lands with a unhealthy smash onto the floor. I look down and see his unconsious body crumpeled on the ground, blood flowing down his face and traniers prying him off the ground and putting him on a stretcher. I quickly retreat before they understand what happened, and I head for the bow station where the other Careers went.

"Did you find what you were looking for?" Laura is looking suspiciously at me, and I quickly begin talking to my shoes. One thing I have learned is that you really don´t want to make Laura angry. Even though she looks like she is bored at all times she uses this to catch people off guard and then attack them with her full force.

"I was talking to the District 5 boy there, Ali or what´s his name?" I say, trying to switch the answer into a question, but Laura sees it coming. Damn.

"Well what did you say to him?" I can hear in her tone that she doesn´t believe anything I said, and I force myself to look directly into her eyes, so I can at least appear like I´m honest. But the moment I look into her eyes I begin to blush like crazy, so now I look like I just robbed a bank.

Luckily for me in that exsact moment River, we appointed him leader, calls out for us. I breathe out, but Laura still looks doubtfully at me. River towers over all of us, even George, and he is also stronger and more talented than the rest of us I have to admit. The only one who isn´t afraid of him is Christina, who seems to hold some kind of grudge against him, which isn´t too hard as he is pretty rude. He is also very flirty to Christina, which she doesn´t like at all. I´ve seem him staring at her boobs and slapping her butt, but Christina just answers with a punch or slap to the face. I have to admit I admire her backbone and courage, standing up to a guy like River, who could crack her in two with his bare hands.

"Okay, I´ve found some new tributes we may want to recruit." He says in his gravely and acient voice, which sounds like he is at the bottom of a well. He points out the pair from District 13, Ice and Saidy, they are shooting arrows at the archery station together, Avelina´s District partner Jericho, who never seems to leave the axe station and lastly The Capitol girl who volunteered, I hear her name is Carlene. I think all of them would make wonderful assets to our team, but I´m a little doubtful to Carlene, she seems like the person to first befriend you and then slith you throath while you´re asleep.

We decide to approach the District 13 pair first.

District 13 : Ice Hunt´s POV

Saidy is carefully aiming her bow while I sit and watch my love. She realeashes the string and the stream-lined metal arrow flies through the air and sticks a few centimetres from the bullseyes with a sharp thud. A excellent shot. She smiles to me and I pull her in for a kiss. My lips meet hers and for a few blissful seconds that´s all that matters in this world. Her blonde hair smells of roses, but soon it´s replaced with another scent. The scent of trouble.

Saidy pricks me on the shoulder and points her finger on something behind me. I turn and get greeted by the sight of the Careers, seven tributes in total. I recognize the District 1, 2 and 4 pair as well as the black-haired girl from District 7 called Avelina. They all look haugthly at me and Saidy, and I instinctively pull her closer, Careers are nothing but trouble. The biggest of them, the blonde boy from District 4 who I think is named River, steps forward.

"Good show you guys put on. We could need people like you." His voice is rough and determined, so it sounds like an order and it´s hard not to bow down and call him General. But I´m not scared of him, it´s not allowed for tributes to get into fights before the Games, so I just cross my arms and glare back at him.

"No thanks, we don´t like to team up with arrogant brutes." I say in my most cocky voice, and it takes all my courage not to cower down of the look he gives me. His eyes are like azure stones, boring into me. But I keep staring back, to prove my independence. He gives a small growl of annoyance before storming off, with the other Careers trailing behind him while shooting me furious looks.

I smile and pull Saidy closer, who is laughing softly. Her pupils expant when we lock eyes, and out breathing tightens. She brushes her hair out of her eyes and kiss me passionately. I kiss back and try to hold the kiss for as long as possible. But we break away from eachother after a minute, only to dive into another kiss.

"You sure showed those guys." Saidy whisperes in my ear with a smirk.

"Anything for you." I whisper back before pulling her in to another fierce kiss. We stand locked together for so long, one could almost think we had grown together. Then Saidy pulls away and points her finger over at The Gauntlet, where the 3 boy is swiftly scooting across.

I nod curtly before sweeping her with me and head for The Gauntlet.

The Capitol : Carlene Dreger´s POV

I watch as the Careers stroll around, apparently looking for me, or so that snitch girl from District 9 at the spear throwing station told me. I don´t know why the Careers would want to speak to me, and I´m definitively not speaking to them, but they will have a hard time finding me. I´m hidden in the gown of one of the fake threes at the camo station, and my skin has the same shade of green as the leaves. If they acually look up here all they will see is greenery, and not a Capitol tribute called Carlene. I watch as the Careers finally give up and head for the weight-lifting station. I breathe out my relief as I begin to think back on the past few days.

I can remember The President´s eyes boring into me when I stepped forward at the Reaping to volunteer. I´m acually happy that I did it, now I will finally have a chance to get away from my airhead parents. They wanted to turn me into a posh and polite lady, but I said screw that. I hate fancy clothes and smoke cigarettes, I will do anything to undermine my parents regieme on me, and volunteering was the untimate rebellious kick at them. While I remember their snobbish attitude towards me and their constant rants that I wasn´t good enough for them, I do remember their shocked faces shining with tears when I volunteered. But they didn´t love me, only the Carlene they wanted to chance and form for their own liking. I will never forgive them, and if I win they will never see me again.

