Ever since I saw the movie and began reading about the trilogy. I've been looking for fanfiction as well but to my surprise and horror found that all of it is solely focused on the games themselves as if that horrendous and evil method of domination and humiliation upon the districts is the most important and greatest thing of the whole franchise and somehow all the messages about liberty, hope, ecology have been thrown out the window.

I honestly expected more from fellow fans the very fact that just about every fanfic and RP that exists focuses solely on the games is downright shameful and speaks volumes about the status of our current society, seems to me that many would be more than eager for the government to come one day and forcefully cart them away to some island, desert or forest so they can literally kill each other for the entertainment of the powerful elite and that goes totally against the franchise message.

i know that this post will probably anger a lot of people and all I can say is good because like it or not we are all fans of a franchise that is not politically correct so why the hell should we be PC I'm not. I do hope that I set a spark however small to inspire some to write HG fanfiction that actually evokes what the franchise is all about which I'll give you a hint it's not about being sent to a God forsaken place to kill each other that's the problem and the very reason for the rebellion to begin with.

To liberty...

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