First of, you need to find a partner and pick a team name! Task 1coming soon. If you want a district that is already taken, you will get a random one! It is NOT necessary to work together, it is optional up until task 2 or 3! ~Maddie aka Purpley aka HGF23

YOU GUYS I NEED TRIBUTES ~Maddie aka Purpley aka HGF23

Task 1: Create a lunaii ( for your tribute. Ok just because your a female user doesn't mean you can't be a male tribute. Anyway, due __________ __, 2012

D1 Male D1 Female Tris Prior

D2 Male ~ilovepeeta~ D2 Female QuinnQuinn

D3 Male D3 Female

D4 Male Mikalmt D4 Female Rose Hathaway

D5 Male D5 Female

D6 Male D6 Female

D7 Male Nate777 D7 Female Everdeen

D8 Male D8 Female

D9 Male D9 Female Clove1999

D10 Male D10 Female

D11 Male D11 Female

D12 Male D12 Female

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