I haven´t though too much about the possibility about me getting killed in the Games, mainly because I prefer to stay positive. Instead I have focused on the night of The Chariots Rides. Even though I looked like a complete fool in the oostume and I hardly earned any sponsors at all, it was the twists for The 100th Hunger Games which made it worth it for me. Three Victors and no bloodbath sounds almost too good to be true, but I don´t think this is some sort of trick, President Darkwater acually sounded sad about that two more of us will survive. I am completely focused on becoming one of the three Victors, and I know that it´s in my reach to make it.

Just then I´m interuped in my brooding by someone pricking me with their finger on my shoulder. I turn sharply and see the 9 girl who warned me about the Careers a while ago smiling to me, her skin also a dense shade of green so she blends in with the fake threes. I frown at her, but she just keeps smiling.

"Wanna be allies?" She says still with that grin on her face. I get taken aback with her confidence to ask a complete stranger such a question, but not taken aback enough to lose my sense. And my sense says not to trust this unknown girl.

"No thanks, I work solo." I snap at her before jumps down on the ground, leaving her sitting in the three, her turn to be taken aback now. I smile as I turn on my heels and walk over to the knot tying station. I sit down with the trainer, and he shows me some basic knots to try. I´m acually surprisingly good at this, and for at least an hour I sit like this, trying on new knots when I´ve mastered the old ones. The trainer is above the skies praising me about my work, saying I´m a natural. I can´t help but think how this will be completely useless in the Arena, but I don´t want to hurt his feelings. So I just smile at him before saying goodbye and walking away.

Somehow I end up at the Gauntlet, a huge, scary-looking obstacle course with rising and falling platforms and trainer bashing out with long poles. I watch as the 6 boy almost flies across it, the trainers not even getting close to hitting him and the elevating platforms no issue to him. He scoots backwards and forwards five times before jumping off elegantly like a cat and approaching one of the trainers. The trainer has the biggest smile I have ever seen on his face as he shows the 6 boy, who I now remember is called Chase, his watch. He must have taken Chase´s time, and it was apparently "The fastest I´ve ever seen in twenty years!".

But Chase just shrugs his shoulders before walking over to his District partner, Farrin or whatever she is called. Then they go to the archery station, leaving me alone except for the District 13 lovebirds who are making out in a corner. I frown my disgust as the boy slips his hand into his girlfriend´s shirt and she moans in pleasure. I turn away quickly and ask the trainer if I can have a go at the Gauntlet. He agrees and I climb carefully onto the starting platform.

Moments later I´m flying like the wind, dodging the trainer´s poles carefully. I can see the other end of the Gauntlet just a few metres away from me, and it´s the final run. I bring my last energy sources back and spring forward with my full power. If I can make this I´ll definitively get better than that Chase guy, I know I can beat him. But then I feel a pole snag at my ankle and that´s all it takes to pull me into unbalance. I screech and fall headfirst down, and darkness enfulges me when my head smashes into the floor.

District 12 : Serina Frostsword´s POV

I snort to nobody in paticular as I observe the Capitol girl´s journey to the gym floor, from the Gauntlet far above. Stupid girl, I can easily finish the Gauntlet in one minute while sleeping! But she can only be carried away on a stretcher by the trainers. I load another arrow into my crossbow and take aim on the dummy a good ten metres away. Then I almost close my eyes as I lock my arrow onto the onomious red circle at the place where a person´s heart would be. Then I realeashe it. It whizzes through the air and lodges itself in a flawless hit at the heart of the dummy. I shoot another arrow for good measure, and it pierces the dummy´s head like a lazer. The head flies off and hits the floor with a sad thud. I look up and see that almost all of the other tributes are watching me, hate, jealousy or admireation showing in their widening eyes. I feel the Careers eyes boring into me, exspecially the gigantic 4 guy is looking like he wants to make stew of me next.

I don´t want any more trouble with the Careers, so I just turn and walk over to the rope course. Only one tribute except me is here, the volunteer girl from District 5. She has strange red and green hair with a star pin in it, and I understand why the others refer her to "Christmas". Surely that can´t be her real name? If so her parents are idiots. I try to ignore her as I grab onto the nearest rope and begin to climb to my best ability. It´s tough work, skidding the rope, but it´s good training and will probably be a useful skill in the Arena. After about three minutes with climbing the rope, I reach the roof of the gym. A platfrom has been raised and in the air around it hangs thick an thin ropes at seemingly random. But if you look closer you can see that the ropes create a course of sorts. I don´t hesitate a second, and fling myself into the air.

My left hand grabs the first rope and I use my force to push myself forward the next. First it´s difficult not to freeze of terror at the sight of the ground so many metres down, probably around ten. But after a while I begin to develop a steady rhythm for my leaps, and I fly across the gym. I pause to see the wolf-like boy from 10 watch me in awe and the Career girl from 4 sending me hateful glares. I smirk back at her and continue.

