The honey blonde District 1 girl sat down on her red plush couch and pressed the red 'On' button on her remote control. She was shaking with excitement for the Quarter Quell announcment. Apparently this years Hunger Games would be Halloween themed, beginning on October 31st. The girl had just recently found out what the strange holiday was, and she thought it was exciting. As did the rest of the Capitol people.

The neon blue haired woman on the screen dressed in a very strange pink Bumblebee costume squeeled excitedly into the microphone.

"Hello citizens of Panem! Meredith Bluesong here, bringing you the report everyone has been waiting for!" she grinned into the camera "President Sun ... ?"

The camera's on set with Meredith cut off to the camera's which were filming the President in her deluxe mansion.

"Good morning everybody." the President threw a creepy smile at the camera while carefully unclasping a small wooden box and pulling out a snow white envelope which had the number 125 printed in a curly cursive letters on the front. She pulled out a small paper and read out:

"This years Hunger Games ..." the President grinned. "Haunted Mansions. Well, well. Pretty interesting."

The camera's panned back at Meredith's face.

"Quite a short breaking news story - but quite awaited! Thank you for tuning in for tonights news report! Kisses!"

The blonde girl turned off the TV and layed back on the plush couch, hoping she'd be chosen.


A man who was wearing a black suit and who had platinum blonde hair which was gelled back, was standing in front of a projector screen showing a large photo of the Haunted Mansion for this years Hunger Games.

"This years Hunger Games is something very convenient. We're throwing in a sort of 'spooky' theme to celebrate!" he smiled at the 'coincidence'.

"The tributes this year will start off in a very large fourty story mansion, each floor featuring twenty different rooms and many maze-like hallways. Not to mention, the hallways have a way of ... turning at their own will. So you don't really ever know which way you're going." he smiled at President Sun. "The Cornucopia is located in the starting point which is the 20th floor living room. If you can find your way out of the mansion, you end up in a hell like terrain with many small sections of ... challenges you might say." he continued on, explaining to all of the sub-Gamemakers and crew. "The arena this year also features some not-too-friendly guests. Which are of course, reborn from our dead tributes."

President Sun nodded, her face showing approval. "Lovely idea, Samuel. But it better be as good as I expect it to be. This is to celebrate the first Halloween in Panem. I want it to be remembered forever." The President smiled, showing her two very pointy canine teeth and picked up the mug of red orange juice someone had left for her on the table.

"Oh, it will be." replied Samuel.


Lala, I know I haven't finished my other Games, and I plan to, but this was too good of an idea to pass up! :P Anyways, tributes, tributes. I'll be doing the whole 'choosing' thing everybody has been doing lately. For multiple reasons. Anyways, let's begin, shall we ...

User District Tribute Name Gender Age Kills Placing Day of Death
Skybender101 1 --Awaiting Reply-- Male
Skybender101 1 --Awaiting Reply-- Female
Clove1001 2 Shadow Dusk Male 14
Clove1001 2 Amazon Glacious Female 16
3 Male
3 Female
Necterine411 4 Cod Harbor Male 18
Necterine411 4 Michelle Beach Female 17
Jabberjay78 5 --Awaiting Reply-- Male
Jabberjay78 5 --Awaiting Reply-- Female
6 Male
6 Female
7 Male
7 Female
8 Male
8 Female
9 Male
9 Female
10 Male
10 Female
11 Male
11 Female
Anon... 12 --Awaiting Reply-- Male
Anon... 12 --Awaiting Reply-- Female

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