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    The honey blonde District 1 girl sat down on her red plush couch and pressed the red 'On' button on her remote control. She was shaking with excitement for the Quarter Quell announcment. Apparently this years Hunger Games would be Halloween themed, beginning on October 31st. The girl had just recently found out what the strange holiday was, and she thought it was exciting. As did the rest of the Capitol people.

    The neon blue haired woman on the screen dressed in a very strange pink Bumblebee costume squeeled excitedly into the microphone.

    "Hello citizens of Panem! Meredith Bluesong here, bringing you the report everyone has been waiting for!" she grinned into the camera "President Sun ... ?"

    The camera's on set with Meredith cut off to the ca…

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    This is Part 1: The Reapings of PurplexMuffin's 76th Annual Hunger Games. If you would like to see what it's all about, begin from that page.

    ** I will be writing everything on seperate blog pages, as the story is in parts and would be too long for just one blog, I hope it's understandable and not too confusing **

    Six AM - The Town Square

    Iris and Skyer stood on opposite sides of the town square. While she was grinning towards Eliza Roo - who was supposed to be the escort for District 1 this year, he was looking down at the cobblestone floor, praying that neither he, his family or she would be reaped.

    Eliza coughed into her hand and tapped her index finger on the microphone.

    "Ladies, Gentlemen. It looks like the most wonderful day of the year is u…

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    Yes, yes, I know, I've said I've not-so-officially left this place in the beginning of May - but since I've started summer a couple of weeks ago and am totally free of studying I decided to write up another HG! This one will be a bit of a twist as it'll be much more detailed then my other Games (my finished one, my half-finished one and my completely abandoned one), it'll have a couple of differences and that it'll be set in the middle of the rebellion in Mockingjay. Now, as for the twists.

    1. As a reminder from the Capitol that the rebels will not be able to protect their children from the war, there will be no sponsor gifts.
    2. As a reminder from the Capitol that the rebels will not be able to help their c…

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    Goodbye ...

    May 2, 2011 by Purplexmuffin

    Alright so I'm sure everyone could see this coming, lol. Sadly to say, I'm also joining the group of fellow writers on here who's had their run on this wiki. I think I need to take care of my life at the moment, since I'm going into high school after next year and it's gonna be really hard to get accepted into the one that's going to help me with my future goals and I don't think spending my time on wiki's and things is gonna help me. I also think it's for the greater good in your guy's expense too, since you feel the need to check my games every day and yet I barely post in a week. I might finish the game that I've started now, maybe not but I will not be continuing my fanfiction on here. I know the perfect plot for it, but I think I'll b…

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    Poison Ivy

    April 27, 2011 by Purplexmuffin

    Starting a fanfiction by the name of 'Poison Ivy'. The name is supposed to symbolize one of the characters which I've made, and it'll be seen why :)

    Evermore Rivers - District 9

    Ivory Hansen - District 9

    Sapphire Rolland - District 1

    Zachary Owens - District 4

    I took a deep breath as I tried to recall the past three days ... the past three weeks ... the past three years. They've gone by in a blur. I look around the arena I'm not forced to fight for my life in and remember the day on which I was reaped. I didn't expect it at all.


    I can hear his laughter from across the whole street. It's like honey on bread. Clear blue water splashing down a waterfall. Birds singing their morning song outside my window at home. There's nothing to compare his clear…

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