I´m almost at the end of the course when I feel it. Like something is hurteling forward through the air, headijg straight for me. I tilt me head and see a huge grey mass flying through the air, dangerous-looking spikes protubing out of the sides. It´s one of the weight-lifting balls, and I´m just able to glimse the burly 4 girl smiling wickedly at me. Her hands have just fallen down to her hips, and I know she was the one who threw the ball at me. I have just enough time to let myself drop before the ball smashes into the spot where I was hanging just seconds ago. I land with a light thud on the ground, and watch as the girl from 4´s gleeful expession changes to one with even more hate showing. I flick my hair out of my eyes and smile at her. She snorts and stalks away towards the other Careers.

"Thanks and goodbye!" I shout after her and stroll casually over to the fire-making station. And that´s how to show a arrogant Career bitch who´s boss.

Training - Day Two

District 11 : Reginald Turner´s POV

The axe gives away a dull thud as it lodges itself into the dummy´s stomach, and drawing the eyes of some tributes around me. They stare, hafway impressed and halfway jealous. The District 5 girl gives me a small, approving nod at me, while her District partner, the one with the wierd eyes, looks like he may faint at any time. Even the Careers glance over at me, hatred burning in their beady, evil eyes. My District partner, Maya, tugs on my sleeve to get me to move. I let her sweep me with her, and she leads me to the plant identification station.

I´m glad I allied with Maya, she seems really nice and she isn´t useless. She knows more about edible plants than about half of the tributes put together. And who knows? Maybe my life will depend on it in the Arena? I have no idea on what kind of Arena they will be throwing us into, but I have a feeling it will be like nothing I have seen in past Hunger Games. President Darkwater will want to leave an impression about this Quarter Quell in years to come, or so I think. I´m happy about the Quell twist, just like me I think it has given each and every tribute hope that they can really win and come home. Even the frail little boy from 9 seems more confident in his chances.

"Hey! 11!" I turn and feel a scowl form on my face, expecting the Careers again. But when I look I see it´s not. It´s the pair from District 6, Chase and Farrin I think. Farrin is smiling at us, while Chase is looking at me and Maya with critique, like he´s sizing us up. What use we can be for him. I can´t help put think that these two will maybe be just another problem in the Arena, but Maya doesn´t seem to have any problems with them.

"Alliance?" The Chase guy says and reaches out his hand for me to shake it, while Farrin stands behind him. I hesitate for a brief second and I considers to turn the offer down, but Maya is faster than me. Her hand shoots forward and meets Chase´s.

"Sure! I´m Maya, and this is Reginald." She says and gestures to me. Chase shakes my hand too and grins at me. I can´t help feeling insecure about this alliance, because we´re four, and only three of us at most can survive. But since the odds are still against any of us winning I don´t give it too much though. An alliance is a good thing, right?

"Let´s go to the spear station, yes?" Chase says, and I take Maya with me and follows District 6 to the spears.

District 4 : River Blue´s POV

Just as I was about to send my beautiful blue trident through the air and into the training dummy´s head, a cool, calm female voice calls out from the speakers.

"Lunch now. All tributes assemble in the cafeteria." Lunch already? That´s a dissapointment, but I´ll try not to waste too much time on food, the more training I get in before the Games the better. Even though I´ve trained back in District 4 it could be useful to get a feel on the kinds of weapons we´ll be given in the Arena. The tridents here are completely different, heavier and harder to wield than the smooth, light ones back in District 4. But I´ll have to get used to it, and it´s better to do that in the gym than in the Arena, where you risk getting killed at any second.

I throw my trident away and trudge to the elevator, with Christina and the others trailing behind. I step into one of the sleek. stream-lined elevators and punch the button labeled "Cafeteria". Perfect tries to go in with me, but I push him out. I have only one person on my mind who will acompany me. Christina looks annoyed when she sees that the two other elevators are full, mine is the only one with space left. She scowls at me and steps in with me, and the elevator instantly scoot downwards.

Christina instantly turns away from me and stares down the wall, but thet doesn´t turn me down. I stare at her big, round ass and feel my boner growing. I want to slap that fine ass, but I know she´ll hurt me in return. Bad. But sometimes you just need to go for it, and that´s exsactly what I will do. I reach my arm out and wrap it around her waist. She flinches and tries to punch me in the face, but I keep her in a firm grip.

"What the hell do you think you´re doing!?" She screams and tries yet again to slam her fist into my head, but I block it carelessly.

"What do you say we´ll have some fun, babe?" I purr teasingly into her ear, which she responds with a shudder and another attempt to wiggle free. But I´m not letting her escape.

My lips are right in front of hers when the elevator door opens. Oops, fogot about that. I turn and see Laura and Avelina looking shocked, their jaws on the floor in surprise. My moment of distraction is enough for Christina, she wiggles free and runs out of the elevator. I go after her, pushing Avelina and Laura out of the way. They shoot me dirty looks, but I ignore them.

