• Puppyfun

    Hey guys, this is my first hunger games and its a quarter quell. The twist this year is........There are no animals!!

    The sponsers will have $2500 each for up to 2 tributes from the same district, and you will have to provide them with food. there will be water, and weapons, but you may give your tributes either if neccesary.Here is the template for the tribute sign up.





    Appearence (optional):

    Weapon of choice (optional but recommended):

    Personality (optional):

    Strategy (optional):

    fave food (optional but recommended)

    its a first come, first served sign up. I'm sorry if you do not get chosen, but i will be holding another hunger games shortly after if this one goes well. This hunger games lasts about 3 1/2 weeks, so plan o…

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