Welcome to The Terminus Games, which will be my final Games. I have left the Wiki, but I will be back for the summer holidays. Which I think is a perfect oportunity to make one last Games for you guys.


Well, these are called The Terminus Games. But why? Well, you´ll see....

There will be three special twists for these games. They will be revealed later, on the 1st of June. I have been planning these games for quite some time, and I hope they will be good and you guys will enjoy them. Firstly, these games aren´t open to everyone. I have a specific list of users who are allowed to submit tributes and here they are :



Hybrid Shadow






Obnoxious Blue Unicorns Stole My Dignity!


Happy Meadows


Rainbow Shifter



XxXMidget in a BikiniXxX






Angry birds12


Beautiful Mistake

If you´re not listed here, then you can´t submit a tribute. If a user doesn´t want to be in these games I will take them out and put up a new user, who will then get a chance to submit a tribute.

It´s one tribute per user.

I have a very strict template, either you follow everything the template says or your tribute won´t be accepted.

The ones in bold are requirements, while the italics are just suggestions. But tributes with minimal of info will most likely die, so try to get as much info as possible up.




Weapon of Choice

Alternative Weapons


Apearance (lunaii or description)




Bloodbath Strategy

Games Strategy


Tributes of The Terminius Games

District (M) Name Age Weapon District (F) Name Age Weapon
D1 Panther Doom 18 Anything D1 Temperance Frost 17 Sword
D2 Earl Zoranovic 18 Spear D2 Reserved For XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX
D3 Aaron Reid 18 Swordbow D3 Euphemia Schnapps 16 Pickaxe
D4 Reed Crest 12 Trident D4 Reserved For Wesolini
D5 Arcana Chess 16 TBA D5 Accia Sinopa 17 Knives
D6 Revenus "Chase" Locke 17 Hook swords D6 Reserved For Annamisasa
D7 D7 Lorelei Damion 17 Whip
D8 Theo Clair 15 Throwing knives D8 Reserved For OBUSMD!
D9 D9 Dagmar Cither 13 Blowgun
D10 Xander Reyes 17 Sword D10 September Rollo 18 Sabre Claws
D11 Rowan Sorbus 15 Tomahawk D11 Mantha Beau-Carbone 17 Machete
D12 Reserved For ViniciusDeAssis1999 D12 Alaizabel Lark 17 Dagger

Tribute Gallery

  • Panther Doom - District 1
  • Temperance Frost - District 1
  • Earl Zoranovic - District 2
  • Aaron Reid - District 3
  • Euphemia Schnapps - District 3
  • Reed Crest - District 4
  • Arcana Chess - District 5
  • Accia Sinopa - District 5
  • Revenus Locke - District 6
  • Lorelei Damion - District 7
  • Theo Clair - District 8
  • Dagmar Cither - District 9
  • Xander Reyes - District 10
  • September Rollo - District 10
  • Rowan Sorbus - District 11
  • Mantha Beau-Carbone - District 11
  • Alaizabel Lark - District 12

Prequel - "Nightlock, Nightlock, Nightlock"

The man´s pitch-black coat trails behind him as he walks briskly through the Capitol´s streets, pushing past people that get in his way. His head is hidden by a long, black hood, so is his eyes. He is very different from the usual colorful and vibrant Capitolians, they seem to think so too as they are avoiding coming too close to him or even looking at him. He breaths in shallow, raspy coughs and his hands are balled against his hips. This appearance would be scary enough without his constant whispering. It isn´t audible, but he never stops chanting a simple word three times.

The man seems to be deep in though, as he doesn´t look up until he reaches a very odd house. It is completely grey and with sad, broken-down windows. He strolls through the porch and walks the battered and dirty stairs up to the door. It´s impossible to see what kind of color the door has, the dust covering it is so thick. The man reaches his hand out and knocks three times at the door.

Instantly, like they were anticipating this visit, two electric-blue eyes pop up in the peekhole. They narrow in suspiction as they take in the shabby apperance of the man outside.

"Who are you? What do you want!?"

A voice of a man shouts to the man outside urgently. Then the mystery man at the stairs laugh, a cold, dead sort of laugh. He flashes a shining smile, but it looks more like a leer than a friendly greeting. The man lowers his hood slowly. And just as the hood falls to his shoulders the eyes in the door widen in fear and terror and the man´s voice screams. The mysterious man´s blood-red eyes flashes dangerously, before his mouth opens to udder a simple word three times.

"Nightlock, nightlock, nightlock..."


Twist 1# :

Time is ticking. You better catch it before it catches you...

Twist 2# :

One false step, and it´s all over...

Twist 3# :

Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. We are coming...

User Name Tribute Name Money Left
Jabberjay78 Panther Doom - D1 5000 $
Rainfacestar Lorelei Damion - D7 5000 $
Hybrid Shadow Arcana Chess - D5 5000 $
TheMysteriousGeek Aaron Reid - D3 5000 $
AxedFox Temperance Frost - D1 5000 $
EvilhariboMadness September Rollo - D10 5000 $
TheDeadlyOne Xander Reyes - D10 5000 $
Ninja~Toast Theo Clair - D8 5000 $
St.Berry4evers Accia Sinopa - D5 5000 $
LeGruff Euphemia Schnapps - D3 5000 $
Daniel17 Revenus "Chase" Locke - D6 5000 $
Wesolini D4 Female 5000 $
XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX D2 Female 5000 $
Angry birds12 Reed Crest - D4 5000 $
Beetee19 Earl Zoranovic - D2 5000 $
Annamisasa D6 Female 5000 $
OBUSMD! D8 Female 5000 $
Everderp Alaizabel Lark - D12 5000 $
Happy Meadows Mantha Beau-Carbone - D11 5000 $
Beautiful Mistake Dagmar Cither - D9 5000 $
EmpressOreo Rowan Sorbus - D11 5000 $
ViniciusDeAssis1999 D12 Male 5000 $

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