I run across the cafeteria, pushing past startled-looking tributes here and there. Everyone is staring at me, even the Avoxes and trainers. I finally spot the table the Careers have claimed, and I plunk down on one of the benches. George is almost crying of laugther, while Laura and Avelina look shocked and appaled. Taylor is ignoring everyone and picking at her food, while Raymond is staring down the 5 boy who he has been telling us all training he is gonna murder in the Arena. Christina is staring intensely at me, but I don´t meet er gaze, afraid her anger will burn my eyes out.

"Why the hell did you do that!?" Christina says, but I just reply with a cocky smirk. This seems to annoy her somehow, and she aims a throw with a turnip at me. I do a strategic duck under the table to avoid the vegetable soaring through the air. I look up and see the 9 girl masaging a bruise on her head, then throwing the turnip back. It hits Christina in the eye and she stumbles screeching from the bench. This makes George fall into another loud wave of laughter, while Avelina looks like she may hit me.

I tell them that I´ll go get some more food before things get out of hand, then rise up and walk to the nearest food trolley. On the way I glance at the other tributes´seating places. Most are alone or not talking to eachother, but I can see some alliances forming here and there. The lovebirds from District 13 are making out at the table nearest to the elevators. Both from 6 and 11 plus the 10 girl are seated together, talking in hushed voices about this and that. None of them look like too strong competetors, but the 11 and 6 males both look pretty fit. The two weakings from 9 and 3 have also made an alliance, but it won´t chance the fact that they´re both gonna die. And then there´s the volunteers from 5 and 7, both of them look tough and talented and I have a feeling they will be a big threath.

But I´m still confident I will return home with loads of money, fame and hopefully, Christina as my wife. I will try to make her fall in love with me, and then we´ll win together.

That´s my plan, at least.

District 6 : Farrin Amity´s POV

A trainer staps forward in the middle of the room, the claps two times as to get our attention. Everyone turns to face him, including me. He has a stern look on his face and official-looking clothes.

"Lunch is over! Back to training everyone!"

I rise from the table and join Chase, Maya, Luz and Reginald at the elevators. We all squeeze into one and Maya pushes the gym button. As we soar upwards I can´t help thinking about the last couple of days. It has been really hard being reaped, I remember the horrible moments of saying goodbye to mom and dad, their shocked faces shining with tears. And little Narcissa who I love over anyone in the world, for the first time since she was a baby crying. And she was crying for me, knowing that I would never come back. But maybe they have more hope now that I will win, with the three Victors business and all. And they probably have seen the talkshows they air that stars gamemakers and Hunger Games fans talking for hours about the coming slaugther. Maybe they have talked about training, private sessions are a no-no to talk about but they can talk about the open training. Maybe mom, dad and Narcissa will be happy that I have allies and trained to the best of my abilities.

Maybe they´ll even cheer for me, that would make me happy. Or maybe they would just cry hearing about me surrouded by twentyseven other kids, with only a slight chance of surviving.

The Training Scores and Betting Odds


Training Scores and Betting Odds



Training Score  

Betting Odds 

The Capitol - Male     

Sean Reaper        



The Capitol - Female          
Carlene Dreger                
District 1 - Male          
Raymond Glimmer                
District 1 - Female          
Laura Crossbane                
District 2 - Male          
George Gold                
District 2 - Female          
Taylor White                



District 3 - Male          
Cander Lini                



District 3 - Female          
Shamin Alexandra                
District 4 - Male          
River Blue                
District 4 - Female          
Christina Mallera                
District 5 - Male          
Ali Swintnose                
District 5 - Female          
Christmas Lights                
District 6 - Male          
Revenus Locke                
District 6 - Female          
Farrin Amity                
District 7 - Male          
Jericho Yunipé                
District 7 - Female          
Avelina Rose                
District 8 - Male          
Rodolphus Spore                



District 8 - Female          
Apinya Vipada                
District 9 - Male          
Lucas Sunsong                
District 9 - Female          
Bianca Summit                



District 10 - Male          
Coal Black                
District 10 - Female          
Luz Romer                
District 11 - Male          
Reginald Turner                
District 11 - Female          
Maya Kenneth                
District 12 - Male          
Alex Powers                
District 12 - Female          
Serina Frostswords                
District 13 - Male          
Ice Hunts                
District 13 - Female          
Saidy Dauntless                

Death List

Part 1 - The Rising

28th - Sean Reaper (C) - Blown apart by landmines - Day 1

27th - Bianca Summit (9) - Stabbed in the chest by Serina Frostswords (12) - Day 1

26th - Taylor White (2) - Beheaded by Jericho Yunipé (7) - Day 1

25th - Cander Lini (3) - Swallowed by Darkness - Day 1

24th - Rodolphus Spore (8) - Crushed by bookshelf toppled by Saidy Dauntless (13) - Day 1

Part 2 - Insanity of Dread

Part 3 - No Time Left

The Nightmare Games - Part 1 : The Rising

Positions of Tributes on Day One :

1st Floor : Reginald Turner (11), River Blue (4), Avelina Rose (7), Cander Lini (3)

2nd Floor : Coal Black (10), Alex Powers (12), Christina Mallera (4), Rodolphus Spore (8)

3rd Floor : Revenus "Chase" Locke (6), George Gold (2), Christmas "Chris" Lights (5), Laura Crossbane (1)

4th Floor : Farrin Amity (6), Jericho Yunipé (7), Saidy Dauntless (13), Taylor White (2)

Attic : Bianca Summit (9), Sean Reaper (C), Serina Frostswords (12)

Basement : Luz Romer (10), Lucas (9), Shamin (3), Carlene Dreger (C), Ali Swintnose (5)

Wintergardens : Maya Kenneth (11), Apinya Vipada (8), Ice Hunts (13), Raymond "Perfect" Glimmer (1)

Day One

District 6 - Revenus "Chase" Locke´s PoV

My heart pounds faster and faster in my chest as my transportation tube goes faster and faster, in synch with my heart. I know where I´m going now, the Arena. The grey walls of the catacombs of the Arena scoot past me, and I know I will be arriving soon. To somewhere in the Arena. Thank god there´s no Bloodbath, the tributes arriving at different locations can make it easier to live. But I also know there will be no Cornucopia, no huge pile of supplies that can be picked clean. Maybe I´ll be lucky to find something I can use lying around though. Then, all too soon, the tube gets pushed up and I feel fresh air in my lungs again. I look around and is surprised to see a huge, fancy hall with shiny marble floor. Huge chandelabras swing from the ceiling and luxurious furniture dot the scene. This is unusual, I was expecting an outdoor Arena, but I´ll take it. It will mean better shelter, but less places to hide from the other tributes.

Then I see him. The huge, burly District 2 boy standing on his plate at the other end of the room. He smirks meancingly at me and jerks his head towards something shiny in the middle of the room. I focus on it and see it´s a white, diamond-entrusted spear. I have seen him in training, he can kill me in seconds with that weapon. But I know I´m faster than him, but what if he manages to knock the spear away from me? Then I have acieved nothing but getting cornered. I know the only option is to run away, I can´t risk it. I look around the room again and see that there´s a large door just a few metres away from me. Perfect! I´m already positioning myself to run for the door when I hear a booming voice over a speaker.

"60 seconds!"

District 4 - Christina Mallera´s PoV

"59, 58, 57, 56, 55"

I listen to the announcher of The Hunger Games, Yvelir Cashew, who calmly counts down the time we, the rest of the tributes and I, have left to take a first look around. I got lifted up in a small, dimly lit hallway with cold gushes of wind swooping around. I had hoped to be lifted up with other tributes, so I could get some easy kills, but I´m completely alone. A few metres in front of me I can see a small backpack. That backpack is mine, there´s no stopping me.

"54, 53, 52, 51, 50"

I wonder where the rest of the Careers are positioned? They don´t really matter to me, but if I´m going to maipulate them effectively I´ll have to know where they are. I´m acually rethinking the decition I made when joining the Careers, because in an Arena like this is better to be alone then with a group of people. Harder to sneak up on a loner than a huge alliance. I know who I want to kill first, River! He needs to die if I am to win, so does that 12 girl. I don´t think George is too much of trouble, he´s so reckless and arrogant he´ll probably underestimate the others, and that´s one flaw which can result in your death easily. And that Sean kid doesn´t seem like much of a threath. Yeah, he did get a 12, but that is probably just a stroke of sheer luck than talent

"49, 48, 47, 46, 45.."

District 3 - Shamin Alexandra´s PoV

My feet tremble uncontrollably as the countdown for the start of the Games reaches fourty. Only forth seconds left until I will be hunted by other tributes, eager to kill me so they can heigthen their chances of survival. Sponsors liked me in my interview, that´s a slight advantage, but here in the Arena the area of how likeable you are quickly dissapears in terms of usefulness. I got lifted up into a dark basement with sturdy stone walls, rats lazily scurrying across the floor. There´s six completely idetical doors here, I have no clue which I should go through.

"30, 29, 28, 27, 26.."

What! Only about twenty seconds left already? I begin to panic and scream and flail around, but I have the sense not to step off my plate. I don´t think it would feel too good getting your body blown sky-high. The thougth calms me, gives me more control. I take deep, soothing breaths and try to think. Come on, Shamin! Focus, which door?

"22, 21, 20.."

I close my eyes and point my finger at random. Then I open them, and see that my finger hit the door to my right. Decition made, that´s my door. I just hope not any Careers or serious threaths also got lifted up here. But I hope my ally, Lucas, is here somewhere too. He seems nice and I think he´ll be a great ally.

"19, 18, 17, 16, 15"

District 1 - Raymond "Perfect" Glimmer´s PoV

I smirk to nobody in paticular when I see who else is in the same area of the wintergardens. The girl from District 11 is shaking from the bitter cold of the night about twenty metres away from me. I know I´m faster than her, but there is no weapons here. Just large flower bushes and lush trees. I have nothing to kill this girl with except my own fists, but I think they´ll do the job OK. I see that the girl has turned away and stabled her footing, she´s bracing herself to make a run for it, towards the denser foilage. I saw what she could do with camoflague in training and the night is also pitch-black. If she makes it deeper into the garden I´ll have to comb the whole place for her. I need to get at her while I still can.

"15, 14, 13, 12, 11..."

Only ten seconds left until the Games start. I shift my position so I´ll have maximum use of my legs, so I can catch the 11 girl as quickly as possible. Can´t just let an easy kill like her get away. I know that the more I kill, the more does my chances of coming home with titel as Victor increase.

Back in The Capitol - Pomona Darkwater´s PoV

"Five seconds until the Games are on." The Head Gamemaker of this year, Aurabella Morgue says to me and gives me a teasingly wink. I look back with grave seriousness, she can´t be fooling around now.

"Make sure he dies first." I say to Aurabella, she frowns at me and replies with; "But that´s against the rules, we can´t purposely make the landmines explode!"

I stare back at her intensely, gritting my teeth in frustration. How can someone be so stupid!? Sean Reaper needs to die, and fast too. Aurabella avoids my gaze and begins to talk to her shoes.

"Alright, as you wish President..."

I smile in glee to myself. Finally the last threath to my regieme will be dead!

District 12 - Serina Frostswords PoV

Just as the gong sounds I jump elegantly off my plate and run towards a flight of stairs. But right before I reach them a huge wave of air pressure hits me and I fly backwards. I land hard on the wooden floor. Everything is quiet, I try to make sounds but they´re not audible. What happened? A Gamemaker trap? Then why am I still alive? I begin to panic slightly, thinking that maybe poison is seeping through my blood veins at this very moment, or a huge, hairy something is slowly creeping up on me...

Then I hear it. Light footing, like someone is trying hard not ot be heard. Too bad for them that I have senses like a cat. I turn around quickly and spot a startled-looking girl, I don´t remember her District. She holds a jet-black, jagged dagger in her hand, poised to stab. Quickly her expression changes, from surprise to determination. She lunges at me with her dagger held high, ready to bring it down on my head. But I swiftly roll out of the way, just as the dagger pierces the floor. I stand up again, and see the girl trying desperately to tug the dagger free. She sees me and tries to run, but I ram into her and pin her to the floor. She tries to wiggle away, but I can´t just let her get away now. She tried to kill me in cold blood, so she deserves no better.

I rip the dagger out of the floor and raise it over my head. She begins to scream and flail to get away. But she stops when I sink the dagger deep into her chest, blood coating my dagger. I pull it out, which causes the girl to scream again, but more muffled, blood is leaking out of her mouth. I stab her again and again and again, the blood splattering me and the floor with crimson dots. Finally her eyes close and she gives one last sigh before going quiet. A lonely cannon booms in the night.

District 7 - Jericho Yunipé´s PoV

I pause swiftly to hear the aftermath of a cannon boom, a bit muffled for some reason. I wonder who died, and who killed him or her. But I shake the thoughts away, who died is dead and it doesn´t matter. What matters now is that I need to find Chris, and fast. I`ll be safe with her, hopefully. But I have no idea where she is, so I just run mindlessly through a hallway which seems to never end. Finally I see a large flight of stairs, and I tear down them. I land on the floor and quickly look to my sides, I´m in yet another hallway. I grunt before continuing my search for Chris, down the dimly lit hallway.

Then I see a distant figure at the end of the hallway, and I squint my eyes to try to see who it is. It´s not Chris, I whould recognize her vibrant hair at once, but I can see it´s a girl. The girl turns and Taylor White from District 2´s dark eyes lock onto me. Her mouth splits into a wicked grin, reflected in the blade of her huge war axe. How did she get that? My feet shuffle back and forth for a moment, confused on which direction they should run in. Then they gets some sense in and runs away from Taylor, who is laughing and shouting at me to come back. Yeah right.

I look back and see that she is less than five metres away from me, and she is gaining on me fast. In a matter of seconds I´ll be in the range of that gruesome war axe, and she won´t hesitate to kill me. The time of running is up, it´s time to fight back now. She may have a weapon and a better training score, but she is a lot smaller than me. I surprise her by stopping and running right at her, but her surprise is only brief. She smiles and swings the axe at my stomach, I evade just in the knick of time by back off.

She swings again, this time at my legs, but I anticipate it. I jump over her swing and topple her, sending her screeching to the ground. She grunts in pain and begins to kick out with her legs at me. But I hold her down and takes her axe. She understands what´s about to happen about two seconds before it does. Her mouth opens and she screams, her eyes popping and her breaths fast. That´s when I bring the axe down and chop straight through her neck, letting her bloody head roll down the hallway. Taylor´s cannon goes off, but I hardly notice. I can still hear the girl´s last scream revibrating inside my head.

I toss away her muliated body and run away from it, the war axe still clutched in my sweaty hands. I had to do it, right? I had to kill her, it was either her or me. Now if I could only find Chris soon...

The Capitol - Carlene Dreger´s PoV

My breath´s shallow and un-hearable, as I sit crouched behind a large potted plant with elegent green leaves the size of my body. A cannon was just fired, and I´m still counting on my fingers who I remember from training. The snitch girl from 9. The lovebirds from 13, Saidy and Ice. The 11, 6 and 10 alliance, and the weaklings from 3 and 9, as well as that cold-hearted 12 girl called Serina. I watch from a large indoor balcony as the Careers re-group with eachother in a large hallway, though not all of them are there. I only see the 4 tributes, as well as the 1 and 7 girls, the rest are missing. I count on my fingers. The District 1 guy, as well as both from 2. Hopefully dead, but I´ve only head two cannons so far... They´re dumping all their collected supplies down in one large pile, food, matches, sleeping bags, tool knives and lots more. But they hold onto their weapons. Why did they find so many supplies, while all I got was this useless, empty water canteen? That´s when I see it. A small glint of sliver falls down from the pile and scoots across the floor, just a few metres away from my hiding place. This is the perfect chance to acually earn a weapon! I eye the knife with sheer determination as I carefully sneak out of my hiding place.

Swiftly my hand grasps around the handle fo the knife. It´s a fine knife, with a sharp blade perfect for slicing and cutting. This will come in handy both as a tool and a weapon. I carefully drop it into my water canteen and sneak back. But then a I hear a horrible crunching sound and discover I´ve stepped on a rotten leaf from the potted plant. I freeze in my spot and watch in horror as all the Careers at once turn in my direction. The District 4 tributes´ mouths split into identical devious smiles at the sight of such an easy kill as me, while the 7 girl raises her whip over her head and the girl from 1 loads her bow. I don´t give them time to attack me, I run away into a new hallway, I hear their woops of thriumph and their shouts of glee. Suddenly I feel a searing pain in my arm and I see that an arrow has lodged itself into my flesh. I don´t give it much though, I just gasp in pain and rip it out before continuing. The Careers aren´t as fast and dangerous in the long run, their massive bodies needs lots of rest. I see them slowing down, I give one last burst of speed and fly up a flight of stairs. When I arrive at the new floor I can´t hear their panting anymore, I must have shaken them off. I smile to myself and walk briskly into yet another hallway, the silver knife gleming inside my water canteen.

District 3 - Cander Lini´s PoV

I stand paralyzed, my newly found axe lying useless on the floor, confronted by the darkness. This isn´t regular darkness, it seem to crawl forward and I can hear it drawing ratteling, dreadly breaths. Pitch-black, large hands with claws instead of nails reach out of the gloom, trying to grab me. But I´ve already broken into a steady run, with the gruesome, torturous darkness at my heels. The hallway flies past me and my feet move automaticly, but I feel my energy expire very fast, I can´t hold my pace up. But the darkness keeps going at full speed, it´s just a few metres away from me now. Just as I am about to give up hope, I spot some stairs that leads up at the end of the corridor. If I only can reach those stairs I will be able to escape this dreaded darkness and survive! But that´s when I feel a cold feeling spreading around my body, and everything goes dark, the darkness of death.

District 9 - Lucas Sunsong´s PoV

"Lucas! Over here!"

I sigh in relief when I finally see my ally, Shamin from 3, at the other side of the room. I have been running from room to room for the past four hours, trying to locate her, and finally I found her. She smiles and I gently jog up to her. She throws herself into me, and we both stumble down to the dirty ground.

"Thank god, you´re finally here!"

She shows me her bag, which contains a small knife, a torch and some matches. I throw it all into my bigger backpack, which was empty. I can finally breathe out, but I´m still very insecure about where we are. We should get out of this mouldy basement, anything could be lurking around down here. Mutts or maybe Careers, or maybe some other big threath. I grab Shamin´s hand and I lead her through another door, she doesn´t object at all. That´s when I see her. The massively buildt girl from District 10. Shamin screams and hides behind me, and for her part I try not to seem too scared. The girl, I can´t remember her name, turns to us. But she doesn´t draw the short sword in her belt, she just frowns at us.

"Leave, please. Or I will kill you both."

I don´t hesitate, my hand finds Shamin´s and I run past the girl and into another door, I´m already hoping I won´t encounter her again.

District 13 - Saidy Dauntless´ PoV

My hand reaches out and presses the door handle down, I tear into the unknown room without hesitation. I find that I´m in a huge dusty library now, huge book shelves towering over me, shooting me silent threaths of crashing down on me. Lots of books are scattered on the ground too, as well as a small brown bag. I snatch it up and find out that´s it filled with two full water canteens and a single arrow. Aw come on! An arrow but not a bow? Probably the stupid Gamemakers sabotaging for me, just because I´m from District 13! It´s always the same, the Gamemakers always tries to put the odds against 13´s tributes. Now I see that they really want to kill me. A boy about my age, I think he´s from 8, runs into the room clutching a long spear with barbed wire around. He looks around, but doesn´t spot me. I jump behind a shelf and peer at him. He seems pretty scrawny, but his spear is deadly, I can´t take the chance of being killed.

That´s when I get struck with an incredible idea. I don´t hesitate for a second before I ram my whole body into the book shelf. It creaks loudly as it tumbles down at the boy. He has just time to scream before the whole thing comes crashing down on him. His cannon booms, but I don´t plan on sticking around. I plan on finding Ice, and fast. The very though that he may already be dead haunts me, but I push it away. I have to find him. I grab the dead tribute boy´s barbed spear and tear through the door, motivated to death in finding my one true love. Ice.

District 5 - Christmas "Chris" Lights´ PoV

I was just about to open yet another door when I feel the ice-cold precence of a sharp blade against my throath. I gasp in surprise, but see that the blade belongs to my ally, Jericho from 7. He hoists his bloody war axe away from my throath and smile at me. I briefly wonder if he killed someone, as his weapon is already littered with crimson blood, but he follows my gaze and answers my question.

"The District 2 girl, chopped her head straight off. This floor." He is out of breath, must have run all day.

I nod approvingly before showing him the backpack I took from the flimsy 8 girl. It contains a box of matches and two blankets. But no food or water. We´ll just have to find that later. But not now, I can see that Jericho is at the verge of collapse, and so am I. Both of us have been running around mindlessly all day, we would be an easy target for the remaining Careers. Right now we just have to find shelter and rest.

"Come on, Jericho. Let´s find a place to camp out for the night."

He doesn´t disagree, probably too exausted to say anything. I take his hand and guide him into a large pair of doors. I open it to find a huge, classy dining hall, with four huge tables in the center. It´s empty of tributes, we´re alone. But I can see that someone has been here, bloody marks on the floor and the tables have been toppled. No matter, it will do for now. Jericho slips down on the floor and begins to snore heavily at once. Guess I´ll have to keep guard then.

District 11 - Reginald Turner´s PoV

I look over at the sleeping figures of my allies, my friends. Farrin is curled up in a ball by the wall, clutching her dagger with her clalk-white hands. Maya lies next to her, tucked in the sleeping bag I found for her. She is the smallest and the thinnest, so she got the sleeping bag so she wouldn´t freeze to death in the night. Chase is sitting next to me, keeping a watchful eye on the doors. He has a deep gash across after his close encounter with the District 2 guy, but at least he escaped away with his life. But without bandages or medicine it won´t make too much of a difference anyways. We´re camped out in a cold, creepy music room, but at least it´s empty for other tributes.

Suddenly the anthem of Panem booms across the and me and Chase both turn our heads towards the large window next to us. The seal of Panem illumainates the sky for some seconds before it dissapears before it gets replaced by a surprise. The 2 girl´s face flashes across the sky, her smooth creamy hair falling down her shoulders. Never to be seen again, on her way home. She may have been a trained killer, but she was still human. And very dead. The next ones aren´t surprising at all, the 3 and 8 males are shown. Then the girl tribute from District 9 ´s portrait covers the sky before the Capitol male replaces her. That was a surprise, he got a 12 but still died on Day One.

No more thougths cross my mind as I casually drift into a deep sleep, with Chase as guard I´m confident in my safety.

Day One Standings

Day One
Name Posessions Needs Allies Location Original TC Odds
Carlene Dreger (C) Empty canteen, Knife Food, water None 2nd Floor 6 20-1
Laura Crossbane (1) Anything she needs None D4F, D4M, D7F 1st Floor 8 10-1
Raymond Glimmer (1) Sleeping bag Food, water, shelter, weapon None Wintergardens 9 12-1
George Gold (2) Spear Food, water None 3rd Floor 10 8-1
Shamin Alexandra (3) Knife, torch, matches Food, water D9M Basement 3 55-1
Christina Mallera (4) Anything she needs None D1F, D4M, D7F 1st Floor 9 5-1
River Blue (4) Anything he needs None D1F, D4F, D7F 1st Floor 11 2-1
Christmas Lights (5) Matches, blankets Food, water D7M 4th Floor 7 16-1
Ali Swintnose (5) None Food, water, weapon None Basement 4 40-1
Farrin Amity (6) Flashlight, dagger, sleeping bag, food, water None D6M, D11F, D11M 3rd Floor 5 25-1
Revenus Locke (6) Flashlight, sleeping bag, food, sword, 2x hook sword Water, bandages D6F, D11F, D11M 3rd Floor 8 13-1
Avelina Rose (7) Anything she needs None D1F, D4F, D4M 1st Floor 9 8-1
Jericho Yunipé (7) Matches, blankets, war axe Water, food D5F 4th Floor 8 14-1
Apinya Vipada (8) None Water, food, shelter, weapon None Wintergardens 3 70-1
Lucas Sunsong (9) Torch, matches Water, food, weapon D3F Basement 4 60-1
Luz Romer (10) Sword Water, food None Basement 6 17-1
Coal Black (10) Food Water, weapon None 2nd Floor 6 21-1
Maya Kenneth (11) Flashlight, sleeping bag, food, slingshot Water D6F, D6M, D11M 3rd Floor 5 30-1
Reginald Turner (11) Flashlight, sleeping bag, food Water, weapon D6F, D6M, D11F 3rd Floor 8 15-1
Serina Frostswords (12) Dagger Water, food None Attic 10 6-1
Alex Powers (12) None Water, food, weapon None 1st Floor 4 38-1
Saidy Dauntless (13) Spear, water, an arrow, food None None 4th Floor 7 15-1
Ice Hunts (13) Sickle Food, water, shelter None Wintergardens 8 18-1

The Fallen of Day One






Day Two

District 6 - Farrin Amity´s PoV

The Nightmare Games - Part 2 : Insanity of Dread

The Nightmare Games - Part 3 : No Time Left

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